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Chapter 3: Welcome to my Life!

Mmmm… all this coffee, Gil must be in heaven. Not that he remembered doing anything particularly good in his lifetime…

Gilan, sadly, had only found four coffee pots and could only, surprisingly, only make four pots of coffee at once. Good thing no the water barrel was filled up; he wouldn't have to go fetch some more from the stream behind the cabin. And, he remembered fondly from his apprentice days, it was quite a ways off.

Life was good, welcome to Gil's life.

Will was standing by the ocean, under a tree, safe from the fire that was raining down. Now the lady was strolling across the ocean, oblivious of the fire and seemingly fireproof. She was singing again.

There's a fire burning in my heart
Reaching a fever pitch it's bringing me out the dark

Will guessed it made enough sense, it was raining fire. And dawn was approaching. Although he wasn't sure about the fever part, he could tell she was singing at a very high pitch, switching from high to low with a groggy blink of his eyes. She continued on:

We could have had it all
Rolling in the deep
You had my heart inside your hand
And you played it to the beat

Will had absolutely no idea what that meant, apart from the 'rolling in the deep' part, which made half sense since she was diving in and out of the ocean as she sang. Quite a funny sight, really.

Suddenly, Mr. Whee Shnaw and Ms. Whii Shnaw :) pranced out. As newlyweds, they were going on a honeymoon on a cruise across the seven seas.

Baby I have no story to be told
But I've heard the one of you and I'm gonna make your head burn
Think of me in the depths of your despair
Making a home down there as mine won't be shared

That made no sense either… Will got bored and floated over to the horsey couple in his drug-influenced dream. Wondering how a beautiful unicorn like that ever got some random horse like Mr. Whee Shnaw, Will scratched his chin and ended up flipping into the ocean along with a unicorn, a horse, and that singer.

Life was weird. Welcome to Will's life.

Now he just needed a place to put the coffee…

Gathering numerous buckets, mugs, and whatever containers that could hold liquid, Gil dumped them unceremoniously on the table and they crashed around Will's head. He scooped out some beans and soon the aromatic smell of black coffee filled the cabin. Good thing Halt stocked up on his favorite coffee, Gil thought to himself as he poured the four pots into a wooden bucket. It filled it up to the very top, and Gil took it upon himself chug it down after a generous dollop of honey.

He was ready to make more coffee.

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