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Chapter 1: How It All Began

Life isn't easy for teenagers with the problems they face every day; relationships, high school, acne, not to mention trying to keep a social status, but for one kid, these are the last things on his mind…at least half the time. Amity Park was winding down after another hard filled day, well, all except for one resident.


Blasting through a wall of boxes, a teenager flew after his target…that's right…FLEW! It's just another typical day in Amity Park; everything is well and good until someone from the Ghost Zone decides to show up and cause some havoc in the human world. Usually these ghosts just appear to have what they call "pure entertainment", but most call it "haunting" or "invading other's territory". And these ghosts would have their way too, if it wasn't for one teenager…

*Bam, Bam*

A pudgy male ghost burst through the eerie night sky over Amity Park, but not before a green beam shot past the little man's hat. The man stopped and turned around. "I AM THE BOX GHOST! YOU CANNOT STOP ME WITH YOUR CYLINDRICAL CONTAINER!" shouted the Box Ghost.

"Dude, it's called the Fenton Thermos," he said before pausing and then adding smugly, "and yes, I can stop you with it." Then the owner of the voice suddenly…disappeared in a puff of green smoke before he reappeared behind the Box Ghost. The young teenager smirked with his newly acquired ability, but it brought back some painful memories. The ghost teen shook his head and banished the thought. Focusing back on what he was doing, he tapped the other ghost's back.

Turning around, the Box Ghost was surprised to see the ghost boy. Now the ghost boy was a real sight! Hair as white as snow, skin the colour of a normal human, and glowing green eyes. True, he didn't really look all that much like a ghost, but that's what made him one of a kind. To some at least.

Trying to maintain his composure, the Box Ghost became as menacing as he could, which wasn't very much at all. Staring still slightly in disbelief, the Box Ghost shouted, "BEWARE" before the ghost boy pulled out something that looked like a soup thermos.

With a quick press of a button, the seemingly harmless thermos produced a blinding bluish-white light before pulling the other ghost into the container. With a small sigh, the teenager put a cap on the still smoking device. In reality, the thermos was a ghost capturing device made to look inconspicuous, and it really worked!

The ghost boy looked at the ghost gadget in his hand before a small triumphant grin started to spread across his face. "Phantom one, Box Ghost zero…again," he said smugly, but then added, "seriously, how many times do I have to shove you into this thing before you get this through your head? You cannot beat me." And with that, he put the thermos away and started to aimlessly just continue to float where he was.

With everything that had happened recently, capturing any ghost, even Box Ghost, was a huge victory! Everything was going great…better than great, things were AWESOME! Phantom was on a good streak; his grades were at a steady B+ average, he was kicking major ghost butt, and his secret was still intact!

Phantom, or as most know him as 'Danny Phantom', isn't your average ghost…he's not even entirely a ghost. He was a normal human boy, just trying to survive high school and maybe even get a girlfriend. But that's, for the most part, history now. You see, his name is actually Danny 'Fenton'. An accident several months ago landed him inside a ghost portal his parents had been developing, and one thing leads to another, and voila: instant half ghost!

Looking back on it now, Danny is almost glad that he had his accident. As Fenton, he was always the social outcast; the only people really staying by him all the way were his two best friends and sister. When they each found out about his secret, they supported him, became his strength and reason when he didn't know what to do.

Well that did it, Danny's laid back attitude just increased tenfold, and the grin on his face proved it. As he gazed up at the stars above him he let out a soft sigh. Why he did that, not even he knew, but he was glad he did.

After his accident, life got a lot harder for him. He had taken upon himself the responsibility of protecting his home from any ghost that dared to enter into his territory, even someone as weak as the Box Ghost. Sure, it gave him more confidence, but there were times when he wished things could be different…were he wasn't the one protecting but rather the one being protected…like with…him.

"No," Danny thought as he shook his head in an attempt to banish the thought. "We all made our choices, there's no turning back from them. We…have to keep moving forward." He thought with creased eyebrows. Closing his eyes briefly to focus his mind, but they were drawn back up to the stars.

Then a memory floated into his mind, but he couldn't shake it.

"I have never seen anyone look at the sky the way you do, Daniel."

As the memory passed, Danny kept his eyes shut in an attempt hold back his tears. Finally opening his tear glazed eyes, Danny continued to float around focusing on the positives of his life.

"Ok, other than the downs of my life, it's pretty good," he thought with his smirk slowly returning. "I mean, 'Ghost Hunting' is just getting too easy! Nothing could go wrong now. My friends help me with hunting, and Jazz continuously gives me support, not to mention covering for my absences." He thought before finally closing his eyes again.

What Danny didn't notice, being that his attention was fully on catching the Box Ghost and his current thoughts, was the familiar warm tingling feeling that swelled in his chest. If he only knew that he wasn't as alone as he thought he was.

Flying through the night sky, a certain blue skinned, black haired, male ghost approached his destination. The bright neon green sign that read "Fenton Works" practically screamed "I hunt ghosts."

As the ghost hovered outside the building he noticed a small glowing object approaching with no specific destination in mind, judging by the fact that it was moving in all directions.

"Right on cue," thought the older ghost.

The Box Ghost was making his usual trip through Amity Park, once again not caring if he ran into the infamous Ghost Boy. But who he didn't expect to see suddenly stopped him.

With eyes widened, Box Ghost looked back at the other ghost instantly recognizing him. "VLAD PLASMIUS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" the Box Ghost screamed with a mixture of surprise and fear.

Yes, Vlad Plasmius is a very well-known ghost, both in the human world and Ghost Zone. But not for the usual reasons. Sure ghosts would build a reputation by a means of fear or respect through their powers, but Vlad had another reason…he was the original half-ghost. With twenty years of experience under his belt, he is probably one of the most powerful ghosts in existence.

Twenty some-odd years ago, Vlad had been working with Danny's parents on the very first ghost portal. An accident with the portal caused Vlad to be hospitalized until his "illness" cleared up. And it cleared, but not before the human Vlad Masters became half ghost, giving him his alter-ego; Vlad Plasmius.

Holding down a shutter from the memory, Vlad looked back at the smaller ghost before rolling his eyes at the other ghost's obvious reaction to seeing Vlad.

"Do you ever stop shouting?" Vlad asked with a board expression. In all reality, he was suppressing his own rising anger at how annoying this ghost could be. "How can Daniel even keep calm around this…this…imbecile?" he thought, barely with-holding his fury. He then added, "I would waste him if he wasn't going to be so useful."

Getting the Box Ghost's attention again, he then spoke with his usual superior attitude, "I need you to do something for me," and when the pudgy ghost just stared back at him, he sighed in annoyance, but continued. "I need you to fly closer to that window," and as he pointed, Box Ghost looked towards it, not knowing that the window lead to Danny's room, "and get the person inside to wake-up. That shouldn't be too hard, the boy who lives there is sure to react quickly to your presence. Just don't mention me and all will go smoothly." Vlad said with a smirk.

But then to himself he added, "Well, for me it will go smoothly. For the Box Ghost…well, he will find out soon enough."

The Box Ghost did as he was instructed and went to the window. Just like Vlad said, the boy in the room reacted almost immediately. He awoke with a gasp as a cold wisp of air eked out of his mouth before he grabbed his already spinning head.

"Oh come on! Can't I even get a break for one night?" Danny said with restrained frustration as two white rings appeared around his waist and travelled in opposite directions, turning him into his alter-ego. Wanting nothing more than to NOT go out to catch the ghost that woke him, he knew he had to…I mean, who else could?

As Danny turned intangible and flew through his window, he stopped and saw that the ghost that woke him from his sleep had been Box Ghost.

"YOU? You woke me up in the middle of the night?" Danny asked with his anger clearly showing in his voice.

Box Ghost quickly flew away, not wanting to find himself on the other end of the child's fist. But as he flew off, Danny stayed where he was for a moment trying to figure out why the ghost had even bothered showing himself.

Suddenly, another thought crossed the young half-ghost's mind, which showed on his face. With a gleam in his eyes, he raced forward to catch up with the peculiar ghost saying, "Hello misplaced aggression."

Vlad couldn't help but chuckle at the scene that just unravelled in front of him. "So that's how he deals with this ghost. Box Ghost is practically his personal punching-bag," Vlad mused to himself before flying after the pair that just left.

Vlad continued to follow the fighting duo across the night sky at a safe distance, that is, until Danny finally caught the Box Ghost in his thermos. As he continued to watch, he noticed something…peculiar.

Danny looked almost…troubled. He just continued to stare at the stars, but then he closed his eyes…like he was in some sort of pain…or maybe, he was distressed about something. Vlad flew closer to find out.

Danny, on the other hand, continued to stare towards the sky, totally oblivious to the being slowly approaching. *sigh* Danny felt totally confused at times, but this time it just…he didn't even know anymore. One minute he felt awesome, and the next…the next he would remember something that just tore him up inside.

"Sometimes I wish I didn't have these powers," he thought to himself, "that I didn't have all these…" he started out loud, only to be interrupted before he could finish.

A pink beam of energy shot towards him and hit him square in the chest. With a cry of pain, Danny was pushed several feet back. Considering that he wasn't paying much attention to his surroundings, Danny was caught at the worst time…when his guard was down.

"Responsibilities?" a voice said before another beam shot out of nowhere.

Trying to regain some sense of the situation, Danny gripped his chest hoping to limit the amount of pain he now had. "What…what just…hit me?"

But his question was soon answered by another pink beam hitting him in his stomach. Spinning wildly out of control, Danny immediately tried to straighten his flight path. As he stopped, he unwillingly let out a soft groan of pain before grabbing his no throbbing stomach in one hand and his spinning head in the other.

Out of the quiet atmosphere came the same voice from before. "Really Daniel, have you learned nothing from our past encounters?" the smug voice said to the still dazed teenager.

Knowing from experience, Danny could tell that the owner of the voice was very close, probably right in front of him too. If only he knew how right he was. Vlad Plasmius currently stood inches from his younger counter-part's hovering form. Vlad was so pleased with his being able to sneak up on his young adversary, especially since Daniel had recently learned how to sense him from their five months together. Vlad instantly frowned at the memory that came into his mind.

What Vlad didn't know was that Danny too was having the exact same memory. Not really all that surprising considering where they were. They had been hovering at the town's clock tower, the same place that they had made their final confrontation until now.

"Do you regret your choice of betraying me and returning to your life of secrecy and chaos, Daniel? If so…, my offer still stands; except that, it will not be… should I say, 'free of charge', this time? There are strings attached to my offer now, many more than before…"

"My offer still stands, too, Vlad."

Vlad's eyebrows rose up, clearly surprised by Danny's sudden change in attitude; but seeing that defiant and hopeful fire in his eyes was somehow extremely pleasing to him.

A daring grin spread across the older hybrid's face as he asked, "Is that a challenge?"

"Yeah, it is, Plasmius," Danny answered, matching the man's look.

Finally focusing on what had just happened, Danny looked up to see what, or more precisely who, had just used him for target practice. But the sight of the older hybrid shocked him as the memory that had started in his head continued. Plasmius didn't even notice at first, since he too was still caught up in the same memory. But his expression had melted into one of longing, not that Danny had noticed either.

"Don't try to deny it, Plasmius. I've seen that there's still good in you, and I know all I have to do is keep fighting against you. So, go ahead. You can keep resisting all you want, but eventually, I will win. I will save you from what we both know you're not. And you know how I can be so sure? Because you want it, too. You want badly what I'm still offering you. And this… bond we have in here," he said, pointing at his chest, "will serve to remind you of that fact each and every day."

Danny leaned closer and assured Vlad with a growing smile, "You are not a villain. You are a good man that just wants to be loved and accepted. And you might try to prove otherwise, but you won't be able to ignore that side—the real side—of you forever. I will save you—whether you want me to or not."

Finally coming out of his shock, Danny floated back as if avoiding a wild animal. His eyes wide at the sight of the older man, Danny didn't know what to think. "Why is Vlad here?" he thought, his mind trying to come up with a good reason. Finding his voice, he said the only thing that he could think of, although some of his frustration leaked out as he said it, "Plasmius." Danny instantly frowned, realising that it was Vlad who had been shooting at him. "Wasn't it bad enough that I had been thinking of him?" he groaned mentally as Vlad came out of his own thoughts.

Looking back at the teen, Vlad finally noticed that the boy had backed away from slightly, which put a small grin on his face. Danny still looked confused, and he really was, but partly from the fact that everything was still spinning for him. Vlad's attacks had really dazed the boy.

Noticing the younger hybrid was still holding his head, it didn't take long for Vlad to understand that Danny was still dazed. The older hybrid looked at Danny like a hunter does its' prey, trying to decide from what angle he would approach the boy from. Would he just attack him? No, that could mean Daniel would pass out before he did what wanted to do. So then, what about a verbal confrontation? Yes that would work, but how to get him to hold still…?

As Vlad's eyes narrowed, his grin grew, confirming his course of action. Starting to circle the obviously cautious teen, Vlad spoke, "Honestly Daniel, just a few simple words would end all your suffering." Vlad let out a dramatic, but sarcastic, sigh, obviously enjoying messing with the boy's head. Plasmius then continued, "Allow me to reiterate something I said to you before, in case you forgot 'my offer still stands'." However, seeing that Danny looked away trying to avoid his gaze, Vlad could only guess what his young adversary had been thinking.

Vlad continued to circle the boy who followed his movements so that he wouldn't be caught off guard again, but it was hard when Vlad continued to play with his mind. "It's like he can read my mind," Danny bitterly thought as he also continued to watch the man.

In all truths, ever since Plasmius had discovered that Danny Fenton, the son that he believes would have been his if it hadn't been for the accident caused by Jack Fenton, was really Danny Phantom...well, he had been somewhat obsessive. Jack had caused his accident making him the half ghost he was now, and had married the love-of-his-life. But when he had met the rest of Jack and Maddie's family, he had not really thought much of it except that they would become his family if things had gone his way. The real shock had been discovering that the infamous Ghost Boy of Amity Park was Jack's son! It was then that Vlad realised how much more he want Daniel as his own, how he wasn't the only one of his kind anymore, how someone else finally…understood what it felt like.

Plasmius wanted him. He wanted Daniel more than anything. He wanted him as his son, and he would do anything to get him. That was partly the reason he had forced Danny to live with him for five months. And it would have stayed like that too, but fate had a different idea in mind. But that wasn't going to stop the older hybrid that easily, he would keep trying. Even if it went hurting the one that he cared for…which he was about to do.

Vlad picked up speed and shot straight at Danny, unleashing a series of powerful attacks, each hitting their mark. With no pause in the man's attacks, Danny had no room to counter, let alone flee to a safer distance. So with no other option open, Danny continued to take the onslaught of attacks and hoped that he could stay conscious long enough to get away. Too bad Vlad had other ideas.

"Just renounce your father and join me Daniel. I don't know how to make this any clearer to you." Vlad said. But then he continued with a sincereness that was almost scary…almost, "Think of the possibilities, Daniel. All the things you have yet to learn. Why go through them the hard way when I can teach you, like I did not too long ago? I know you want badly what I'm offering you so why deny yourself that? All I would get in this is being able to be your father as you would be my son."

"And a little more," he added mentally.

Danny weakly glared back at the now stationary man in front of him. "I hate it when he reads my thoughts!" he mentally chided, his eyes glue on his older counter-part. Still not fully recovered from the barrage of attacks, Danny gasped out, "In…your dreams…Plasmius." Although he tried to sound confident, he really couldn't help but feel intimidated, considering he was less than that himself. He was surprised when Vlad didn't even laugh at his attempt.

Honestly, Danny didn't know how much more he could take! He had been mentally exhausted from school and physically tired from after-school ghost hunting. Now he was even more so thanks to being thrashed around like a ragdoll by Plasmius. If it meant that he could go back to bed quicker, than he would have gladly welcomed the possibility of being knocked unconscious be anyone. He just wanted the day to end.

Danny hadn't noticed when the man in front of him had stopped attacking, but when he looked up and saw that Vlad was gone, he became slightly nervous again. Looking around frantically, Danny had only one thing on his mind: Where did Vlad go?

Danny took the opportunity to move away from the spot he last remembered Vlad being. Big mistake. The next thing he knew, Vlad was directly behind him holding both his arms behind his back with one hand while the other one was in his white hair pulling his head back until they were staring eye to eye. Danny had to hold back a growl of pain as his body was forced into a very uncomfortable position.

The older hybrid let out a small chuckle before he mocked the younger being in his grasp. "Have you forgotten everything that I taught you Daniel? Never let your guard down. That was the first thing I taught you," he added smugly staring at the white haired teen.

Danny had been struggling against the older hybrid's hold the entire time trying to escape, unfortunately to no avail. He hadn't managed to even create any room between him and the older man as he had been speaking to him.

For a moment, Danny couldn't help but freeze at Vlad's mention of teachings. It brought back memories that he really didn't want to think about at the moment. All he could think about now was his need to get away from Plasmius. Almost instantly, Danny began to struggle as hard as his compromised allowed. What Vlad was doing was worse than any physical punishment that he could deliver. Vlad was attacking him where it really hurt; his heart.

After another plot to marry his mother and have him as his son, Danny didn't know what to think anymore. He was in utter turmoil with himself after everything that had happened. He been forced to stay with Vlad or it would cost him his sister's life, or at least that's how it had started. At first, he absolutely hated the man for what he did; threatened his sibling's life, attacked him when he disagreed, and the list continues. But as time went on, Danny and Vlad had gotten…close. It had taken a lot of effort, but the two were acting less like enemies and more like…family!

Suddenly, another memory flashed through the ghost child's mind.

"You would make a wonderful dad, Vlad," Danny quietly told him with all sincerity.

Vlad gently pulled away before he suddenly kissed the top of the child's head and finally replied with a sad smile, "Just your father, my boy. It is all I ever wanted; but… I now know that will never be. So, for my own sanity, I need to let that go, too…. I need to let you go, my little badger."

"Well, I am not letting you go," Danny replied sorrowfully.

"Yes, you will… sooner or later."

That had been his and Vlad's last talk with each other before everything had returned to normal. Danny had returned to home for several reasons and he and Vlad became enemies again, to both of their displeasure…or at least to Danny's. Danny still felt the bond the two once shared, and whether Vlad was doing it on purpose or not, it hurt that he was taking advantage of it.

Vlad, on the other hand, noticed the boy's brief stop in his struggles and realized something important…he had just hurt Danny in a way he hadn't meant to. The older hybrid's face became very sad. He had not wanted it to come to this, but at that instance, Vlad sent a surge of one of his weaker attacks through the younger hybrid. The child's body was then encased in blue electricity.

Danny's eyes went wide with a mixture of sorrow, fear and disbelief before his scream ripped through the air. He couldn't believe it! Vlad was using an ability that he had helped him develop! If he wasn't already screaming in pain, he would be doing it out of agony.

Finally, when the electric assault stopped, Vlad let go of the child's head and watched him go limp. He knew that Daniel wasn't unconscious yet, because he was still slightly struggling. Vlad couldn't help but smile at the boy's stubbornness. Although, it was a sad smile, he admired this aspect about Daniel.

Getting closer to the dazed teen's ear, Vlad whispered another phrase that he had once told Danny, "We are enemies, Daniel—and you would do wise to not forget that. But I will not hesitate to momentarily push aside our rivalry in order to help you. I will not allow you to ever fear yourself again. Do you understand me?"

Seeing that Danny was trying to look at him, Vlad knew that he was trying to reply to him. But Vlad continued, "you may refuse my offer now, but know this: I will always be there, watching over you, whether you know it or not. I will act like the shadow that you can't get rid of. I am willing to help you because," Vlad paused to allow Danny to see him, "I am the only one that can truly understand you, and you know it."

Vlad finished with a calm look. But when he saw Danny holding onto his consciousness by a thread, he moved Danny into a more comfortable position in hopes of getting him asleep faster. As he did this, Danny started to lose the battle with his exhausted mind and body. He couldn't fight it anymore and gave into his fatigue. His last thoughts faded into darkness as he lost consciousness.

Vlad held the young halfa and waited for him to change back to his human form before doing anything else. And like that, two white energy rings appeared around Danny's waist and repelled each other, moving to opposite ends of the boy. With that flash of light, Danny Phantom became Danny Fenton again.

Vlad looked down at the slumbering teen in his arms before he sighed. He really meant what he had said to Daniel. He would push aside his differences with Daniel if he needed him. Choosing a direction, Vlad flew off into the night sky with Danny in hand. Looking back down at the boy, he quietly told him, "I will protect you, even if you believe otherwise."

It was dark, REALLY DARK…but, it wasn't all bad. He couldn't explain it. He knew that he was most likely… no, scratch that, he was DEFINITELY in some form of trouble. But…he didn't know, it felt like he was also NOT in trouble. He felt as much safe as he did in danger… did that even make sense? Of course it doesn't, how can you be both when they're polar opposites!

Danny had lost all consciousness, but he still had his instincts, and right now they were on high alert. His mind continued to set off warnings and red flags everywhere. Everything pointed to one thing… he was in trouble. Somehow, even as he knew all this… his mind was giving him mixed feelings. Part of him screamed at him to move, to escape whatever, or whoever was putting him in danger; but the other half said that he was fine, that he was probably in the safest place he could be. At least it felt like that at that moment.

Danny didn't know it, but he and Vlad were currently flying through the air towards Fenton Works. The cold night air passed over the two hybrids as they continued over the town below.

Danny had been unconscious when Vlad had started the journey back to his young rival's home, but somewhere along the way, the older hybrid stopped because of something that got his attention very quickly… Danny had started moving slightly in his hold.

Plasmius didn't know whether he should applaud the boy for not giving into his clearly tired mind and body so quickly, or if he should pity the child. No, pity was the last thing he would feel for the child in his arms. Overall, you could say that Vlad at that moment felt proud for Danny, like a father does their son.

Vlad came out of his musings as Danny wriggled in his arms again. Now with a more questioning look, Vlad stared at the boy.

"What is he doing? He's clearly out for the count, but he still moving like he's trying to escape; not that he's even able to move much anyways." Plasmius thought with an amused grin.

Vlad decided to wait until Danny calmed down a little. It was unlikely that after such an attack, the boy would wake-up. An idea suddenly came to the older hybrid, and he voiced it to his younger counter-part, "you know Daniel, I really didn't want to use an ability that you willingly helped me perfect, but you really left me no other option. It was the quick way or the long and much more painful way, and I think we both know which was the better choice."

Vlad landed on top of the nearest building and sat on its edge. Danny's movements became less and less frequent as time ticked by. Vlad continued to watch the child, but as Danny's movements slowed again, Vlad decided to get moving again; before Danny really did wake-up.

As time went on and both hybrids started to move forward again, Danny's mind began to relax again as well as his body. Vlad briefly noticed Danny's change, but didn't give it a second thought. Pushing past his now all-but-fading worry, the young hybrid's breathing returned to normal as did the sensation of déjà vu.

It felt like something warm was burning in his core… but, that made as much sense as how he couldn't move, talk, or even open his eyes! It was like he was awake, but not at all.

But this burning feeling… it wasn't normal for him. He had a cold core, so why was his core burning? It didn't hurt him or anything, it just felt… familiar. It was so welcoming, like the warmth of a loved one or someone you equally care for in a hug.

He couldn't place his finger on it… metaphorically really. HE STILL COULDN'T MOVE! Or so he thought.

At that moment, Vlad and the unconscious Danny arrived at Fenton Works. The older of the two turned them both intangible and phased through Danny's window.

Looking around the room, Vlad could see why Danny had been designing his room the way he did when he had stayed with Vlad. There were glowing stars on the ceiling, and from what he could tell, they had been arranged into constellations. His room was blue and all over the walls were posters of Dumpty Humpty and N.A.S.A. related ideas. Finally, on the dresser were models of rockets; most looked like replicas of real rockets, but there were a few that Plasmius had to guess were his own design.

Vlad chuckled, but there was some bitterness behind it. "Of course his room would look like this, it's who he is… but these rockets remind me of the one Daniel gave me," Vlad thought. And he still had it, even though it reminded him of so many things that happened between him and the child. Danny had made him that model rocket for him, it was a gift, and he even put a logo for him on it. A "V" with a lightning bolt breaking through the middle, how did the boy come up with it?

Vlad continued to look at the models with an amused grin spread across his face. But remembering something, or someone, Vlad looked down at Danny again. Unconsciously, Danny had managed to grip Vlad's jumpsuit a little, but it wasn't in the way that should hurt. More like the way a child seeks comfort from their parents. Vlad smiled a little with the Danny's actions. Vlad turned from the models for a moment and moved towards the single bed in the room.

There, he put down Danny's now unresponsive body and tucked him into bed. Looking over his work, a satisfied smirk appeared on the older hybrids face. Ready to leave, Vlad moved back across the room and was about to exit via the window again, but something at the corner of his vision stopped him.

There was something glowing, just behind the models he'd been observing. Moving back over to the dresser, Vlad began to move some of the rockets around and found the object that had been glowing. Vlad's eyes widened at the sight. It was the water globe that he had given Danny, or more specifically, it was the remake of the original since he destroyed the first one.

He…he couldn't believe it. Daniel had actually kept his gift. He had half-expected the boy to destroy it, or at least throw it away. But no, he still had it!

Vlad picked up the water globe and went over to the young hybrid's bed and sat down. Looking down at the scene within it, Vlad's face melted with the happiness he felt from knowing Daniel had kept the water globe. Vlad's gaze drifted back to the sleeping boy and almost by instinct, Vlad started to pet Danny's head. Looking at him fondly, Vlad said in a fatherly tone, "You know, Daniel, you really do surprise me every now and again. But you always did manage to get my attention, from the moment we met. But there's one other thing…" Vlad paused and put the water globe back before he continued, "you are still my 'Little Badger' my boy."

And with that said, Vlad finally left Fenton Works and began the trip back to his castle in Wisconsin.

"Get away, "Danny said struggling against an invisible force. "Get away, get away, get awa-a-a-a-a-a-A-A-A-Y!"



Danny fell to the floor in a tangled heap. Danny's eyes snapped open with a mixture of surprise and fear. But finally noticing that his attacker was really his blanket, he got up hoping that no one saw what just happened. His cheeks were still tinged red even after he realized that he was alone.

Still on high alert, Danny looked around for any threats around him…but as he began to take in his surroundings, he realized something very important…but confusing. Looking up at the ceiling, he confirmed his suspicions. The glowing stars in the form of constellations only existed in one place. He was in his room.

"But… wasn't I just outside, fighting the Box Ghost and…" Danny thought only to remember something crucial from the events earlier that night. "VLAD!" Danny's eyes widened as everything previous that night flooded into his mind.

Still confused as to how he was in his room, Danny thought, "Was it all… just a dream?"

No, it couldn't be. It had all felt too real. The attacks, the verbal assault, the pain! So… how did he end up here?

Danny mentally went through the night's events, hoping to get to an answer by doing so.

"Ok, let's see. I was fast asleep until the Box Ghost came and woke me up with no real reason behind it. Then I followed him around town and caught him in the thermos… where is my thermos?"

Danny looked around his room and seeing that the thermos was on the night stand, he made a mental note to send the ghost inside back to the Ghost Zone in the morning. Then he continued with his previous thoughts.

"After I captured him, I stayed outside for a little while and then…then I got attacked! Wait… I felt something before I was hit by the first attack… my core had felt, warm. But that only happened when…" Danny's eyes lit up with realization. "When I had been with Vlad! He's the only person that makes my core do that! Did he plan this? And if so, for what purpose?"

Danny continued to muse over these until the biggest questions floated into his head. "What happened after I lost consciousness? It felt like… well it felt like someone was carrying me, and judging from the fact that I had that warm feeling again, I think it was Vlad. Did… did he bring me back to my house after the fight? If so, why?"

Danny couldn't find an explanation, but he knew the answer already. Vlad really did still care about him, just like he did. That was why he couldn't part from the water globe, no matter how many times Vlad got under his skin.


Looking down at his feet, Danny noticed the cause of the sound staring back up at him with worry. A very startled Dalmatian looked at Danny with a tilted head. Realizing that he must have scared him, Danny went over to his bed and welcomed the dog up onto it. Perking up, the dog jumped over to the bed.

Danny scratched one of the Dalmatian's ears before saying, "sorry about that TJ, guess I scared you a little." The puppy leaned his towards his companion, clearly enjoying the attention.

Danny yawned and finally realized how tired he really was. "Well, at least tomorrow's the weekend. I can always figure out everything that happened tonight then. Maybe Sam, Tucker and Jazz can help." Danny told the puppy.

Finally, Danny crawled back into bed. Not even bothering with getting his dog off the bed, Danny drifted back off to where he was before Box Ghost had interrupted; sleep and pleasant dreams.

Somewhere in the now silent room echoed someone's voice. And if Danny was still awake, he would have realized that it was Vlad's voice emitting from the spy bug that was still in his room. The last words that circled the room were, "sweet dreams, little badger" and then everything was quiet again.

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