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Chapter 1 – First Time

The first time we're watching a movie on the couch, spooning unlike any other day we hang out together. We like being close to each other.

On the screen, the actors touch. Hand on skin, fingers teasing and lips brushing. This is an action movie. It's not supposed to have scenes like this one. It's supposed to be safe, although we don't need it. It's not necessary for us to have to have "safe" movies.

Nevertheless, I'm aroused.

How can I not be? The male actor is very attractive – rippling muscles and sexy lips entice me. The female is attractive as well, but I'm not looking at her. More importantly, there's a warm body behind me, a male one.

I don't notice his rigidity until he begins to withdraw his hand from beneath the cage of my arm.

He accidentally brushes against my right breast as he extracts his hand.

I moan, and he stops.

His breath is hot and fast on my neck. I didn't notice it before. I know what it means, and I don't know what to do. This is not us. We don't get turned on by each other.

He exhales loudly and pulls my left hip against him with his left hand. The right is still frozen against my breast. He's hard. This is new; he's never been hard when we've lain like this.

He doesn't speak, but moans when I test what's going on by pushing my ass against him.



He pushes back, and starts to grind against me.

He moans again and grinds faster. I know what I'm doing to him, for him. I want him to do the same for me.

I move his hand from my breast, and push it between my legs. He doesn't hesitate to push through the hem of my shorts and into my underwear. He knows things he shouldn't; he knows where to touch.

I moan his name. "Edward."

I do it because he needs to know that he's doing things to me. Making me feel things I never have before, not with him.

He says things I don't understand, things that make him grip my hip tighter, and his fingers move faster.

The feel of his tongue on my neck pushes me closer to where he wants. At least I think he wants me to come, to orgasm because of his efforts. That's what I want…for him.

"Please come…coming," he murmurs against my skin and grinds in jagged patterns. His fingers are rough against me and his sounds push me over the precipice.

I cry out as he shouts behind me.

His lips on my neck still shock me, even after what we've just done.

"Thank you," he whispers against my skin.

"You're welcome," I say. I'm not even sure what he's thanking me for, but he is welcome.


Those are the only words that we have for each other before we go back to watching the movie.

We don't talk about what we just did. We don't talk about the consequences of our actions.

It would kill the mood if we talked about my boyfriend, or his.

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