Thayer takes my hand. "Whatever happens, I'll be there for you."

"Thanks," I mutter as I lean against him. "I have a feeling that I'm gonna need some true friends right now."

My computer rings. It's Sutton calling for video chat. I answer.

Before I can even say anything, Sutton interrupts me. "SO much for trusting your boyfriend, huh?"

I want to question her but she –again- beats me to it.

"Just watch and learn."

I don't really have a choice.

I feel Thayer come sit next to me on the divan and watch with me.

Ethan comes through the door of his dad's house's living room, with his shirt off.

Thayer grips my wrist in case I decide to do anything reckless, but I can't. I'm physically unable to do anything except watch the scene that is unfolding in front of me.

Sutton-my own sister!- throws herself at him and he kisses her back, totally unaware of his audience. As they continue to make out, I lean back, not crying yet, but hurt/

Thayer speaks into the screen, angry, furious, with all different kinds of emotions gathering on his face.

"Sutton and Ethan. I'd recommend stopping now before yourtwin sister and your ex-girlfriend does something drastic! Wait- I forgot- SHE'S ALREADY TOO BROKEN TO FEEL ANYTHING ANYMORE!"

And slams the computer down.

Laurel comes rushing into the room. "What's wrong, Emma!"

"Ethan-and *sob* - Sutton- *sob* - and alone-and…" I don't have enough willpower to go on. I just collapse into Thayer's arms. They evolve me, keeping me steady and giving me the feeling of safety I've always craved. In his arms, I found something- the true meaning of friendship.

But I also realized something else. Thayer and I both had feelings for someone else and it was time to move on. Have a new start. And I had a feeling that we could heal each other's broken hearts.