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Tenzin was heading to the library, Jinora wanted a new book and had asked if she could go, but Tenzin knew it was just to see that earth bender boy, Skoochy, she didn't hide her disappointment when he said that he'd go pick up a book for her. He took a shortcut through the park and then passed the police station, there he saw Lin talking to a young man. He couldn't have been more than fifteen, he had green eyes and dark brown hair, but what really made Tenzin stop and stare, were his tattoos.
Air bender tattoos.

That was impossible. Since his father passed he and his children were the only air benders. The boy embraced Lin and waved as he walked away. Tenzin started thinking... He and Lin broke up around sixteen years ago and the boy was fifteen and an air bender... Tenzin stormed over to Lin
"Lin!" he yelled
"Hello Tenzin"
"Who... Who was that?" Tenzin asked, even though he was already pretty sure of the answer.
"That boy you were speaking to!" He yelled.
"Oh him" She said, pondering on whether she should tell him the truth "He's um… My son"
"Your son. And… who's his father?"
"Well, I think that's pretty obvious Tenzin" She said simply and started walking back inside the police station.
"Lin!" Tenzin yelled again.
"I have a son?"
"Yes. His name is Meelo I believe"
"Lin" She sighed
"Yes Tenzin. You have a son"
"Why didn't you tell me?" He said angrily.
"Because I was angry! You left me for a woman so much younger and-and I was going to tell you! I was going to tell you the day you decided to end it!"
"Then why didn't you?"
"Because you ended it!"
"So you just went and had my child without anyone knowing!"
"No… My mother knew"
"Really? And she didn't come kick my ass?"
"Oh she tried. Your mother knew too"
"What? How could she know and not tell me!"
"I told her not to"
"Where… How did he even learn airbending?"
"He taught himself. He's smart" Tenzin's mind was rushing. He had a son, an airbending son. How would he explain this to Pema? How would he explain this to his children? Spirits, Korra would never let him live this down. And his mother had known about this? No wonder she was on Lin's side after the break up. But surely Tenzin would've noticed if Lin were walking around Republic City pregnant! Then again… He hadn't seen her for nearly a year after they broke up. The first time he saw her after that was when his father died…
"I want to meet him" Tenzin said.
"What?" Lin said.
"Our son. I want to meet our s-"
"My son" Lin interrupted.
"It takes two to make a baby Lin. He's as much my son as he is yours. And I want to meet him"
"Well… Who am I to stop you? But, you should know, he doesn't want to meet you"
"How would you know that?"
"Tenzin… You're a momma's boy-"
"I am not!"
"Yes, you are. Anyway, you're a momma's boy. So lets pretend you never knew your father. Let's pretend that oh… I don't know, your father left your mother for a woman fifteen years younger than him and he didn't even know about you. Would you want to meet him? Would you want to meet the man who broke your mothers heart?"
"I… Well… No"
"That's what I thought" She said and turned away from him.
"Can I atleast know his name?"
"Wang Fire. His name is Wang Fire" She said quietly, a knowing gleam in her eye.

Well, there you go. God, this was horrible. But it was just a prologue. More will come. And they will be longer. And not as sucky. And you'll find out more about Wang Fire in the later chapters too.
And yes. Yes I actually named him that. In chapter 2 you'll find out why. But come on, technically Wang Fire is Tenzins grandfather. So.