A/N: This started out as a love child idea I had in my head for the three of them to be in a relationship together. I wrote this initially as a oneshot but I'd be willing to continue it if enough people wanted to see it. If not then it's just PWP and I hope you enjoy.

Also: warnings for pregnant!Quinn and threesome!sex. Fabrittana all the way in this story. Give it a chance, you might like it.

It started for Quinn while she was pregnant.

By then, it was the worst-kept secret of McKinley that Brittany and Santana slept together.

Quinn heard about it from Mercedes, but only because she was discussing it with Kurt over the salad bar. It was the first time Quinn heard anyone talk about it aloud, and the information was surprising - but only because Quinn thought that everyone knew and it was old news by now.

She assumed they had been doing it since before she met them. It was always obvious to her, and it surprised her that anyone felt the need to gossip about it.

It made her curious, she did have to admit. Quinn had always wondered what the appeal was.. but she only had to look down at her thickening waist to realize that there was definitely more than one reason to avoid boys, if you weren't completely against the idea.

The more she thought about it, the more she realized she wasn't against it. At all. In fact, it intrigued her.

It took her several weeks to work up the nerve to approach them about it.

The three of them were getting ready for the winter formal together in Santana's room. Quinn felt awkward and clumsy, even in her "junior maternity" dress she made Puck buy for her out of his saved pool cleaning money. She was going with him to the dance, even though it was an empty formality that paid lip-service to their relationship. Left to her own devices, Quinn would have rather stayed in Puck's room all night, eating ice cream out of the container and watching documentaries on Animal Planet while Puck gave her a break and bothered some other girl for the evening. But Puck's mom insisted, and since Quinn felt it prudent to at least make an effort not to upset her, she agreed to go.

"So.. you guys don't have dates to this thing?" Quinn asked, even though she knew the answer.

Brittany was applying the last layer of makeup to her face while Santana delicately twisted strands of Brittany's hair around a curling iron.

"We're going together," Brittany said flippantly.

Quinn watched the way Santana flashed Brittany an annoyed look in the mirror of her vanity.

"Technically we're just riding together," Santana added.

Quinn didn't miss the way Brittany rolled her eyes.

"Are you two.. like a thing?" Quinn ventured.

Santana let the curling iron snap closed after releasing a lock of Brittany's hair. "Sometimes."

Brittany smirked and Santana set her jaw, and Quinn could feel the heavy subtext in the room.

She tried to think of a way to broach the subject without sounding insane.

"Do either of you ever.. have a thing.. with other girls?"

Quinn watched Santana's eyes snap upwards and focus on hers in the reflection of the mirror. Quinn could see the wheels turning as Santana processed what Quinn said.

"Oh, sometimes." Brittany replied, both as if it were no big deal and as if she didn't understand the full implication of the question.

"Why, Q?" Santana asked, deciding to avoid dancing around the subject. She let another lock pelf Brittany's hair fall and she caught it with her palm, delicately, so the heat wouldn't burn Brittany's bare neck and shoulders. "You.. a little curious?"

Quinn bit her lip. She knew that admitting it would be sacrificing some of her dignity, but the fact that she was watching her two perfectly-bodied, fit and sexy friends get ready for a dance while wearing a maternity dress meant she had little left to lose anyway.

"It's just these damn hormones," Quinn said with a sigh. She nervously hooked her fingers together in front of her, trying not to emphasize her baby belly, but failing miserably.

Santana clicked the curling iron off and turned around. She faced Quinn with her back resting against the edge of the vanity. Brittany rubbed the pad of her finger over her lips one last time and then she swiveled around in the chair to face Quinn as well.

Quinn was a bit nervous at the way they were looking at her, and the way Santana's lips curved in a smug, knowing smirk. "Puck not satisfying you? I tried to tell you he wasn't worth the time."

"You're horny," Brittany said, and her tone was empathetic.

"I'm not even letting Puck sleep in bed with me," Quinn said, wrinkling her nose. "He smells like an actual pig.. which doesn't even make sense, because he doesn't eat pork."

Santana nodded, and she shared a long glance with Brittany before she crossed her arms and then gave Quinn a sly smile. "Well, that's just tragic, Q," She said. "Because you're damn beautiful pregnant."

It took Quinn aback a little bit to hear Santana say that. She was still tripping over that sentence when Brittany stood up. "We'll take care of you, if you want," She said, as if it were the most natural and casual thing in the world.

Quinn sputtered, her mind reeling. "What? Both of you?"

Santana shrugged, and dipped her head in a nod. It was Brittany who actually replied, though, with, "Of course. What did you think?"

Quinn snapped her jaw shut and tried to wrap her mind around it. It was bizarre to even be considering what she was considering, but with both of them? At once? It seemed crazy, like the plotline to a bad porno.

"Just think about it, Quinn." Santana ordered, and she slid the palm of her hand against the small of Brittany's back, leading her gently towards the door.

Quinn followed after them, and she spent the whole rest of the night thinking about what it would be like, lying naked with them, with hands and mouths touching and limbs sliding against each other.

It made her wet enough to consider banging Puckerman when they got home from the dance, but he smelled of alcohol and he passed out as soon as they got up into his room.

She let the days pass, because she didn't want to seem too eager. She called Santana on a Thursday night and said simply, "I'm in."

Quinn could swear she heard Santana grin through the phoneline. "Excellent." There was a moment's pause and then she said, "Tomorrow good for you? My place?"

Quinn swallowed and then huffed out a silent breath. "Yes."

"Great." Santana replied. "See you tomorrow, Q."

"Bye." Quinn said on a sigh, and she ended the call. She knew there was still time to change her mind, but she realized she didn't want to. There were very few things that could excite her anymore, and she wasn't going to turn her back on this, even if all her own demons whispered to her about how it was wrong, or immoral, or a sin.

She'd already screwed up a number of God's laws, what were a few more, really, in the long run?

She packed an overnight bag and let herself into Santana's house, per Santana's text instructions. Quinn realized immediately that Santana's parents were gone, and so was her little brother, Martin. The house was unusually quiet, except for the faint sound of music drifting out of Santana's cracked bedroom door.

Quinn grunted and grit her teeth against the way it was a struggle to clamber up the stairs. She wasn't hugely pregnant yet, but the extra weight made her back ache and her hips hurt, and she avoided inclines if she could.

She nudged the door to Santana's room open, and she saw Brittany sitting on Santana's bed while Santana braided Brittany's hair. She sat her knapsack down and then closed the door behind her.

"Hey, Quinn." Brittany said, her tone light.


"Take a seat, blondie." Santana said, and she snapped a rubber band around the end of Brittany's hair.

Quinn walked over and perched on the edge of the bed, folding her hands in her lap. She watched as Santana turned away from Brittany, and after changing the music on her iPod to something that was low and soothing and jazzy, began to light candles scattered all over the room.

Quinn's eyes widened. "You don't have to do that." Her cheeks felt hot.

"Yeah, we do." Brittany said, and her smile was big. "It has to be special."

"It's the first time Britt and I are having a threesome with another girl," Santana explained over her shoulder. "She's excited."

Quinn looked over to Brittany, who nodded happily.

She began twisting her fingers in her lap, because now that she was here she felt anxious.

"You don't have to be nervous, Q." Santana said, once she'd finished lighting the candles and drawing the curtains closed. Santana's already dark room went dim, with only the gold flicker of the candles as illumination.

"We'll be gentle." Brittany smiled reassuringly.

"Unless you don't want us to be," Santana added with a wicked smirk. She began casually stripping, pulling off her thin t-shirt to reveal a black lacy bra. Quinn watched as she nudged her loose sweatpants down her hips, and even though she had seen them countless times, Quinn felt her mouth go dry at the sight of Santana's long legs in the soft golden light.

"Like what you see, Q?" Santana gave Quinn a knowing smile. "I always thought you had the hots for me."

Quinn nearly stuttered, but she regained her composure quickly. "Not really." She cocked her head at Santana's raised eyebrows. "I have more of a thing for blondes."

Santana's face tightened, and she shifted her eyes between Quinn and Brittany. "Prove it." She said, gesturing with one hand. "Kiss her."

Quinn didn't have time to react, because Brittany scooted across the bed so quickly. She had a moment to register that Brittany's eyes looked gray in the candlelight before Brittany was cupping her cheek with one hand and then, with a gentle tug, she pulled her face close and pressed her lips into Quinn's.

It was a shock, because it was different from any other kiss she had ever experienced. Brittany's hands and lips were soft, and Brittany's skin smelled clean, like soap and vanilla. She took a moment to simply feel, before she slowly shifted and angled her head, fitting their faces closer together. Quinn parted her lips when she felt Brittany gently rub her tongue out along the crease, and she felt her breath hitch and catch when Brittany swallowed her bottom lip into her mouth and sucked.

Brittany's other hand reached up and tangled in Quinn's hair, and she hummed appreciatively when Brittany's tongue finally slid inside her mouth, lapping over her own tongue and teeth. The sensation drew out quick, strangled breaths and Quinn found her hands grasping her own pants tightly.

Brittany didn't taste anything like any of the boys she'd ever kissed, either. She was sweet and fresh and reminded Quinn of the sugary wine coolers she had occasionally indulged in.

Brittany was a skilled kisser. She moved her tongue inside of Quinn's mouth expertly, and it was sweet and hot at once, not at all forceful or overeager. Brittany kept sweeping her thumb against Quinn's face, brushing against her cheekbone, and it made Quinn shiver.

Brittany peeled back and when Quinn slowly opened her eyes, she focused on Brittany's face and she saw the gentle way Brittany was smiling into her eyes.

"That was so fucking hot," Santana said, and Quinn looked at her. She was hovering near the edge of the bed in only her lace panties and bra, and Quinn saw something unfamiliar on her face - a kind of predatory hunger. Her pupils were large and dark, and the way she swept her eyes over Quinn made her shudder.

"Get naked, Britt," Santana husked, but she kept her eyes trained on Quinn while Brittany hopped up from the bed. Santana immediately took her place and Quinn's stomach dropped and her heart skipped a beat when she felt Santana's hands smooth over her thighs, palm down, before she leaned in and pressed their lips together.

Santana was almost the polar opposite of Brittany. Where Britt was sweet and patient, Santana was rough and demanding, but it still was nothing like the coarse, hard mouth of Puck or Finn's sloppy imprecision. No, Santana was like hot satin, and she wasted no time dipping her tongue into Quinn's mouth, hungrily. A noise from deep inside Santana's throat vibrated between them, and it made Quinn pinch her thighs together and shift against the sudden, persistent throbbing between her legs.

Santana's mouth was boiling and furious, and Quinn struggled to keep up. She panted against Santana when she felt Santana's hands sweep up and tighten in her hair, pulling her closer. The more Quinn's tongue swept inside of Santana's mouth, the more she realized that Santana tasted like something dark and dangerous and a little bit bitter, like tequila. It tied her stomach in knots and made her hands tremble.

"Santana," Brittany whined. "No fair."

Santana grunted, and when she pulled away she had Quinn's bottom lip caught between her teeth. She let it drag roughly before she finally released it. It made Quinn suck in a hissing breath and she flicked her tongue over it, tasting the way it was swollen and hot.

Brittany sat down on the other side of Quinn and her heart knocked in her chest, filled with anxiety. She kept sucking on her lip and she looked between Santana and Brittany, a little bit intimidated by how confident and easy they were, just sitting there in their underwear. Brittany's was bubblegum pink with white polka dots and Quinn stared at the muscles on Britt's stomach.

"Get comfy, Quinn." Santana said, and she stood up quickly and pulled Quinn's cardigan off. It left Quinn wearing a loose, billowy white top with tight black leggings underneath. She looked up helplessly at Santana and then over at Brittany, who only smiled at her and tucked a loose lock of Quinn's hair behind her ear.

"Santana gets bossy sometimes," Brittany explained. She shifted up and crawled towards the head of the bed, where Santana had a mountain of pillows. She patted the blankets until, reluctantly, Quinn followed. She shifted and sat until her back was resting against the pillows and Brittany began running her fingers through Quinn's hair.

"Don't act like you don't like it," Santana said, and she and Brittany shared a look that Quinn couldn't penetrate.

"We have to be easy with Quinn," Brittany said in response. "She's like a delicate flower with a baby tree troll inside."

Santana snorted, and she crawled up the length of the bed now, until she was kneeling in front of Quinn. "Or she's like a horny, pregnant teenager."

Brittany tilted her head and then she nodded. "Yeah. That too."

"I'm gonna take these off, okay, Q?" Santana said, indicating the black, stretchy leggings that clung to Quinn's body.

Quinn just nodded, and she shifted as Santana hooked her fingers around the hem of her pants and slowly peeled them downwards. She flushed when she saw Santana's eyes linger on her underwear, which were white cotton granny panties that sagged in the butt but were too tight around the waist. She pulled her legs free and then drew her knees up to shield herself from Santana's eyes.

"Ugh, you're so sexy," Santana breathed, and Quinn's breath hitched in her chest when she felt Santana lean forward and kiss first one of her knees, and then the other.

"Santana likes you pregnant." Brittany murmured, and her fingers were slowly stroking Quinn's scalp, drawing out tingles along her neck and hairline. "I think she has a foot-fish."

Santana drew back enough to scowl at Brittany, and she lingered a kiss against the inside crook of Quinn's knee, parting her legs. "It's fetish, Britt." Quinn's chest was tight and she watched nervously as Santana slowly edged forward, kissing the soft skin of her inner thigh now, coaxing them further and further apart. "And I don't have one."

Brittany giggled, and Quinn let out a startled gasp as Brittany slowly began kissing up the line of her jaw. Quinn's head swam dizzily at the dual sensation of Santana's hot, wet mouth dragging against one thigh, and then the other, and the more intense and overwhelming feeling of Brittany's lips skating across her face and neck, before she slowly sucked Quinn's earlobe into her mouth. Quinn's breath hitched and caught, and the muscles in her thighs trembled. Her fingers gripped the top of the bedspread desperately.

"I don't know what fish have to do with pregnant people," Britt whispered softly against Quinn's cheek, and then she licked and nipped at the sensitive shell of Quinn's ear. Quinn couldn't help the way her eyes rolled into the back of her head and how she groaned. She didn't even realize that Santana was now kneeling between her legs, and she leaned upwards, running the flat of her palms against the inside of Quinn's thighs, up and down, from her knees to the juncture point.

"Britt, stop talking," Santana said quietly.

Brittany pulled her mouth away from Quinn's ear and frowned at Santana. Quinn sucked in ragged, panting breaths and she squirmed against Santana's hands, her legs twitching and trembling.

"She doesn't like me to talk during," Brittany said, and Quinn could hear the pout in her voice.

Santana rolled her eyes, and this time, when her hands made their downward journey, she applied gentle pressure from her nails. The soft scratching made Quinn bite her lip and swallow.

"Brittany, I love it when you talk during," Santana said. "Remember? It just has to be the right kind of talking."

"Oh," Brittany's eyebrows shot up and then a quick grin overtook her face. "Yeah. I remember. That was fun." She looked between Quinn and Santana then. "Can I do that now?"

Santana let out a nervous little cough. Her hands never stopped sliding up, down, up, down, and it felt like each individual finger was trailing fire along Quinn's thighs. "I don't think Quinn's quite ready for that yet."

"Maybe next time," Brittany said.

Quinn knew that this whole situation was insane. She kept looking between them, following their conversation with lidded eyes. "You're both lunatics," She managed around a huffed breath.

Brittany laughed and Santana scowled, and Quinn jumped at the way Santana shifted suddenly and drew both of her hands, palms flat, against the place where pelvis met leg and gripped there. Her abrupt forcefulness made Quinn's heart clutch and jumble in her chest and her lungs freeze.

"Don't insult the people who are about to give you multiple orgasms," Santana said lowly. Her eyes flashed and Quinn's whole body tensed at the way Santana was clutching her.

"That's a little arrogant, isn't it?" Quinn didn't know where she got the strength to say those words, because it made Santana grip her and yank her until she was lying flat against the bed, pressed into the mattress. Quinn let out a surprised shriek at the suddenness of it.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard," Santana whispered, and Quinn's heart trembled in her chest and her insides tightened and tangled in hot, wet knots.

"Ooh," Brittany said from beside her, and Quinn heard the way her voice was low and thick. "Sexy Santana."

Santana shot Brittany a smoky, knowing look, but there was more than just heat in it when she looked at Brittany. Quinn saw pride, affection, and amusement lighting Santana's dark eyes, and so much love it made Quinn's throat ache.

Brittany slid against the bed so that she was lying beside Quinn, now, and she wound one of her arms underneath Quinn's neck, using the other to draw her in closer. Quinn focused on Brittany's face, at the soft and reassuring pressure of her fingers against her cheek.

Between Quinn's legs, Santana snagged the waistband of Quinn's panties, and she slid them down deftly. Quinn breathed hard because she knew Santana would be able to tell how wet she was. Brittany smiled and kept her eyes locked on Quinn's, and it helped.

Quinn shivered when she felt Santana stroke one long, sure finger against her wetness, and her breath exploded out in a ragged pant. Brittany leaned in and kissed her, then, right as Santana dragged a second finger through her and made everything inside her clench impossibly tighter.

"Fuck," Santana breathed, and it sent chills up her spine. Brittany's tongue danced into Quinn's mouth again, and though she was more urgent and heated, she was still gentle. Brittany was sucking in wet, ragged breaths around their kisses, and the sound of the other girl's breathing made everything thrum and hum inside of Quinn in a way she didn't expect or anticipate.

Santana's fingers continued exploring between Quinn's legs, and she would press occasional kisses against Quinn's thigh or hips. Her touches were light and fleeting, and always had Quinn gasping and grinding, searching for more.

Brittany's hand dropped from around Quinn's face, and she quickly slid it beneath the thin white top Quinn still wore. Quinn shuddered at the light, ticklish pressure against her side, chasing up her ribs, until Brittany's hand cupped one of Quinn's boobs firmly.

She gasped and arched when she felt Brittany's thumb tweak against an already hard nipple, even over the cotton barrier of her bra.

"Whatever you did," Santana murmured, her voice thick and breathy, "Do it again."

So Brittany did, and it made Quinn cry out and squirm hard onto Santana's hand. She broke away from Brittany's kiss, sobbing on air and clutching the bed wildly.

"Time for this to come off," Santana growled, and before she knew what was happening, Santana was hovering over her, sliding her top up and then tugging it over her arms and head. Quinn was still breathing heavily when she felt Brittany's hands slide around her and quickly undid the complicated clasp of her maternity bra.

Suddenly she was naked, and Quinn felt exposed, but she didn't have time to focus on it because Brittany was shifting and tugging at the layer of pillows, and Santana was pressing against her hip and shoulder until she was slowly turning on the mattress, facing Brittany, with one pillow tucked beneath her belly. It was, oddly enough, one of the most comfortable positions she'd ever found for lying on a flat surface.

Santana slid behind her, and Quinn gasped at the feeling of Santana's full body pressed against her back. Santana's skin was warm and smooth, and Quinn could feel Santana's taut stomach against her lower back and the soft push of her breasts, through black lace, against her shoulder blades. But mostly she felt Santana's breath on the back of her neck and her silken lips dragging against the bundle of nerves located at the top of her spine.

Brittany moved in closer, too, until their faces were flush with one another. Quinn struggled to breathe evenly, but all pretense of that was lost when she felt Brittany nudge against her chin until she could press her lips against Quinn's pounding pulse point, and then Brittany opened her mouth, rolling her tongue there and sucking.

At the same time, she felt Santana slide a hand down between them, along her spine, and Quinn thrashed and shuddered against the two sensations. Brittany kept licking and sucking, making her heart pound furiously, and when Santana cupped her sopping center from behind, it made her heart stop.

"Oh, fuck," Quinn moaned, and she gripped at one of Brittany's shoulders to try to steady herself.

"That's right, baby," Santana murmured, and she felt Santana's tongue lick against the back of her ear. It drew out a prolonged and intense full-body shudder.

Brittany pulled back to press soft, gentle kisses against the side of Quinn's face, and then she felt Brittany's hand ghosting down between them until it came to rest near Santana's at the juncture of Quinn's legs.

"Ready?" Santana whispered, and Quinn felt Santana's - she thought it was Santana's - fingers slowly spread her lower lips.

Quinn gasped and panted, with Brittany still showering her face with soft little kisses.

"Yes," Quinn sobbed out, a both with a desperate need for release and in anticipation of relief.

She moaned and clutched at Brittany's shoulder when she felt Santana's fingers slip inside of her. At the same time, Brittany pressed two fingers against her clit. Both of them held still for a heartbeat, giving her the chance to adjust, and it was with a quick kiss from Santana to the back of her neck and another from Brittany to her shuddering, trembling lips, that they began to move in perfect synchronization.

Quinn couldn't help the surprised, high-pitched whines that squeezed out of her throat, at the way Santana was gently rocking two fingers inside of her, slowly drawing them open and sliding them against the secret places inside of her that made her see stars behind her eyelids, and the way Brittany pressed steady but gradually firmer circles on her clit.

It was working to build the most intense and blinding pressure inside of her, a sort of storm that raged so fiercely that she was a little afraid of what would happen when it finally came. Her body didn't feel like it was hers, but at the same time she felt like she knew it more intimately than she ever had in her life, in that moment.

Quinn was clutching desperately at Brittany, squeezing her eyes shut and gasping around sobbing breaths. Her body rocked and slid against Santana and Brittany, and in that frenzied moment she had no idea where one ended and the other began.

Quinn felt Santana shift and the next time she drew her fingers out, a third joined the other two and Quinn felt herself stretch and fill. She grunted and slammed her hips down, and she heard Santana take in a quick breath. Her pace changed then, and Brittany's matched it a moment later. They were now working furiously against her, Santana pounding into her and Brittany rubbing and grinding.

Every muscle in Quinn's body contracted, and a scream caught in her throat as she teetered, paralyzed, before she crashed down and her limbs thrashed and shook, her whole body shuddering continuously in wave after wave. She felt herself suck and tighten around Santana, and Brittany stilled her movements but kept her fingers steady. Slowly, almost achingly, her muscles unwound and she was muffling hot, wet sobs against Brittany's neck as they clutched at each other. Quinn had wrapped her arms around Brittany's shoulders and Brittany disentangled her fingers so that she could hold Quinn back.

Quinn's whole body heaved with her ragged breathing, but Santana's fingers stayed locked inside of Quinn. She waited until Quinn's quakes subsided to tremors before she began to gently rock her hips, pushing against Quinn's backside, making her own body move.

"No," Quinn choked out, and she held Brittany tighter. "I can't. Santana."

"Shh." Santana hugged closer to Quinn, pushing her body firmly against her, and she felt Santana's lips against the back of her neck. "You can. Come again."

Quinn shook her head in refusal, but she groaned and heaved when she felt Santana slowly start to move her fingers again. It was a languid, leisurely pace, but Quinn felt swollen and hot and she couldn't believe the way her body was thrashing and eager even when she was so sensitive and spent.

Quinn felt Santana's teeth nip against the back of her neck, and then her tongue smoothed over the same spot and an instant later she was sucking the flesh into her mouth and her fingers curled inside of Quinn.

Quinn's chest froze on a strangled cry, and then her hips were undulating and rolling again and Santana's fingers were dragging out every bit of her orgasm with long, liquid strokes.

Quinn panted into the cusp of Brittany's arms weakly, her forehead sleek with sweat and her head light and dizzy. She pressed her face into the skin of Brittany's shoulder and repressed a moan at the sensation of Santana slowly, gingerly drawing her fingers out. She felt Santana's arm drift up between them and the scent of herself – slightly different now that she was pregnant than it had been before – filled her nostrils only a moment before she heard the sound of Santana dipping her fingers into her mouth and sucking.

Quinn didn't know why, but she found the thought of that unbearably sexy. She peeked her eyes open enough to watch Santana offer her fingers to Brittany, above her, and she caught the flash of pink as Brittany lapped against Santana's sticky hand.

"Mm." Santana's voice was low and throaty, and Quinn felt it like it was an actual presence sliding down her back. She felt the way Brittany was tensing in her arms, and she slowly relaxed her hold, until Brittany shifted and then, without touching her, slid over her body and onto Santana's.

Quinn shifted and rolled, until she was facing the other two girls. Santana had moved until she was in a sitting position, and Brittany straddled her. Even though every single nerve in Quinn's body was aching and sore, she felt a slight zing of pleasure shoot towards her swollen, wet center at the sight of Brittany's tanned, toned body hovering over Santana's.

Santana rubbed her hands up and down Brittany's sides, gripping her ribs, and Quinn watched, mystified, at the way Santana looked up at and smiled into Brittany's face.

She had come into this under the impression that Santana called the shots, and Brittany did what she was told. But now, looking at them, Quinn got the very distinct idea that that wasn't the case at all.

Santana had that dopey, lovesick expression on her face that meant she worshipped Brittany. And Brittany had a smug, assured smile that let Santana – and Quinn – know that she knew it.

It felt very private, and for a moment, Quinn was sorry to be intruding. She bit her lip and then curled into a ball, her head still on the pillow and her heavy belly cradled between her arms and legs.

Santana glanced down at her, and she gave Quinn a satisfied, knowing smile. It made things twist and churn inside of her that she didn't know how to identify.

"Do you want to touch, too?" Brittany asked, and made both of them look up at her. She was slowly shifting on top of Santana, really just rocking with the way Santana's hands played up and down her ribcage.

Quinn was still gnawing at her lip and she didn't know how to answer the question.

"Yes or no, Quinn," Santana said dryly. Quinn could tell she was impatient.

"I don't know how," Quinn admitted. She felt like it would be rude to not at least offer to reciprocate, even though it looked like the pair of them were so wound up that they would go at each other like feral cats at any moment.

Brittany just hummed and then lifted her leg, sliding off of Santana. Quinn saw the way Santana huffed and pouted at the loss of physical contact.

"Do you want to be the middle, or me?" Britt asked Santana.

Santana eyed Quinn up and down, and Quinn hugged her knees tighter.

"You can." Santana said finally. "I don't have patience for beginners."

Brittany clucked her tongue at Santana and poked a finger into Santana's cheek, in the exact spot where a dimple would appear if Santana smiled. She held her finger there even when Santana tried to turn away, and finally her cheeks swelled with a broad grin.

It was another one of those moments that made Quinn feel like she was encroaching on something private. She shifted uncomfortably against the blankets, aware of how totally naked she was and how sticky her skin was, from sweat and other moisture. She watched as Brittany slid down until she was lying with her head on the pillows, with Santana flanking one side and Quinn on the other. Santana hovered over her and pressed a hard, vicious kiss to Brittany's lips, and Quinn caught herself staring again, watching the way their mouths fused together and listening to the quiet sounds of need that filled the space between them.

Santana was the one who broke the kiss, and she panted and rested her forehead against Brittany's cheek. Quinn took in the way Santana's ribs stretched and expanded against her skin, and the way her body trembled and how she shifted so that her hair was covering her face.

"God, Britt, I'm so close," Santana said in a voice Quinn had never heard before. It was whiny and thin and Quinn felt her stomach muscles tense.

Brittany used her hands to push and tuck Santana's hair back behind her ears, and now Quinn could see that her face was flushed and her eyes were glassy and desperate. She was on her knees and elbows, her face inches above Brittany's, and her body slowly rocked against nothing in that position.

Britt turned her head and looked at Quinn, and she took the invitation to scoot up further until her head was resting on the pillow next to Brittany's. Brittany used her hand to slide her palm along Quinn's forearm and then she gripped Quinn's hand in her own, and Quinn swallowed the beehive of nerves that erupted in her belly the second Britt drew her arm down until her hand was resting low on her stomach.

Quinn watched as Brittany turned back to Santana and she cupped Santana high on her thigh, making Santana wince and suck in a hard breath. Quinn felt paralyzed, with her palm against the firm, flat plane of Brittany's stomach, as she watched Brittany slowly slide her hand along the seam of Santana's black lace panties, and then as her fingers dipped beneath the elastic. She heard both girls let out a muffled noise, Santana's like a grunt, Brittany's like a moan.

Quinn swallowed, and looked up at Brittany's face. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip, and her skin was flushed. Quinn tentatively slipped her head forward and pressed a kiss against Brittany's cheek, and then she slid her hand down and beneath Brittany's pink underwear.

It was so hot down there that Quinn was sure it must be scalding. Everything was slippery and wet, and Quinn had no idea it would feel like this. She didn't understand the unfamiliar tightening that happened between her legs, or why touching Brittany would do that to her. She kept shifting her eyes between Brittany's face and Santana's, watching them as they heaved and breathed and rocked.

Santana shifted suddenly, until one of her legs was straddling Brittany's, and she used her own hand to position Brittany's so that she could use Brittany's thigh as leverage. Quinn's belly jumped when Santana slammed herself down onto Brittany, and her cheeks burned when she heard Santana's throaty, grateful moan. Santana began pounding into Brittany's hand, and she felt Brittany flex and shift so that her leg was propped up, and now she was jolting into Santana's thrusts. The air was filled with the slick, wet slapping noise of flesh on flesh, mixed with Santana's grunts and small, whimpery moans.

Quinn got distracted by Santana, and she noticed that Brittany was nudging her hips and fisting the bedspread with her free hand. She quickly slipped her fingers harder into Brittany, noticing the way she groaned and rolled her body. Quinn found Brittany's hard little nub, and she began to make quick circles there.

Brittany's muscles started tensing and releasing, and she saw the way Brittany's chest heaved and choked on air. Quinn slid until her face was tucked against Brittany's neck, and she opened her mouth and slid her tongue out, licking along Brittany's pulse point and then down to her collar bones. Under the wet smacking of Santana into Brittany, she heard Brittany's little moans, quiet and heated, and she began to suck harder while her fingers pressed more eagerly into steady circles.

All at once, Santana was shrieking in a gasp and then pausing her furious motions, and Quinn felt Brittany's head tugged sharply towards Santana. She had wrapped her fingers in Brittany's hair and pulled their faces together, and Quinn watched the way Santana kept her forehead on Brittany's and how her face seemed to spasm between joy and pain while her body trembled, hinging on the precipice. Brittany murmured quiet, loving things and she lifted her free hand to stroke through Santana's hair, and Quinn felt Brittany's wrist pump furiously into Santana, even while her body was frozen. Another desperate, whining cry broke out of Santana's lips and then she was grinding furiously against Brittany, her body shaking and rolling and writhing down as hard as it could.

Quinn's pulse was pounding throughout her entire body and her blood was roaring in her ears, and a warm tingle had taken up dancing along every inch of her skin. She was wide-eyed and fascinated at the sight of Santana unraveling like that. There was something animalistic about it, but also something almost holy.

Santana slumped against Brittany, and Brittany turned her face to press small, sweet kisses against Santana's cheek before she rolled her head back to Quinn.

"Keep going," She whispered.

Quinn nodded, and her hand took up their motions again, tentative circles that became more forceful the more Brittany responded, with quick, dainty gasps. Quinn watched the muscles in Brittany's stomach jump and heave, and she saw the way Brittany's eyes moved beneath her eyelids, as if she were seeing some kind of spectacle there.

Santana slowly rolled until she was cradled against Brittany, and she just slung an arm over her torso, the back of which brushed against Quinn's naked boob. She bit her lip and looked over Brittany's heaving, shuddering chest at Santana, but Santana's eyes were half-open and hazy, and focused on nothing.

Quinn swallowed and then she shifted again until she was nibbling at Brittany's neck, sucking gently on her pulse point and then sending moist, warm kisses along the side of her jaw. Brittany turned her head suddenly and then their mouths were fused together, tongues tangling and dancing while Quinn's hand worked furiously beneath Brittany's underwear.

Quinn felt the bed move and then she heard Santana, dimly, whisper: "Come, Brittany." Brittany's breath hitched into the kiss, and she stole the air from Quinn's lungs and pushed it back with a strangled cry when her torso arched. Quinn could feel Santana's hand moving against Brittany's chest and she heard, faintly, the licking and sucking noises that meant Santana was kissing against Brittany's neck and ear.

Brittany's body arched feverishly against the bed, and then it hung in mid-air and Quinn felt her mouth and jaw vibrate with Brittany's muffled moan. Quinn licked her tongue into Brittany's mouth over and over again while her limbs shuddered and her hips ground into her hand, flooding her fingers and palm with a wave of sticky, damp heat.

Brittany broke away and was panting, her whole body heaving from the force of her breaths. Quinn drew up and she looked down, stunned, at the way Brittany's skin was so slick and hot and how her body continued to tumble and roll. Quinn only stopped moving her fingers when she felt Brittany's hand clamp down on her wrist. Quinn pulled away quickly.

She watched the way that Santana, her limbs all loose and limber, slowly crawled until she was lying completely on top of Brittany. Their bodies were flat against each other, and Santana rested her head on Brittany's chest and slowly opened her eyes to look at Quinn. Quinn watched as one of Brittany's hands came up to smooth down Santana's hair, and the way that Brittany's gasping breaths made Santana's whole body move up and down.

Quinn was surprised by the way Santana reached out between them, and she grabbed at Quinn until Quinn was sliding back snug against Brittany. She was careful not to bump her belly into either one of them, instead allowing for her legs to tangle beneath theirs and her arms to slowly press against the mattress until she was cradling Brittany loosely.

Santana's dark, lazy, sated eyes stayed on Quinn's while they both listened to Brittany breathe in the quiet room. By now, the music on the iPod had switched off and the candles were burning low, flickering dim and weak light.

Quinn shifted until her head was resting on Brittany's shoulder, one of her arms tucked between their bodies and the other laying near Santana's shoulder. Santana watched her movements and her face was completely relaxed. She even drifted out a palm and it made Quinn's stomach jump and flutter at the way Santana rested her hand against the swell between them.

Brittany's arm came down around Quinn and she pressed and nudged until the three of them were seamless, one of her arms resting along the line of Santana's spine and the other holding Quinn close.

Quinn could hear Brittany's heartbeat beneath her skin and she listened to the slow, even way Santana breathed. She watched Santana's eyelids get heavier and heavier until she finally let them close, and soon there was a faint whistling sound that accompanied her breathing.

Quinn didn't know if Brittany was sleeping, too. She could feel the way her chest moved rhythmically and her heart seemed steady and slow, but she didn't want to move and look up to check. The three of them were still and tangled together, and Quinn looked down at Santana's hand resting against her stomach and she thought about the way Brittany's arm curled against her back.

Quinn drifted off thinking that this might be the most perfect moment in her entire life, and she didn't have a clue why.

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