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Chapter 19: If My Shadow Had A Name, Part 2

Danny woke up after a few hours of rest. He smiled mischievously as he recalled one thing before going to sleep; Vlad had been spying on him for the majority of the day. Danny just shook his head sadly as he now knew how to get his revenge on the older halfa – by making sure he never finds out his secret…aaaaaand causing a little mischief while he was at it.

Grabbing his phone off the side table he sent a text to his friends and sister, warning them. It read:

Fruitloop's been tailing me all morning.

Trying 2 figure out who TUE is.

Careful what u say around him.

As Danny sent the message and closed his phone, he realised that he never did get to any off his homework or even update his ghost files. Grabbing his computer again, he quickly updated all his ghost files including the one on Dan and even adding Frostigi, The ghost books and the magician ghost. It had really only taken a few minutes since this was a normal occurrence for the young hybrid. Next he moved to what his friends and sister brought him concerning his homework.

Like he had seen before, he had some writing assignments, a few math equations – queue the groan – as well as science sheets – queue the cheers – and then finally projects. Danny looked through the list and figured that it wasn't too bad. At least he didn't have to worry about his gym marks. He looked at the writing assignment list. Each written piece could be as long as they wanted as long as it at least filled one page. Most of them were for his English class but a few others were needed for his Modern Literature class. Then he looked at the project sheet; almost one for each of his classes and then some of the classes had two or three.

"Thankfully none of them are for math," he thought.

Danny picked up the first sheet again and read through the instructions, topics and requirements.

For all assignments below, the following must happen:

Be your own words and/or thoughts

Be at least a page long

Be detailed

And have proper grammar and spelling.

Topics are as followed:

(English) write a report about phobias you know of that explains what they are. If you have a phobia, then also explain what that is near the bottom. *note: you do not have to say that that is your phobia personally. –may be done in groups if you so choose.

(Modern Literature) Based off of what you've read or discussed this year, write an explanation of what/ who your perfect enemy is. This should be as detailed as possible. If you so choose, you may add a hand drawn image of said enemy. It can be real of imaginative. –this must be done on your own!

Danny snorted thinking that this was really ironic for him but also found it funny since the last part was likely meant for Dash and his friends since they wouldn't have likely been able to write something like that themselves.

(English) pick a song that you feels best describes you and explain why.

Danny blinked at that one. It seemed too simple, there must be a catch to it. That, or the teacher felt like they all needed a break. Danny shook his head. No, that couldn't be it. Mr. Lancer was his teacher in practically every class since teachers seemed to be missing more often than not in crowded streets of Amity because of a supposed 'ghost' that his dad tried to catch. Moving on…

(Modern Literature) pick a novel or series of novels and read them…

"Duh" Danny thought.

Then write a full explanation about the book(s) and

Tell what you would have happen next


Explain how your life compares to the characters in the book(s).

Danny took a moment to see what books Sam had picked out for him. It ended up not being just one book, but twelve! All from the same series known as 'Cirque du Freak'. Sam had been trying to get him to read them since she picked up the very first book. Guess now he had no choice but to see why she liked it so much. Shrugging, Danny returned to the list.

(English) Since we have all seen plenty of ghosts in the past year, please write about one and give the following: name, time/place you saw this ghost, what it was doing/wanted and what happened to it since. *note: you may add an image to this if you have one.

Danny rolled his eyes. Most of the kids in his class would likely write about him! Everyone would explain their first sightings of him, some would add things that weren't true like him being close to Dash or Paulina while Valerie would explain (inaccurately) what he 'did' to ruin her life. Either that or she would talk about Danielle.

He, on the other hand, would have to choose wisely as to who he wrote about. If he chose the wrong one, then he would have many people questioning how he really knew all this. It couldn't be someone that had overshadowed a town member and other people had to have seen them. As he thought, the first one that came to mind was Plasmius. He would have a valid excuse for having seen him and anyone from the reunion – even Vlad – would have to agree to see him! It was perfect! Now all he had to do was write it without Vlad seeing it.

Danny shrugged again. He would cross that bridge when he needed to. The younger hybrid glanced at the list of assignments and projects again and found that the last ones were just simple research papers for science class.

Deciding that the math would be the most annoying, Danny grabbed everything he would need for it and headed to his mini lounge, leaving Frostigi and TJ alone in the room. Just as he set everything down, he glared at the pile and said, "I change my mind, math is a way worse bane of my existence than toast," and got to work.


During the time that Danny had been asleep, Vlad had returned to his private lab to try and organize the information he obtained 'unknowingly' from his young house guest.

"Computer!" Vlad shouted, already coming to the end of his patience.

"Yes my little apple crumble?" asked the holo-Maddie.

Vlad glanced at her briefly before returning to the monitor. "Feed those descriptions through the database, again. I want to know who this ghost is and anything else we can find on him. If he's able to frighten Daniel this much let alone nearly defeat him it is best to know what we're up against."

The holo-Maddie scratched her chin and hummed. "oooh, sorry muffin lump, but there is no known ghost under these descriptions. Perhaps the younger hybrid made a mis-"

"IT IS NOT A MISTAKE!" Vlad shouted as her turned to face the fake woman. "It couldn't be a mistake…the fear in his eyes was too real. Cheese doodles! He was practically shaking from just having to speak about this ghost! Daniel won't even say his name!"

Vlad pinched the bridge of his nose. "If only I could access his ghost files again. This particular ghost is in there and was likely there the first time but it was so heavily guarded there was no way for me to notice it before."

"What about the other ghost teen currently here?" holo-Maddie asked.

"No, no, he seemed too curious to actually know…unless," Vlad paused. "Unless he's doing his duty and trying to help Daniel get over this personal obstacle."

Vlad turned to the holo-Maddie and with a new fire burning in his eyes asked, "Maddie, is it possible that these books, once connected to someone, are meant to help them in some way?"

"Further defining required," she said in a flat tone.

Rolling his eyes Vlad elaborated. "For instance, say that Daniel was having a problem much like his is now. Is it possible that part of the reason Frostigi was asking all those questions was to help Daniel stop fearing this ghost?"

"Hmm, possibility is most likely. But what does this have to do with discovering who the identity of this ghost is?"

Vlad smirked. "It means, our little badger Frostigi is really a lying rat. He knew who the ghost was all along. He has some sort of bond with Daniel which means he probably knows the whole story, and all we have to do is wait for him to slip up."

Holo-Maddie smiled and said in a sickeningly sweet voice, "oh, you always know how to make a brilliant plan, cupcake!"

Vlad chuckled and returned to properly organizing his information. "It's just a matter of time," he mused.

Danny gave a long and slightly victorious sigh. It had taken him some time but he had managed to complete the evil math homework. Looking at the ceiling he mused on what he still needed to complete. He still had several English related papers and science to finish.

The science was easy enough. He was the son of two incredible scientists and it had always been his best subject despite all the beaker he broke in the year. It was the papers he was more worried about. Or more specifically, the paper about his greatest villain.

Danny got up and started to pace trying to think of place where he could go without Vlad finding out about the paper. That's when he got his idea.

"It's perfect! Vlad won't know and I'll still be safe…ok, mostly safe."

Danny ran back to his room and packed his things into a smaller bag. There was a moment when he had tripped over one of his bags and caused a chain reaction of noises, but thankfully, Frostigi didn't wake up. Actually, he wasn't in the room at all. Danny shrugged and brushed it off as the badger-boy just wandering around the castle. Danny wrote a note saying:

Going to see a friend in the GZ.

Be back in a bit,


He left the note o the bed for Frostigi to find, but little did he know that Frostigi had stowed away in Danny's bag when he wasn't looking. Danny transformed and zoomed to Vlad's not-private lab and opened the portal. "This has got to be one of my best ideas yet," Danny said to himself as he entered the swirling green mass of the portal with the doors closing behind him.

Deep within the Ghost Zone

"No, this is a terrible idea," Clockwork said in his somewhat monotone voice.

"But-" Danny weakly tried to explain, but of course Clockwork already knew the excuses that were bound to come.

"There is a ghost out there who is looking for the books that are currently in your and Vladimir's possession and he knows that you have them which makes you both, you more specifically, a prime target for attack or capture in which he will try to get them back," the master of time scolded.

Danny refused to meet the solid red gaze of his mentor. Instead he looked at a scythe – the same scythe from their first meeting – on the wall. "I'm being careful, Clockwork. I stayed low and out of sight the whole way here. I didn't even see-"

"Exactly," Clockwork cut in earning a half-glare from the teen. "You didn't see anyone, but that doesn't mean that they didn't see you. You've nearly been a ghost for a year now, just shy a few months."

Danny knew it wasn't a question yet he still answered. "Yeah, so?"

Clockwork stared at his mentee and asked, "So then tell me Danny, what were the basic abilities that you, as well as many lower level ghosts, possessed?"

"Well…flight, intangibility, invisabili-" Danny paused halfway and stared wide eyed as realization hit him. Clockwork waited patiently for him to continue. "Invisibility," Danny said as he hung his head and rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment and shame.

Clockwork nodded. "Yes, many beings could have been invisible and you wouldn't have even known since your ghost sense goes off almost constantly while in the Ghost Zone." Danny looked even more ashamed as the truth was brought further forward.

Then, giving a slight smile, Clockwork informed his young charge, "However, luck seems to have been on your side at the time since there were no beings around to see you." Danny looked so relieved to hear this. "You need to return to the Human Realm Danny. You got lucky this time, but that luck is bound to run out at some point and many would hate for that moment to be when faced with an enemy."

Danny nodded. "I won't let you down, Clockwork," he said as he gave a mock-salute.

The master of time chuckled softly and pointed his staff at a viewing glass. The image became a swirling blue portal. "Before you return though, perhaps this is a good chance for you to visit an old friend of mine. I hear you two have a bit of history and it would be good if you were on better terms in the future. Perhaps this can also lead you to that 'safe area' you're looking for to write."

Danny smiled broadly before shooting into the portal.

Clockwork shook his head. "I just hope that he won't trap you in more literature," the time master said before returning to his duties.

Everything was quiet, and that's just how Andrew Writer liked it. He could focus on his next best seller, drink his coffee and relax in a plush chair or simply enjoy a good book by another author - all to the sweet sound of nothing.

Now, Andrew isn't the most social person. In fact, it's because of his anti-socialness that he wound up dead in the first place! That's right, Andrew Writer, bestselling author, poet, literature enthusiast and workaholic is dead.

Although, to be fair he hasn't been called by his given name in nearly 60 years. To those of the Ghost Zone he is known as that rhyming bastard of an anti-socialite with a literature obsession complex; or more commonly the Ghostwriter. Yes, not much has changed for Andrew other than he doesn't work under the pressure of a life-killing deadline; emphasis on 'dead'. It is in his library lair that he now sat enjoying a story about vampires. It had romance, it had tragedy, it had descriptive scenes of gore and battles and most importantly it wasn't anything like Twilight.

Ghostwriter rolled his eyes. Honestly, the things the living came up with. Vampires glittering in the sunlight instead of burning even in the slightest; awful rubbish he says. Deserves to be on the receiving end of an ecto-blast if you asked him.

It was then that Ghostwriter was brought out of his beautiful daydream by a sudden crash followed by the tell-tale sound of multiple books falling off the shelf and to the ground. Groaning, Ghostwriter marked his page and left to investigate.

Now, his library was always open to the Ghost Zone community, but if this was Youngblood again looking for a book about pranks and practical jokes then he was going to bring hell upon the child.

Ghostwriter scratched his chin as he walked to the section the sound had come from. "Bring hell upon the child…hm, I like that. I'll have to remember that line later for another story," he mused.

The first thing Danny saw as he entered the portal Clockwork had made him was the familiar swirling blue. The second thing the young hybrid saw was a bookshelf coming right at him or rather him heading straight towards the bookshelf.

With not enough room to dodge and knowing that he would just hit the shelf since he was a ghost in the Ghost Zone, Danny braced for impact by shielding his face with his arms.


Danny smacked into the wooden shelf and fell to the floor. He was relatively unharmed, just a little bruised. He was used to much worse. Of course, then his infamous luck kicked in and many of the books that were on the shelf decided to fall on him and bury him alive…er, half-alive.

"Oooow," Danny grumbled in a tone that sounded like it hadn't hurt too badly but just enough that he was really feeling it. Just as he popped his head out of the pile another book fell on his head, and it was a rather large one. "OW!" Danny complained.

Rubbing his head he looked at which book was the culprit. "Of course," he grumbled. The book was the one that Ghostwriter had trapped him in during the Christmas holidays.

That's when realization hit the white haired teen like a ton of bricks – or in this case a shelf worth of books. He took in his surroundings and found himself in a library filled with books of all kinds from many time periods. There was stuff like Shakespeare and Tolkien on some shelves while others held – surprisingly – Darren Shan or J. K. Rowling. Then on another shelf where books by authors he had never even heard before such as Manic Cooper and Riley Clue. Although, that shouldn't have surprised him considering that those books were glowing and were likely commonly known authors in the Ghost Zone. Overall, it was quite the amazing collection.

"If it wasn't for which ghost lives here, I'm sure I would have introduced Jazz if only so she could go crazy having fun reading all these books," Danny thought.

Danny was just about to get up out of the pile and hightail it out of there when a shocked gasp caught his attention. Danny turned his head and saw a wide-eyed ghost with messy black hair, a similar black beard, green eyes, grey skin wearing glasses, a light grey shirt under a purple trench coat with dark grey pants and a scarf.

Both stared at the other completely shocked to see the other. Silence reined until Ghostwriter found his voice and with a glare demanded, "What are you doing here, Phantom?"

Honestly, the last person he expected to see was the boy that got him and practically half the Ghost Zone thrown in jail. Ok, so maybe he over-reacted. Phantom had obviously never had a good holiday season and was letting off some steam, but that still didn't give him any right to be glad that he accidentally destroyed the masterpiece the writer had worked so hard on. And let's face it, ghosts know how to hold a grudge, and judging by the identical looks on their faces, neither one of them was exactly 'thrilled' to see the other.

"Just passing through," Danny replied haughtily. "A friend of mine said that I might find a sort of sanctuary if I travelled through a portal he made for me but he must have been mistaken since I can't see why he would think this to be a good idea."

Ghostwriter was surprised by this. Who would tell Phantom that his library would be a good sanctuary for him? A friend no less. Well this certainly caught his interest. "Oh really? And who would tell you that? You aren't exactly known for having many ghostly friends and from what I hear, you're currently living with Plasmius. Care to explain?" Ghostwriter questioned.

Danny scowled which just made the damn ghost turn his razor sharp teeth into a smirk of victory. Danny knew he had to answer. He was on Ghostwriter's turf and any wrong move could be really, really, bad for Danny.

Glaring at the literature obsessed ghost Danny answered, "If you must know, my mentor made the recommendation." Danny smirked internally at the look of shock that passed through Ghostwriter's face before it was schooled into one of indifference. "he said that you two were old friends and that it would be best if we were perhaps on better terms," Danny continued, "And as for why I'm staying with Vlad is none of your concern – if you have any."

Ghostwriter soaked in the information he was given. He didn't really care about the reason as to why the boy was staying with the older hybrid. Call it a curious mind. However, it was what was said about who sent the boy that put him into a puzzle solving state since that's what this was; a puzzle. The clues where subtle and easily missed, but Andrew caught them and then the answer was easy enough to solve.

"Hm, and how is Clockwork?" Ghostwriter asked. He cherished the look of utter shock and disbelief that presented itself on the hybrid's face.

"But- how- when- I never said who it was!" Danny stammered.

Ghostwriter rolled his eyes. "Really, it's not that hard to figure out."


"For me," he clarified. "It's not difficult for me. Clockwork has known me since I first became a part of the Ghost Zone and I hold a record of time in my library. You could say that we are friends based on our common knowledge of history as well as because our roles here interrelate with one another."

"Oh" was the simple reply.

Things stayed quiet for a little while longer until Ghostwriter asked, "Well? Are you just going to sit on the floor of my home all day or are you going to get up?"

Without a word, Danny sprang from the pile of books as if they had burned him. It was only when he tripped on one that he said, "um, sorry for knocking all your books to the ground. Really, it wasn't done on purpose."

Ghostwriter sighed and waved it off saying, "no harm done. I know how Clockwork likes to work, but unless there is another reason for you being here I'd rather you just leave."

Ghostwriter then began the process of placing the books back on the shelf. For a while, Danny just watched not too sure on what he should do. It was much too both their surprise that Danny began helping. They worked in silence until they were about halfway done until Danny couldn't take it anymore and burst.

"You know, about that Christmas poem I destroyed a few months ago…"

"If you're just going to say soothing along the lines of being happy you destroyed it, I'll stick you in another book that you'll never get out of," Ghostwriter replied.

Danny shook his head. "No, I just wanted to say that I was sorry." The ghost was taken slightly aback by this since the boy had been saying the exact opposite during the holidays. "I mean, it was really uncalled for what I did, even if it was by accident. I shouldn't have said what I had said and apologized. It was just that I never had I good Christmas while growing up because my parents would always fight and then the dinner would come alive and nothing ever turned out right." Danny sighed. "I took that anger out on you and I had no right to. Funnily enough, you actually managed to give me the best Christmas of my life even though I was stuck rhyming for it."

Ghostwriter chuckled. "Hm, then I suppose we're even."

"Even? How are we even?" Danny asked pausing from looking at the book he had picked up called '100 ghostly plants and fungi'.

"Simple," he said, "I gave you a fitting holiday and you gave me a Christmas story even better than the first one I had made. Overall, I think we did each other a favour."

"Huh, guess, you're right. Now that I think about it, I wouldn't put it past Clockwork to have set that up just so that we'd get to this moment in time," the hybrid said.

"Agreed. So, how did the Master of Time end up as your mentor?"

"Before I answer that can I ask you something?"

"You just did, but yes you may," Ghostwriter said with smirk.

Danny rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Just so we're clear, we're friends now, right?"

Ghostwriter shrugged. "I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have at least one hybrid as a close acquaintance. Now, you need to answer my question."

Danny nodded in acceptance. "It's a long story, I doubt that even Clockwork let you know about it."

"I've got plenty of time."

The two had finished with the books and Ghostwriter had lead them back to the chairs and couch to sit more comfortably.

"I haven't even shared the whole story with my closest friends! Heck, I don't like to talk about it," Danny tried to dissuade the ghost. Unfortunately, this just got him even more interested.

"Oh, now I've got to know this story. Everyone loves a good story, especially when the truth is more fantastic than fiction."

Danny groaned again and placed his head in his hands. This was going to be a long day. "I'll never get to my paper," Danny thought gloomily. And to top it all off, despite the fact that he and Ghostwriter were now on slightly better terms, the ghost was still just as annoying and possibly even more nosey. "When did my life get so crazy," the young hybrid asked no one in particular.

Time Skip

It took some time, but he had finally managed to give Ghostwriter a doctored version of how he met Clockwork and how the master of time became his mentor. If Danny was honest with himself, he would say that Ghostwriter had more questions than answers from his story but the other ghost didn't push the matter further. Instead he said that Danny's life and adventures could one day become a book and probably a bestseller. Danny had a feeling that what the specter said was true and that it would be said specter that actually writes it after many talks with Danny.

The young hybrid, exhausted after telling his story to the most he would reveal, relaxed into the chair he was sitting in. Ghostwriter decided that he really didn't mind the younger being's company and so returned to the book he had been reading before. Danny took this as his queue and pulled out his laptop to write his paper.

Ghostwriter cocked an eyebrow at this as his curiosity spiked. Danny began typing away and barely heard the other ghost as he said he was going to get himself some coffee.

Danny on the other hand was typing with a focus that didn't seem to belong to him as he recalled his very first encounter with Vlad Plasmius…uh, second…third? Ok, it didn't matter.

'I know what you're thinking, 'I'm about to write a paper about the town saviour; Danny Phantom' right? Wrong. Instead, I'll be talking about a lesser known ghost who just happens to be the archenemy of our town hero. His name is Vlad Plasmius.

He looks to be about in his mid-40s with deathly blue skin (as if he had permanent frostbite), red eyes as bright as rubies, fangs and long black hair that was fashioned into two points. Funnily enough, he also wears a HAZMAT suit but unlike Danny Phantom's it is white with black collar, gloves, boots and belt. He also wears a white cape with red lining the inside. Overall, he kind of looked like a ghost version of Dracula.

Danny paused and snickered at his comparison. If Plasmius was the Darcula copy, then Masters was the Alucard copy. Back to typing!

The first time I saw him was at my parents' college reunion. We had been invited by Vlad Master – old college buddy of my dad – to stay in his castle until the reunion. The first time I had really seen him was the night my family had arrived. I had woken up to use the bathroom down the hall and saw Phantom and Plasmius going at it.

I hid behind a statue and I listened to their conversation. Basically, Plasmius was telling Phantom that Phantom was well known all over by the ghost community and that Plasmius wasn't all that impressed. Plasmius then proceeded to beat the undead daylights out of the younger looking ghost. When they had taken the fight into another room I fled back to my own and didn't speak a word to anyone.

The next time I saw him was at the actual reunion. He had overshadowed my dad to make everyone blame him which I didn't understand at first. Then Phantom raced in and got Plasmius out of my dad. They started fighting again and Plasmius let it slip that he wanted my mom, which my parents weren't too happy about. My dad 'defeated' it and my parents think he's gone, but he's not.

If you pay close attention to your surroundings, you'll notice Phantom and Plasmius going at it. It seems Plasmius has a new obsession and it involves the ghost kid of our town. From what I've seen, Plasmius has a pretty big rein in part of the ghost world since many ghosts either respect him or fear him, and to a ghost that is important in their community. It gives a ghost power since it usually means that other ghosts will follow them. Although, on a few rare occasions I've seen the two of them get along, like a truce for a short period of time. A good example of this was during the Pariah Dark incident. I don't think we'll ever really see the last of him though; not as long as Danny Phantom resides in our town.'

Danny added the last finishing touches to his paper but was startled when a voice sounded from behind him. "Oh, so that's how you and Plasmius met? Hm, another doctored story then. You will really need to tell me the whole story another time."

Danny turned his head and saw Ghostwriter standing behind him with the coffee he had said he was going to get. Apparently he had been reading over the young hybrid's shoulder for some time. Danny let out a huff of annoyance – which Ghostwriter still enjoyed – and packed up his computer after saving his document.

"Well, maybe next time, Ghostwriter. Unfortunately, I've got to get back before the Dracula impersonator comes breaking down you doors," Danny said.

Danny and Ghostwriter began making their way to the front doors. "Yes, I would rather hate that, Phantom."



Danny turned to the older specter. "You can just call me Danny. No need to be so formal."

Ghostwriter nodded. "Hey, Ghostwriter?" said being looked at the boy. "Do you have an actual name, or have you always been known as the Ghostwriter?"

Ghostwriter shook his head. "Every ghost had a name before becoming a ghost unless they were born one. Even the halfas have alternate names for their ghost halves. So yes, I do have a name other than 'Ghostwriter' but don't expect me to just tell you now," he said with a sharp grin.

Danny chuckled and waved goodbye to his new ghostly friend. Ghostwriter was just about to re-enter his home when he heard Danny faintly exclaim "Frostigi?! When did you get in there?!" Again, Ghostwriter shook his head. Just another story waiting to be told.

Danny arrived back at Vlad's portal and slipped inside. Luckily, it seemed Vlad was still busy with whatever he had been doing earlier that day. Danny brought everything back to his room and just to make sure he wasn't seen he stayed intangible and invisible.

When he placed the bag on the bed he waited for the familiar white fur of his Familiar before launching into a series of questions starting with "when did you get in my bag?" and ending with "did Vlad put you up to this?!"

Frostigi waited until he was done and answered every question asked in order and then went into his own rant about how Vlad couldn't make him do anything. Danny made an aggravated sigh and collapsed onto the bed just barely missing the small badger.

"So," Danny started, "You were really just making sure I didn't get into trouble while in the Ghost Zone?"

Frostigi nodded as he crumpled the previous note that was likely meant for him rather than the pompous billionaire lurking the castle corridors. It's like Clockwork said, you never know when an enemy might show up. It's always good to have some backup – just in case."

"Fine, I'll admit that backup would be appreciated," Danny conceded. "Now, however, I have some more work to do before my friends arrive."

A small sound of Danny's phone's ringtone was heard and Danny checked his text messages.

Good to know. How r u?

Did you get any work done?


On our way in a bit.


It was the final text that made Danny respond.

Try and lose the Fruitloop.

Do something to get rid of him like tell him you got some work to do.


Danny texted back:

And what if that doesn't work?

What if he keeps it up?


Drop whatever you're holding and punch him in the nose!

That ought to get your point across!


Danny chuckled, "Yep, that's Sam. Funny yet violent."

"She sound really nice," Frostigi replied in a way that made him sound both excited to know the girl, but afraid to meet her properly.

Danny outright laughed this time. "Yeah, I know what you mean. If her Familiar acts just like you do, then we'll have two Sam-s and two Danny-s to deal with."

"Hey!" Frostigi exclaimed. "What's wrong with two Danny-s? Guys like us are awesome!"

At this both boys – ok, one boy and one badger – broke down into a fit of laughter.

Danny cracked his knuckles, finally getting down to the last of his English assignments. He stated, "Alright, let's get to work."

'Phobias are a normal occurrence in life for people of all ages. They can be simple and trivial or they can be valid and stressful. While one phobia – or fear as it would more commonly be known – may seem trivial to someone, it may be valid for someone else. For example, someone who is Goth will likely fear wearing something of a bright/optimist colour like pink. This would result in rosephobia (for pink) or Chromophobia (fear of all bright colours).

Another fear is Nosocomephobia – or the fear of hospitals. This is common usually to those who have had a traumatic or unpleasant stay within or near hospitals or even just doctors in general.

This next one is highly likely for many in our town and I never seem to hear the end of it when someone shouts 'ah, a ghost!' or just start screaming down the road towards me. Spectrophobia – fear of ghosts and phantoms. Actually, this one amuses my friends, sister and me since we've dealt with ghosts for almost all our lives. Having ghost-obsessed parents will do that to you I suppose.

I also find that some fears are counterproductive at times just from the name that is given to them. The best example is Sesquipedalophobia – more commonly known as the fear of long words. This is funny because the phobia's name is an incredibly long one which would scare the person who has it whenever someone says that that is their fear!

Again, this likely applies to most of the residents in Amity Park, but I really find that I have no problem to it. Ghost Attacks are just that common now. Necrophobia is the fear of death and/or the dead. I'm not saying that I don't fear dying one day, but seeing ghosts all the time has diminished that fear in many of us. No, a fear of the dead I would probably have if it was something like zombies…yeah, definitely if it was zombies.

Danny paused to shiver thinking about what would happen if he ever really had to face actual zombies. Possessed humans didn't count as zombies, right?

Finally, some uncommon fears I know of are Atychiphobia (the fear of failure) and Autophobia (the fear or being alone or isolated or of one's self). I get the feeling that some get these phobias when they have experienced – mentally or physically – having their life fall apart from losing the rest of their family or when they have a huge responsibility that no one else can help with. I don't really know how one would go about curing a phobia since it is to someone else's nature. Normally one would say to just face it full force. Honestly, I think that is the worst idea I have ever heard; the person might go into shock or faint or get a heart attack and those are much worse than simply being afraid of something.'

Danny finished typing and took a moment to read over what he wrote. He shrugged, it wasn't his best work and there was a few phobias from different members of Team Phantom but that was ok. At least he would be able to hand in something for once in his freshman life.

Danny continued working and managed to complete a second English assignment – the song he chose was Losers Like Me; He couldn't stop laughing since it basically told of how the losers of life would end up as the most important and so far based on his life that was true – all of his science was done and the art he had to do was completed as well. Now he just had to read those books…maybe later.

Jazz, Sam and Tucker were ready to leave. It was just after lunch and they had warned their teachers that they'd be off to help Danny for a few day. Tucker also told his parents and they didn't seem to have a problem with it as long as he kept up in his studies which Sam promptly said that she would help keep him on track. Sam didn't want to explain anything to her parents since they didn't really like Danny and thought him to be the reason their daughter wasn't like them.

After promising that Jazz would be there to keep the peace, they also told Sam's parents. Sam's mother started to have a fit while her father tried to be like Jazz and keep the peace between his wife and daughter. It didn't really help though. Eventually, Sam's grandmother stepped in and told Sam that it was fine and that she would hold down the fort while Sam helped her friend. In other words she would prevent Ms. Manson from going into her daughter's room and changing everything from the wonderful black and creepy wonderland into some sick pink twisted nightmare.

Without another word – at least from Tucker and Jazz. Sam was still yelling profanities about her mother and father's way of life – Team Phantom made their way to the Specter Speeder with luggage in hand.

The trip would take a few hours since they weren't going to go through the Ghost Zone and so each teen found something to do. Jazz was driving since she was the only one who could really pilot the flying metal death-trap properly. After much coxing from Sam, she and Tucker decided to start on their books for Lancer's class.

Sam told Tucker that she had chosen the Cirque du Freak series for Danny thinking that there were a lot of parallels that could be made and that she thought he would like it. Sam had decided to read the Harry Potter series again for like the fifth time. Her reasoning was the same as her reason for the books she gave Danny. Another reason was because of her sudden new witch-ling status. She wanted to see if these books could help teach her a thing or two and if any of the spells could be used. Though she highly doubted it. Tucker had also chosen a series book; Percy Jackson and the Olympians. When Sam asked him why he had said that he had always wanted to have incredible powers like Danny, but would never wish for it again after what had happened last time.

This made Sam question him on what he meant and it wasn't until she sat on his back and started threatening his PDA that he told her about the first time that Desiree made an appearance and how he and Danny got caught up in it. He also reminded her that she had been sick during that time.

Jazz shook her head in amusement and returned her eyes to the skies. "You better not have gotten into more trouble, little brother," she thought. "And you better have been doing your homework," she mumbled.

Back at the castle…


Danny sneezed. "You ok?" Frostigi asked.

"Yeah, but it felt like someone was talking about me…" he said as he blew his nose.

Frostigi looked up from the cartoon he was watching – which was T.U.F.F. Puppy. "Must be your imagination," the badger-boy replied and returned to his program in time to see the cat get bombed. He smiled sinisterly as ideas for Maddie the cat came to mind.

"Don't bomb the cat," Danny said.

"Awwwww," Frostigi whined, "You're no fun!"

Danny rolled his eyes and flopped down next to the Familiar to watch some mind-numbing TV until his team arrived.

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