I forgot to mention, this was inspired by both my life as a teen, and John's. I didn't lose my mom or dad, but I did lose my loving aunt, uncle, and grandparents. Though I was shunned a lot in my schools and bullied often. I would get into arguments and fights with the teachers and classmates at school.

This might turn into a book if I mix it with the other story, just remove the romance! Haha!

But all serious, the only thing that kept me going from dropping out and doing drugs or smoking was the Beatles. As I read more about each one personally, I connected to John the most. Hiding all the pain and hate, I understand hiding it and only letting a small out through songs and smart ass remarks. To you Johnny! Thanks for keeping me going!

Just Seen That Face

Chapter Two

*~Everything's Gonna Change My World~*

"Flight to London will be leaving in 20 minutes. Flight 274 will be leaving to London in 20 minutes."

At the airport, André sat by her small bag, the only luggage that would fit the overhead in the plane. Charles left to get some coffee for himself. André never liked the stuff, soda was always her preference. She watched people go by, making mental critic comments on each person. It was the only thing cheering her up to her low chuckle of amusement.

Charles came back with nothing but a bottle of soda, coke. He handed it to her, already open she took a quick swig at it. "Enjoy it, your last American Soda."

She gave it a sad glance. "Oh, my love! I won't be with you for long!" She teased making her father laugh. She grinned showing a canine sharp tooth and took another jug; very unlady like.

"How will I know where, um, Julia is?" She asked.

"Actually it'll be John's Aunt, Mimi Smith, who will be picking you up." Charles put his hands in his pockets. "You'll be staying with her and John."

André's brows knotted in confusion. "Wait, why not Julia?"

Charles took in air through his teeth. "After your mother died, Julia ended up giving John up to her sister. She couldn't raise him, and wanted to give him the home he deserved."

The teen's lips made an 'Oh' and she took another drink of her soda, the sparkling sugary soda tingled her tongue and down her throat. She mentally hoped she wouldn't be forced to drink tea for the rest of her life there instead of soda.

Charles looked to his wrist watch. "We have 15 minutes, we should give them a call."

André jumped from her seat as they approached the phones on the walls. Putting in the right amount of change, he dialed the number, paused, and put in a few other numbers. Charles' tapped his foot, then stopped when he got a click.

"Hello? Ms. Smith, yes, it's Charles… Yes, we're fine. André is almost there, the flight will leave soon… No, she's right here… Really? Alright, hold on." He turned to the teen who laughed at someone's whose suit case bounced open. Clothing and all personals exposed. "André," He whistled.

She looked over, knowing when he whistled he wanted her attention. Her father held the phone out, she shook her head. She mouthed, 'I can't!'. He mouthed back, 'it's rude!'. André threw her head back dramatically and took the phone. She took a breath,


"André?" Came a female English voice. "This is Mimi Smith."

"Oh, hello. John's Aunt, right?"

"Yes." The teen thought her ears heard faint guitar playing. She looked around as she tried to find the source.

"She sounds like a nice person." André thought with a smile.

"John, stop that! John Lennon! Enough with that guitar!" She accidently screeched into the phone, her source was found.

André held it away from her ear for a moment until the yelling stopped. "Maybe not…" She rethought. "Um, how will I know who you are, at the airport?"

She heard the English woman come back on the phone. "What, dear?"

"I said, how will I recognize you at the airport?" André repeated glancing to her father who kept staring at his watch.

"Mimi…!" She heard bellowing from the background. "I can pick 'er up!"

"John, we don' want her to feel uncomfortable." Mimi argued.

"Come on! I'll give my new sister the best welcoming of all of Liverpool!" He gave a cackle and his voice disappeared.

André only heard a muffled faintness of her brother's voice. He sounded funny. "Of course, everyone from England sound funny." She thought.

"I guess we'll both be there. I'm sure you'll notice when you see a British version of Eliv." Mimi assured.

The teen raised a brow. "Who?"

"It's Elvis, Auntie!" She heard John defend.

"Oh, Elvis. Well, I'm sure my instinct of finding my Half-brother will lead me."

"Auntie, let me talk to 'er." John begged.

"Alright, no scaring 'er or anything inappropriate." She warned.

André heard the phone switch around the hands. "Scouts honor…" the voice was clearer now. "Ello, is this the department of sanity?" The half-sister chuckled lowly. "She finds me funny! Haha! So, sis, ya comin' or what? What's takin' you so long?" John teased.

"Cool your British jets, John." She heard him chuckle. "My plane is leaving soon, I should be off now actually."

"Well, hurry up than! If me half-sister is as much of a trouble maker as I am, I'd like to see the evil plots we'd come up with!" He gave an evil chuckle, making her burst out of laughing.

A whistle pierced her ears, André turned seeing her step-father tap his wrist watch. "Oh, I better go, my flight's gonna go without me!"

" Hurry yer American arse than!"

"John!" Scolded Mimi in the background.

"She knows I'm fool'n!" He then sounded serious, or tried to. "I'll be seein' ya soon, sis. Can't wait to meet ya."

She smiled and nodded. "Me too, bro." She hung up and sighed. The teen felt better as John sounded to be a cooler brother than she thought. She was expected an uptight English kiss ass. He sounded more like a loose cool smartass.

The whistle came again, she turned seeing her father at the terminal. She grabbed her bag and ran after him. "Flight 274 will be boarding now and leaving in 5 minutes. 5 minutes, until flight, 5 minutes."

"I guess…" André shrugged and looked to Charles. "This is good-bye?"

Charles looked to the side, then back to her. "No," He pulled her into a tight hug. "You'll always be my daughter, Andréa." Charles said restraining to cry, seeing his daughter leave his life.

She returned the hug put her head against his arm. "You'll always be my father." She assured as well, and sniffed.

After a few seconds, they separated, André wiping her eyes to keep the tears from escaping. "Come on now, it'll be better than here. I hear they have good food there." She chuckled. "You got your brother there, he'll watch after you. Mimi told me about him, reminds me of you in a way. But he promised to look after you."

André nodded and sighed picking up her bag. "Alright, I'll see you again… Dad."

Charles nodded and saw her leave to enter the plane. He wiped a tear from his eye and took in air. His daughter was leaving, and there was nothing to do. He knew this was better for her, than what he could do. André also needed someone at her age to be with her, keep her safe, and to be her friend.

André sat on the now flying plane, at the window by herself. It wasn't that full, so it would be a quiet ride. On her lap sat her sketch book, inside undone drawings she would be doing to keep herself busy for the ride. Her thoughts rambled on her new life in Liverpool. She had never heard of that place, even in history class. Only London, and anything else from the recently ended World War II.

John seemed to be very funny and nice, despite the scolding from Mimi. André can already tell she'd be strict with him. The teen was rebellious indeed, but hoped to be different in England. So far, she had no grudge against them.

Hours later of flying, André finally arrived in London, England. She left the terminal bag in hand with her sketch book under the other arm. Her eyes scanned around, seeing so many posh and… English. Her mind felt a spin as she probably looked like an idiot trying to find John and Mimi. That instinct she claimed back on the phone never came, as she forced her way through the people. Finding an empty clearing, André sat down and kept her eyes open. She had no idea what her half-brother looked like. She gained more of her looks from her mother, André doubted he'd look like her.

"Will an Andréa Lennon, come to the front desk, please?" A voice echoed through the building. "Andréa Lennon, the front desk please."

She stood but until she heard a voice echo. "And hurry the hell up!" Laughed a male voice.

André smile and grabbed her bag running to wherever the front desk was. After asking 4 people who kept redirecting her, she found the front desk. She sighed, as the huge sign of 'Front Desk' should've given it the hint. Standing there, was a tall boy that nearly looked like Elvis with the hair! Of course the square like shaped face and looking down nose gave away. He wore a black leather jacket over a light blue plaid shirt tucked into his dark blue jeans, and black boots. Next to him was a short but older woman whose eyes scanned the people before her. She had dark brown hair held up in a bun and dark colored shaded eyes. She wore a black and white floral blouse, gray long skirt, and black heels with a black hat. A frown thinned her lips, but soon a small smile came when she saw André.

"There she is." She told John who was checking out the girl behind the front desk.

He looked over and gave a huge smile. "André?" The female teen nodded. "Haha!" he ran and hugged her close. He spun around making her yelp with a laugh. "Took ye long enough!"

He let her down and gave her a look from head to toe. "Got good locks." John Complimented, letting his fingers skim her hair.

She smiled and hugged his catching him a bit off guard. She let go with a beaming smile and turned to his Aunt Mimi. She smiled and hugged her too. "It's good to finally meet you. Now, if you're any worse than John, you should expect discipline."

André chuckled knowingly. "I understand. I don't act up until someone starts with me."

They got her to her new home which was like a townhouse, but called a flat. On the way there from trolley car, John told her all about how England was. As André told him how 'her' America was. She did exaggerate a few times, but John just agreed with a smile and joked back with her. They told each other tales on their high school endeavors, including John recently ended suspension. Mimi told her the rules of the house, which the teen assured she would follow. It was only public and school she had a bad reputation with, home she was very well behaved.

They decided to use Mimi's late husband's room for André. It was rented out recently and the last person moved out finding another place to stay with a friend. The room was down the hall to John's, she liked it as she felt the two half-siblings connect fast and strongly.

"Not start'n school until fall?" John asked helping her unpack. At first he didn't want to snoop in her stuff, she assured she had nothing to hide. André was always open to people… Maybe a little to open as John kept seeing bras and undies everywhere his eyes turned.

"That's what dad said." She replied putting her coats and jackets in the closet. Thinking what André said, she corrected herself. "I mean, my step-dad."

John threw a smile, putting up a random article of clothing from her suit case. "It's alright to call yer step-dad your father. He did raise ye… Better than our real father." He noticed it was her bra and quickly tossed it aside into the open dresser drawer. "Besides, ye can help perk up around here!"

She turned to him with a hand on her stuck out hip. "How so? Things to boring?"

John got another clothing article, it was a blouse, thankfully. "No, noth'n of that sort." He grinned at her. "Yer ol' brother 'ere is in a band." He puffed his chest out proudly. "Guitar play'n and sing'n, I'll be the next Elvis!"

"The next Elvis?" André rolled her eyes and walked over to poke his chest, he gave out a yelp, as it was a hard jab she gave. "Good luck proving that, Johnny. He is the king of rock for a reason."

He gave a playful glare. "I will prove it! We're having a picnic soon, and we're gonna perform!"

André put her now empty suit case under her bed. Her sketch book now in hand went to the desk by the window. "Why not I attend your practice?"

The elder teen scowled. "I don't want those horny bastards see'n ye and want'n to-"

She held a hand up laughing. "I get it, John." The teen sat at the desk in a wooden chair. "I am not that good looking, though."

"Well, we don't look alike, so I can't help but agree." He teased.

"Oh- You!" She threw a book at him, she missed as he jumped out of the room. His head popped in with a loud cackled. She chased after and tackled him onto the floor of his room.

Mimi was smoking downstairs reading a book. The thuds upstairs originally would make her go up and yell. But hearing the laughter made her smile. John had a sibling he can connect to, and that was good for his health. She was happy André came.