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"Kyaaaaa! It's Kagamine-san!"

At the sudden shout, Rin rushed towards the voice, spying a blonde being quickly mobbed.

Damn! Didn't spot him fast enough! She cursed mentally.

"Excuse me! Please let me through!" Rin shouted over the human barricade, gently pushing. A chanting of the name 'Kagamine' was on loop. Feeling irked, she tip-toed to see if there was any opening. Apparently, there was.

At the eye of the storm, where Mr. Kagamine was standing.

"Mm, then this will be the only way…" she mumbled, backing away. She stopped when she was a few feet away from the fray.

Blondie ran blindingly quick to the mob, jumping above it before crashing. Many became her spectators as she landed gracefully next to Len, ending a flip.

She glanced quickly at a stunned blonde, then eyed the crowd. Rin clapped thrice.

"Okay, please break it up! The opening ceremony will start in a few, so kindly return to your respective places!"

The people, noticing who was talking, backed away, and eventually dispersed. Rin turned to the star of attention.

"Are you alright, Kagamine-san? My apologies, I couldn't find you quick enough." She said, concerned. "….I'm fine." He mumbled, still dazed. Rin beamed at him. "Thank goodness! I hope you weren't too overwhelmed, but that was quite the cr-" the boy cut her. "Excuse me, but who are you? I'm waiting for someone." Rin blinked at the boy, then hid a smile. "My apologies. I haven't introduced myself. My name is Rin Kagane, a freshman….and your new bodybuard." She said, enjoying the speechlessness of her client. "W-What? A freshman like me? A girl, even!" he gasped, brows coming together. Rin chuckled, then observed his features.

The more she did, the more she was surprised they weren't actual siblings.

"It's true, Kagamine-san. Here." Rin replied, showing her ID of being a bodyguard. Len gasped. "So it is…" he snapped his head up and looked at her. He gasped again. "You're…!" Rin giggled. "Yes, I know. We could pass as twins, hmm?" Len squinted, then sighed. "Mhm, quite. Well, this is all very new, but let's get going." He raised his arm, his schoolbag in front of Rin. She raised a brow, and looked at him, questioning. "Well? Aren't you going to carry it for me?" Len said, slightly annoyed. Rin laughed, to the surprise of Len. "Kagamine-san, like I said, I'm your bodyguard. I'm not here to be your maid. I'm here to protect you," she looked him down "and possibly discipline you. Things will be very different to you from now on." Len was speechless. "Impossible! I'm Len Kagamine, superstar! People would die to even hold my stuff!" he spat at her.

"True. Yet, I won't. Kagamine-san, you must learn to fend for yourself, even if this is a low level. Trust me, you'll see this in a new light soon. Now, please follow me." She finished, walking forward. "I-" Len started, but was cut off when Rin eyed him. He blushed lightly, then stomped after her.

What the hell? I can't believe this…I'll have to send in a complaint and find a new bodygua-

Rin turned towards him sharply, eyes narrowed. Len gulped, chocking mentally on his words. "Kagamine-san, please know that I want you to learn the ways outside a sheltered life. You'll like it, and it will help you in the days ahead. Okay?" Rin said, concern dripping on every word. Len blushed a darker shade and stuttered. "A-Alright! Fine! Don't get so close to me!" Rin grinned at him then grabbed his hands. "Thank you, Kagamine-san! This will be a great year!" she giggled as she let go. Rin skipped towards the auditorium's doors. Little did she know that the blonde tailing her was red-skinned.

Well…m-maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all…Len thought, as Rin led him through the doors.

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