"Daddy watch this!" A small blue hedgehog held his breath and puffed up his chest, making himself look a few sizes bigger. His small quills stood on end and his gaze was straight and steady. Sonic smiled and watched as a bigger hedgehog came up behind him and tackled him.

"Hey Amber no fair! I was showing my new trick!" Amber laughed and licked her brother's ear. The blue hedgehog hissed and kicked her off, sending her back a few feet.

"Haha Maurice you're too tiny for that kinda stuffs!" She giggled as he attempted to bite her ankle.

"Fyur yungur fan me!" He mumbled through the fur in his teeth. Amber rolled her eyes and shook him off.

"So? I'm bigger than you!" Maurice let go and backed up, wiggling a bit and jumping on her, pinning her to the ground.

"See I'm gonna be like you!" Maurice announced proudly to Sonic, who was watching, quite interested by his son's skills.

"Of course you will," Sonic said proudly. Amber huffed and swiped Maurice off, fixing her quills.

"Well Papa says I'm going to be a great builder like him!" She said straightening her back. "That and I'm gonna be a engangear!"

"Engineer," Maurice corrected, avoiding his hissing sister.

"Enough fighting, you're both going to grow up to be pretty awesome. But not as awesome as me!" Sonic joked, getting tackled by the two.

"Nu uh I'm gonna be bigger than you!" Sonic laughed at Maurice.

"Well you need to start growing more if that's ever going to happen silly!" Sonic lightly shook him away and watched as Eggman walked in. The two squeaked and tackled his legs, knocking over the unsuspecting doctor.

"Arrghh what're you two troublemakers doing?!" He said as Maurice jumped onto his back.

"I've got you pinned! I'm a Freedom Fighter like Daddy and Uncle Tails!" He said proudly sticking his chin up and sticking out his quills. Amber pushed him off and stared at her other father.

"He thinks he's gonna be a dumb Freedom Fighter. Nu uh not me! I'm gunna be like you and I'm gonna build robots and stuffs!" Eggman grinned a bit and stared at her.

"And you think you're going to be as good as me?"

"No! Better!" She said wagging her tail. "I'm gonna be the bestest ever! You wait and see!" Sonic smiled and grabbed her, pulling her away.

"How about we let him rest for a bit, eh? He's a bit tired from his 'Super Secret Mission'." He winked pushing the two out of the living room.

"Aww but I want to talk to him about his super-secret-awesome-fighting-butt-kickin-mishun!" Maurice moaned. "I wanna know who he beated up!" Sonic laughed.

"There's always tomorrow," he reassured. "Now why not head off to bed, you'll need your sleep for tomorrow."

"Why's that?" Amber asked.

"Because we're going to go visit Uncle Tails and Aunt Mina." Both kids eyes gleamed with excitement.

"Now be good and rush off to bed so-" Sonic didn't even get to finish his sentence before the two were racing each other to bed. A small neutral sigh escaped from the hedgehog as he watched them go.

"They've gotten bigger since I last seen them," Eggman commented, slipping behind the blue hedgehog. Sonic turned around and stared at him.

"Yeah…it's been maybe what- a month?"

"They grow more and more everyday…" Eggman's voice trailed off into thought.

"So, how did it go over in the Iron Domain?" Eggman frowned.

"Snively's still missing along with that wretched Regina, but we're looking." Sonic nodded, a bit happy and upset at the same time. He was glad Eggman was finally a part of the Secret Freedom Fighters, but he was also upset that he wasn't usually around or that he was still going to have to continue searching for Snively and the Wicked Witch of the West.

"Don't think I don't know how you're feeling," Eggman said putting a hand on his shoulder. "It's not like I prefer searching for my psycho nephew and his runaway accomplice wife." Sonic nodded, sighing again.

"I just can't believe it's been already five years. They seem so mature for five year olds…" Eggman stared at Sonic as he stopped his sentence.

"I think Ivo would've been the same way."

They haven't spoke about Ivo since his death. It wasn't a name said out loud anymore.

"Yeah," Sonic whispered sadly.

"I was thinking about going and seeing him tonight…you know…at his, grave." Sonic just looked at the doctor, not knowing what to say.

"Do you want to come with me? You haven't been there in a while…" Sonic nodded and followed Eggman outside. He'd been outside millions of times before, but he didn't dare go past the shaded trees into the gorse and bushes. It takes a while to get there from the city and such, but Eggman usually went there when he returned from missions or when he felt he needed to visit Ivo and the other one who didn't make it. Sonic never really talked to Eggman about them, not because he didn't want to, but because he feared the suffering and pain of the thought of their death.

Eggman stopped once they made it to a small creek with moss covered rocks and trees. He crossed over them, making sure Sonic didn't slip. Once they got to the other side they crossed up to a grassy hill that gave sight over the tree tops. You could almost touch the clouds if you came in the day time- but it was a dark and warm night great for camping or just going outside. But this wasn't anything fun-oriented. Lost in thought, Sonic was abruptly stopped by Eggman. A small stone and a larger one rested ahead, both in rectangular shape.

"Hello," Sonic said looking down at the stones. "I've missed you."

And if you listened closely, you could hear the wind whisper,

As have I, father.

The End…?