Heya, Flossberry here! It's nice to meet you all, and perhaps, nice to see you again. I do hope you'll enjoy this series, I personally like the twist I put in it, ehe! Enjoy!


Bring bring.

Bring bring bring.

Bring ba-ba-bring-bring-ba-bring!



"Such a nasty alarm…makes me wonder why I ever use it." A tired blonde mumbled, slowly shuffling out of bed. As she stands, her feet automatically push themselves into her well worn slippers. The girl turns toward her bathroom door, yawns, blinks, and snaps her fingers.

"Ah, yes. Its screeches never fail to wake me up. Of course." She answers her own question, chuckling lazily. The pristine door swung open to reveal a dainty bathroom, complete with the girl's necessities, a full body mirror, a luxurious-looking shower, a neat toilet, sink, and a towel rack freshly re-stocked. Blondie now shed her clothes, and hopped into the shower.

Now, we wait.

"Hah! Feels good!" the girl giggled, hastily wiping herself, and moved on to equip herself with her uniform.

Let me give you the rundown of how it looks:

White blouse

Red ribbon (the big one, not the string-looking one)

Black blazer (with an emblem of the school attached near the right side of the chest)

Black pleated skirt just a bit below the knees

Any school-appropriate socks (for Rin's case, she wears white knee-length ones)

School shoes

Yeah, that's about it. For guys, it's relatively the same. White blouse, red tie, black blazer, black pants, etc. Onwards!

"Books, notebooks, pencil case, phone, keys…what else?" she mumbled, looking around her orange-themed room. "Ah!" she quickly skipped over to her dresser and grabbed two things: a pair of white gloves, and….

A whip.

Ah, uh, moving on….

"Great. Time to head out!" she happily chirped, stuffing the two items into her bag. After locking her room, she skipped down the stairs, and shoved her feet into her shoes. "Hm? Oh yeah, quick breakfast." She said, grabbing a ready-made sandwich on the table. The girl rushed out of the house, then locked the door. She pulled out her bicycle, threw her bag in its basket, and locked the gate as well. After that, she zoomed off to school.

By the way, her name's Rin Kagane. A freshman at Shinigawa Academy. (A/N: Lol don't ask, I am totes not original and creative.)

"I did say I was good to go…but I can't help but feel…" she mumbled, making a quick turn.

As soon as she did, the sight of numerous students entered her vision. "Hmm...feels nice to be back!" Rin murmured, slowing her pace. "He should be around here somewhere." She huffed, pulling over. As she was entering the school grounds, greetings around her exploded.

"Morning, Kagane-san!"

"Welcome back!"

"How have you been, Kagane-san?"

"Ahh, it's been so long, Kagane-san!"

"It's great to see you again, Rin-sama!"

She flinched at the outburst, but nonetheless smiled and returned all of their greetings. The sudden chatter caught the attention of a lot of new students.

Gah! So much attention on the first day! She thought, walking briskly.

Pushing her bike along, she parked it at the usual place, and locked it securely. (A/N: Sorry, Idk what you call those things, and my laziness extends as far as to not Google it lol)

"Hrm…can pass as my twin, huh? Then he shouldn't be so hard to find…" Rin said, dragging a hand through her hair. She shook her head quickly. "Ah, he'll most probably be safe…security's especially tight now, since it's the first day. Better move on, then?" A small sigh escaped from her as she proceeded to the auditorium. As she neared its doors, a large number of students were busy fumbling around, looking confused. Still, Rin recognized most of their faces.

"Hey there, freshmen!" she called out.

The crowd, stunned by the sudden shout, turned its attention towards the voice. Rin grinned slyly.

"How y'all doin'?" she laughed, waving at the first years.

The said first years rushed towards Rin, making her regret her flashy entrance.

"W-Woah there, guys!" she gasped, trying to finding some much needed space.

"Kagane-saaaaan! It has been soooo long!"

"You look as cute as ever, Kagane-san!"

"Did your hair grow longer? It suits you so well, Kagane-san!"

"Your bow fits you and your hair perfectly, Rin-san!"

"Did you have fun during the break, Rin-san?"

"We missed you, Rin-saaaaaaaan!"

Touched by their affection but crushed by their eagerness, Rin managed to wheeze out a labored, but loving reply:

"I m-missed you guys more!"

C-Crap! Gotta think of a plan before…ack!

"A-Although, I think y-you'll miss me more if you k-keep on crushing me like t-this…!" she coughed.

The human barricade suffocating her suddenly spread out. Rin breathed in greatly.

"Wah! Sorry, Rin-san!" a fellow first year said, followed by numerous apologies.

"It's fine, nothing like a bit of tough love to man one up!" Rin joked, giggling at her friends. Her giggles were reciprocated gladly. "Ah, now that our little reunion's done, kindly enter the building accordingly, even without your own groupings!" she said, clapping her hands. The herd of freshmen did as she said, leaving a shining Rin satisfied. Blondie wiped her forehead, eyeing her work. "Just like a mama bird seeing her chicks fly…" she sniffed, reminiscing the past years she has spent with her so-called 'chicks'. After a moment or two passed, she suddenly snapped back to reality. "Ah! Come to think of it, I didn't see the client anywhere…how troubling." She murmured, rubbing her chin. "Should I be troubled…?"

"Kyaaaaa! It's Kagamine-san!"

At the sudden shout, Rin rushed towards the voice, spying a blonde being quickly mobbed.