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Allen looked up in the sky, waiting for the eclipse to start. "It's amazing, isn't it?" he said to himself. "Ya, it is, especially with y-you hereā€¦" a voice he knew too well said from behind him. He tore his eyes away from the preparing spectacle to see a blushing redhead. "Well hello Lavi, I didn't see you there! What wait do you mean, especially with me here?" the smaller boy asked. Must resist urge. He's so damn cute! Lavi thought. "Well, uh, oh the eclipse is starting!" he said. Allen gave him one more look before gazing up into the sky again.

As soon as the moon covered the sun, the temperature dropped and the world was plunged into darkness. "Lavi, I'm cold," Allen whispered, snuggling into him friend, unknowingly making the redhead blush wildly. He didn't know why he whispered, he just couldn't make himself talk loudly. "Allen," Lavi whispered in his ear, making shivers run down his spine, "I need you to look at me." Allen turned, but couldn't see the older boy because of the lack of light. "Lavi, what are you-"Allen asked, only to be silenced when Lavi pressed their lips together. Allen's cheeks flared when he realized what he was doing. Lavi is kissing me! LAVI is kissing me! Lavi is KISSING me! Lavi is kissing ME! LAVI IS KISSING ME! The small boy thought. Lavi pulled away, trying to see if the smaller boy was disgusted or happy. "Lavi, thank you!" Allen said, throwing his arms around the stunned redhead.

Then, light started to return to the world and what Lavi saw took his breath away. Allen sat there, smiling at him, with his cheeks slightly flushed. His hair reflected silver with the rays of the sun, and his eyes looked like deep pools of moonlight. "Allen, I l-like y-you," he stuttered. "Oh, silly Lavi, I like you too!"Allen said, giggling at the redhead's nervousness. The two boys went back to their room and I'll let your mind think of what happened next. However, from that day on, they were a perfect match of opposites. The Sun and the Moon were together at last.

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