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Kendall buttoned up his uniform and smile at the mirror, fixing his hair.

"Dude, you're going to the first day of school, not prom." Logan pointed out.

"Yeah, but I want to make sure Jo sees me at my best." The blonde boy chuckled.

"Whatever." Logan rolled his eyes before putting on his coat with the school's logo on it.

"Is this the year where you'll finally have the balls to ask Camille out on a date?" he chuckled earning him a punch on the arm from Logan.

"Shut up!"

Jo pulled up her hair into a high ponytail but allowed some loose strands to frame her face. She fixed her khaki skirt and smiled at the mirror.

"Ready?" Camille asked as she pinned her perfectly curled her to the side as she wore her coat with the school logo on it and wrapped a thin scarf around her neck.

Fall came quickly and it was already cold outside but it wasn't that cold.

"Yup." Jo proudly stated, grabbing her bag that sat on her bed.

"Somebody's excited." Camille teased "Is it because of some blonde boy with the name starting with the letter K?"

"Say one more word about him and you'll die!" she threatened before Camille broke into a giggling fit.

"Whatever." She waved off.

Camille smiled fondly at her best friend, she knew the girl since kindergarten and she knew pretty well when the blonde beauty had a crush.

"Let' go!" the brunette exclaimed, opening the door and skipping out as Jo followed the suit.

The two left the girl's dormitory building and was quickly greeted by the cold fall air.

"Oh well." Jo sighed, readjusting her scarf "We have to head to the school."

The two girls slowly made their way to the main building but stopped when they heard chuckling.

"Jo, look." Camille whispered to the girl next to her.

Jo looked at the direction Camille was pointing and her cheeks turned red to see Kendall and Logan walking at the same pace as them. She quickly took out her pocket mirror, checking her appearance making her best friend grin knowingly.

"Hey girls!" they heard Kendall call out. Jo was ready to run but Camille had an iron grip of her arm.

"Hi." Camille simply greeted.

"Good morning, milady." Logan chuckled, kissing the top of Camille's hand.

Kendall smirked on how his best friend was courting the beautiful brunette but he turned his attention to Jo who was staring at the couple with a sparkle in her eyes.

"They look good together, don't they?" Kendall asked, walking up to Jo and she automatically nodded.

"I'm so happy for Camille. She always get toyed around by her past boyfriends and suitors." Jo smiled.

"But I think Logan's pretty serious about her." Kendall chuckled but he was using his every strength not to blush in front of the girl he liked.

"Look at the time, we should get going if we don't want to be late." Camille said, grabbing everybody's attention as she looked at her wristwatch.

The two girls linked arm and strutted away, leaving the two boys to cope what just happened.

"Did you ask her out yet?" Kendall asked as he started to walk once again.

"Not yet but I'm planning to." The raven haired boy replied, catching up to him.

"Dude, you said that last year." He rolled his eyes.

"Yeah but this time I'm doing it!" Logan said, looking determined as ever.

"When?" Kendall smirked.

"Soon!" he exclaimed.

"Let's just go, I don't want to be late on the first day of our senior year." Kendall laughed as he started to run.

"Wait up!" Logan yelled, running after him.

The two quickly arrived at school with enough time for them to head to their lockers before going to their homerooms.

Kendall loved his locker, almost every guy offered to pay him to exchange with them. Why? It's because his locker is right next to Jo's. He casually approached his locker and saw Jo already arranging hers.

"Hey." He greeted.

"Hi." She waved off as she placed another book inside.

Kendall smirked and opened his empty locker and threw his bag in it before shedding off his coat. The outside was cold but the school had enough adequate heating that you can live without any coat. He moved some of his belongings from his bag to his locker before finally shutting it closed and swinging his bag back to his shoulder.

He looked at Jo who was still struggling to keep her locker in order.

"How many stuff does a girl need?" he chuckled as he saw Jo placed her make-up bag in there.

"A lot." She giggled before putting the last item and shutting it closed.

"Where's your homeroom?" Kendall asked, in hopes of starting off a conversation.

"Room 305, at least I'm with my best friend." She smiled.

Kendall's eyes shot up as he was partying inside his head because that was his and Logan's homeroom too.

"I'm the same as you." He smiled, trying to sound not too enthusiastic.

"Cool, we won't be too lonely." She giggled.

Kendall thought about how adorable her giggle was. It wasn't annoying just like the other girls.

The first bell rang and Kendall and Jo smirked at each other before walking up to their classroom.

"Jo!" Camille said, running up to her best friend and tackling her in a hug.

"Logan's in the same class." Camille beamed, pointing at the raven haired boy who sat silently on his table which was quickly joined by Kendall.

"So is Kendall." She informed her, the two girls stared at each other before releasing a slight squeal.

"Good morning, beautifuls." Some guys said as they started to pick up around the girls and Kendall and Logan stared with jealousy in their eyes.

"Good morning class, please take your seats." The teacher said as she walked in the room. The two girls sat directly in front of the blonde and raven haired boys.

After a few minutes, the students were given a free time to talk to each other as soon as they received their schedules and were oriented with the basic school rules.

"Swap, now!" Jo said as she and her best friend switched schedules.

"I have the same classes as you except for second and sixth." Jo smiled.

Camille smiled with her as they gave back their respective schedules, Camille turned around to see Kendall and Logan looking intently at each other's schedules.

"Hey Logan, mind if I take a look at your schedule?" Camille asked sweetly and Logan didn't hesitate a moment to give to the brunette his class schedule

Camille beamed, she had five classes with him. She turned around once again and gave back his schedule.

"Go ask Kendall for his schedule." Camille whispered to Jo making her blush but nod nonetheless.

"Hey Kendall, can I see your schedule?" Jo asked and he gave it to her nervously.

The blondes breathed a sigh of relief as they shared six classes together, they tried to hide the blushes that crept on their faces when their hands brushed when they were returning their schedules to each other.

"This is going to be the best year ever!" Camille giggled.

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