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Pairing: Bonnie/multi-ship Bonnie/Klaus, Bonnie/Damon, Bonnie/Stefan

Summary: On her 18th birthday Bonnie Bennett comes into her full power & becomes a immortal witch, with the task uniting the supernatural world as prophesied. What happens when one hybrid, and two brothers come into her world, changing everything she ever believed in. What happens when her destiny and what she wants are two different things? Better yet, what happens when love enters the equation, changing everything around her?

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Behind These Hazel Eyes

"You must be the change, you wish to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi

Chapter 1: Forever Young

For as long as I could remember my grandmother had always told me that I was destined for greatness. When I was little girl, she would tell me how I was saved by my future guardians and when I got older that I would be a powerful force to be reckoned with. She had told me at an early age that I would grow up to be a witch that had powers far beyond anyone had ever known. At the time I had always giggled and thought that my gram liked to tell stories. As I got older, I had come to know that my grandmother was telling the truth.

To the outside world, I was Bonnie Bennett, head cheerleader and great friend, but to those in the supernatural world, I was Bonnie Bennett, the future. I was one of the rare children that was born with two parents being witches. My father Michael had been a warlock and my mother Caroline had been a witch in her own right-thus making me a pure witch. That alone was somewhat of an alcalde however it was the fact that upon my birth I was nearly died however a drop of vampire blood was given to me by a protector of my family bloodline and that drop had healed me, however the ramification was that I would turn into an immortal witch at the stroke of midnight on my eighteenth birthday. And tonight was that night.

The sound of the ringing door bell had caused me to drift out of my thoughts. Still in my pajamas I race down the stairs of my family home, my bare feet hit the wooden floor with a thud as I quickly raced to the door. Today was my eighteenth birthday and although I was aware of what I was supposed to do, for a little while I wanted to be a normal teenage girl. Swinging open the heavy wooden door, i'm surprised to see that I am alone. Before I get a chance sulk about everything that tonight will bring, I spot a decorative box with my name on it. I bite back a grin wondering who had gone to all the trouble of leaving me such a gift. Almost tense I bend down to retrieve it, and look to my left and right expecting to see My best friend Melissa, or at least Kol however neither were around. With a shrug of the shoulders I simply closed the door behind me and raced up to my room.

Once upstairs in my room, I quickly picked up the card and recognized the writing of the words from my grandmother. I took a deep breath and opened the card. My grams was the best, even with the distance between us she had managed to shed some light on me.

My darling girl, today is your eighteenth birthday and tonight you will become an immortal witch. You have exceeded my greatest expectations and I know in this supernatural war, you will restore the balance of harmony amongst the supernatural. Remember my girl that no matter how far away I am from you- you can always reach me.

All my love

I wiped the stray tears that had fallen from my eyes. I had missed her so much, but knowing that she was still watching over me, it helped even though I was lonely. Opening the box I retrieved a book, and it appeared to be my grandmothers journal which was prophesying my life. Looking at the date I realized that my grandmother had started the book of my destiny the night I was born and I was positive that she had continued writing it till she could no longer do so. I hold the book up to my heart for a few moment before noticing the engraving with the initials DS-BB-SS. I knew that the initials DS and SS were those of my vampire guardians. Together the three of us were linked together and suppose to save the supernatural world, wether that would happen was still up in the air.

Before I could delve further I hear my bestfriend.

"Happy birthday B.B." Melissa calls as she walks into my bedroom with two red balloons with Kol Mikalson hot on her tail with a cupcake in hand and that devilish smile that had driven the girls wild.

"What are you guys doing here?" I asked surprised to see the two of them together at that. Kol and Melissa had a very turbulent relationship if that was what you wanted to call it. I was positive that my bestfriend had fallen under the spell of the youngest original, however Kol didn't believe in anything that was serious and really why should he, he was immortal which meant he would live forever and his love would one day die, I guess that was why he pushed Melissa away and flirted with me at the same time.

Smiling widely at me, Melissa speaks with her hand on her hip. "You didn't really think I'd let you spend your birthday alone- let alone the last day you will be a regular witch like me." she teased before continuing. "I'd never forget your bday BB, as far as I'm concerned I'll go down with our best friend flagship!" she beams before throwing her arms around me in a needful hug.

That was one of the reasons I had adored my bestfriend, she knew what I needed sometimes even before I did. "Thanks Mel!" I say pulling back to catch sight of the original who was smirking our way.

Tilting his head to the side he spoke. "Don't stop on my account." he says a smirk forming.

I roll my eyes his way playfully as he breezes into my favorite chair. Without even thinking I hop on top of him with a thud causing him to laugh in response. "What do I owe this pleasure of your company, Kol?" I asked while he flicked my nose with his finger.

"Well Bennett, you are about to form an alliance with my brother, who seems to have lost all ability to have fun." He says pausing. "With all his drawing, pining and painting of ponies and such." he further laments. "Consider this, my way of making sure your birthday starts with bang even if it doesn't end with one." he says breezing out of her reach to retrieve a bottle of Jack Daniels he brought along.

I quirk a look in the direction of Melissa who giggles as Kol starts a toast.

Before I know it, one drink has turned into two, two drinks have turned in to four and then I lost count after six. It felt good to unwind if not only for a couple hours. I needed to have fun and Kol and Melissa were the perfect people to have fun with.

Someone had turned on music, or maybe I had used my powers to turn on the music because soon we were dancing about just the three of us, well maybe just me and Melissa as Kol watched. Infectious music plays setting the mood. The song was totally infectious, so much that we had made a video of the two of us lip singing to it.

When the song ends Kol steals me and begins to twirl me around while Melissa is looking through my photo album. "Do you really believe in this prophecy rubbish?" he questioned.

I rolled my eyes. Of course I had believed in the prophecy I wouldn't have agreed to the union of me and Klaus had I thought that this prophecy was a load of bull. Kol had been trying to steer me away from his brother since Klaus had suggested our alliance. Klaus and I were to marry in order to send a message to the supernatural world, the immortal witch had teamed up with the hybrid vampire/werewolf and in exchange the people I cared about here in Harmony would be safe.

"Kol, if the prophecy was rubbish." I say causing him to grin. "I wouldn't become and immortal witch tonight. I am meant to restore the balance between the supernatural and I will do so."

His face set in a frown. "And you think Nicklaus is meant to help you...you think he is your savior." He questions further, disdain and disgust evident.

I pushed away from Kol and sat alongside Melissa who was watching the two of us from her position on my bed. I wasn't into Kol and the last thing I wanted was to have my bestie think I was trying to go after someone I knew she wanted. "Klaus isn't my savior." I say simply. "He's more like a means to an end." I say feeling terribly for saying such a thing but it was the truth. "Once word spreads of our union every supernatural beings will know that as the immortal witch I will do anything to restore the balance of dark and light."

He shakes his head merely amused. "You do realize that the supernatural have lived amongst each other and fought not only alongside but against each other for ages. "He points out, and we've been fine without your peace, harmony and whatnot."

I flipped him the bird. Had this been another time, perhaps when I was a bit more foolish and free I would have agreed with him, but not now. We had lost too many witches, as a result of being in the crossfire of the vampire/ werewolf war. Besides I had already lost my family, and the man I had loved thanks to this war. I had nothing left to loose, and everything to gain, so alining myself with Klaus was essential to ending the war. "I'm going to do this my way." I say looking between Kol and Melissa. I knew both had my best interest at heart, but this was bigger then me.

"What about your guardians?" Melissa chimed in. She had hated the thought of her friend getting into something that could be avoided. It made no sense that Bonnie had to bare the weight of the supernatural world. She deserved to be happy and although she had known that Klaus and Bonnie were attracted to each other, Klaus more then Bonnie, she knew that ultimately marriage without love was like a life sentence of death. "I'm sure the men you are bonded to, would have something to say about this, especially since it's supposed to be the three of you against the world." she finishes.

I bit the inside of my cheek at the mention of my vampire guardians. The Salvatore brothers were supposed to accompany me throughout my immortal life. The three of us were bonded together meaning that we were all tied together and it wasn't far fetched to think that one of the Salvatore brothers was my soulmate. However I hadn't come to my rescue after the latest witch killings of my close friends, nor the death of my love. It had been Klaus and that meant something to me.

"If the Salvatore brothers were really concerned about our future and my plans they would have been here already." I say with a finality to my voice that ends the conversation.

The three of us sit in silence before Kol welcomes me to the family.


Mystic falls Virginia

The sky was dark and stormy as two men stood upon the Wicker Bridge in silence. As water continued to pour from the sky in harsh slants coated the two men...two brothers in its harsh spray slicking the traditional black suits with tears of either joy or pain. Today was the day they were finally saying goodbye to the second great loves of their lives, and the harsh climate had given a glimpse into the mind body and what was left of the soul of both men. One with glacier blue eyes and the other with forest green eyes. After so long, she had finally made her choice and whom she chose was herself, and that was why she had been racing on the slick road. She had wanted to get away from both vampires and as a result had lost her life, and now they were mourning the girl with the doe brown eyes.

"You do know what today is?" the younger questioned as he finally tore himself from the sight of the crash sight. She had been gone for approximately one month and yet they had always found themselves morning her as if she had passed away yesterday.

For a moment the elder was silent as he watched droplets of rain fell into the lake, giving off the impression as if the sky was crying out just she was. He had loved the girl, maybe too much, maybe too selfishly but that was the kind of person he was and now that she was gone, he and his brother were left both feeling empty. And he knew he was to blame, she had belonged to his brother, belonged with his brother yet the three of them had always found themselves teetering of a cliff. She had loved them both and their love...or maybe his love had killed her.

Turning a stormy gaze in the direction of his brother, he spoke. "Of course I know what today is." He spat out. " It is my blood that will make her an immortal witch tonight." He ground out. Not at all upset with the girl, but upset with the situation, he had lost yet another woman he had loved and it had made him angry..angrier then usual. And when he was like this, he didn't give two shits about anything let alone the little witch who was supposed to save the supernatural world. For all he cared she could forgo her destiny and let the whole world blow up and he wouldn't give a flying fuck.

Stefan let out a sigh in desperation. He couldn't hold it together for both of them. They needed to find something else...someone else to take their mind of what they had lost, and the Bennett witch was the perfect person. Elena would want them to move on, maybe it was too soon but he didn't want her death to be in vain. "We should go see her, today is an important day." pause. "Her family has trusted us to take care of her, and make sure that she will make the right choices as the immortal witch."

He quirks a grin, Stefan was always the good son, the person who was on the right path while he had always been the one who had taken the path not taken. Pulling out a flask in his coat jacket he downed some of his favorite concoction, blood and whisky. "You act like she'll die today, which won't happen." He swore. "She's an eighteen-year-old girl Stefan I highly, doubt that she's ready to fulfill her destiny today. I mean think about it, you act like a girl 99% of the time and when your not being hormonal your writing in your diary and I'm sure the Bennett witch is the same. " He says with a quirk of the lips. " I doubt she had even thought about being claimed by a vampire or wolf especially today."

Stefan rubbed his jaw. "She's ours to protect." The green-eyed man says.

"So was Elena." Glacier eyes say before looking down. Years ago he had been intrusted to the Bennett line, and when the last Bennett witch was born he and his brother entrusted to take care of her and guide her through her immortal life. Although he and Stefan were to watch out for her, the girl would always belong to him mainly because it was his blood that had changed her fate. Now that he thought about it, it was cruel that those above would take Elena on the day that he had given the Bennett witch immortality- it was life giving him the big F U. And because of that he had no intention of seeing the witch today of all days.

That Bennett witch was better off without either one of them, especially now. All she had to do was continue to live her life while he had gotten his mind right. He needed, twenty-four hours and then he could figure out how to deal with an immortal witch he was supposed to guide and love.

As long as she had avoided her destiny in being a savior and continued being a teenager they'd be fine. He couldn't guide or love her and Stefan was no better- they couldn't love her, not now.


Time had flown by and before I knew it, I was getting ready to marry Klaus. We were to get married at midnight, the moment I became an immortal witch. To say I was nervous was an understatement. This wasn't supposed to be my life, it wasn't what I wanted yet it was had to be done. I had always envisioned my wedding day. In my dreams my family would surround me, with my grams front and center with her church hat as vibrant as ever. My father would walk me down the isle to my one true love while my mother had dabbed at her eyes that were tearful. I had been close to real happiness, I was set to marry a man I loved, our union in the eyes of the witch elders and the werewolf elders being claimed could have resulted in a change in the supernatural dynamic. However before we could solidify our love...our union Mason had been found dead, along with my parents. He had been drained of his blood and ripped apart. Whomever had attacked my family and Mason, had been close enough to get to my grams as well. However, she was saved by the guardian of the Bennett family, but it had been too late she had suffered a stroke later.

"You know you don't have to do this." I hear my best friend Melissa call as she walks over to me, dressed for the wedding. "Who cares about the rest of the supernatural world, you don't know them and they don't know you." She had hated seeing her friend in so much pain and knowing that today of all days her birthday, was now a day that she had decided to make a peace offering in order to appease the supernatural elders. "I say screw it, we're all going to die one day, and if we get out of Harmony then maybe we'll live longer." Melissa stressed.

"How many more people have to die before someone takes a stand." I say whisper out

I look at her through the mirror and perch my lips together for fear that if I were to say anything at that moment, I might change my mind and run for the hills. As Gandhi had said you must be the change you want to see in the world, and that was what I was displaying by marrying Klaus.

"Fine I get that you want to protect everyone but at least wait till your immortal guardians arrive." She nearly begs. "They'll help you- they have to."

Their was no way in hell I would wait for my supposed guardians. With every day that I had postponed this alliance more witches were dying and I couldn't live with myself knowing that I had the power to attempt to protect the witches of Harmony and I would do so, with or without the permission or help from my guardians.

I let out a scuff. My so-called vampire guardians had been doing a shitty job forever. I had never really needed them, never expected the two of them, to help at least not when I had my family, but I didn't have my family anymore and they hadn't saved my mother, father or grams and for that I hated them. Turning around sharply I looked my best friend I the eye. "My so called guardians can go to hell for all I care, they never really helped me anyway." I ranted. "Tell me how is that they were supposed to watch out for my family line yet I'm the only Bennett left, my mother and grams are both gone and yet I'm supposed to spend my immortal life with the two of them, hell no." I say marching back over to the mirror.


Letting out a sigh the other girl speaks. "Your sure about this?" she questioned again only getting yet another look from her best friend. "Okay, well then you look beautiful." she beams.

"Thank you." I say adjusting the white flower that is now in my hair. My future husband had hand picked out a wedding dress for today but I didn't want him to think that this alliance was anything more then what it was, which was an alliance. I didn't love Klaus and I was positive he didn't love me, we were entering in a deal that would secure the witches of Harmony protection with the aide of his hybrids. And in return he could claim me as his, the hybrid vampire/werewolf would soon claim the immortal witch as his wife, and hopefully this union would appease the elders and if not, well that was another story.

Just as Melissa is about to say something which was probably to change my mind, the door swings open and in walks in the lengthy blond vampire known as Rebecca. "Hate to break up this heart to heart but my brother is waiting for you, witch." she says with disdain. "You might want to get ready for this sham of a wedding." she says her eyes taking in my appearance.

I glare her way looking down at my chosen attire. Although Klaus had selected a dress for me to wear I had decided against wearing the white form fitting wedding dress and instead I had opted for a black goddess dress that was emphasized with a gold accented belt. My eyes were outlined in black while a shimmery brown eye shadow had graced my eyes. "I'm ready, and if you have a problem then take it up with your brother." I say just as Melissa hands me a flower arrangement. I just wanted this to hurry up, the sooner we got this over with the better.

Rebecca arches her brow before speaking. "Fine, I'll tell him you're ready." she relents. "And we will give you a few moments to collect yourself." she says while tugging Melissa out of the room.

Its only when I'm alone do I start to panic, maybe Melissa was right, maybe I needed to wait for my immortal guardians so that we could form a plan together, but they were taking too long. I hated them so much for not saving my family, but if my grams trusted them, I needed to do the same. Closing my eyes I tried to connect to the brothers, my grandmother had told me that since they were intrusted with me, that all I had to do was call for them, and we could speak within the depth of our minds. She had also said the link between the three of us was strong. However the bond between the one whose blood had made it possible for me to become an immortal witch was much stronger. Closing my eyes I opened my mind "guys if you're their I need your help, I need to know if I'm making the right decision. Please help me?" I sent out telepathically.

I had waited approximately ten minutes and when I heard nothing from my supposed open link between my guardians I swung open the door revealing and devilishly charming Kol. "Klaus is ready for you." he says outstretching his hand my way before tugging me closer to him. Our faces are inches apart as he smiles that familiar smile my way. "You still have time to run, in fact I'll run with you as long as you let me sex you up and down." he says with an eyebrow wiggle.

I rolled my eyes and let out a small giggle. Out of all the Mikalson siblings Kol was probably my favorite. "Oh but what would Melissa think?" I asked causing the handsome original sibling to scowl my way. I had known Kol longer then I had known Klaus in fact up until recently I had only heard horrible stories of the great Klaus by his younger brother. And as for Kol, I had known that he had a tiny crush on my bestfriend Melissa for a long time and vice versa.

Clearing his throat Kol spoke. "Well then I reckon its high time I bring you to your future husband." he says before escorting me out of my room.

The walk from my designated room to the garden had been shorter then I had ever expected. I had been dragging my feet, hoping that maybe my guardians would come to my rescue but they hadn't an really I shouldn't have expected anything less. The Salvatore brothers were possibly the worst protected to walk the earth and that alone was the reason I was now marrying Niklaus.

When we reached Klaus he was standing with Rebecca at his side while Melissa was standing opposite of Rebecca. I had to admit that Klaus had decorated the garden court yard very nicely. Huge torches outline the walkway while various flowers glittered the ground.

"Their she is" Klaus calls with a hint of smile on his rosy red lips. "I was beginning to think you may have run off with Kol." he says reaching out to stroke her cheek. He had been watching Bonnie Bennett for a very long time, and as presumed the Salvatore brothers were too wrapped up in their love lives with the doppelganger to realize that he had set his own plan in motion. He would capture her heart and together they would rule the world, she would be his queen and he her king and Salvatore brothers would have no say in the matter. Stefan may have been his pal, but all was fair in love and war.

Once again his eyes had slid over the last reminding Bennett witch. Although she had forgone the dress he had picked out for her to wear tonight, she had looked stunning in a black dress that was made like the ones the goddess Venus wore herself. Her hair had hung in loose curls and hazel eyes were shining like green firework on the fourth of July. She was beautiful and she was his and his alone. He had intercepted fate, and now the Salvatore brothers were without her.

I tilted my head to one side while looking into his blue eyes. "I made a promise to you that I would be here and here I am." I said truthfully. My tongue slipped out of my mouth and licked my lips as I felt his eyes staring me down. "Now first things first." I say taking a meaningful step back.

Klaus finds himself chuckling. "Always the business woman" he says appreciable. "I see you decided to go against the wedding dress I chose for you- you did always have a flare for dramatics." he says. "Tell me love what would you like to discuss before our union."

"The details of our union." I say justifiably. If I were going to do this, I wanted everything to be secure. "At the stroke of midnight when I become your wife, I want your word that your hybrids will protect those I love here in Harmony." I say pausing. "I want your word the remaining witches here will be safe from those who are hunting them."

He looks into her brilliant green eyes and cant help but smile. She was the perfect specimen to be his queen and at the stroke of midnight she would be his for her immortal life. "Love" he said reaching out to kiss her hand. "You have my word." he says a charming as possible. "And in return you will be my wife until I see fit to end our union." he says as his eyes once again assist the young witch in front of him

I swallow hard and shake my head. A big part of me, wants to wait for my guardians, their must be a reason that I'm linked to the Salvatore brothers, however I believed that if the prophecy was true, everything would sort itself out regardless of my union with Klaus. "Agreed." I say putting a smile on my lips. In the back of my mind I wondered what about love, what about children but that was out of the question, at least while Klaus and I were together. One day when our union was no longer, I would find love and by then we would have saved the supernatural world, and I could live the life I had always wanted to life.

The sound of the town clock strokes makes a loud noise letting us know that now is the stroke of midnight.

"Shall we began my love." Klaus says as we stand in front of one another while holding hands.

I tossed a look to Kol then Melissa and turned back to Klaus. "Yes we shall." I say as the bells continue to ring.