I was walking in the hallways of Horace Green feeling incredibly bored after all the assignments I just passed. It's like all I ever do is run back and forth from school to my house, today i suddenly want to do something. Something to keep my mind off school and the routine of my everyday life. But as I open the front doors of Horace Green I saw the reason why that can't be changed. I, Avery Montez, am currently studying in one of the most prestigious schools in New York City. A school where students pass every project in time, where they don't hangout much often, a school where most students end up in Harvard or Yale or Princeton. That why every time I ask some of my friends to go out, they always have to do something like a presentation or a science project. It's screwy, I know!

I sighed and walked towards home.

It's pretty chilly out today being the middle of October, winter is on its way. I was wearing my thick black scarf around my neck to ease the cold, all the while wishing to the heavens that our uniform wasn't a skirt. But I knew that's a loss cause. I walked in the familiar streets of New York City, growing up here I knew very well the bad sides of town and the places where to avoid and also the places where to hide if needed. Usually my friend's mom drops me off to our house but Ella has soccer practice today and I decided it's nice to walk home, more alone time.

As I walk across the pedestrian lane I notice a couple of kids wearing our uniforms. They were all wearing the dark black coat and scarf of Horace Green except for one boy who wasn't wearing a scarf. The four of them were talking outside this old looking apartment, just standing there on the sidewalk. I stopped, clearly because I didn't want to pass through them and also curious to what they are all meeting up here for. I was about to leave and walked to another direction when Someone opened the front door of the apartment, interrupting the laughter or the teenagers. A girl with dark brown hair ordered them to enter in a superior tone. The four teens entered the apartment at once and the girl stepped outside to answer a phone call. That's when I recognized her, it was Summer.

Summer Hathaway is a classmate of mine on Western Civ. And she was also one of the competing students for the presidential seat of the student council. Nice girl, very strict though and a bit of a suck up to teachers. But she is a mature kid for her age and that what makes her an understanding person. What is she doing here?

After she ended the call she too went inside the building, and I was free to walk pass it. I stopped before the apartment and looked up to see if there's anyone looking down, there's no one of course. Instead I saw an ad, An ad for School of Rock, an after school program! That was it! The School of Rock, Summer is a member of it, she manages it according to what I heard from school. It's that band that started three years ago in Horace Green. Perhaps the only cool thing that had ever happened in Horace Green.

I came in this school a year ago, completely missing their come out, but the tales of the students who are in awe of their talent lasted enough for me to be amazed too.

I'm not sure as too why I wrote this fic. And I'm also not sure why I chose Freddy as the main Character. But I am sure that it will all be settled as the story progresses. Sorry for the misspelled words and wrong grammar, if there are many. XD Thanks for reading, for now just: