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Anytime - Epilogue

I toss and turn in the bed. Well, not really, I more struggle to move into a more comfortable position, but it's impossible. My head hurts, I can't breathe…everything is in agony.

I close my eyes and try to sleep, but I feel like I'm being suffocated lying on my back.

Why is this happening? After everything…all the road blocks and now this.

"You need to get up out of bed. At least move to the couch or something."

"No!" I scream into the pillow that I've placed over my head because of the intrusion.

"Being a whiny bitch isn't going to change anything, in fact it'll only make matters worse."

"I'm supposed to be resting."

"You're not resting, you're wallowing. It seems both you and my brother perfected the art of wallowing from your last stint of separation."

I don't want to deal with her right now. I miss Edward. I miss my feet. I miss moving around without being annoyed or in pain.

"Why are you even here? Don't you have a business to run? Dreams to crush? A husband to order around?"

Victoria has been here all day, and she's done more to annoy me than help me, but she won't leave. I've told her several times that I can do this on my own, but she won't budge.

I hear the front door open and shut. It's followed by some items falling on the floor and then running feet down the hallway.

Both heavy and light...I smile.

My men are home.

"Momma! Is it time yet? Daddy wouldn't let me call you all day!" He climbs into the bed with Victoria's help. "Tanks, Aunt Vicky." She cringes...she's tried to get her nephew to call her anything but Vicky. Unfortunately for her, he has his father's stubbornness, so Aunt Vicky she remains.

"I missed-ed you." He cuddles into my side, and I hold him as best I can.

"I missed you too, baby. Did you have fun with Daddy?"

"Yes, but he keeped me away fwom you ALL day!" He shuffles up, and kisses my protruding stomach. "I missed-ed you, too, baby sistah. Hope you dint give Momma too much twouble."

Sasha kicks in response, which makes Chase gasp and giggle. She always moves whenever his voice is near.

It's really only been three hours since he and Edward left, but I guess it seems like a full day to a two and a half year old Momma's boy like mine. Especially since he knows his mom isn't feeling well and it's because of his beloved unborn sibling.

Edward had to go into the office for a couple of hours. We're both on leave because of my condition, though for Edward it's more light duty. Both senior partners can't be out of the office for weeks, someone has to check on things at Cullen and Cullen LLC.

I got pregnant a year out of law school with Chase. He was a surprise, because I neglected to listen to the pharmacist when he said birth control and antibiotics do not mix. My need for Edward has only grown stronger each year, and we promised each other many years ago, nothing would stop us from being us.

At the time of the pregnancy discovery, Edward and I had just started our practice after interning with one of the most reputable firms in Seattle and building a name for ourselves.

Well, one name as a team.

Our marriage a year after we became a couple was a surprise to no one. My dad had asked Edward what the hell took him so long when we announced our engagement at Sunday dinner one afternoon, while Esme wept into Carlisle's shoulder.

When we started our practice with the blessings of Steven, Carp & Breaking, our parent firm, we already had clients the moment we opened the doors. We focused on family law and domestic disputes. Something close to our hearts since Edward's issues with James.

We often represented our clients' interest in criminal proceedings when they were not the defendant but the victim, which was not a common occurrence. The reason being, is that the prosecution is always focused on closing the case, and the defense attorney is focused on freeing their client. Winning the case is usually more important, regardless of the side. No one really focuses on what's best for the victim, and if they do, they are not the primary focus.

We do.

Although our son was a surprise, he's loved by all. Including his god fathers, Emmett and Peter.

Peter was eventually able to get past the betrayal Edward and I had committed against him. It took some time and many heartbreaking conversations, but we always left the door open to him, hoping he would eventually walk through it and forgive us. When he finally started coming around again, Edward had been jealous and paranoid, similar to the way I had been with Riley. However, once Peter introduced us to his new girlfriend Rosalie, Edward soon calmed and accepted he only wanted to be our friend again.

"How was she today?" he asks Victoria, kissing my forehead as he sits on the bed next to me. I try to scoot over, but he whispers, "It's okay. I'm good."

Chase has since wiggled out of my love hold and turned on the television. He's now laying on Edward's pillow with his hands behind his head and feet crossed at the ankles. He's so much like his father.

"She's been an unbearable bitch!"

"No sweawin', Aunt Vicky! 'Specially not when I'm washin' my cawtoons," my little man states without taking his eyes off the TV. Sometimes we forget he's in the room. He's so quiet once he settles into his routine and the adult influence is obvious every time he opens his mouth. "On second taut, keep potty moufin' away. You gonna put me tru college like Unco Jaspa says." He points to the swear jar. "Pay up, woman."

I laugh as best I can, knowing I really should reprimand him, but Victoria doubles over in laughter, ceasing any opportunity for admonishing his behavior. My son's personality is a mixture of her brother and husband. Which makes her love him even more, regardless of his adult-like outbreaks.

"Fine!" She marches over to the jar and drops a bill into it. "Edward, you're wife has been a pain in the ass all day."

"Child pwesent!" Chase exclaims. I laugh some more, this is the most fun I've had all day.

I really missed him.

"I dropped a hundred in there, little man. So, I think I'm good until I leave. As long as you remember to do as I say, not as I do, we're golden and your college fund is definitely on me."

She faces Edward, regales him with her complaints of me.

I tune them out and focus on my boy. I move the hair he refuses to get cut from his forehead and lean to try and kiss him. He notices my struggle and comes to lay on my arm so I can cuddle him to my heart's content.

He speaks like a teenager, but he's still my baby.

Edward begins to run his fingers through my hair. It soothes me and he knows it.

"Thank you," I whisper to Edward.

With Chase on one side, and Edward on the other, I begin to drift. I'm tired and it's just so nice to have my boys home.


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