"Ready, Bo?"

Bolin clasped his hands together underneath his chin and grinned.


They were pressed against the wall of a building, lying in wait. Bolin jumped up and down on his toes, too excited to calm down. Mako peered around the corner. A man in a funny hat walked closer, strolling with his hands in his pockets and a whistle in the air. He pegged him as their first victim. It was because of the hat.

"Okay, go!" Mako said as he pushed Bolin out into the street in front of the man, who recoiled. Bolin wiped his nose on his tattered sleeve and looked up with his wide, green eyes. He smiled nervously as he tried to touch his fancy jacket, but the man frowned and took a step back. Orphans were dirty.

"Hello, Mr. Hat Man, sir. I was wondering if maybe you could—"

"Hey!" Mako yelled at Bolin as he walked out from behind the side of the building. He stood next to his brother and put on hand on his shoulder. "I told you not to bother strangers!" A look of relief fought the plastered look of disgust on the man's face. Bolin stifled a giggle as he shrugged out of Mako's hold. Mako turned to the man and shook his head. "I'm sorry."

The man looked back and forth between the two with narrowed eyes. "It's… fine. Just make sure he doesn't do it again." Mako nodded at him understandingly.

"Oh, you can count on it. I mean… I… I- AaaiiiiCHOO!" A burst of fire blew out of Mako's mouth as he sneezed, sending the man reeling backwards. Bolin slid his foot across the ground behind him and dug his toes into the street, raising a riddled chunk of earth up behind the man's feet. He tripped over it and fell backwards, arms flailing as he tried to catch his balance.

"Now!" Mako yelled at Bolin, who, with the widest smile, proceeded to dive onto the man with arms outstretched. He struggled, but he managed to pin him down. Mako bent down and easily found the man's coin purse. He unlatched it, removed all the money, and tossed it back into the man's face. Bolin's hand was already up and ready. Mako grabbed him and yanked him off the man. They were gone before the man could even look to see where they'd run.

They dashed through the streets until Mako was certain that they had lost him.

He slid against the wall of a building as he sat down. He counted the yuans with a smirk. Bolin bounced on his heels before plopping down next to his brother and snuggling into his scarf. They both panted.

When he'd caught his breath, Mako spoke: "It's been decided, Bo."

"Hmm? What's been decided?"

"We're definitely using that one again!"

They laughed.