Chapter 1

MacLeod and the Arthurian Legend

MacLeod had returned to Manchester England intent on visiting his old friend Victor Varus.

Victor lived only 7 miles from Manchester City Centre in a semi-rural village. The old Roman General

had not seen MacLeod for a couple of years, in fact the last time MacLeod had seen the General they

had been involved in an adventure with the oldest immortals ever to have walked the face of the Earth.

Half way on his journey to Victor's home MacLeod's car struck a man who ran out into the middle

of the narrow country road. The man was no ordinary pedestrian he was an immortal, MacLeod felt the

all too familiar buzz of another immortal. As he got out of the car to see if he knew the immortal he had

struck MacLeod took his trusted Katana with him; he had seen immortals stage an accident to get

insurance money or payments from gullible mortals so he was taking no chances. The unconscious

immortal was not familiar to MacLeod, so carefully MacLeod carried the injured man to the side of the

road to wait for him to regain consciousness, fortunately at that time of night there was no traffic or

people about, the country road the Highlander had taken to his friends house was deserted. If the

unconscious immortal had designs on taking MacLeod's head he would have had the ideal opportunity

given that there were no potential witnesses.

A groan and a bone crunching strech was clearly audible as the injured immortal began to regain

Consciousness. MacLeod announced to the other man, "I am Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod, if

you wish to challenge me; know that I will allow you to fully recover before we fight, I am not in the

business of taking unarmed immortals heads. I don't know you and have no quarrel with you, unless

you wish to make one."

The man got unsteadily to his feet and looking at MacLeod spoke. "I am Artorius, I have no quarrel

with you; Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. I am searching for an old Roman General by the

name of Varus."

"What business do you have with the General if you don't mind my asking?" MacLeod had concern in

his voice as he enquired.

The General and I are old friends Mr. MacLeod our friendship dates back to the time of Camelot.

MacLeod looked into Artorius' eyes, in them he detected that the man was sincere so he offered to give

Artorius a lift to Victor Varus's home in the hopes that he would find out more about this mysterious