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This will be 7 or 8 chapters, and most of them will be much longer than this (which is basically an intro) and a majority of the fic will be from Roderich's POV. I guess you could call it AU as well.

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Matthew rifled through a small collection of suits in his closet. What was he supposed to wear to this sort of thing? 'This thing' was Roderich's piano recital. Well, a few people's recitals really, but Matthew only knew Roderich out of the list of performers. The Austrian had invited everyone a week ago and Matthew had accepted instantly; he had liked Roderich for quite some time and had always wanted to hear him play.

The recitals were being held in a large concert hall that Matthew hadn't been to in years.

He looked at his watch with a sigh and grabbed a simple black suit and tie. It would have to do.

Hurrying to the hall to get a good seat and maybe try to save some for the others Roderich had invited (if they could see Matthew saving them, that is), he found he was one of the first to arrive. They had just opened the house doors and the concert was due to start in twenty minutes.

Matthew walked down the center aisle and took a seat near the front and a little stage left, closer to where the pianists would be sitting while they played.

He looked around the audience, not recognizing anyone yet. He frowned. Where was everyone? The hall was starting to fill up, and when it came time for the concerts to start, Matthew found himself sitting alone with an empty seat next to him. He looked at his program; Roderich was going last. Maybe everyone wasn't showing up until then. Although the Austrian had requested that they stay for everyone's performance.

The first few recitals went very well and Matthew clapped politely for each one. When it was Roderich's turn, the Austrian stepped out on stage and took his customary bow. His eyes swept over the audience, looking almost disappointed, but then his gaze fell on Matthew and it softened a bit, the corner of his lip lifting ever so slightly at Matthew's smile. He took his seat on the piano bench and began to play.

He was playing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. The first movement almost brought Matthew to tears as Roderich beautifully crafted the melody, making it flow with emotions. The second movement was appropriately bouncy, yet the way Roderich performed it made the piece retain a melancholy reflection of the first movement. When it came time for the third movement, Matthew couldn't help but stare in amazement. He had never heard someone play so quickly and perfectly.

When Roderich finished, Matthew was one of the first to rise from his seat for his standing ovation. Roderich stood to take his bows and his eyes met Matthew's again, who was clapping furiously. His gaze lingered on him the longest, before turning and leaving the stage.

Matthew followed the crowd out into the atrium and saw everyone was gathering into groups of family and friends of the performers. He wondered which group was Roderich's. He hesitated; he wanted to congratulate the Austrian but he didn't like standing around awkwardly by himself. He wondered if Roderich would even see him in the crowded room. He decided to stand by a column halfway between the doors and the concert hall.


Roderich packed his things and walked out of the backstage hallway into the atrium, pushing the door open with his head down, trying to leave quickly. He reached the exit doors and paused to turn around, looking sadly at all the groups that came to support their friend or relative. He was about to turn back around and leave when his eyes locked with a violet pair across the room.

He made his way over to Matthew, who was standing alone, and smiling at him softly. "You came," Roderich said, still surprised the Canadian was there, and stayed he added in his mind.

"Of course I did. Roderich, that was amazing! Thank you for inviting me," Matthew said quietly.

"Thank you. And thank you for coming as well."

"I've never heard the first movement of the Sonata played so beautifully before, and the second was amazing, especially how you made it more continuous with the first, and the third movement must have taken ages to learn!" Roderich felt himself turning faintly pink at the sudden praise. He wasn't exactly used to it from people he knew, and it seemed the Canadian actually had an appreciation for classical music.

"Oh. Sorry, I'm rambling," Matthew shook his head slightly. "You probably get that a lot. Well, thanks again for inviting me, I loved it. I don't want to keep you from the rest of your friends."

Roderich stared at him for a moment, the Canadian looking more and more nervous under his scrutiny. "You're the only one that came," he said finally.

"Really?" Matthew looked around at the dispersing groups. "Why?"

Roderich just sighed in response. He couldn't explain it. It just always happened like this. Well, not like this exactly, usually no one was there.

"Would you...would you like to go get some coffee...or something?" Roderich was taken aback at the Canadian's question. Nothing happened like this either. He considered it for a moment. It couldn't hurt, and it would certainly be less boring than sitting at home alone. If anything, Matthew seemed well-versed enough in music to have a decent conversation.

He noticed Matthew's expression falling slightly at his lengthy pause and he broke their eye contact, looking nervously at the floor. "Um...n-"

"Sure," he replied, interrupting whatever the Canadian was going to say to attempt to take back his request, and Matthew's face lit up.


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