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Kendall was in turmoil, one part of her thought Bianca was stupid for helping JR win the woman she loves the other part wanted Bianca to grow some well balls and tell Marissa before JR has the chance to win her heart again.

With this in mind she decided to help her little sister out a bit, god knows Bianca was an amazing woman but the fact she has been hurt so many times by those she loved has damaged her heart forever and has made her scared to take a chance with Marissa who could be good for her.

The only obvious flaw in this plan would be if Marissa only had friendly feelings for Bianca and Bianca would then kill her for getting involved, but she was almost sure that Marissa felt the same way, Kendall wasn't stupid and she was quite good when it came to watching people with their emotions and she could see the way Marissa's face lit up when Bianca walked in, or how she would always move closer without realising it.

No Kendall wasn't stupid and she was ninety nine percent sure that Marissa felt the same. So with all this information Kendall had found where the music box was in Bianca's room and had taken it along with the card Bianca wrote, the music box which Bianca was going to give JR to give to Marissa.

Part of her felt bad for doing this but it was overshadowed with the feeling she was doing the right thing for both of them. Grabbing her bag and the present for Marissa she made her way to Marissa's hotel room.

Marissa sighed as she sat on her bed, she wasn't sure what to do part of her thought she should just go back to JR he was the father of her child, it would make AJ happy to have his parents back together but that shouldn't be a good reason for her to stay, she often thought she would find someone and share the same thing her parents had, they were so happy and so in love, best friends and just the perfect parents.

JR and she were not that, they were so far from that, that she thought they would never reach it. JR was selfish with a nasty streak who only thought himself and not others she couldn't talk to him about things that mattered to her because he just didn't have the patients to listen or he just didn't care.

There had to be someone out there for her that she could have that life with, 'someone kind, caring, honest just someone who won't play games with me someone like Bianca' That wasn't the first time she had thought of that she couldn't help but smile at the thought of her and Bianca being a couple but then she thought about how it would change everything and she stopped.

A knock on the door jolted Marissa out of her thoughts as she stood to answer it, she was surprised to find Kendall on the other side and Kendall didn't often visit her if ever if she thought about it.

"Kendall this is a surprise" Marissa said as she stepped aside and let the eldest Kane sister in.

"Sorry for just coming round" Kendall began as she put her bag down on the bed "there is something I need to give you" she rummaged around in her bag and grabbed the music box and the card standing straight she handed them to Marissa.

Marissa frowned as she took the card and box "it's not my birthday yet you know" she chuckled Kendall managed a small smile.

"I know and this gift isn't from me" Kendall replied this confused Marissa even more as she slowly opened the box.

Inside was the most amazing box she had ever seen when she turned it over she noticed that she could turn a knob which she began to do, once it was turned to its fullest she opened it and what she heard nearly made her cry, it was a music box, a music box that played her dad's song 'forever more'

"You should open the card to see who it is from" Kendall whispered Marissa forgot she was in the room for a second but she proceeded to put the box down and open the card.

'Dear Marissa,

I don't know why I am writing this I probably won't give you this music box out of fear that you would reject me, but I want you to know in case I have the guts to do this, that I love you.

I don't expect you to return my feelings and I won't expect anything from you I just had to get it off my chest, the music box plays your dads song I tracked it down and had someone put it in I just wanted you to feel safe all the time especially since the Ricky incident I know how it feels to be scared.

So with all my love


Marissa felt the tears running down her cheeks as she read the card it didn't surprise her that Bianca did something like this and it warmed Marissa's heart and made her giddy at the same time.

"I couldn't let her give it to JR to pass it off as his" Kendall broke the silence Marissa turned to face her.

"She was going to let JR take credit?" Marissa asked Kendall nodded "but why?"

Kendall sat down on the bed with a heavy sigh "Bianca is scared" it was that simple "she has been through all this before, she has fallen for her best friend, her straight best friend and when they do embark on a relationship she ends up with the broken heart" Kendall paused "Frankie cheated on her with JR then she died, Maggie cheated on her with another girl" Marissa knew about what happened between Bianca and her cousins "then there was Lena who was working with Michael Cannbias and finally Reese who well chose her work over her family see in all her relationships its her that's been hurt" Kendall pointed out.

"What makes you think I will be any different?" Marissa asked she knew that Kendall was protective of her sister so she wondered what made her so special.

"Because whether you realise it or not you have fallen in love with my sister and that's what the biggest difference is" Kendall replied Marissa was confused.

"But they all loved her that doesn't mean I will be any better for her" she argued Kendall smirked and shook her head.

"No they were terrified of being alone and thought that Bianca was the safest option they would have rather been with her than be alone you on the other hand have fallen in love with her without knowing her feelings" Kendall stood from the bed and went towards the door to leave "and the two times I have said you loved her you haven't denied it" with that she left patting herself mentally on the back.

Marissa stood not moving just staring into space, was Kendall right? Did she love Bianca closing her eyes she pictured herself happy with kids in the park but it wasn't a man or JR she was with but Bianca with that thought in mind she knew Kendall was right she was in love with Bianca.

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