A/N: I wrote this like an idiot guys! Like a total idiot! I kept saving every hundred words or so just because I wanted to stop and do something else! But you know what? I didn't. I kept writing until this damn chapter was finished! And Ness takes a complete flip in this . . . I'm not sure where my brain was while I wrote this, but it most certainly was not in my head. I think it went to get ice cream without me. How rude!

So Out of Your League

Written by Starzzu

Emotional Problems

This was it. This was the day his fate would be chosen: To die or not to die.

Lucas involuntarily gulped. His mom said he could go over and that's what he would do. The work he had gotten done yesterday lay in his backpack, neatly organized in his binder, notes taking up most sheets of paper. Everything was in perfect condition, and Lucas could see the bus he had to take right in front of him. The only difficulty he had was actually getting on that bus and going to Ness's house. It's not that he didn't want to - believe him, he did want to - it was more the fact that he didn't think Ness . . . favored him much.

Okay, fine; he knew Ness didn't like him. Or at least that's what he got out of those cold violet eyes whenever they looked at him. To tell a bit of the truth, it hurt.

Lucas stumbled to the left, the force of someone roughly brushing past him almost causing him to fall. Balancing himself, Lucas looked up to see the same student who pushed him standing barely two feet away from him, violet eyes dancing in amusement.

Lucas forgot how to breathe.

He swore his heart stopped beating because right there, not at all an illusion, was Ness, and he was actually smiling, even if only a bit.

"Well, come on. You're gonna miss the bus if you just stand there like a retard." Ness said lightly as Lucas continued to gawk. Realizing he really was staring with his mouth hanging open like an idiot, he quickly shut it and nodded, his hair stupidly coming out of its form by the force of his nod. Ness's smile grew and he signaled with his hand for Lucas to follow, which he did, albeit cautiously - his bipolar detector was going off the charts.

Lucas half expected Ness to drag him onto the bus, but that didn't happen. What did happen was Ness pulling him into the same seat as him, though. Lucas didn't mind, he never really did.

"Did you get any work done?" Ness's voice partially spooked Lucas due to his still not comprehending mind, but he did nod and signal to his bag where the work rested.

"Yeah," he softly answered, watching the other smile warmly at him.

"That's great. I did, too. We'll have this project done in no time, don't cha think?" That was when Lucas heard it: The accent. There was defiantly some form of an accent there. Even if the words came out sounding fine, the voice wasn't regular English. But whatever country that accent was from Lucas had no idea. It didn't sound at all familiar.

"Um, yeah, sure." he fumbled with a loose string as he spoke, avoiding any type of contact with Ness. He suddenly felt somewhat uncomfortable, though there was no direct reason for it.

How long until his mother came and got him from Ness's house was basically a mystery. Hinawa never did say when she would pick him up. Lucas guessed somewhere around dinner time, but who knew? His mother said she did need to go shopping today and her shopping trips resulted in either one of two things: One, she would go, grab the things she needed, and return. Two, she would go with a wallet jam-packed with money and spend hours trying to figure out what brand of peanut butter to buy, among other things. Women were a foreign species to Lucas, especially his mother. And that Paula girl. Speaking of her . . . she hadn't done much to him lately.

Lucas remembered crystal clear the "threat" the blonde girl had made to him not too long ago. So far, nothing had gone down. Perhaps she had forgotten or took her misplaced grudge away? Unlikely, but possible. Whatever thoughts that did go through her mind obviously weren't going to kill Lucas anytime soon, so he was pretty fine with that. Could Ness maybe tell him a little about her? It was worth a shot.

"Hey, Ness?" his voice was sturdier than before, thank God.

Ness tore his eyes away from the window and turned to face Lucas, showing him he was listening. Lucas swallowed before speaking, "Y-you're friends with Paula, right?"

If Ness was at all startled by the arbitrarily asked question, it didn't show. "Yeah, I guess. She's fine."

"Oh," Lucas paused, furrowing his eyebrows slightly. "Do you like her?"

Ness's smile dropped like an anchor in water. "And what is that supposed to mean?"

Yep, Lucas's bipolar detector was never wrong. And his awkwardness meter was off the charts. "Um, nothing! I, uh, was just curious 'cause it seems that she, er, likes you a lot! But it's not like I stalk anybody or anything! It's just that I, see I was . . . and then she . . . But then she said stuff and other stuff I . . . . am done talking." To preserve any dignity he had left, Lucas shut up. The angered face Ness once held was now an arrogant smirk.

"You're funny, know that?" Like he so wanted to hear that right now.

Lucas felt his face redden. He shyly looked away, keeping his eyes on anything other than the boy next to him.

"And you're cute."

. . . What is logic anymore?

"Huh?!" Lucas couldn't resist swinging back around and planting his times-a-million widened blue eyes on Ness's purple ones. His mouth was left hanging open in astonishment. Ness didn't just say that to him, right? It was his mind playing tricks on him, right? From Ness's facial expression, it clearly wasn't.

Doing nothing as Ness laughed his ass off, Lucas remained staring. He was at a complete loss for words. The day was only beginning with Ness and already he wanted to crawl under a bed and hide with the monsters rather than put up with any other humiliation.

"Ha! Relax Lucas, don't look so stressed." Ness's laughter died down to small snickers as he put his arm around Lucas's shoulders. "Really, you need to calm down a little."

Lucas's shoulders fell under the pressure of the other's arm, checks cherry-red and baby blue eyes averted. Could Ness not see how awkward this entire thing was to him? One minute Ness was as cold as ice and the next bam! Instant personality change. Who does that?! He felt Ness sway from side to side in what seemed to be anticipation; his heart jumped when their sides brushed together.

"Oh! It's our stop!" Ness's exclamation made Lucas look up and see the bus come to a halt beside a small cluster of regular houses.

Without any warning Ness had grabbed his arm and hauled him right off the bus. It all went by impossibly fast in Lucas's eyes.

"C'mon, my house is right around this corner," Ness detached himself from Lucas's arm to instead lead the way with violet glistening eyes. Lucas followed somewhat hesitantly, looking at every multicolored house on the block. Each house was similar to his own with bright roofs, weird doors, interesting lawns, and strong base colors. Smashopolis was certainly more colorful than his old neighbourhood. And Lucas loved that.

Eventually he found himself in front of Ness's house, which, like the others, was a mash-up of different colors. A white picket fence surrounded the perimeter of the yard.

"Here we are!" Ness made a gesture with his arm that indicated his house was magical . . . or something. "What do you think? Like it?"

Lucas stared at Ness's brightly lit face. A warm buzzing feeling tickled his stomach seeing Ness that way - it was so much more appealing than that stupid, icy scowl. "Yeah, I do like it."

The smile grew. "Great!"

Lucas was led into Ness's home eagerly. There was no doubt in his mind that his arm would be bruised tomorrow.

An immensely large living room rested on the other side of the dark blue door, with a green couch, TV, dinning table, and various other objects taking up most of the space, though there was still a good amount of unused space taken up only by carpets. Lucas didn't see any other people, but there was a dog, and a pretty big one at that. Its fur was gray and it currently looked to be asleep on a small bed in the corner, little noises escaping its muzzle. The animal was cute and Lucas had the strangest urge to run over and hug it - well, he had that urge with almost every animal, but he usually suppressed it by thinking about the stupidest subjects imaginable. So that's what he tried to do, only this time it didn't work, and Lucas guessed his eyes showed that.

"You wanna pet him?" Ness's eyes sparkled with amusement. "King's a good dog; he won't bite."

Lucas hesitated and watched Ness wave him over. He did so, reaching out for the dog and slowly placing his hand on top of the fluffy gray fur. The dog - King by what Ness had said - was extremely soft. He almost felt like a rabbit. The thought brought an idiotic smile to Lucas's face.

Stroking the dog a few more times caused it to open soft brown eyes that showed little curiosity towards Lucas. King yawned and set his head back down.

"See? Told you he wouldn't mind." Ness petted his dog alongside Lucas, offering the other a kind smile.

"Mmhmm," he said, still petting the fluff.

Ness ceased his petting and signaled for Lucas to follow him to the next room which held a staircase. "Follow me. We can do work in my room. Oh! By the way, my mom said she'd give you a ride home whenever you want one. Is there a certain time you need to be home by?"

His mother never had said a specific time to him. "Six is good. When does your mother get home?"

"Alright. She'll be home in about an hour with my little sister, who you shouldn't mind. She can be rather annoying but I suppose nothing can be done about that." Ness laughed to himself on their journey up the stairs, throwing a quick smile back to Lucas, who returned it shyly.

They made it to a door that Ness pushed open. Lucas was greeted by a messy room with clothes and various other things scattered all around. Ness plopped right down on a feathery comforter and patted the empty space next to him, telling Lucas to come over while talking out a laptop from under a pillow. "We can do all our work on this, 'kay?"

As Ness fiddled around with the computer Lucas dug around in his school bag until he felt the hard edge of his binder. He pulled it out and handed it to Ness, not meeting his eyes. Ness took it, expression changing from happy to appalled. "You did all this?"


The smile came back. "Great! We'll have this project done in no time! You know, you're a great partner!" The comment made Lucas's cheeks grow even redder, but at the same time he felt a portion of pride build in his stomach.

"I got some work done too, see?" Ness showed Lucas a few pages about their assignment. With the progress done already, this project should be a cinch.

"Here, you tell me anything you think is important and I'll type it all down. We can make edits and changes later." Lucas took the papers Ness gave to him, giving them all thorough scans. To him, everything looked pretty darn important, but he knew what Ness wanted, so instead searched for that.

Minutes went by until a complete hour had finally come and gone. Lucas heard the door to the house slam open and feminine voices from downstairs.

"Welp, they're home."

Lucas lifted his gaze from the notes he was currently studying to Ness's door, small traces of worry lining them. He had never talked to his mother before and didn't even know what she looked like! There was no way he wanted to meet his mother and sister so suddenly.

"Oh . . . 'kay." Lucas said breathlessly.

Ness stretched and got up, walking over to the door and waiting for Lucas. "You aren't just gonna sit there like an idiot, right? Come on and meet my mom; she's really nice! And she'll feed us, too. I'm hungry, you?" Lucas nodded and went down the stairs after Ness, taking them considerably slower than the other boy had.

Lucas walked into the living room and immediately saw Ness's mother.

She was a beautiful woman.

His mind really could not focus on anything but that.

Her hair flowed out from behind her and she resembled Ness in a good way. The difference Lucas saw, though, was the color of her eyes were not anything like Ness's own violet ones. Neither were the sister's eyes. Maybe Ness had arbitrarily received his eye color instead of getting them directly from his mother like usual. Though Lucas knew he shouldn't be talking since his mother had warm brown eyes and he had sky blue ones. Oh well.

"Hi sweety. Is this the boy you were talking about?" Ness's mother spoke with a soft voice. She walked over to Lucas and smiled down at him. Oh how awkward that was for him. "You're Lucas, right?"

He nodded.

"It's great to meet you," she said while walking over to the kitchen. "Ness, do you and Lucas want anything to eat? I was just at the store."

"Sure, mom! Thanks," Ness grabbed Lucas's arm once again and dragged him off up the stairs and back into the room. "See? I told you she was nice!"

Lucas rubbed his sore arm and smiled, agreeing with Ness's comment. "Yeah, she is."

Ness opened the laptop back up and reached over for the papers Lucas held. "You know something, Lucas? I think it's possible - with all the work we already have done - that we'll be able to finish this project tonight! Then we won't have to worry about getting together for another study date again, huh? All we have to do is work really hard right now! You think we can do it?" Ness's eyes shown with excitement for the upcoming challenge. Lucas grinned.

"You're probably right. Let's try it." And with that the two of them did work nonstop for three hours straight, only taking a break to eat their delicious sandwiches Ness's mother brought up sometime later and use the bathroom.

The clock read six-thirty when Lucas and Ness stopped their working.

"Shouldn't you be going home now?" Ness had shoved his computer back under his pillow and was gazing at Lucas with sad violet eyes. Lucas refused to meet the contact.

"Y-yeah, I think I should. My mom'll be getting worried if I don't. Not to mention we have school tomorrow and other stuff . . ." Honestly, Lucas didn't want to leave just yet. He liked it here. Ness's mom made awesome sandwiches and Ness, himself, was a great friend.

Friend . . . they were friends now.

"Oh well, we can get together some other time, right? Here, come on, my mom can take you home."

They went downstairs to the living room where Ness's mother did say she would.

"Ness, stay home and watch your sister for me, okay? I'll be back shortly." His mother made a quick run to the kitchen to grab her purse, leaving him and Ness alone.

Lucas still couldn't believe they were friends.

"I'll be sure to hang out with you some more! Maybe I can go over to your house instead next time?" Ness's smile wasn't nearly as big as it was earlier that day, but it still held happiness, just this time mixed with sadness. Lucas was sure his mirrored the others almost identically.

"Sure," and just as he said that word Ness's mother came back from the kitchen.

"I'll be out in the car," she said, going out the door.

Lucas used this moment for his own gain.

Without any consulting with his brain, Lucas hugged Ness tightly. Then took off out the door, not waiting for Ness to do anything else.

Ness was left there standing, mouth agape, violet eyes showing confusion.

He smiled. How nice.