Don't Own Anything

Alex was tired. Technically he had been living on his own for 9 months. Only technically because Ben Daniels had taken it upon himself to become a big brother of a sort and visit every other day if he wasn't on a mission. Today just happened to be one of those days he visited... he had a tendency to come ridiculously early for some reason yet Alex was still not used to is. So, when Ben came into Alex's room (he had once stolen Alex's house key and made a copy so he could let himself into the house) shouting "MORNING SUNSHINE" and quickly pulling the curtains back letting in the dreadfully bright morning light Alex was not happy. He groaned loudly and pulled the covers high above his head and tried to wriggle into a comfortable position.

"If I were to guess I would say you're not happy to see me." Ben said with mocking hurt. The wriggling under the covers stopped and Alex's hand came out from under the covers. Ben was ready to dodge expecting something to come flying his way. Instead Alex lifted his middle finger and then let his arm flop and groaned something that distinctly sounded like a swear word. The one day in a week that Alex had slept the whole way through without a nightmare or disruption had been ruined. Ben laughed at the boy's antics and walked closer to the bed silently with an evil plan in his mind. He lightly grabbed a corner of the end of the duvet in each hand. He waited a few seconds and just before he could rip the covers off of the boy Alex shouted from under the duvet, "If you even think about doing that you're dead!"

Ben grinned. Even half asleep Alex knew what he was thinking. Finally Alex sat up and flicked the covers off of his face.

"You know, you're going to have to teach me how you know what a person's next move is." Ben said and then laughed when he say Alex's morning hair. Alex saw him looking at his hair and tried (and failed) to flatten it down.

"It's the trait of a spy." Alex said casually.

"Hey! I am a spy." Ben cried

"The trait of a good spy." Alex said trying to keep the grin off his face. Ben glared. "Is there any particular reason why you came or was it just to annoy me and get your arse whooped by a teenager who is a better spy then you?" Alex asked yawning.

"You haven't whoo-" Ben was cut off by Alex lunging at him and seconds later Ben was on the ground.

"You were saying?" Alex said getting up and turning to change his shirt.

"The bank wants to see you." Ben grunted as he climbed to his feet. Alex turned around to glare and Ben saw the bullet wound. No matter how many times he had seen it, he still could not get used to the sight, it was not a normal scar for a 15 – wait no 16 – year old boy. Alex had turned 16 five days ago.

Alex was still used by MI6. After Jack had died he had been left alone, literally. They had just left him to live alone and get on with his life. He tried to attend school and be normal. The rumours were flowing round more than ever and Alex was distant in class. Even Tom found it hard to get Alex to talk. In the end he hit another student, an annoying boy who liked to make fun of Alex. Normally Alex paid the boy no attention but then he had mentioned Jack. That was the final straw. Alex had punched the boy so hard that he broke the boy's nose and knocked him unconscious. He was expelled on the spot when he shouted back at Mr Bray, the head teacher. With no guardian and no school, and with MI6 success rate going down, Mrs Jones called him back in. He had nothing in his life apart from living on his own, that was used against him. He was threatened with orphanages and foster care. Alex had no choice. A few days later Alex was sitting on a plane to New Zealand next to his assigned partner, Ben.

"What do they want?" he asked. He had what Ben called his spy face on. His face was completely blank and emotionless and his eyes were hard and cold.

"You remember two missions ago?" Ben asked.

"Yeah, S.O.A (Spying observing, attacking/assassination), somehow connected to SCORPIA weren't they?" Alex asked. Ben nodded.

"The last active branch of SCORPIA. We've found their final warehouse. There's going to be a raid. Mrs Jones wants us to lead three SAS teams on the raid, we're going to bring it down" Ben explained.




"Hidden in a forest in Dartmoor"

"Fine. Now can you get out. I need to finish changing"

Ben grinned and went downstairs. He owed Alex for getting him up early, he also owed Alex an English Breakfast, he might as well just give him an English Breakfast and be done with both debts.