Modern-Day : Pavement

There it was. The sparkly white rectangular shape and long strings was on the red dusty ground that had been trampled by the feet of many strangers. Erik kneel(ed) down and picked it up before swiftly stuffing it in his waist-coat's pocket. Just as he was heading back to his waiting Jaguar and stood silently, he paused and turned his head to face Christine's house.

It was a mansion. True, Valerius was a wealthy woman. Yet she was always busy with meetings and many other business affairs, leaving her little time to spend with her adoptive daughter - Christine. 'Pity. She deserves so much attention.' Erik thought, deciding to stop by a 24/7 cafe. Perhaps he should get some caffeine and cupcakes for his dear Christine. He knew how much she adored those little pieces of useless junk food.

Modern-Day : Erik's House - Christine's Bedroom

"I'm so going to get myself killed if I do this ridiculous idea," Christine muttered to herself as she tore the bed-sheets of the soft, white mattress. It was crazy, yes, but absolutely necessary if she was to get away from this mad-man who always wore black and his half-mask. 'Who cares what's underneath that piece of plastic? I'm getting out of here!'

After rolling the sheets into a long white 'string', she walked speedily towards the windows and froze. There were no railings or open gaps! Her plan had failed when it had just only begun! Christine groaned loudly and gasped softly when she heard the door at the first floor opening. He was back. The nutcase who kidnapped her was back into the house.

"Shit..." She ran back to to the bed and quickly placed the sheets over it again. Ever since she was a young girl, whenever Valerius would return back from work, Christine would always hurriedly clean up things she had either played with. Or destroyed. So it wasn't surprising that she managed to place the bed-sheets within a nano-second before a soft knock sounded from the door. Christine sat at the edge of the bed and yelled.

"Come in you stu-, Mr Stoker," she breathed a sigh of relief. Thank goodness the word 'stupid' did not manage to leave her lips. Erik entered, carrying a brown paper bag where a sweet and bitter aroma drifted from it. 'Coffee? And cupcakes?' she stared confusingly as the drinks and food was placed out on the small, round glass table beside the bed. How on earth did he know her favorite food and drink? 'Uh no, he's a creepy stalker,'

"Thanks?" she said and Erik glanced at her, making her jump slightly. His amber eyes seemed to be yellow now, a very flaming sort of yellow. Without another word, he turned and left the room, closing the door behind him. Obviously, he locked it. Christine groaned even louder than before and glared at the food, not caring on how tempting it was to just slosh it and cram it into her growling stomach. Picking one baked cupcake which was chocolate-filled with sprinkled with rainbow colors, she hesitantly sniffed it. Was there any rat poison dripped onto it? She had a very clear view on how her death would be. 'Me, lying on this soft floor, choking and gasping desperately for a whiff of oxygen. Then, I die.'

"Well, at least this isn't poisoned. But I'm sure that the rest is," she grumbled, swallowing the last mouthful of that delicious treat. She had to admit, she loved the cupcakes and the coffee. Taking another sip from the steaming brown liquid, she looked for the bag but realized that Erik had taken it out. 'Pfft, at least let me see which cafe sells this...' she thought, placing the tall paper cup of coffee back onto the table. What should she do now? Sleep, read or sleep or read? 'I take read.'

Pushing herself off her resting place, she walked towards a tall bookshelf that seemed to be stocked with thousands of books. Her eyes popped out like aliens - most of them were her favorites and the rest were the books that she said that she wished to read!

"This guy is..."" she broke off as a knock made its way again.

"Yes?" she called, her voice shaking a bit. How did Erik know her favorite books? And food? Plus, he knew that she loved modern furniture. 'No wonder this room looks so expensive and urban...' she thought, grimacing. This insane man used to be her teacher?

"Before you start cursing me or calling me a stalker," a smooth and calm voice said. "Watch what sort of words you use, Christine." That. Was. It. Christine dashed to the door and banged it with a large amount of force that she saved to use it on pedophiles.

"Damn you, old man!" she yelled angrily, "You freaking stalker! See? I can use whatever bloody words I like!"


"I am only 24, Christine."

"I don't care!" she screamed. Silence...and more silence. Christine breathed in deeply - first time she had ever cursed a person. Yea, she did it mentally but never out-loud. Unfortunately, Erik was the first to receive this treatment. Was he gone? Should be. Christine swallowed and suddenly got worried - was he furious now? Perhaps she was going to be punished by a little girl being scolded by her parents. She ran a hand through her hair and shook her head - this is crazy. 101% crazy. She needed to get help. Not for her cursing, but to escape. She looked around wildly, hoping to find a fax machine or any electronic devices around. None.

"So, I am being held prisoner..." she confirmed and took in a deep amount of cool air from the air-conditioner. "Fine, I'll be the most difficult prisoner the world has ever seen..."

E/N : *Phew* Sure, Erik isn't so much of anti-social and...mysterious like in the novel but I'll try my best to suit that personality into him.