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The knife came down with a thwack.

Zim sighed as he began cutting the veg, watching it carefully to make sure a carrot end didn't shoot from under the blade and hit the floor like it usually did.

Tonight, he decided he'd be bold and make some winter soup. He had been on Earth for a good thirteen years now and was only now, after all this time, finally getting adjusted to the human lifestyle and food. Out of most of the vegetables he had, he enjoyed carrots and squash. The other veg, he was…okay with, but really wasn't going to force himself to eat it.

Meat was a huge no-no to him. He attempted to have it once and was sick for a month. Eggs were also on the list of things to avoid. It didn't make him very ill, he just didn't enjoy it very much.

He picked the board up and poured all the veg within into a pot, using the knife to slide those few stubborn strays in. He gave another sigh. He was really sighing a lot today. He was so bored and just needed something more to do. He felt very energetic today and making dinner really wasn't releasing much of his energy.

Zim didn't have a job. He tried his hand at working once after he eventually left college but was soon fired for consecutively insulting the customers at the restaurant he was a bus boy at. He now spent his days cooking at home, going shopping when he felt like it and working busily in the labs below the household. He really had gotten into his inventions over the years and found it a way to keep busy. But today, even that wasn't helping his built-up energy.

Zim's body tensed as two arms gently wrapped around his hips, "So…how has my favourite alien's day been?"

Zim gave Dib a look as the human hugged him from behind, giving him a sly look. Zim relaxed, giving the spikey-haired man a look, "I see you got through the security system again. I'll rework it after dinner."

Dib pulled away going to stand next to his former enemy, "Yeah, you do that, sweetie."

"Don't call me that," Zim mumbled moving towards the spice cabinet, away from Dib. Dib leant against the black marble counter top, folding his arms, "I smell soup."

"Glad to see your sense organs are still working, Dib-human."

"What sort of soup are we having?"

"A Winter soup," Zim sprinkled a pinch of cinnamon into the thickening liquid.

"But it's not Winter. It's only Autumn."

Zim gave him a harsh look, Dib gave him a grin.

The two sat together in the Membrane dining room across from one another, digging into the soup with a few slices of bread. Zim's leg bounced on the dark carpet under the table. Dib looked up at the bored look on the alien's face, "You've been very quiet this evening. You okay?"

Zim looked up at Dib for a moment, before looking back down as he mumbled, "Just been a very slow day."

Dib gave a look and stuck a spoonful of soup in his mouth. He had to admit, it was a very cold day. Winter was creeping in quite fast this year. He decided tomorrow he'd swop his usual leather coat with the thermal heated leather coat for work.

Zim looked up at Dib, an exhale escaping his lips once more, "How was work today?"

"Eh, same old, same old," Dib now looked bored.

His lifelong dream of becoming a Paranormal Investigator didn't work out the way he planned it to. He was surrounded by morons who found him annoying and often picked on him. So, he quit that job and went to work at helping human kind in a different way. He was a doctor at the local hospital. All those years of studying alien anatomy and having a man of science like his dad in the household really made passing medical school quite easy.

Dib gave a small grin. Zim gave him a look, "And that?"

"A mother came in today. She slipped and broke her wrist…"

"And you find her pain funny, right?" Zim gave him a smirk. Dib sighed, "No. She had a cute little son."

"Oh, is that all?" Zim looked bored once more and went back to the soup.

Dib looked down, feeling his cheeks go red. He wanted to discuss with Zim the story of how that little boy was being cheeky with him and demanding that his mom be fixed immediately. Dib found it the cutest thing and it made him really think about kids.

But he knew Zim didn't care. He knew Zim was never interested in children, unless it involved kids getting hurt or disfigured in some way.

Dib loved kids. And he knew Zim didn't. That was just the way it was between the two.

Zim looked up, "What's wrong with your face?"

Dib looked up, his face going redder. He smiled sheepishly, "It's just warm in here."

"It's predicted to be minus 2 tonight. What the bloody hell are you on about?"

Dib looked away, still blushing. Zim gave the human a relaxed look, reaching across and holding onto Dib's hand. Dib looked back at the slightly concerned alien, "You can tell me."

"I just…this is a nice soup," Dib smiled, knowing that diversion would get Zim to change the subject.

And Zim did, if only for Dib's sake, "Your sister called today."

Dib didn't expect that, "Gaz?"

Zim looked at him in surprise, "You do only have one sister, right?"

"What did she want?"

"She wouldn't say. You know she doesn't like me very much. She just said you need to call her and hung up."

Dib hadn't heard from his sister since the wedding. Why would she want to talk with him all of a sudden?

"I'll call her in the morning," he scraped up the last bit of soup as Zim sat back in his seat, just having finished his.

"So, Dib-human. What are we doing tomorrow, seeing as you have the morning off?" Zim folded his arms.

"Well, anything you want to do," Dib said with a smile, placing the bowl further in front of him as he rested his arms on the table, leaning forward.

"Well, seeing as whenever you're at home, we spend time lounging about the living room, watching Mysterious Mysteries reruns," Zim said in spite. Dib gave a laugh, "Is there any better way to spend a Saturday morning?"

Zim grunted and looked up, staring at the ceiling as his legs still bounced. Maybe he should go for a run around the block.

Dib gave him a warm smile, "We can go out tomorrow. Have breakfast at a café, go shopping for some new winter clothes for us and then go for a walk by the lake in the park."

Zim looked back down, giving Dib a small smile, "Now that's more like it."

They both sat straight as a ringing hit the airwaves. It was the phone, ruining the moment the two seemed to be having. Dib stood, "I'll get it."

Zim stood as well, clearing the table for dessert.

"Hello? Dib speaking."

"Who else would it be?" an annoyed female voice rang on the line, "Besides that stupid alien you seem to like so much, you pinhead?"

Dib gave the phone a look, "Hi Gaz. This is quite a feat. You calling me twice in one day? Huh, I'd better watch out for flying pigs."

"Shut it. Look, I need to see you tomorrow morning," Gaz said in an irritated voice.

Dib gave an angered look, "You don't write or call me in four years and expect me to just do as you say when you suddenly ask of me?"

"Dib, you know it wouldn't be important if I…"

"You're not pregnant again?" Dib said in wonder, the thought just entering his mind. He could hear his sister growl on the other side, "Just be at the Corner Shop Café tomorrow!"

She hung up. Dib gave the phone a look, before putting it back, "Well, that was weird."

He went to sit back down at the dinner table, placing his hands behind his head as Zim worked on dessert in the kitchen, "So, sweetie. What's for dessert?"

Zim walked in, carrying three bowls awkwardly, "Well, seeing as someone hasn't been shopping for the household lately, we don't really have much for dessert. So this is just things I think we're supposed to throw together or something."

Dib looked at the bowls of strawberries, chocolate sauce and some whipped cream out of a can. His eyebrows rose, "Oooh, looks good."

"Don't make fun of me, human. I saw this on TV," Zim mentioned, picking up a strawberry as he gave it a weird look. He usually put some cake on a plate for dessert for them, but this he knew Dib would grate him for.

Dib gave him a smile as he took the strawberry out his hand, "I wasn't making fun of you."

He dipped it in the chocolate sauce before dipping it into some whipped cream and placing it near Zim's mouth, "I'm just surprised by the choice of menu."

Zim gave the dripping fruity dessert a look before taking a bite, licking his lips, "Hmm."


"Not bad," he said, wiping a small drip of cream from the side of his lips, "Makes a change from the boring pastries you pick up for us."

Dib dipped a strawberry for himself. He was used to the constant insults by now, "I'll keep that in mind next time we go shopping."

As Zim and Dib began finishing off the last few strawberries in the bowl, both resting their heads on their hands in boredom, they both looked at one another.

Something felt weird between the two tonight. Zim felt weird in particular.

The insults were normal. In fact, they both seemed to be holding back on them tonight in all honesty.

But Zim felt very strange tonight. His body felt very warm. His legs wouldn't stop shaking. His spooch was tying in nervous knots. And his skin…his body…everything…he was carving something. Oh, how he needed something.

But what?

He had never felt like this before in the four years he had been living with Dib. In the six years they had been actual friends, sharing an apartment during college. So what was so different about today? Now that the human and him were in the same room, the energy and heat he was feeling seemed to be getting worse.

Dib held the chocolate bowl at a tilt, getting that last bit of chocolate on the edge. He really hated wasting good food. He placed the chocolate-laced strawberry into his mouth and gave a happy sigh of content. What a lovely end to a good meal. Zim looked at him as Dib closed his eyes, noting the small drip of chocolate on the side of his mouth as he chewed down the juicy fruit. Zim stood quickly going over to the human, causing Dib to sit straight as his eyes opened, "What's wrong?"

Zim stood in front of the human, giving him a small smile, leaning in for a kiss. Dib closed his eyes again, trying to hold back the smile he was feeling. Zim pulled away, giving Dib a sly look, "You make such a mess when you eat."

"Best way to lure you over here, huh?" Dib smirked, giving his love an interested look.

Dib stood, thinking that was the end of it and preparing to go and sit in the lounge to finish up some case files. But Zim wasn't done with him yet and pushed him right back down into his seat, "Na-uh."

Dib gave Zim a look, "Na-uh, what?"

"I'm not done with you yet," Zim said sly.

"There's more? You go as far as kissing me and that's on a good night and when I've bribed you with something," Dib said as he folded his arms and crossed his legs.

Zim leant in quite closely, giving Dib a determined, scary look, "Oh, so much more."

Dib gave a look, completely taken off guard as Zim leant in for a more powerful kiss.

When Zim pulled away, Dib stared wide-eyes at Zim, "Oh."