"What can't you tell me Abby?" McGee was asking, standing suddenly in the lab, he had forgotten his car keys.

"I'll leave you alone" was all Gibbs said and walked out of her lab.

McGee was getting impatient. "Abby, what is it? Can you tell me now please? I need to go back to work."

"Can we talk about it tonight? We need time." Abby said, still looking a bit sad

"Alright! But there'll be no excuses later!" he told her sternly

"Ok, see you later." And McGee had already left her lab

On the one hand she was revealed that Gibbs already knew the truth, on the other hand she still had to confess it yet to McGee. But the worst were her feelings. She loved Gibbs, but she was with McGee, she loved him too, but differently, less intensive. But Gibbs hadn't told her anything yet, if this night meant something to him or not…she really needed to find that out.

The case was solved very soon. Gibbs had been quiet all day, he hadn't head slapped anyone, nor did he threaten anyone, nor did he comment on DiNozzos movie reverences. The team became suspicious. McGee was also very quiet because he was thinking about what it could be that Abby didn't want to speak about, or tell him. Why not? And what?

The day went by very quickly and Abby was confronted with Tim earlier than she wished. Anyways she had to tell him the truth right now, but she didn't know how he'd react.

"Abby, what is it you couldn't tell me at work?" McGee inquired

"Tim…it's…awful…and difficult…I didn't mean to hurt you….I…it…." Abby was rambling and pacing around, a thing she did every time when she was nervous.

"Abby! Stop! Please from the beginning."

"Can you remember when you visited your father, like in December?"

"Of course I can, it's not that long ago, Abby!" McGee told her, sounding a bit offended

"You know, that there was the NCIS Christmas party?"

"Yeah, and?"

"I don't know…I can't remember everything….I was drunk….and somehow I ended up in bed…with someone else." Abby mumbled tears stinging in her eyes "And that's not the worst yet."

"Not the worst yet?" McGee was shouting "You just told me it's not the worst yet that you cheated on me?

"No." Abby answered quietly. McGee was about to burst, but he wanted to hear the rest of it first. "I'm pregnant McGee…twins." Abby told him and tears were now running down her cheeks.

McGee stayed calm, but his voice was full of hate "Who's the father?" Abby didn't answer, she was sobbing. "Abby!" he now shouted "Who's the damn father?"

"G….Gi…G…Gibbs!" Abby finally managed to say it between her sobs.

"Oh I knew it! How long did you cheat on me? ….There was always something between you two, wasn't it? …. I thought you were just really good friends…but obviously there's more! ... How could you do this to me Abby? ...Did you ever love me? " McGee was furious by now. "Abby! Did you ever really love me?"

"Yes….but….but just…differently." Abby croaked

"What do you mean? Love me like Tony and the rest of the team?" Abby just nodded, she was unable to speak.

"I want you to immediately leave my apartment and don't you dare come back." McGee told her maliciously

"But I moved in with you…I don't have my apartment anymore…" Abby was speechless, she had imagined that he'd be angry and insulted, but she thought they could work it out somehow.

"OUT! NOW! " McGee shouted and Abby made her way out. After he slammed the door shut, she sank down and started to cry again. What should she do right now? She had no clothes to change and it was cold and rainy, she didn't have a place to sleep besides her lab, she really had screwed up big time. So she decided to walk back to NCIS, she could sleep in her lab. An hour later she arrived at NCIS, she was just walking out of the elevator when she bumped into Gibbs.

"Abby! What happened to you?" Gibbs asked shocked. Abby was drenched by the rain, her hair hanging down, one could guess that she had worn pigtails, her make-up smeared over her face from all the crying and the rain, her eyes red and she was shivering like hell.

"Nothing!" Abby told him and tried to walk away, but Gibbs stopped her.

"Leave me alone!" Abby shouted but Gibbs still didn't let go of her wrist

"Abbs! What happened? What did McGee do to you?" Gibbs asked calmly, although he was angry. How could someone dare to make Abby cry.

"He…he…threw me out…he doesn't want to see me again…" Abby started to sob again.

"Come here, Abbs." Gibb took her into his arms, holding her close, letting her cry into his shoulder. "You can stay at my place, if you want Abbs. You need a warm shower and some dry clothes. You're pregnant now, it's not good for both of you if you get sick."

"All three of us, Gibbs!" Abby mumbled "And….and…thank you!"

Gibbs drove them back to his house in silence, Abby wasn't in the mood to speak and he neither. Abby went to take a shower and Gibbs put her some dry and warm clothes on the bed. Then he started to prepare a hot chocolate for her. One of her favorite drinks besides Caf-Pow!

When Abby walked down the stairs she looked a bit better, wearing grey pants, a read NCIS hoodie from him, her hair was damp, curly and lose, and she wore no makeup at all. But still she looked marvelous having the special glow all pregnant women have.

"Here a cup of chocolate." Gibbs handed it to her and started to prepare a fire in the fireplace, meanwhile Abby took place on his couch.

"Gibbs…maybe we should talk." Abby started to open the discussion.

"About what?" he asked, still busy with making fire

"Perhaps about the night from the party….Gibbs, I can't remember everything…what did this night mean to you? I mean…was it only a fling? Or do you…no forget it." Abby stopped rambling

"Or what, Abbs? If I have feelings for you?" Gibbs was now looking at her and Abby only nodded

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