Robin was surprised by how much she was looking forward to school when she woke up. It had been a week since her first day and honestly, it had probably been the happiest week in school Robin had ever had. She was totally taken aback by how quickly and easily her eight new friends had accepted her into their little 'group'. Outside of lessons, the nine of them were always together.

The culmination of this had been on Friday, when the whole group had gone out into town to see a movie. Robin had literally never gone out with friends like that before and obviously enjoyed the new experience. Before going out however, they'd hung out at Luffy's house for a while where Robin met Luffy's family. He lived with his older brother Ace and their grand-father Garp. Ace was a quick-witted but impressively polite man of 26, very different in personality to Luffy. He also seemed to take great pleasure in making fun of said younger brother, as did their grand-father. Garp was in many ways an older version of Luffy, goofy and surprisingly active for someone his age. What shocked Robin the most about Garp was that he had as big an appetite as Luffy, something which Robin hadn't thought was possible. She'd only know Luffy for a week, but she'd never seen someone who ate as much as the goofy teenager. Well, she hadn't until she'd met Garp, and even Ace seemed to have a gluttonous side to him. He at least had some restraint though, unlike the other two.

The trip to the movie theatre had been a little adventure in itself too. On the way there, Zoro had accidentally wandered off on his own, so they had to spend an hour roaming the town centre to locate the green haired teen. Robin had never seen anyone with a sense of direction as shockingly bad as Zoro. He literally couldn't even follow a straight line. Seriously.

By the time they'd found Zoro and gotten back together, they'd missed their movie, something which Nami gave Zoro a good beating for. They ended up having to see a later movie, a romantic flick that no one aside from Nami, Sanji and Franky(weirdly) wanted to see.

When they had been searching for Zoro, the eight had split into four groups of two, Robin noting that Nami ended up with Luffy. When she and Sanji were searching for Zoro together, she'd asked the blonde about the two and he'd honestly told her that Nami was in love with Luffy. She had been for a good seven years now, ever since they'd met. You see, Nami had been bullied by Arlong when they were children until Luffy had one day protected her from Arlong, beating up the bully on her behalf. Ever since then, Nami had been friends with Luffy and the others, and Sanji claimed that she'd been in love with Luffy since that day, when he'd saved her. Robin had asked whether her feelings were reciprocated, to which Sanji simply shrugged, saying he didn't know whether Luffy understood romance.

Robin opened the door of the school building, feeling on a bit of a high on the back of her very enjoyable first week. Immediately on entering her usual classroom, she was startled by the sight of Zoro asleep in the far corner of the room already. Robin looked at the clock at the front of the classroom. She was early enough as it was, just when did Zoro get here?

As Robin looked over her sleeping friend, she couldn't help but think a little about the relationship between the two of them. For the most part, when the two were together, they were together with the rest of the group as well, but there had been a couple of occasions where the two had been alone, sometimes during break times or maybe at the end of lessons. On these occasions, the two tended to slightly flirt with each other and Robin could feel the beginnings of something with Zoro.

As if realising that Robin was thinking about him, Zoro stirred then. He looked up and smirked at the dark haired teen. "You're pretty early huh?"

"Look who's talking…" Robin replied teasingly.

"Hn. Now's a good time to get some sleep, before that dumb blonde gets here."

Robin giggled before sitting down in front of Zoro. The two continued to talk for a few minutes until they were finally joined by Nami and Sanji, the blonde trailing behind Nami carrying her books. Nami sat down next to Robin, Sanji immediately depositing the books onto the desk in front of her.

"Thank you Sanji," Nami smiled, winking at the end. Robin shook her head slightly. Nami totally took advantage of Sanji.

The blonde however, didn't seem to mind one bit. "Of course Nami my swaaaaaan!" He gushed. "Robiiiiin my dearest, how was your weekend?"

"Fine, thank you," Robin politely answered. She still was a little taken aback by the blonde's overly-zealous flirtatious behaviour.

"I'm so glad-"

"Oy Eyebrow, shut up!" Zoro barked from behind Nami and Robin.

"Or what?" Sanji challenged.

"Or nothing," Nami interrupted before Zoro could say anything, shooting both teens a death glare and ending the conflict before it began. Robin giggled slightly, it really was impressive how Nami seemed to be able to control those two.

Slowly the rest of the class plus Mr Shanks began to arrive. Except for Luffy. He was late.



The sound of the bell ringing broke Zoro from his sleep. The green haired teen looked around the classroom wearily, seeing the rest of the students gathering their books together. He smirked, it looked like he had slept through the whole Physics lesson.

"Alright everyone," Mr Kizaru announced from the front of the class, "Before you go, make sure to hand me your homework on the way out."

Zoro gulped. Homework? Oh yeah, that worksheet he had given them last week….

Robin, who sat next to Zoro in Physics, giggled slightly at his 'deer in the headlights' expression. "You forgot, huh?"

Zoro blushed slightly, Robin's teasing look getting to him. "!"

Robin however wasn't so easily fooled. She opened her Physics folder and took out the completed worksheet, placing it in front of Zoro. The green haired teen blinked, surprised that it seemed Robin was going to allow him to copy her homework. Robin looked up at the front of the classroom, where Mr Kizaru was collecting the completed pieces of homework from the rest of the class as they left the room. "You probably need to hurry."

Zoro nodded, it taking him a few moments to locate his own blank sheet, folded up and creased between a couple of pages in his textbook. He quickly scrawled down the answers from Robin's sheet. When finished, he looked up at Robin and smirked relievedly. "Thank you."

Robin smiled kindly at him. "Any time…"

With that, the two teenagers headed to the front of the room to hand in their respective homeworks, Mr Kizaru seemingly not suspecting a thing much to Zoro's relief. As soon as they were out of the classroom, Zoro looked sheepishly at Robin. "Thanks again for that. You're a good friend Robin."

Robin smiled happily at that, still loving just the idea of having friends. Zoro blinked, not understanding why what he said appeared to have made Robin so happy. He opened his mouth to say something else, but couldn't think what to say, so just looked away awkwardly, leaving Robin now confused. She was about to ask him when a familiar face appeared around the corner.

Nami beamed at the two as she approached them, Franky and Usopp trailing behind her. "Hey guys! Guess who got at A+ in their test!"

"How the hell does she do that?" Usopp, who had gotten a C in the same test, said quietly to Franky, the recipient of a B-. "Does she cheat?"

Nami whipped her head around to glare at the long nosed teen, whose innocent smile didn't fool her. "I heard that! As if I would do something as low as that! Face it, I'm just a bit of a genius!"

Zoro watched as Robin giggled at that statement, feeling embarrassed at how he felt his face heating up slightly at the sight of her happy expression. Why was it he thought she looked so beautiful?

Whilst Zoro was lost in his thoughts the other four began walking away, stopping when they noticed Zoro wasn't following them. Robin frowned at said boy. "Zoro?"

Zoro blinked, Robin's voice snapping him out of his daze. He awkwardly walked over to the other four, who were confused as to why he had just spaced out. Zoro inwardly groaned as he looked at Robin. He really was falling for her, wasn't he?


After Physics had been break, Robin spending it as usual with the rest of the gang. It was weird how even that short quarter of an hour or so was still action packed when she was with Luffy and the others. There was literally never a dull moment with them.

Robin then had Biology before lunch, for which she was in the same class as Sanji, Brook and Luffy. The four sat together at a table at the back of the classroom. Robin's time was spent either politely turning down advances from Sanji, refusing the usual request from Brook, or explaining to Luffy what the teacher, Mr Momonga, was dully teaching from the front. Robin didn't mind though. She kind of liked being the centre of attention.

After Biology it was lunch. Luffy, Zoro and Sanji had soccer practise, the three in the school's team, Brook had a music lesson and Franky had some homework to do. This meant that only the four of Nami, Robin, Usopp and Chopper were left to have lunch together, choosing to eat outside since it was such a nice day. It had been pleasant until they had been interrupted by some unwanted visitors.

Chopper gulped, the first of the four to have noticed the small group headed their way. "Uh, guys…?"

Robin turned around. Walking towards them was the bully from last week, Arlong, three other equally threatening looking boys behind him. Usopp gritted his teeth. "That's Kuroobi, Hachi and Hordy. Arlong's crew. We should go…"

"No," Nami sharply said, surprising Usopp who looked questioningly at her. "We'll ignore them. I don't want to give him the satisfaction of thinking he scares me."

Unfortunately, it quickly became clear that simply ignoring Arlong wasn't an option. Said boy continued heading straight for Nami and the others, walking so that he was standing directly in front of the orange haired girl. "Hey there…" He sleazily greeted, attempting a charming smile. His expression just ending up coming off as creepy though.

Nami glared at him. "What do you want?"

Arlong laughed at her hostile response. "Come on now, we're no longer kids Nami. I know things between us used to be rough back then, but they don't have to be now that we're all grown up, ya know? I've been thinkin' a lot recently actually, you have grown up pretty well actually…"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Nami spat out angrily. Arlong smirked at her.

"Well honestly, you're pretty hot. If I'd know that this was what you'd turn out to look like, I would have know better than to pick on you when we were kids. Anyway, that's all in the past now, so let's bury the hatchet. In fact, why don't we start now? Let's go on a date!"

Nami shook her head, looking away from Arlong. "No thanks."

"Aww, come on Nami! Don't be like that!"

"I'm not interested Arlong. I'm glad you've apologised but-"

That was as far as Nami got before Arlong interrupted her by roughly grabbing her by the arm and pulling her to her feet. He grinned threateningly at her. "Jeez, this is what I get for trying to be polite and ask huh? I probably should have made it clear… saying no ain't an option."

Nami struggled against the older boy's vice grip. "Let go!"

Arlong ignored Nami's attempts to struggle free of his firm grip. He looked over at Usopp, Chopper and Robin, the former two literally frozen in fear. Robin stood up, but as she did, Kuroobi and Hordy, who had been standing a little away from Arlong, began to approach the group. Kuroobi turned around and scowled at Hachi. "What're you waitin' for?"

Hachi gulped but complied, following after Kuroobi and Hordy. Robin couldn't help but note he seemed more reluctant than Arlong's other two Henchmen. Just then, Usopp finally stood up and looked seriously at Robin. "You need to take Chopper and go find Luffy. He's strong enough to stop Arlong."

Robin eyed Arlong's advancing henchmen worriedly. "But Usopp, I can't leave you…"

"You'll need to hurry, Arlong's a really bad guy and I don't know what he's capable of doing to Nami. You have to do this for her sake, besides…" Usopp grinned at her. "Like I told you before, I'm a pretty big deal. I can definitely handle these guys."

Robin gulped, Usopp's shaking legs not a good sign. Nonetheless, she glanced at Chopper, who nodded, and the two began to hurry back towards the school building. Hachi, Kuroobi and Hordy attempted to follow after them, but Usopp stood between them and his friends. Kuroobi grinned at the sight of the clearly terrified Usopp, cracking his knuckles.

"This is gonna be fun…"


"I scored more goals, love cook!"

"No, I scored more goals moss head!"

Luffy laughed, heartily thumping his two arguing friends on the back as they continued to glare at each other. "Hahaha, you guys are so funny!"

"Hey Luffy, who scored more goals?" Zoro angrily demanded.

Luffy blinked. "What, was I meant to count?"

Sanji rolled his eyes. "Yeah, that's what we asked you to do before training began. We even gave you a pen and a piece of paper so that you could keep score. Jeez, you can't even do that…"

Luffy's eyes lit up. "Oh yeah, now I remember. I made the coolest paper airplane out of that!"

"Luffy! Zoro! Sanji!"

The three boys turned around to see Chopper and Robin running towards them. Luffy frowned at the sight of the two; they looked seriously worried. "Robin? Chopper? What's wrong?"

Chopper skidded to a halt in front of Luffy, Zoro and Sanji and looked desperately at them. "It's Arlong! He has Nami!"

"What?" Zoro and Sanji shouted simultaneously. Chopper nodded.

"Yeah, he just came up to us when we were… Oh, and Usopp too! Oh no!"

"What happened to Usopp? I thought your four were having lunch outside." Sanji asked.

"He stayed behind to stop Arlong's friends," Robin replied, frowning. Zoro gritted his teeth.

"Those cowards, ganging up on Usopp. We should-"

That was as far as he got before Luffy suddenly sprinted away from the group, startling them. "Luffy!" Chopper called out. "What are you doing!?"

"I'm gonna go save Nami!" Luffy shouted.

Zoro nodded. "Alright! Leave Usopp to us!" he shouted back.

Sanji turned to Robin and Chopper. "Me and Moss-head'll go help Usopp, you two should go get Franky. He'll be in the library."

"OK," a determined Chopper nodded.

With that, the pairs of Zoro and Sanji and Robin and Chopper headed off in their separate directions, determined to save Nami and Usopp.


Kuroobi chuckled at the sight of the beat up Usopp lying on the ground. "You're such a worm, ain't you? Why the hell would someone like you even think about challengin' us? You're pathetic…"

"Ugh…" Usopp groaned, his body hurting all over at this point. He had been punched, kicked and generally beaten more times than he could count at the point. However, the long nosed teen gritted his teeth, standing up with incredible difficulty. "I… I'm gonna…. beat up you guys… for Nami…"

Hachi pulled his fist back, deciding it was time to finish Usopp off, when he heard footsteps behind him. He turned around to see who had arrived. Big mistake. Hachi could barely blink before he was knocked out cold by a single punch. Kuroobi turned around, only to suffer the same fate courtesy of a kick.

"Usopp!" Zoro and Sanji shouted, running over to their badly beat up friend, ignoring Hordy who was running away from them at full speed. Unfortunately for him however, he didn't get far before another new arrival blocked his progress. Franky grabbed the last of Arlong's henchmen, roughly shoving him into a wall before throwing him to the ground. Hordy looked up at the pissed off Franky, terrified.

"Go away," Franky spat out. "Guys like you who gang up on people make me SUPER angry."

Hordy didn't need to be told twice, running as fast as he could in the opposite direction to Franky. Chopper, who had watched the whole thing with Robin, squealed in delight. "That was so cool Franky!"

Franky laughed. "Haha, I am cool aren't I?"

Robin smiled slightly, before looking over to where Usopp had been fighting. At this point Zoro and Sanji had just about helped Usopp up, and the three were making their way over to her, Chopper and Franky. Chopper smiled encouragingly at Usopp.

"That was really cool what you did Usopp!"

The long nosed teen smirked slightly, weakly flashing Chopper a thumbs up before wincing in pain. Zoro looked worriedly at him. "We should probably get you to the nurse's office…"

"Y… Yeah. I hope my beautiful nose is alright…"


Luffy glared heatedly at the sight before him. Arlong had Nami pinned up against the back wall of the school and was kissing her roughly, forcibly holding her chin up. If that wasn't bad enough, Luffy could see Nami was crying into the kiss. He honestly didn't think he'd ever seen anything as upsetting as this before.

Without even a word Luffy began to approach the two. Arlong, however, heard him coming and momentarily pulled away from Nami, although his hand was still clamped around her jaw, holding her in place. He grinned smugly at Luffy. "Straw Hat! Fancy meeting you here! Looking for something… or someone maybe?"

Nami's eyes widened. "Luff-"

That was as far as she got before Arlong silenced her by slamming his palm against her mouth, Nami wincing in pain into Arlong's hand. Luffy shook with anger. "Let her go."

"Or what?" Arlong amusedly asked, challenging Luffy with the look in his eyes.

"Let her go," Luffy repeated.

"No way. Fuck off Straw Hat, I ain't got time to deal with little weaklings like you. You're all bark and no bite, you can't do shit to stop me." Arlong turned back to Nami and grinned widely. "Go bother someone else, me and Nami are tryin' to have a moment here."

Luffy however continued to approach Arlong, stopping when he was standing directly behind him. Arlong groaned, turning around to face Luffy.

And that was another big mistake. With one punch to the face, Luffy snapped Arlong's nose clean in half. Arlong screamed out in pain before swinging wildly at Luffy, who easily evaded it. Luffy then kicked Arlong hard in the side, sending the older teenager tumbling to the ground. Arlong tried to get up, but Luffy stamped on him, holding him down. Arlong struggled hopelessly, unable to overpower the furious Luffy.

Just then, Mr Smoker arrived, Franky, Robin and Chopper trailing behind him. The teacher took a second to take in the scene before him before looking straight at Luffy.

"I'll deal with you later…" He muttered, before approaching him and Arlong. He roughly yanked up Arlong to his feet, Luffy removing his foot. "But first I'll take this rat to Principal Sengoku's office…"

Mr Smoker gave Luffy one last cold look before setting off in the direction of the Principal's office, dragging Arlong behind him. Franky looked between Nami and Luffy, noticing especially the way Nami was looking at Luffy. He smirked slightly, nudging Chopper and Robin. "I think we should go help Mr Smoker."

Robin smiled and nodded, whilst Chopper looked between the two confusedly. "Why, I think he can handle-"

"Trust me. I'll explain later," Robin winked at the confused Chopper, only confusing him further. Nonetheless, the three followed after Mr Smoker, leaving Luffy and Nami alone.

Luffy turned and looked worriedly at Nami, pulling her up into his arms. "Nami! Are you OK? Come on, I'll take you to the nurse's office…"

Nami shook her head weakly. "Wait Luffy, first… I want to tell you something. I've felt this way for a long time, but after what happened today… I'm ready…."

Luffy blinked, confused. Nami smiled slightly and gestured for Luffy to lean forwards, as if she wanted to whisper something to him. Luffy complied, but instead of Nami doing what he expected, she did something very different.

She kissed him.

At first it was just Nami kissing Luffy, disappointing the orange haired girl, however just when she was about to give up, Luffy began kissing her back, the kiss becoming more and more passionate with each passing second. Eventually the two pulled apart, Nami unable to help herself from laughing slightly at the big goofy grin across Luffy's face.

"I… I love you Luffy."

Luffy laughed. "Me too!"

Nami smiled. Typical Luffy. It was so hard for her to work up the courage to confess her feelings for him, so hard it had taken seven years and this terrifying incident, yet Luffy just did it like it was no big deal. Nami relaxed slightly into Luffy arms, wanting to just enjoy this feeling.


Sanji's eyes widened. "You're what?!"

By now, Nami and Luffy had made their way to the nurse's office, where the rest of the gang, minus Brook, were waiting with Usopp. Nami had just told them about her and Luffy, with one member of the group in particular not happy.

Sanji's mouth hung agape. "W… Wait Nami, Luffy has a load of flaws! He's rude, he's loud, he's alway hungry…"

"Don't forget the lack of table manners," Usopp, laying on the bed, added.

"That's right!" Sanji nodded, before continuing to list faults. Robin giggled slightly. Despite Sanji's actions, she knew he was secretly happy that the two were together. Just then, Chopper nudged Robin.

"Hey Robin, is this why Franky made us leave Luffy and Nami alone before?"

Robin smiled kindly at him. "You know what? I think this might just be that…."

Chopper beamed. "Oh, I get it now!"

Just then the door of the nurse's office opened, revealing a smiling Brook, seemingly oblivious to what had happened. "Yohohohoho… I've been looking for you guys everywhere. What's up, are we having a party in the nurse's office?"

"What sort of party is that!" Nami shouted, annoyed that Brook had just wandered in only now after all that had happened. "Honestly, how late can you be? You missed everything!"

"Yohohohoho… Nami's upset with me…. I guess I probably shouldn't ask if I can-"

Nami whacked Brook over the head. "No, you can't see my panties!"

Everyone minus Nami laughed at the sight of the now hurt Brook on the ground. "Yohohoho… " he weakly laughed, "But seriously, what did I miss?"

Usopp laughed slightly. "It's a.. uh… long story…."