I'm back with a new chapter!

Fang: *sighs* did you guys read chapter 5?

BBR: oh, yeah! Chapter 5 probably didn't show up on alerts because gave a hard time uploading it. I own nothing. Enjoy!

Prussia: *has several cuts on his face* velcome back! Zis is ze awesome Prussia speaking!

BBR: *looks up from polishing scythe* oh, it is on? *puts down scythe and stands up, joining Prussia* this is BBR speaking, welcome back to Hetalia Dating.

Prussia: Vhat are ze votes zis time?

BBR: same as last time, which means…

Prussia: please velcome America!

America: 'sup, dudes?

BBR: *salutes* hail to the land of the free and the home of the brave!

America: *winks* thanks dude.

BBR: *smiles* now please sit down, America, and I'll cover up your ears. *America does so and she covers his ears*

Prussia: ze first competitor is England!

England: what the bloody hell am I doing here?

BBR: oh, shut up. Your competing in a game show. Now bloody sit down and shut up.

Prussia: …vhat vas zat about?

BBR: oh, did I forget to mention that when I'm mad I speak with a British accent? Oops.

England: *sits down*

Prussia: competitor number two!

BBR: we practically had to force this person here; we had to make a promise we might not be able to fulfill. Please welcome *shudders* Belarus.

Belarus: *glares at me and sits down* you better make sure you fulfill your promise, BBR.

BBR: I'll try, Bela.

Prussia: and contestant number 3… Lithuania!

Lithuania: h-hello, Mr. Prussia, Ms. Al-


Lithuania: f-forgive me, Ms. BBR.

BBR: it's okay, just sit down. *Liet does so and she uncovers America's ears* you know what to do. And…begin!

America: alright, dudes, tell me what ya like to do for fun!

England: well, Shakespeare is a fun read.

Belarus: I usually try to get Nii-San to become one with me.

Lithuania: I sometimes hand out with Poland.

America: what is your favorite foods?

England: Fish and chips, or scones?

Belarus: I rather enjoy Babka…

Lithuania: Didžkukuliai, which is also known as cepelinai.

America: alright. ummm… oh! What do you want most in life?

England: … I honestly am not sure.

Belarus: to become one with Nii-San!

Lithuania: to be free from master Russia's service.

America: I've decided!

BBR: and who's the lucky winner?

America: Number one!

England: what?

BBR: switch your seats!

England *thinks* maybe he'll think Belarus or Lithuania are me…

America: England, bro, you're number one, right?

England: wha-how did you-


Prussia: *whispers something in her ear*

BBR: *pales* that's right. *leaves with Belarus*

Prussia: zis is ze awesome me, signing out. See you all next time on Hetalia Dating!

*is gone*

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