Perhaps you should all take your break as a Mapler to hear this tale. Me? I am Robin, an old deity watching over my people. But let's get to know the people first before I tell such ridiculous tales.

When I was as young as you, there were only four magnificent classes. There was a melee, war-faring warrior class. Its opposite – the Mage class, a class specializing in long-ranged killing skills that penetrated a normal enemy's defense, powerful with many possible qualities – to name some, slowly damaging poison/ice skills, all-healing, useful cleric abilities, powerful fire and lightning skills, and many more. There was an Archer class – known for their highly precise but powerful shots of steel arrows doubled with its helping skills. The last class was a Thief class – known for their strong but sneaky attacks, with a Thief specializing in one of two abilities – long-range throwing stars or deadly daggers.

The Warriors' territory was highly dependent on the mountainous and earthy area. The area was hard to climb… except for the warriors. The warriors dueled and trained every day in this area, making them more than used to the rocky area.

The Mages' territory was mainly in a forested area. The area is filled with easy-to-traverse magic forest filled with enemies. The magic from the forest is often drawn from mages in the heat of battle to increase their power.

The Archers' territory is also forested; however, the Archers made it so that every shot would be at least a very good shot and the territory being very easy to traverse. For the archers.

The Thieves' territory is pretty much a city… what it seems to be a city at first are a ton of places to sneak around to the thieves, where they specialize in.

Indeed, the skills of these classes are epic when thrown together – as shown in your adventures into defeating the Black Mage. But this… this my young lad… was before the Black Mage happened.