I sat with Summer at lunch today like I did last Monday. I actually wanted to try and have lunch with the rest of the band but somehow, I chose to sit with Summer. Half of the time she doesn't even acknowledge my presence because she's busy on school stuff while munching her meal but somehow I felt comfortable with that. And then the routine continued, we go to her council meetings and after that band practice. She would be vice president Summer again and Summer, the Band manager of School of Rock. Both completely different from the Summer I eat my lunch with.

The Band has been great, and my duties as an assistant were so worth the work just to spend time with them. Ever since I got here, after school has been the most fun time of the day for me. It was nice, knowing you'll have something to look forward to everyday.

Today I just finished my presentation about the Spanish Inquisition and I was completely happy on how it turned out. I was hoping to get an A on that class. So by the time when School is over, I half skipped towards the front doors of the school to where Summer and I usually meet. But when I burst through the doors I wasn't expecting to see Freddy Jones there, leaning on the rail. He hadn't notice I arrived yet because he was still spacing out with a serene look on his face. He's polo shirt's top buttons were undone and he wasn't wearing his vest. He has his hands on his coat's pocket and was absentmindedly gliding his skateboard thru and fro with his foot. He had that brooding look on his face that somehow made me question my bad boy impression of him. But then, he finally notices me and that brooding look turned into a sensual smirk we all know about. Who am I kidding, Freddy will be Freddy.

"Checking me out Keyboards?" He asked with a smirked as I step towards him. I smiled back.

"In your dreams Jones." I told him before sitting on the front steps of the school, "You never did, learn my name." I said as I shook my head. He grinned widely at me, not sure if it's because of what I said or just because of my presence.

"Tink?" He asked as he flipped his skateboard.

"Late I guess, it's either that or Peter's making her do some other stuff." Peter is great, but in truth Summer is more organized and a better fit for his job. She's so gonna get it next year, I know I'll be voting for her. "Why do you want her anyway?" I asked, curious.

"I got detention for tomorrow." He nonchalantly said. "I was hoping she'd get me out of it like last time"

"That'll make her happy." I scoffed. "You are going to get another lecture symphony from her." I warned him. His eyebrows furrowed and his lips puckered as he pondered about something.

"My ears still hurt from the last one." He complained. "Thirty minutes! And she didn't even run out of words to say! God, that was torture." We both shook our heads at the thought. Freddy played with skateboard as he gave me a brief explanation on how he got detention. He called his classmate a jerk and when the teacher scolded him, Freddy told the teacher to shut up. That got him double detention, today and tomorrow. I laughed when he explained how startled his seatmate looked when he did that. There's a new transfer student today in his class who was unlucky enough to be seated next to Freddy.

"You should've seen his face." He laughed as he told me. "When the bell rang he couldn't stand up from his seat." I laughed.

"Poor kid." I muttered.

"Yeah. He was Freaked." He laughed some more.

This is the first time that I've actually seen Freddy genuinely happy. Of course he is still laughing about the misery of others, but he's laughing nonetheless, that at least was an improvement. I noticed some people giving us curious glances as they pass by, unlike Zack who smiles back to people and greet them, Freddy tends to ignore crowds. I figured maybe it's because he doesn't know these people anyway. But same as Mooneyham, Jones here is quite popular at school, if not more popular. So it's really making a statement if you are seen with him, and I started to wonder what do people think when they see me hanging out with him. I lost my train of thought when my phone beeped. I pulled it out from my coat's pocket and read the message.

I sighed.

"Looks like Summer's coming out later." I told Freddie. "She'll just meet us in band practice, you can talk to her then." I stood up and jumped down the steps to face him, he smiled mischievously.

"What?" My eyes narrowed at his suspicious expression.

"Wanna go and get some ice cream?" He asked, I blinked in surprised.

Fifteen minutes later

"This isn't ice cream!" I complained as I raised the yogurt drink he handed me. I found myself in front of Freddy's house, sitting at the porch steps. Freddie's home was in a good classy part of town where there are less flats and apartments buildings and more of homey houses.

"Just eat it!" He yelled as he skate passed me. The supposedly liquid yogurt drink was placed in the freezer, making it creamy, sticky and cold. He went inside to get it as I stayed out on their porch, I refused to come in. I didn't know why, there was nobody home anyway. He used scissors to open the box and gave me a spoon to scoop it like how you do with an Ice cream. He was slowly pacing with his skateboard from right to left in front of me. And he was doing a good job considering he was using both of his hands to eat the frozen drink.

"This is childish." I chuckled as I ate mine.

"This is delicious." He muttered as he passed by me again.

"So you like yogurt drinks huh?"

"The frozen ones are the best." He shrugged as he tosses his empty beverage box in the trash can. I'm still working on mine, but he is right. It is more delicious this way. "I taught it to Zack too. He also thought it was childish and I thought he didn't like it, until I caught him freezing some in his own fridge." He barked a laugh.

"That would have been fun to see." I imagined Freddie opening the Mooneyham's freezer and finding a dozen boxes of frozen yogurt drink. I took another scoop and cringed slightly at how sour it is.

"So what's the deal with you?" he asked, demanding actually as he sat on his skate board in front of me, feet apart. He pushed his sleeves up to his elbow and placed them on his knees.

"What about me?"

"Why did you really become Summer's pet?" I rolled my eyes at that one. "And don't give me that crap about how you just had nothing to do or you really just wanted to help her." He stated comically, totally not considering my previous answers to that question.

"Why is that so hard to believe?" I dramatically asked.

"Cause it's bull." Straight forward, yup.

"You really wanna know?" I muttered and that got his attention. He stared at me intently before nodding in response. "I was curious." I simply said before taking another scoop of that frozen goodness.

"About what?"

"About what's going on inside that apartment." I told him and it seemed that he truly cared. "I wanted to see for myself if you guys were really true and if something cool and awesome actually happens inside there." I gave him a cheery smile. "And I was right."

"You mean musical fusion." He gave a crooked smile in return before he tugged his collar with a raise of his eyebrow to act superior. "I'm mostly responsible for the awesomeness that happens there. So I guess it's safe to say that you were actually or mostly curious about me." I shook my head at his conclusion as he ones again raised his eyebrows at me. A smile still spread on my face.

"I don't know what's wrong with you." I said firmly trying to stay calm and breezy. "But what I do know is that you owe me an ice cream." I pointed my spoon at him.

He grinned.

I didn't know why I agreed to this. Band practice doesn't start until everyone is there, and I wouldn't want Freddy to be late. But somehow I ended up here on his porch eating cold frozen beverages and actually having a normal conversation with him. At school he has that popular, punk drummer image, right now though he seemed boyish than Zack. I noticed that in his smiles which is different from his signature smirks. After I finished my yogurt, we headed off.

"Next time, we'll try frozen root beer." He seemed enthusiastic about that but I still cringed when I heard 'frozen root beer'. We walked side by side heading for Dewey's apartment, I hoped Freddie isn't late.

"That's not ice cream either." I pointed out with a smile at his promise of a next time.

Been quite busy since school started. But still loving writing this fic. Anyway, Avery seemed very cheery when Freddy's around. XD or is it just me (you). Oh and btw. . . does anyone actually do that whole freeze-your-yogurt-drink-thing? XDXD Let me know. . .