What is this I don't even-

I have nothing to say other then this was inspired by dating game cosplays on . I own nothing.

Prussia: velcome to the awesome me's newest show- the dating game! What happens is you guys decide who vill be ze one to be bachelor and who the three choices are! Submit your votes in review!

BBR: what am I doing here?

Prussia: you are my assistant host

BBR: wha-! I'm the AUTHOR! i can't host!

Prussia: you don't have much choice.

BBR: but-

Prussia: plus you owe Fang and Ghirahim. Either you be co-host to ze awesome me or we dump you into a room full of scorpions.

BBR: but-

Fang: you owe us!

BBR: argh! Fine. I'll co-host.

Prussia: come back next week on ze next episode of the Dating Game!

Prussia's mean.

Fang: I thought you'd choose the scorpions.

Ghirahim: I thought the same.

BBR: I'm more afraid of Scorpions then I am being co-host. Anyway…see that little button that says "Review this Chapter"? click it please!