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New Beginning.

"Hi." Spike swallowed hard as he stood in the doorway of his hotel room. He hadn't dared to hope that she would come to his hotel. He stepped back as she tried to find her voice.

"Hi." Lynda looked anywhere but at his face. He smiled slightly, remembering the teenagers they had been. Both had been seen to be confident and together but nothing could be further from the truth. He wondered if anything had really changed in the two decades since he had last seen her.

"I was just packing. I managed to get on a later flight."


"Yeah. I know I said I'd email Chloë but I just wanted to see her and you again before I go."

"She's in college." Lynda met his eyes. "I know she'd love to see you again."

"Yeah?" Spike smiled. "That's great."

"She's a good kid. Don't mess her around. She isn't like we were at that age." Lynda held his gaze, silently challenging him to argue with her. She knew he could still drive her crazy but she wasn't sure what reaction she would cause in him. He nodded once before walking over to the bed.

"You should be proud of her."

"I am." Lynda stared at the back of his head.

"Good. Does she have a boyfriend?"

"No. Well, I think there is someone at college but nothing has happened."

"He better treat her right. Better be good enough." Spike turned to see Lynda smirking. "I know, a bit late to play the overprotective dad."

"No, it's sweet." Lynda watched as his eyes widened. "Don't think our Chloë would see it that way."

"Our Chloë?" Spike smiled. "It's the first time you called her that. Ours." He stepped closer to his ex girlfriend.

"Well." Lynda stared into his eyes. "She is. For so long its just been me and her. It's nice that she has someone else now. I know Kenny, Colin, Frazz and Danny have always looked out for her. But."

"They aren't her father." Spike smiled. "I wish, I guess I wish I could go back. Fight harder."

"Fight?" Lynda narrowed her eyes slightly.

"Yeah, fight to stay in England. My mom wanted me as far away as possible from anyone with the surname Day."

"She always did like me." Lynda rolled her eyes. Spike smiled and took her hands in his.

"True. You reminded her or her."

"I wont take that as a compliment, even now." Lynda sighed as Spike looked away from a moment. "But she did sort of send you back here."


"If there is such a thing." Lynda shrugged her shoulders. "What else? What else would you fight for?"

"You." He breathed as he kissed her gently. Lynda froze for a moment, unsure whether to kiss him back to push him away and run. She stopped thinking when he pulled away and smiled sadly. "I guess."

"Stop." Lynda grabbed his arm and turned him back towards her. "Just stop guessing."

"Lynda." He closed his eyes as she touched his face. "Stop guessing what I want and ask me." She held his gaze as his eyes fluttered open to meet hers.


"Ok." She could feel her heart hammering in her chest. For a moment she could picture Kenny and Sarah laughing about their little matchmaking. It had been Colin that had dragged the American back into their lives but Kenny and Sarah that had persuaded her to stop and think about what she wanted.

"So, er Lynda?"


"What do you want?" He held his breath as she dragged her thumb across his five o clock shadow.

"You." She smiled. "I want you to stay. And not go to America."

"I can do that." Spike smiled as he kissed her. Lynda broke away when the need for air almost caused her to collapse. Spike smiled as he held her to him. "I can stay for as long as you want. Duel citizenship. Remember?"

"Oh yeah." Lynda nodded as he buried his head in her hair. "How does forever sound?"

"Pretty good." He kissed her again as the last nineteen years, spiteful parents and an ocean seemed to fade away. All memories of school newspapers, Matt Kerr, fires and heartbreak ended with one kiss. A kiss that wiped away all the hurt and anger and promised the start of a future. Lynda touched his face as he pulled back from her, one hand still on her waist as he rested his forehead against hers. Another wiped away a tear.

"You ok?"

"Yeah. More than." Lynda closed her eyes. "Just thinking about the future."

"What about it?" He began to think she was having doubts.

"Not much but I think it could be perfect."


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