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"Nashi-chan, what's going on?" Tsuna asked quietly. The girl within his head was silent, but he could hear her cries. "This is my entire fault." She said as she sobbed. "Nashi-chan?" Tsuna asked once more. "I shouldn't have… let them on. I only love one. But I made them both believe that I love them." Tsuna could feel his eyes tearing. "Nashi-chan…" He said, deeply hurt.

"Tsuna?" Both the blond and brown-headed man turned to him as he cried.

"Forgive me…"


"Love is… Love makes you feel like you are burning, like you are ignited by flames. Its passionate features will engulf you in its glory and excitement!" His transparent partner, Natsushi Sawada-hime-chan twirled lightly. Tsuna giggled as her kimono created a light breeze across his face. Breeze is a hard thing to come by inside this mental asylum. "But at the same time, Love makes you feel like you are atop of flowing water. Calm and steady, and it serenely protect you from everything…" She said as she looked upwards, towards the ceiling. Tsuna leaned backwards as he tilted his brown head.

"And which one do you prefer, Nashi-chan?" He asked curiously.

The ghostly existence stared at him for a few seconds before blushing red. "I… I have more preference towards flame than towards water…" She threw her face away and disappeared, clearly too embarrassed to look at him in the eyes.


"You took my woman, you fucking exorcist!" Natsu snarled at the oldest of Sawada brothers, he tried to stop himself to no avail. His mouth ran for him. "Excuse me?" The blond retorted incredulously. "For your information, you took my hime-gimi away from me!" Intense-orange eyes met with one and another, they seethed. "I'll never forgive it… I'll never forgive the day you killed my Natsushi!" Natsu stormed away. His soul was burning madly. Intense hatred, lightning flash, and a mangled corpse on top of a green dragon flashed within his mind.

Why am I lashing at Giotto? What… is going on with me…?


"Long time no see, my no-good son."

Natsu jolted when he saw a man with fedora in front of him. No-good son? What the hell? But again, his mouth ran for him.


"I've been keeping the parade for you. Now, settle the five-hundred years old grudge with that exorcist, Natsume."

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