October WILL come. Sam will be fine. Dean will get out of FREAKING Purgatory! All will be well.

Okay, breathe.

I'll tell you one thing – we're all going to have to write a lot of fan fic to get through this hellatus!


"Sammy, I been in this bed a week already!"

"And you'll be there another week if I think you need to be!"

"I'm fine!"

"Two broken ribs, a concussion, two broken toes, three broken fingers – "

"Sam – "

" - knife wound to the chest, puncture to the left calf – "

"Sam – "

"- burns on your back, hip, thigh – "


"Not to mention – "



"Maybe I do feel a little weak."

"Okay, then. You want some more pie?"


Yeah, I know, what the hell has the title to do with the story? Nothing. It's just that the finale (much as I loved it) had me spouting expletives all over the place. And not sleeping well. So I consider it a major freaking accomplishment to post anything that doesn't turn the air blue.