Chapter 1 summary: Yuichi has to choose the person that he loves the most. Ayu or Makoto

Chapter 1

"Yuichi I can stand up now" is what Ayu said while Yuichi surprisingly watched her stand up. "All of these years have passed and you can finally stand up, awesome!" "Yeah, now we can walk to see the foxes over the hills and…" "Go on Ayu" "Uhhhhh, i'm hungry Yuichi, can you get me some… I mean can we both get some taiyaki." "Sure" "Yeah! I love you Yuichi." "(Blushing) I love you too." They left the hospital and went to get some scrumptious taiyaki. "Two taiyakis please." said Ayu "Here you go have a nice day." Yuichi and Ayu left and went to go see the foxes up the hill. "Yuichi aren't the foxes beautiful." "Makoto" Yuichi said "What Yuichi I couldn't hear you." "Oh, it's nothing" There was an awkward silence. "Yuichi can I kiss …." She was too late Yuichi already started to kiss her before she even asked. Both of them blushing and they were happy. Suddenly, a strange girl with a veil on her head was watching them and Yuichi saw her. Yuichi broke away from the kiss yelled "Makoto!" Then the girl left leaving tears on the way. "Who is she" Ayu said "My friend" Yuichi said. So Yuichi told Ayu to stay behind because he was going to chase her. Ayu agreed and then Yuichi left. "Makoto, come back" Yuichi yelled. The girl just looked back and kept running. Yuichi caught up to her and brought down. "Yuichi" Makoto said. "Makoto" "I thought you were going to love me forever" "I still do" "Then who is that girl over there." "She is my friend." "Why were you kissing her then?" Yuichi stared at Makoto and everything went silent. "You married me Yuichi; I thought you would still love me even if I was not here." "I sacrificed my life again to be here with you and I see you with that girl." "I'm sorry" Yuichi said. "I thought you were gone forever." Ayu was hiding behind a tree and overheard everything. "Yuichi" Ayu said "You cared for me in the hospital while I was in a coma and you helped me walk again" "So, Yuichi who do you actually love. Me or Ayu" "I…l…o….v….e…..

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