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July 1st, 1963

Albus Dumbledore was very rarely disturbed in the wee hours of the morning outside of the normal school year. Someone beating on the door to his personal quarters was an even greater rarity. But whatever missive this person came to deliver must have been incredibly urgent, because after five minutes of hoping it was just a dream, the knocking persisted. Albus had no choice but to rise, don his dressing gown and throw the door wide with no small amount of ire.

Filius Flitwick gazed at him with a combination of sorrow and grim fatalism.

"Albus, I'm sorry to disturb you like this. I thought it essential that you know right away." He seemed to be kneading his hands, nervously. The Headmaster began to lose patience with the man who disturbed his slumber.

"Know what?" He croaked, curtly.

"I was meeting Minerva in Skye where she's spending part of her holiday,"

"I'm aware of her plans, Filius. Please, continue to the urgent news." Dumbledore growled, folding his arms across his chest.

The diminutive wizard's eyes began to pool. He dropped his gaze to hide the tears, "She's been kidnapped."

Suddenly, two in the morning seemed like a perfectly reasonable time to be pulled from one's bed. "How long? When did you find out? Do they know who did this?" As he said these words, he was retreating back into his quarters to hurriedly change his clothing. He was clearly preparing to go to the scene of the crime.

"The Ministry is looking into it. Albion Rosemont, Alastor Moody, Edgar Bones, and Finn Marshwell are all investigating the cottage as we speak. They've got their best wizards working on this, Albus, I promise." But the Headmaster brushed past him to run down the stairway from his office, and Filius was forced to race after him.

"Start explaining," Dumbledore demanded.

"I was to meet her by her cottage in the south of Trotternish, and then we were going to visit Portree for dinner. I came by the house at six in the evening to find the cottage door swinging open, with not a light in the place. I checked the cottage for any traps, but carefully picked my way in through the broken furniture and glass."

"There had been a fight?" Albus' voice seemed to choke.

"Would Minerva be taken any other way?" Flitwick sighed grimly. "And then I found… Albus it's bad. There's no note, no witnesses, nothing, just a smashed up house…"

"Can you take me there, Filius?" Albus threw over his shoulder as they neared the gates.

"Of course!" Filius squeaked.

Ten minutes later, they were staring at the same scene the Charms professor had encountered the evening before. But by now, the place was well-lit and awash with Aurors. Albus was pulled aside by Alastor Moody.

"This is definitely a kidnapping case. We found a strange marking that might identify the kidnappers, I've never seen it's like before, though." He rattled off, pulling Albus deeper into the crime scene. "Judging by how dry the blood was, the kidnapping took place hours before Filius came here. But he received an owl from her this morning, leaving me to assume it was sometime around…"

"Blood?" Albus interrupted. His own face seemed deprived of that particular substance at the moment.

"Yes! There was a fight, and blood was spilled. Minerva was bloodied, but she took plenty out of her kidnappers as well." He seemed determinedly proud of that, until he noted the Headmaster's face, "Ah, but don't worry, Dumbledore, there was not near enough blood for any injuries to be serious. Well, not hers, at least. Oddly enough, they put one drop of her blood in the middle of the little symbol they left."

Albus now saw the blood Moody had described. There was quite a lot of it, all over Minerva's favorite rocking chair, covering her family Bible, and coating the shattered tea service he had given her this past Christmas. Moody led him back into Minerva's bedroom. Albus' stomach did an anguished turn. He had never entered Minerva McGonagall's bedroom. This was hardly the circumstance under which he had hoped to do so for the first time. Swallowing his discomfort, he stood next to Alastor to examine the symbol carved into the headboard.

It appeared to be a white cross in a circle, the center of the cross was smeared with blood. Albus had not seen any of its like before. Instantly, the gears in his head began churning again. Who could he contact? Who would possess a more thorough knowledge of Dark magical symbols? Albus noticed that Alastor was still explaining things to him:

"And this is the only sort of evidence we have about who might have taken her. None of the magical signatures we found turned anything up. And they didn't leave a note with demands. I would say we have to start here." He finished.

"I need a photograph of this symbol." Albus listed, formulating a plan in his mind, "I would also like a copy of the report on this scene."

"The picture will be here in the hour. Our lab is all ready making copies. The report I'll get you by the end of the day." Alastor was eyeing him, "What are you planning Dumbledore?"

This was the moment of weakness for Albus. He knew that he had very little rational cause to pursue Minerva himself. Alastor, Edgar, Albion, and Finn were some of the best the Auror department had to offer. Even more, Albus knew that this was not the time to explore his incredibly complicated feelings about the woman who was his Deputy. They would only get in the way in a circumstance such as this. Just as rapidly as he was falling apart, however, a cover-story was forming in the back of his mind.

"Not only do I suspect a deeper plot here, but, as my Deputy Headmistress, Minerva has vital information about the security and protective spells of Hogwarts." Albus set his face in a determined line. "It is my duty as Headmaster to make sure she is turned as quickly as possible."

"Fair enough." Alastor nodded, "But you should know I'll be coming with you every step of the way." Albus lifted a hand in protest, but Alastor shook his head and cut him off. "Don't try to sway me, Dumbledore. I'm here are the Ministry representative. More than that, Minerva and I were a few years apart at Hogwarts, she was kind of a hero to me. And Poppy loves that woman so much, I'm liable to be in the dog house if I turn this assignment down." He winked at Albus, until he realized how entirely inappropriate humor was to the moment. "Now, when do we leave?"

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