Kendall's visit had made Marissa think long and hard about what she wanted, she knew she had two choices, she could wait and find the 'perfect' man and be sort of happy, or she could see Bianca and confront her about how she feels. Marissa knew which one was easier and which one her head wanted but then she would look at the music box and her heart would flutter at how nice and how much time Bianca spent on finding it.

Marissa hadn't put the card down since she opened it, she would open it up and re read what Bianca wrote, tracing her fingers along the letters and imagined Bianca writing it how exposed she must have felt, how scared she must have been in case she was rejected. Marissa found that all she wanted to do was take that doubt away, to find the women who had taken her kind and good natured heart and stamped on it, she wanted to find them and slap them, call them all the thinks under the sun because they had been stupid enough to let her go.

That's when it hit, she wanted to be the one who fixed her heart she knew she couldn't just sit around here and wait for some perfect lesbian to sweep Bianca off her feet. It had to be her. Marissa Tasker had to be the one who won Bianca's heart. Getting up off the bed she left the hotel with the card in hand to find Bianca and her heart.

Bianca was tired of feeling the same way all the time, she was sick and tired of always falling for girls who were straight after the mess Reese left she swore she would never do that again to never fall in love with a straight girl and what did she do. Yes she fell in love with her best friend. Again.

What was worse was the fact that JR wanted her help to win Marissa back she told Kendall that and it still made her laugh.

'Bianca walked into the living room when she saw Kendall sit down on the couch, Bianca moved around the couch to sit next to her, Kendall looked over and went to smile but saw the look of defeat on Bianca's face and stopped.

"What's wrong Binks?" Kendall asked getting all protective.

"Nothing it's fine don't worry about it" Bianca backed out she wasn't sure if she could tell Kendall that JR wants her to help him win back the love of her life.

"No Binks it must be important so tell me" Kendall pushed grabbing Bianca's hand and holding it tightly, Bianca looked down at their hands.

"It's JR" Bianca began; Kendall had a dark look on her face when JR's name was mentioned.

"What did that low life do now?" Kendall snarled Bianca smiled slightly at her sister's look of pure disgust on her face.

"He wants me to help him win Marissa back" Bianca replied Kendall gave a laugh of disbelief.

"You're not going to help him are you?" Kendall asked Bianca didn't look at her "oh no Binks you will not help him are you crazy he would never make Marissa happy you know as well as I do" Bianca sighed.

"Kendall he is the father of her little boy plus you don't know he might have changed now" which was doubtful.

"No he hasn't if he had he would not be asking you to help him that in itself should tell you he isn't a changed man" Kendall replied she was adamant that this was not the right choice helping JR win Marissa back.

"Well what else can I do?" Bianca was on the verge of crying.

"Tell Marissa how you feel would be a good start" Kendall said sarcastically Bianca snorted and shook her head.

"No I will not go down that road again, look I just want her to be happy and JR might make her happy so I might just give him the music box to give to her if that doesn't work I don't know what will" Bianca explained standing Kendall was quick to stop her.

"Don't you dare give him that music box Bianca" Kendall said sternly Bianca hadn't seen Kendall so angry "that music box was a kind and thoughtful present he wouldn't know what it means to Marissa not like you would" Kendall softened her tone.

"I've made up my mind Kendall" with that Bianca turned to leave.

"Then you're a coward Bianca!" She heard Kendall shout.

Kendall was right, she was a coward with a look of defeat she held her head in her hands.

Marissa wasn't sure where to start but thought Krystals was probably best then she could work her way round, she was surprised her search ended so soon, there sat in the corner was Bianca, she held her head in her hands and looked at a total loss.

Marissa took a minute to appreciate her; she knew Bianca had an amazing soul such a kind and loving person but she never really saw how beautiful she looked, she was tall and slender with so much strength that it amazed her. Taking a deep breath she walked over.

"Hey thought I would find you in here" Marissa said as she slid into the chair opposite Bianca looked up like a deer caught in headlights she looked so unsure.

"Is there something wrong?" Bianca asked quickly checking Marissa over to see if she was hurt.

"No I just wanted to talk to you actually" Marissa said touched at the care she was getting from Bianca, she noticed Bianca was at ease slightly.

"Oh right about what?" Bianca asked smiling prepared to help even if it meant pushing her towards JR.

"I had a visit from Kendall today" Marissa began she saw the look of worry cross Bianca's face before it left quickly.

"What did she want?" Bianca asked she hoped she didn't sound terrified.

"I was scared at first, I thought something had happened to you" Marissa began "but then she gave me something interesting" remembering she had the card she put it in front of Bianca who paled at the sight "this and a music box"

"I" Bianca began but couldn't find the words "she got it before I could give it to JR" she sighed.

"Why would you give something so beautiful to give to me, and give it to JR?" Marissa asked.

"Because… I couldn't give it to you knowing that I felt more about you than you did about me" Bianca replied.

"What do you feel?" Marissa questioned Bianca looked at her in disbelief.

"You've read the card you know exactly how I feel thanks to Kendall" she tried to sound bitter but it just didn't work she wasn't that kind of person.

"I have but I want to hear it from you" Marissa whispered she wanted desperately to reach across the table and take her hand and let her know it was ok.

"I…I can't Marissa" Bianca said with pain "because this will end up one of two ways, either you will tell me you don't feel that way and never will, or you do want to be with me until someone better comes along and I am left broken hearted and friendless"

Marissa never realised until that moment just how vulnerable and damaged Bianca actually was and it made her upset that those women just trampled on her life and walked out without a second glance.

"I am sick and tired of being used and I thought that I finally found a friend that I could just be friends with but then" Bianca paused as her emotions got the better of her and she sobbed Marissa saw that people were looking but she didn't give a damn as she moved around the table and knelt at her side.

"Look at me Bianca I am nothing like those women who left you, who cheated on you, nothing, I don't love you just because you're there and I'm alone" she smiled as she traced Bianca's tears with her finger "I love you because you are the most amazing woman I have ever met, you the strongest, most loyal and by god the most beautiful woman in the world and I would spend every day of the rest of our lives telling you just that"

Bianca was too shocked to actually realise that they were in the middle of Krystals or the fact that Marissa was in love with her.

"I want to be the one who heals every scar that's on your heart; I want to wake up every morning with your face to be the first think and last thing I see" Marissa continued without missing a beat.

"So all in all Bianca I love you" Marissa grinned.

"I…" Bianca couldn't speak