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~5 years Later~

"Dib, someone's at the door!" Zim yelled from the kitchen.

Dib walked down the stairway, going over to it.

He opened it in a swing, smiling, "Well, hello there."

"Hey Dib," Gretchen beamed, a very bulky looking man standing next to her, their young daughter being held by the hand, "This is Armand, my husband."

"Pleasure to meet you, Dib," he stuck out his hand. Dib shook it, trying to hold back a grunt. Geez, this guy was pure muscle, wasn't he? Gretchen did mention he was an officer in the air force or something weird like that.

"And this must be Marissa, huh?" Dib smiled at the little girl. She ducked behind her mom. Gretchen laughed, "She's a little shy."

"Aren't all kids?" Dib laughed. He looked down at her, "Well, Marissa, I have a little girl upstairs who's been dying to meet you. Do you wanna go say hello?"

The girl looked around, but emerged and nodded, "Okay."

She walked past him, running up the stairway.

"Come on in, lunch will be ready soon," Dib mentioned, leading them in.

Gretchen handed him a chocolate cake, "That's for dessert. I baked it myself."

"Looks lovely, thank you, Gretch."

He was about to close the door when he noticed another car pull up. He smiled as Zita got out, carrying a huge bouquet of bright red and white roses, "Hi Dib!"

She hugged him tightly, "Glad to see you could make it, Zita."

"Wouldn't miss it for the world. I got you these because I know how much you like white roses and Zim likes the red ones," she smiled.

"Thanks, he'll love them," Dib mentioned, taking them with his one free hand left, "You can relax in the lounge for a bit while I go sort out lunch."

"Sounds perfect," Zita smiled.

Dib left the cake on the counter as Zim stirred the sauce in the pan, "Has your sister arrived yet?"

"Nah, she's running a bit late. She'll be here," Dib mentioned, putting the roses in a vase.

They turned as the Sapphire ran in, "Mommy, daddy!"

Zim almost sighed to himself. He really never liked his daughter calling him mommy. He still couldn't figure out why his daughter called him that!

He wouldn't have been surprised to learn that Dib actually taught her to talk…and who was who.

Dib smiled, going down to her level, "What's up, my little princess?"

"Is there time for me to show Marissa the trampoline outside? Please, we'll be quick!" she begged.

"Sorry, Sapphire, but lunch is nearly ready," Dib frowned.

She pouted.

Zim looked at her, "But…if you hurry, you might be able to squeeze in about two bounces. But hurry!"

"YAY!" the little girl sang, running out.

Dib turned, folding his arms, "Must you do that?"

"Dib, I'd rather have her do the bouncing now before lunch than afterward. Besides, she'll work up an appetite."

Dib sighed, smiling. He hugged Zim from behind, "Whatever you're making, it smells really good."

Zim grinned at him, "You're not getting any until all the guests are here, Lover boy."

Dib cursed, pulling himself off in a fake disappointment, "Damn."

They looked up as the door leading to the basement opened up, "Finding parking in this place is a nightmare!"

The two husbands smiled as Skoodge and Tak walked in, their disguises already on, "Well, if it isn't the two fighter pilots of the Irken Armada. Surprised you could pull yourselves away from your hectic schedule, guys."

"Well, it is Thanksgiving. We can make time for family," Skoodge mentioned.

"Even the insanely bizarre ones," Tak muttered.

"Where's our little Irken? We brought her a few souvenirs from our last mission," Skoodge smirked.

"She's outside playing. Go say hi and then bring her in for lunch," Dib mentioned, grabbing a few plates from the cupboards.

Zim opened the oven, looking in at the nearly finished turkey, "Almost ready now."

He stood straight, but wobbled, holding his head in a daze. Dib turned slightly, looking at him, "You okay?"

"Got up to quickly," Zim grumbled, going over to check the vegetables.

There was a knock from the door. Dib gave a breath and went to answer it, hoping that was their last guest for the day.

Zim looked up at his leaving husband, a thoughtful look on his face.

Dib opened the door and smiled softly, "You're late."

Johanna handed Dib a container of gingerbread cookies as Gaz glared at him, "Yes, well. Traffic is a nightmare on Thanksgiving, you twit, so sue me."

She walked in, shutting the door behind her.

Sapphire came running as soon as she heard Aunty Gaz's voice, "Johanna!"

"Sapphire!" The two girls gave one another a huge hug.

"You have to see what Uncle Skoodge and Aunty Tak brought back for us! It's so cool," Sapphire said in excitement.

"No way!" Johanna said happily.

"Hey, hey, you can show her after lunch," Dib smiled at the two. They moaned loudly at him.

Everyone seated themselves at the dining room table, all the chairs being filled. The Turkey along with all the vegetables were being handed around as everyone dished.

Dib sat at the head of the table, Zim and his daughter on either side of him.

Once everyone had a little of everything, Gretchen pointed something out, "Shall we give thanks?"

"What?" Zim asked. He and Dib never really celebrated Thanksgiving before and he wasn't familiar with what they were supposed to be doing. He thought for a second it was Christmas when Dib asked him to make a Turkey for them.

Dib nodded, "I think that's a good idea. You can start us off Gretchen."

"Okay. I'm thankful for my new store, my lovely daughter and amazing husband. And to be spending the day with my friends," she nodded.

"I'll go next," Zita said. "I'm thankful for having my life back in order finally, to be spending the day with friends and family…and to have someone as amazing as Dib as my boss."

Dib blushed, smiling. Zim looked at him, "Boss?!"
"You got promoted?" Gaz asked from the middle of the table.

Dib looked away, "I was planning to tell you guys at a later stage…but yes, I recently got offered the position of Chief of Medicine."

Everyone gave him a big clap. Zim gave him a nudge in the arm before kissing him slightly, looking rather annoyed, "Well done, Honey."

"Thank you, Sweetie," Dib nodded.

Zita gave him a wink, "Sorry for letting the cat out of the bag."

"What cat? You got us a cat too, daddy?" Sapphire asked. The others gave a slight giggle.

Dib smiled at her, "No, princess. That's not what she meant."

"Let's continue," Skoodge mentioned.

Gaz nodded, her turn now, "I'm thankful for my new job as CEO of my video gaming company, for my new home, and my same old family members."

"I'm thankful for mommy, Uncle Zim, Uncle Dib and my other alien family members," Johanna grinned.

Skoodge and Tak shook their heads at her, smiling.

"Your turn, aliens," Dib grinned.

"Well, I guess we're thankful for being here in the company of others, away from work. Thankful that we can spend some time with those that matter. We don't often get that opportunity," Skoodge humbly nodded.

Tak mumbled, "And we're thankful for the free food we're getting because of it."

Skoodge sighed as Zim snickered. She always knew how to ruin a moment, something they both unfortunately had in common.

"What about you, daddy?" Sapphire asked.

"Well, I'm thankful for my family and friends and how happy their lives have turned out. I'm happy for the wonderful life I now have with my family. My amazing husband, Zim, who stuck by me and I stuck by him through all the good and bad." Zim grinned at him. Dib looked at his little girl, "And I'm happy for our little miracle daughter, Sapphire who helped complete my perfect family."

"Thank you daddy. Love you too," she smiled, kissing him on the cheek.

"Yeah, thanks Dibby," Zim kissed him on the other cheek.

The others gave a slight laugh.

"And you, Mr Zim?" Dib asked, looking over at his husband.

Zim gave a thoughtful look, "I guess the things I'm most thankful for are…second chances and…new beginnings."

They all nodded at this, some understanding his meaning better than others.

Johanna pulled her mom's arm, "Can we eat now?"

Zim and Dib laughed, "Yes, please eat everyone! I don't want the food to get cold. Dig in!"
Everyone clapped and began tucking in, enjoying the delicious food before them.

Tak and Skoodge attempted to try and eat what they could, but all in all, everything was going down pretty well.

Zim stood up for a moment, the family looking at him. Dib placed a hand on his arm, "What's wrong?"

"Just want to make sure the stove is off. You continued eating," Zim mentioned, leaving the room.

Dib gave a look. Zim was acting a little odd today. He knew the stove was off…

Dib stood as well. Gaz looked at him, "And now? What is with you two?"

"I think we forgot another bottle of wine. Don't worry about us, continue," Dib smiled.

He opened the door leading into the kitchen. Zim was standing over the counter, his hands resting on them as he sighed. He shot up and looked at Dib, "What's up, Honey? Did I forget something?"

"No, but you're not telling me something, Sweetie," Dib mentioned, walking over to him.

Zim gave him a look, "Like you're one to talk."

"Is this about the hospital thing? I didn't tell you guys because they're still looking over my records to make sure I'm qualified."

Zim shook his head, "It's nothing, Dib. Go back to the dining room; your food is getting cold."

Dib grabbed Zim's hand, pulling him to face him, "Sweetie, don't keep things from me. You can always talk to me."

Zim bit his lip slightly, "Dib, this really isn't a good time to discuss stuff like this. We'll chat tonight."

"You've been acting off for the past two weeks now and have yet to tell me what's been going on, always changing the subject or telling me you're too tired to talk to me. What are you worried about? Whatever you did, I'm sure I'll be understanding," Dib smirked, holding his husband's hands.

"It's not something I did…" Zim pulled away, before he got a dizzy look, "Oh Irk…everything's…spinning…"

He grabbed hold of Dib as he almost slipped forward, Dib holding onto him tightly in shock, "Whoa! Zim!"

Zim wasn't faking it. Dib could feel Zim's muscles go weak suddenly.

Dib helped him over to the small table, sitting his husband down, "Zim? Are you okay?"

Zim nodded, holding his lowered head, "F-Fine, just…a bit woozy."

Dib went down to one knee, looking up at his husband, "Zim, please. I'm starting to worry now, what's going on?"

Zim looked at him, before sighing, "Alright."

Zim held Dib's hands and placed them on his lap in front of them, "Dib…you know how a few weeks ago, we went out for our 10th anniversary?"

"Yes, I remember this. We went to dinner, then to the theatre – where you promptly fell asleep during the performance…" Dib smirked at him.

Zim nodded, "And then we went to our park and chatted and we kissed…?"

"Yes," Dib smiled, "A little bit of making out by our bench, I still remember this."

"And then we came home and…'stuff' happened?" Zim blushed.

Dib laughed, "Oh yes, I definitely remember the 'stuff'. And?"

Zim looked away, still blushing, "Well…the stuff kinda…did stuff to me."

Dib looked at him, then looked away, slightly confused.

He then snapped back to Zim, something entering his mind. No…he couldn't mean…?

"But…Zim…we used protection!" Dib mumbled over to him.

"Yes, well, it didn't work out very well, did it?" Zim sighed, giving the human a look.

Dib stood, his face blank. Zim stood now as well, "I'm sorry, Dib…I didn't know when to tell you or how to tell you, but…"

"We're…we're going to be parents again?" Dib half smiled, turning back to his husband.

Zim frowned, "Yeah."

Dib hugged him tightly, this being something Zim wasn't expecting, "You're happy about this?"

Dib smiled, "Of course. Unless…you're not?"

"No, no, it's just…well, I didn't enjoy it very much the first time, if you don't remember," Zim sighed.

Dib kissed him, "I'll try and make it better for you this time, then."

Zim smiled, embracing his husband for a moment, "You'd better."

Gaz walked in, giving them a look, "I knew you two were in here doing other things besides checking stoves and bringing wine."

She noticed how bright Dib had gone. She gave a smirk, "What did you do to my brother, Zim?"

Zim looked at him. Dib smiled at Gaz, "He's…given me a new thing to be thankful for, sis."

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