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Ron looked blearily around the dark dormitory. Something wasn't right.

He listened carefully. One... two... three people breathing.

In an instant he was up and next to Harry's bed. No, he's not here!

Ron frantically looked around, then threw open Harry's trunk, looking for the Marauder's Map. Ron swore - the map wasn't there, and neither was the Invisibility Cloak. Harry's run off, invisible, and I can't find him anywhere, and I know what he's going to do, he thought, as he started looking about the room again.

He looked in the drawer of Harry's nightstand. He looked in the drawer of his own nightstand. He lifted Harry's pillow and threw back the sheets, looking. He knealt down and looked under the bed, then between the mattresses.

His heart stopped as he touched the parchment and whipped it out. He dashed over to the window to read.

The note said nothing he didn't expect it to say, but he still could have fainted as he was reading it. He quickly grabbed his wand.

"I solumnly swear I am up to no good," he said breathlessly, tapping the map. Instantly lines began to spread over the map from the point his wand had touched, and in a few precious moments the whole of Hogwarts lay before Ron's eyes.

Ron's eyes frantically scanned the map, desperately searching for Harry's name. His heart stopped again as at last he found it, knowing he was too late. He swayed on the spot as he watched Harry run off the map and into the Forbidden Forest, and it took all of Ron's will to stay standing.

Without hesitating, he leapt out of the dormitory, down the stairs, and out of the Gryffindor common room. He ran as fast and as hard as he could, to the only person who might possibly help now - Dumbledore.

"What happened?" Dumbledore asked, walking quickly beside Ron. The corridors were now lit eerily with the pale grey, early morning light.

"I saw him run off the map into the forest. He's got the Cloak," Ron answered. Dumbledore closed his eyes as though wounded for a second, but kept walking. Ron decided that was just the light playing tricks with his eyes. Surely Dumbledore could save him....

"Hagrid!" Dumbledore called, pounding on his front door. A few moments later Hagrid opened his front door.

"Hagrid," Dumbledore said solumnly. "You need to take Fang, go into the forest, and find Harry." Hagrid's face paled to the color of parchment, and he nodded shakily and emerged with Fang on a leash within seconds.

"Where did he go in?" Dumbledore asked Ron.

"Here," he said, pointing it out. "Along the path."

Fang sniffed around on the ground, picking up the scent, then followed it down the path. Ron and Professor Dumbledore followed a few feet behind.

They went down the path as quickly as they could, and for a very long while. All three of them gasped when Fang finally started off the path.

The trees were very thick, and they had to slow down considerably to get through them. Ron's heart was beating painfully fast. Still they kept going, farther and farther away from the path.

At last, at long, long last, Fang stopped, at the base of a large tree. Ron was relieved to have found him, but felt sick with fear at the same time. What if they were too late? Fang whimpered.

Professor Dumbledore went forward and felt around for a moment until he felt where Harry was, and pulled off the Invisibility Cloak.

Hagrid stumbled off a few paces and threw up.

Ron fainted.

"We're too late," Dumbledore said quietly.