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Chapter 24: You and I


When I woke up the next morning, only two things registered in my Klaus filled and fogged mind. The first had been the feeling of lips kissing down my spine. The kisses were the type with lots of lip and even more tongue action. It was the heat of those very kisses that had awaken me from a much needed slumber.

The second is the sound of loud carnival music. I had always been the type of girl who loved going to the carnival or fair whenever it came to town. Back home we would go on every ride till just about closing time and then sneak back in to continue our fun. The mere sounds make me smile. Visions of eating as much cotton candy as I want float behind my eyes. The smell of baked goods sweet and savory even manages to make an appearance in my fantasy. You would think that after all the food Klaus put on my plate the day before I'd be sicken by the sight of food. But Klaus had a way of reinstating my hunger.

Opening my eyes I spot Klaus, who looks like he's ready to start trouble. He's proped up on his elbow hand on his face with a mischievous glint to his bright eyes.

"Glad to see that you've finally decided to join me." Klaus calls as denim blue eyes bare down on me. He then grins. "I was left here to plot the many ways I plan to make you fall apart," He says getting closer to my face. "My sweet, sweet Bonnie." He says with a sloppy kiss to my cheek.

I roll over to my back causing Klaus to grin my way before he pounces and soon lands on top of me. "Sounds like fun!" I challenge. I welcome him close by my legs going to either side.

His eyes glint showing a restraint that looks to be fading fast. You'd think after everything he'd be able to pause it. But it seems like last night did little to sate his hunger. And if I were being honest, I felt the same way. "You have no idea." Klaus nearly pants out.

I lean up to nuzzle his nose mumbling good morning, as my lips latch onto his neck. He's super sensitive when it comes to his neck which is hilarious seeming as he's a vampire. The moment my mouth touches his neck, he's all but putty in my hands. Such a big bad hybrid!

"I've missed you so much." Klaus says through gritted teeth. He's already nestled himself against me, as he grinds his hips just the right way to torture us both. "Last night–" He pauses as the urge to join her is strong, yet he shows restraint. He wants her to crave it. "Even this morning, wasn't nearly enough." He says as fingers began to dance.

The naughty grin on his lips is replaced with concern by the intake of her breath.

"Sore." He asks after noticing the small grimace on her face. Usually the sound she made, would mean she was ready for him, the grimace on her face tells him otherwise. When she nods to tell him indeed she is sore, he tempted to paint her lips in his blood. However, Bonnie doesn't partake in any kind of blood play. He just, wants to make everything better for her.

"Just, a little bit."

At her words he just goes still.


Silently he rolls of her. He may have gotten a bit carried away. It wasn't like he was trying to be rough with her, it was actually the opposite. He was quite aware how fragile Bonnie was underneath her facade. That was why he wanted to take such good care of her. Still– he could barely control himself. Not with the way she tasted, smelled and called out his name.

His hands gripped onto her hips to keep her close. His mouth had latched onto her sweet skin leaving her with his signature in the form of hickeys as well as kiss swollen lips. And his body, the body that had ached for her, for so long had collided with hers eager to be reunited.

He closes his eyes suddenly feeling like shameful. When he opens them, she's looking up at him, forest green eyes heavy, with the sheet hanging dangerously low on her chest.

"Hey look at me." I say placing my hand on his stubbly cheek.

In this moment he looks so dang sad. I realize that I need to be gentle with my words, and movements. I offer a small smile when he finally looks me in the eye.

"I'm fine." I say gently, I say as my hands cradle his face, making sure he understands me. "It's just been a excessively long time." Pause. "Which you know, was my choice and you're just so enorm–" The word enormous never seems to leave my mouth as Klaus is too busy watching me, with dancing eyes.

When he cracks a grin I know everything is fine. I roll my eyes as he continues to look at me with a knowing smirk. At least he wasn't looking at me with sad eyes again.

"Please continue." He says enjoying himself way too much. "I'd love to hear how enormous I truly am."

Laying back down, I look at the ceiling as Klaus kisses my shoulder still chuckling at my words. He was already an ego maniac and I managed to stroke that ego more times in the last couple of hours than he had in a while. I'd never hear the end of it.

"Well, if you're done with the compliments, how about a bath then?" He proposes. "It's got room for the both of us, and all the shenanigans you can think of." He says nearly out the bed.

"Or," I say latching my hand on his forearm. "We could just stay." I plead.

In all honesty Klaus and I had never really been in this kind of mind set. Or at least I had never been in this type of mind-set. Before, we had a physical relationship that worked for me because he didn't ask for too much. Our past relationship worked for Klaus because, he wanted me. And although looking back now, I wasn't proud of the way I treated him, and his feelings. I could have been gentler with his feelings. However all of the little things were a part of our story.

I felt like everything we shared at Elder Isle was the beginning of our next chapter and I was eager to see where everything took us.

When he climbs back into bed, he rest his head on my shoulder. My hand finds it way to his hair where I twirl his curls with my fingers.

This was new for both of us. I had worked so hard to keep Klaus at arms length, I had pushed him away countless of times and he never gave up on me. I wanted to be the same for him. We were in this marriage together and I was going to take the advice of Ansel and try to nourish our relationship.

"Bonnie," He calls breaking the sudden silence between them. "Last night was–" He fights to find the right words to express himself. He had probably been in love with her the moment he set eyes on her, which was so cliche but– it had to be true. And after everything that had happen between them, now she was cradling him in her arms.

He was so ridiculous happy, it was almost too good to be true. How many times did he lye awake hoping that one day– she would just realize that he was the one for her. That like her, he danced to his own beat. And now look a them. He has this woman, Bonnie Bennett in his bed. She was here sharing this sacred place with him. She, his wife– is light and sun, sometimes rain– but most of all she is the only woman he could ever want beside him.

And that should scare him, it should terrify him and maybe it does. But right now he just wants to bask in the feeling of finally having someone, and that someone was Bonnie.

"Beautiful." I say finally finding my own words. "The things you've done for me, said to me...done to me." I pause suddenly feeling overwhelmed. "I've never experienced it before." I say my hand still fiddling with his hair.

He looks up then. "I guess we have something in common."

At his words I lean down and place my lips ontop of his. We had something in common indeed.



After her fight with the Salvatore brothers the one place she wanted to go was her secret hiding place. It had been years and years since she had been to it but figured at least it might give her a chance to calm down. If she went back to the Mikaelson home and ran into Kol, she just might stake his ass. It wouldn't kill him, no but it would hurt like a bitch and right now she wanted someone to hurt as much as she was hurting.

And she was hurting terribly so.

To be reminded of her past by people who were suppose to be her friends it, was a hard pill to swallow. At one time she had been very close to both the Salvatore brothers and the Mikaelson family. When everything fell apart with she and Elijah, the first people she told were Damon and Stefan. Damon had even fought with Kol to avenge her and yet today he brought up something that was so intimate, so special and later painful to her and he used that as a weapon to either shame her or tear her down. All it did was cut at wounds that never truly healed and ticked her off in the process.

Screw Damon and his whiny, non accountability ass. And screw Stefan and his forever flip flopping, life is so painful– ass as well. She didn't need either Salvatore and neither had Sheila and Bonnie for that matter. The Salvatore men were poison and they'd always be a footnote in stories of women who got away from them.

Wiping her face she let everything about the day sink in. She had only been back here for a couple hours and already she was ready to get out of doge. It came with being back here, Mystic Falls was a cesspool of bullshit all day everyday.

However she had one place, a place that was above all things Mystic Falls.

When she finally makes it to her favorite spot she nearly does a double take to see none other than Kol sitting on the hill surrounded by flowers and a bottle of vodka in his hand.

"No fucking way! She growls causing Kol who is teetering between drunk and sober to look her way.

The original flirt tilts his head back and lets out a sigh. "Darling, it seems we meet again."

The witch before him only narrows her eyes soon confiscating his bottle of vodka.

The rush of magic he feels even in her presence brings a smile, abet painful to his face. Lucy had always been mesmerizing whenever she did magic. She bewitched him plenty of times without even knowing it. Being with her, even near her it felt familiar and foreign at the same time. It was something he had craved, that he had wanted yet he was haunted by it every day of his life.

"What are you doing here?" Lucy asks her voice sounding shrill even to her own ears.

Currently she was at the spot where her child had been put to rest. She had brought flowers with her, but upon seeing Kol, the flowers fell to the ground much like pieces of her heart.

Her child, her baby...a baby girl and everything about her baby girl had been buried here. Ariel Mikaelson would've been raised by she and Elijah. They had planned on raising her together...as mother and father. Klaus had willingly stepped aside after helping she and Elijah have this miracle. It was perfect, it was everything she ever wanted...everything they ever wanted till Kol took it away from them.

Kol who had been intoxicated by her presence, suddenly sobered up at her words. He doesnt dare say anything but every word would be a lie.

If he were being honest, he'd admit sometimes he came here to talk to his niece. He'd tell her stories about what the family was up to. How Rebekah was still chasing after Marcel and vice versa. Sometimes he would mention Elijah and other times he would mention Klaus. But he always managed to tell Ariel that her mummy loved her.

This had been a favorite spot of Lucy and she had laid everything to rest atop this hill amongst a set of wild flowers that were constantly blooming. This place was for Ariel and Lucy. And despite everything he had never stopped wanting and wishing they were his. Despite everything, he still loved Lucy very much.

She glared hard his way. "Admit it! You came here for me. You knew I'd be here and like always you wanted to push your agenda!"

He plucks a flower. "Fine, maybe I just wanted...wanted a chance to talk to you alone."

Suddenly she is in his face snatching the flower out of his hand. "Your not welcome here!" She says lowly. "Stay away from me, and stay away from this place!" She says feeling as if any minute she might just break.

At the close proximity he takes a chance to run his eyes over her. She was still beautiful as ever. He takes a long look at her noticing her eyes are red. Lucy doesn't cry, not unless someone has hurt her really bad. In an instant he's in her face. "You've been crying." He notes. "I heard you were spending time with Damon today- what did he do?" He asks reaching out to touch her only for to flinch in reply.

Anger and fury swirls through her veins. "You step any closer and I'll break this bottle over your head and then jam it in your throat." She threatens icily.

Kol holds his hands up. "I was just trying to..."

"What?" She asks holding the bottle tight. "We aren't friends, we will never be friends again." She says angrily.

He runs his hands through his hands hazardously. "We use to be." He says softly. "Lucy we had it all together." He says quietly. "Why did you have to fall in love with my brother...why Elijah?"

At the audacity of his words and the mere mention of Elijah her magic lurches out knocking the wind out of the original flirt. Her magic coils around his neck slithering slowly before a for slaps across his face. In the past couple of hours she's slapped the shit out of two people, and managed to knee Stefan where it hurt the most. Hopefully the men in this town would get a clue now, not to mess with her.

"Don't you ever mention him to me!" She says walking away from him. "He and Klaus are the only reasons your still living the undead life." She says matter of fact. "But don't push me."

Kol never being the one to walk away only moves closer. "You couldn't end me Lucy," He says confidently. "Not after everything we shared."

Brown eyes widen. "Are you testing me, because I will do it." She says suddenly revealing her cards. Slowly she revealed a necklace that was hidden underneath her shirt. A necklace that held a piece of white oak. She had spent years perfecting the spell, where once the miniature version of the white oak touched an original it would then grow to it's full size. The end result would be a world without Kol Mikaelson.

Angry he steps closer to her, pressing himself into her skin. "You'd kill me the only man who has ever really cared about you?" He says angry. "Why don't you just do it then darling?" He says daringly.

She puts the chain back inside her shirt. "I'm still trying to figure that out." Pause. She looks out at the world around her. "For now, though it's for Bonnie. But, sooner or later I'm going to take back the happiness you stole from me."

The sound of her heartache does something to him, it stirs something inside of him so deep. This was the woman he had been in love with. This had been his best-friend, possibly the one true love of his life. Presently she was looking at him like he was a monster. And maybe he was, but he didn't start out that way, everything got so muddled the moment Lucy and Elijah caught eyes. The love that had blossomed was a slow decent at first until suddenly it was everywhere.

"I wish I could take it back." Kol says suddenly. How often had he pretended that things had worked out for the two of them. It would happen most when he closed his eyes to sleep, or when he had stopped using other people as distractions for the only person he had ever really wanted.

He had only wanted Lucy Bennett, no one else compared to her.

He looks down at the busy town. The humans have no idea how fragile they are. He was the same, never really realizing just how fragile a person could be, wether they were supernatural or just plain on human. Lucy had always been a wonder to him, even when they first met– even now she's still a wonder. The woman he loved, the woman he would probably always love was fragile and strong at the same time. He figured it was a Bennett trait because Bonnie was the same way.

"I was jealous." He admits finally to her and himself. "It use to be the two of us all the time everywhere all the time." He licks his lips. "And, once you fell in love with Elijah, it was like I lost my friend, my person." He says glaring at her. "Each day I watched as you got further away." He laments. "He wanted forever and he wanted it with you- and you were willing to give him everything!" He yells suddenly. "Lucy and Elijah against the world and nothing of me." He says somber now.

At his sudden outrage she swallows hard. This was the Kol she had seen that night. The violent Kol who turned off his emotions and then turned on her. She didn't believe his lies then and judging by his reaction yet again, it told her every excuse he had given her back then, was a lie.

"Am I suppose to feel sorry for you because I didn't return your feelings?" She asks turning to look his way. "I lost my baby because you were selfish and bored." Pause. "I lost Elijah because grief took over his mind and his heart. I lost everything, and you're gonna sit here and tell me you lost your friend?" She asks an eyebrow raised.

Now its his turn to say nothing. He merely looks out at the sky.

"I should end you right now for all of this bullshit you're sending my way." She says angry at his words, angry at his lies, and hurt by all of it. "We're all alone up here." She says walking to stand in front of him. "Bonnie and Klaus are long gone." She says lifting one finger up. "Rebekah and Marcel are too busy trying to pretend they don't still love each other." She says holding up finger number two. "Melissa went to a party with Caroline." She says this time waving her middle finger at him. "And my Elijah is non factor at this point in time." She says bitterly

He takes a step forward. "Do it–" He says suddenly. "At least then you'll be in some sort of peace."

She smirks his way. "No." She says with a shake of the head. "Not yet. If I'm in misery-so are you. But let me tell you this, I won't hesitate to hurt you every chance I get." She says pulling away.

She turns around to leave. Going out with Marcel and Rebekah has to be better than this emotional roller coaster she's been on.

"I loved you!" He says suddenly screaming it for the world to hear...for Lucy to hear. If she never knew before, she knows now.

"And I loved Elijah, he loved me." She says stoic. "We loved our little family." She says her words as cold as ice. "And you took that all away from us."

He tries and ignores the way she talks about the family she and Elijah would've had. He knows it's his fault that Ariel is not with them, but everything that had happen it was a result of watching everything he loved dearly slip away from him.

He runs his hands through his messy hair. "How are we gonna do this with Bonnie?"

"Keep your distance from me. And remember blood is thicker than water when it comes to the Bennett family. If Bonnie knew, she'd take my side, and toss you away." Pause. "And Klaus and I will be happier than you'll ever know." She swallows again. "I won't let you or the Salvatore brothers destroy Bonnie like you destroy yourselves and everyone who doesn't return your feelings."

The original flirt blinks back tears as he grips her arm. They aren't finished, not yet.


Bonnie and Klaus

By the time Klaus and I finally manage to pull ourselves away from each other it's a little past nine. Ansel had called earlier inviting the two of us for an intimate breakfast for the three of us, while Klaus had replied brashly he'd been dining on me before he was interrupted. I couldn't hear what Ansel had said but Klaus finally relented only after chuckling and claiming that we would be down to join Ansel within the next hour or two.

Now I stood across the room in a coral bra and panty set my eyes admiring three dresses that appeared to be breakfast friendly enough, for our meeting with Ansel. My hair had already been styled, as I had decided to wear it in its natural state of curls. The braid I had worn the day before would leave my hair looking curly and wavy at the same time. My makeup was done natural, with hints of peach on my lips and eyes. All that was left, was what to wear.

"How long do you suppose it will take to pick something out to wear?" Klaus asks as he pulls on his jeans.

I give him a look. "Seeming as you already made us late the first time, it seems I'm going to have to make this a quickie."

He grins from across the room. Sounds like an idea to me." He says wolfishly. The bath they took together seemed to have helped with her earlier soreness and now with her looking like that, he wants to drown in her all over again.

I roll my eyes and take a long look at my choices. The first dress was a red floral maxi dress with an empire waist, and multi colored flowers decorating it. If I wore the first dress. I'd wear brown sandals, with my white hooped earrings. The second dress was a blush pink white wrap-dress with ruffles. That dress went below knee and I had feeling my nude ballet flats would look divine with it. Finally, my eyes went to a white maxi dress that was decorated with pastel pink and blue and as well as a cool toned gray. The designs on this dress was different geometric shapes and flowers combined. It was a bit different but I was starting to lean towards that dress.

"What do you think?" I say after hanging all three dresses up so Klaus and I could look at them. I chanced a look to see he was pulling on a white henley topping his look off with faded blue jeans and boots.

I turn back to the clothes trying to figure out what looks better. After all we are having breakfast– well brunch with Ansel and I want to look decent.

In a second Klaus is close to my ear. "I think, we should talk about that quickie you so graciously brought up." He says as his hands move up and down my hips before settling on my butt.

I turn around in his arms. "Not happening." I say before struggling to pull away him and playfully toss the other dresses his way, while he expertly catches them. I change into the red sun-dress, with multicolored flowers decorating it– loving the way the colors looks against my skin.

Once finished I send Klaus a triumphant look to which he only scoffs at, before smirking. I could see practically see the wheels turning in his head and try to think of my next move. I would not be any further late. It didn't matter how good he smelt, or the way his plump lips felt against mine. No, I would not be deterred.

He only wraps his arms around my waist a pleased look on his face. "Afraid that you won't be able to get enough of me?" He says arrogantly.

I roll my eyes. "Dude, I'm like the Queen of stubborn."I say as my arms rest against his neck.

His eyes light up. "Good, I was thinking a little wager between husband and wife would be fun!" He proposes. "That is, if you're not too scared wife."

My look must have said how I felt because soon Klaus is grinning again. "What are the stakes husband?"

Klaus brings his lips to my shoulder. "I bet you won't be able to resist me, and you'll cave in before I do." He says huskily.

I scoff. "Not gonna happen, I'll have your whimpering like a pup in know time." I say as a slow smile forms on my lips at my words.

Klaus and I are close to each together grinning like idiots but at least we're in a good mood. Everything that had happen before almost seems like another life, especially now...in this moment.

He regards her slowly. "So young, so fearless, so naive–so wrong." He says as his wolf nearly roars for him to just have her all over again. His vampire however, takes the lead, already anticipating the game of cat and mouse.

I nip at his lip. "We'll see about that." I say pulling away from him. "Now how do I look."

He licks his lips. Was it wrong that all he wanted to do was tongue her down? "You look beautiful." He says watching as heat flushes her body. He looks on at her fondly remembering each place his tongue had laved, sucked and bitten. Every inch of her was perfection, he would know, he had thoroughly made sure to pay attention of everything that was his wife.

"About this wager," He announces eager to touch her.

I grin. "I'm going to win."

"Have you," He licks his lips. "Forgotten, that not to long ago, every inch of me, was so deep into you?" He asks huskily. A slow smile spread to his face at the thumping of her heart. Every time he got close to her- hear heart speed up. Not to mention the smell...the sweetest smell that engulfed him whenever she gave in to what she really wanted. Bonnie may have been the hardest to attain however, she was still attracted to him just as he was attracted to her. The difference was that he had played the waiting game for a very long time, his wife had no idea what she was getting in if she decided to take this wager. He was a wolf after all and she was his prey.

I bite my lip and lean into his touch. He was right, of course he was. He made me soar when I wasn't even aware I wanted to fly. But, I was competitive by nature and one of the most beautiful sights was to see him come undone, especially knowing that I was the one to do it.

My hand rest on the nape of his neck. "Do your best."

"I plan to."


Klaus opening

When he awoke it had been hours later. His slumber was not one that came often fore he was the type of man that was restless even when he was still. Well, that had been true until his wife. Once in the confines of their home, they had embraced like nothing before. If he thought they were spectacular before, after all this time they were magnificent. The power that radiated off the two of them still lingered in the air, even hours later. The smell of their scents nearly knocked him back to his slumber, a slumber only his wife could inflict on him, because he and Bonnie were one in the same. That was why whenever they coupled it was so powerful- because they- they were insatiable together.

Had he not been able to smell their mingled scents that still clung to her like a second skin– he would've swore this was another one of his dreams. It still felt like a dream, because Bonnie

He had- had her so many times, in so many ways. And even now it was never enough. He wanted more, he needed more. Opening his eyes, he noted that she was no longer next to him. Had this been before he may have wondered if she had used this occasion to run away, as only Bonnie could. But, he knew better.

Slinking out of bed he pulled on a pair of dark gray pants and headed to where he felt her vibrate the most. She was his, he'd always find her. He finds her on the balcony wrapped in silk.

He admires her for some time, her beauty only magnified by the moonlight that is kissing her skin.

When green finally meets blue he walks onto the deck. She's eating some assortment of the fresh fruits that had been stocked in the fridge, strawberries, blueberries as well as raspberries are being dipped into melted white chocolate.

"Aren't you a sight." He says finally slithering closer. He takes his time letting his eyes drape all over her. She looked beautiful. Her hair was tousled from their loving. Her lips that were always perfect were stained red from the berries and her eyes almost glowed, much like her skin was against the moonlight. "Sneaking off to eat sweets."

I can only grin as he bares down on my with intense denim blue eyes. I let my eyes drag over him head to toe my eyes lingering on the sweatpants lingering low on his hips. When I look back up at him his lips are once again curved into a knowingly grin.

"I'm a big girl I can handle it." I say causing him to toss his head back and begin to laugh.

"That you are." He says moving closer so that he too can join her. When she hold up and blueberry he lets her put the fruit in his mouth. He makes sure to let hit tongue lave her white chocolate covered fingers which causes her to giggle.

"You do know," He says pausing. "After that performance I put on for you," He says as wicked visions assault his mind. Things of what he plans on doing, positions and places pop up into his mind. Reoccurring thoughts such as under waterfall, with her body glistening from water and him. Outside where anyone could see and hear. Together in his art studio they could make their own art with splatters of paint everywhere. The possibilities, and places were endless. But what he likes the most is having her, right here under the sky. Here where he could let his inner wolf free. "I thought you'd be knocked out." he says inching closer. "Most bedfellows would be damn near comatose for at least two days, but you," He says as a lazy grin appears on his face. His reaches out to grab her foot and tug her closer. "Are still bright eyed and wide awake."

I watch him as he watches me. "Is that a compliment?" I ask gaining a flash of gold to show forth in his eyes. At his nonverbal agreement my face heats up.

He inhales her scent as he bares down on her. "It's whatever you want it to be." He says resting on the palms on his hands on either side of her. He's so close that every time she expels a breathe he inhales it.

I let my hand rub the back of his head while our foreheads are touching. The words I thought I wanted to say dying down in my throat. I just wanted to be in the moment, express my gratitude for bringing my here.

We stay like that for a while just breathing each other in before I scoot back into the confines of the plush furniture. It's a nice night, or early morning I wouldn't mind sharing some of this greatness in the form of this particular spot that has phenomenal views, here with Klaus.

"Did you enjoy your beauty sleep?" I ask a stifling a giggle.

"I would've enjoyed it more had you stayed at my side."

I watch him as he watched me pop a white chocolate blueberry in my mouth. I had been out here doing a lot of reconnecting with myself and my magic. This place was, probably one of the best places to let your magic just go wild and did just that. Whenever Klaus and I had been intimate it had always seemed to recharge my magic often making things that may take a bit more time, happen almost instantly. Everything, seemed clearer when my magic was at its peak and Klaus seemed to be the remedy for all things magic with me.

"But, since you're awake," He says leaning closer. "It is my duty to do my best to put you to sleep." He says dropping a kiss to her chin. "It is, after all, a husbands duty." He says red lips curving into a grin.

Just as he's about to use one of his famous moves that leaves me flat on my back or on all fours, I use my magic to slip away from him. I now stand in front of the balcony looking out at the sky. The sight is beautiful, the sky glitters with stars and a hint of magic and I realize that I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, but here in this very moment.

"I like it here." I say finally turning to see Klaus who is now laying down where I had vacated only seconds ago. At my words Klaus looks at me with denim blue eyes that are tracing my ever feature. Klaus does this thing where he looks at me like I'm his whole world, and although kind of flattering to have someone look at me, like I'm so special– it can be intense.

When I chance a look at him now, he's looking down at his wedding ring twisting it. "Go on." He says focusing on his ring.

I once again look out at the sky. "Its nice, and more importantly I haven't once thought about the crown, the Salvatore brothers or what I am suppose to do." Pause. "Your friends, Smooth" I bite my lip. "Your father has made sure I feel like the same girl I was before the crowning." I smile to myself. "I can be myself– Bonnie, not just the future but me, the real me."

At her words the vampire in him wants to rejoice because after being alone for so long many years– now he has someone. The wolf in him wants to take her right here under the moon light on this very balcony, he wants to mark her, and let the whole world know with his glorious growl roar that she– Bonnie, she belonged to him and he belonged to her. "Don't you get it, you don't have to be anyone but who you are with me." He says his words honest to the core.

His words though whispered between the two of us, echo in my ears, in my head. I don't think anyone had ever said the things Klaus said to me let alone looked at me like he looked at me.

Soon enough, I feel him, he's saddled up behind me. His arms reach around me his hands resting on top of mine.

"I want you, Bonnie." He says against my ear. "I want the girl that told me to sod off upon meeting me." He says with a grin as his lips kissed her ear with each passionate word he spoke. "The same woman that likes it nice and slow, or hard and fast." pause. "Everyone out in the world, they don't matter- be you because, you are a rarity."

At his words my heart soars while my skin begins to heat up. I can feel his heat as if it's adorning me like a second skin. The moment his lips kiss the back of my neck butterflies fill my stomach.

I turn around in his arms and wrap my arms around his torso. Klaus eyes me before his lips descend on my skin. His lips trail from the corner of my mouth, to my chin sliding down to my chest. With him so close my head gets hazy. However, I'm determined to tell him what I realized out here. "Thank you for having my back, for bringing me here." I say nearly moaning out when he ghost over my nip with his tongue. "I just wanted you to know, I have your back too."

He pauses at her words, maybe this place really is good for their relationship. "You mean it?"

I wrap my arms around his neck and bring him closer. "Yeah."

Once my last words are uttered something around us changes. The sky cackles with thunder, the air suddenly feels charged and in a second Klaus has me in his arms. Our eyes lock together before he smashes his lips on mine.

I return the kiss just as fevered, as he peels, more like tears away the flimsy material separating us.

"I want you...I need you." He breathes against my lips. "I don't care how loud you get, I don't care if the whole world will hear you scream, just know that– this will be like nothing you've ever experienced." He says as his eyes flickering between blue and golden. "I cant–" He pauses unable to get the words out. "I can't hold back." He's peering at me with so much emotion written on his face, all I can do is nod.

"Then don't." I say as I get lost in his eyes which have finally settled on a color. Golden eyes peer at me, with heat that is nearly scorching. Still I trace my fingers along his face before bridging the gap between us. Klaus in turn takes the lead with a kiss that is so ferocious, I can feel the metallic taste of blood in my mouth- whose blood it is I'm not sure.

All I know is that his hands are all over me, just as his lips.

Once again the sound of thunder in the background cackles, which only seems to cast a spell on the two of us because Klaus has me in his arms lifting me up on the railing while I kick his sweatpants down.

The moment he joins me we're in a frenzy the sound of harsh breathing and loud grunts fill my ears, while the thunder in the background seems to echo our sentiments.

What seems like hours later Klaus growls so loud it's nearly stopped the thunder and I can't help but tumble after him, my magic flaring and all.

End of flashback

"So what do I get when I win?" I ask wrapping my arms around his neck and placing my body against his.

Klaus grins like that creepy cat in that one movie. "Whatever do you want?" He asks genuinely amused. He may have gone a bit soft since falling for Bonnie, but he was still Niklaus Mikaelson. He was hybrid king, the very same man that gave nightmares- nightmares. The mere mention of his name made people tremble with fear or tremble with want. So what was a little wager, he had shown great restraint in the past on enemies he had waited to strike against till the right time. This was just a bit of a game between lovers. Surly he could rise to the occasion.

I lean close to him. "I want you to help me convince Lucy to stay at the compound." I say letting mouth dance across his with each word I speak.

He swallowed hard at the mention of Lucy. He liked Lucy always had. She was a breath of fresh air especially for Elijah. His brother had tended to pine away over love for eons on. However, Lucy was the one to knock some sense into Elijah. She had made his brother fun and most importantly she got him over Tatia, Katherine and the long list of lovers long gone.

As for his personal relationship with the witch, Lucy had been one of the few friends he had maintained. They had always got on well, based on the fact that Lucy was immune to his charms and his was just as immune to hers. They laughed a lot then cried a lot. He would do anything for Lucy, she was family long ago and in his mind she was still family. He wanted what was best for Lucy and if living at the compound wasn't what she wanted then, so be it. He'd win the bet and then Bonnie would think nothing of it when he failed to recruit Lucy into moving in with them.

"And when I win, say you'll move in with me." He says getting into her eyes imploringly. When they got back home, he couldn't possibly go back to the two of them sleeping in separate rooms any longer. They were married and it was far time they started acting like it.

He wanted her toothbrush in his bathroom, her clothes and shoes occupying space in his large closet. He could even deal with her beauty and hair products taking over his space, till he expanded the bathroom, closet or anything else. He wanted everything that came with being husband and wife and he wanted with her.

I look down at his words only for him to tip my chin up. "Okay."

He's elated at her words. They were making great progress here. However, he wanted everything that happen here to leak into their lives back in Mystic Falls. He wants to be one of those couples that people get sick of, because they are so in love. He wants people to walk in on the two of them getting hot and heavy and then leaving quickly in embarrassment. He wants sunshine and rain...all with her.

"Shall we seal it with a kiss then."

Before I can even react he placed his hands on either side of my face and plants his lips over mine kissing me in the most gentle way. The strap to my dress falls as his hands began to roam me. I find myself wanting more and let out a moan when he takes a dramatic step back.

"I guess that settles in then." Klaus says jollier than ususal. "When I win," He says eyeing me from head to slow. I fight to stand still as his eyes feel like that are caressing me. "You'll move into my wing, more importantly my bed." He says proudly. "Everyone in that town will know you're mine."

"Not so fast." I say wagging my finger at him. "If you win, I want a new bed."

He nods in agreement. He could have one custom built by the time they arrive back home. "Done." He says simply. Smirk. "Can't stand the thought of me with anyone else." He quips.

I say nothing which only causes him to grin so much he's turning red.

He claps his hands all the while still grinning like a fool. "That settles it."

"Not quite yet." I say with a bite of my lip. I make my way over to him, adding much more hip movement then needed. "You sealed your end of the wager, now it's my turn." I say beaming in front of him.

He moves closer. "We'll than lets do it, before Ansel comes calling again." He says leaning forward.

I place my hand on his chest stopping him from any further movement. "Don't move." I say wickedly as my hand trails the length of his chest.

My hand settles between the two of us as our eyes lock. By the look on his face I can tell he knows exactly what is to come.

"Bonnie." He breathes out, his tone a warning of some sort.

I shrug my shoulders. All the while filling my hand with him. "You said seal it with a kiss."

And with that I knelt down to place a kiss to him.


Kol and Lucy

"Do you have any idea what it is like to be on the outside? Huh?" Kol asks gripping her arm. He's fully prepared for her to maim him very soon, but instead she sends a glare that is so cold he lets her go on his own.

She licks her teeth her magic flowing through her as passionate as the next moment when she sends Kol an aneurysm so violent that he's nearly unconscious when she's through. "You expect me to listen to your man pain?" She says standing over him. "No thank you. I'd rather we go our separate ways." She says through gritted teeth.

She turns on her heel when he grabs her foot stopping her altogether. Using vampire speed he's up in her face all over again.

"I was so damn in love with you Lucy and when you turned to him, to them I snapped." He admits. Thankful to have this burden off of him. He reaches out to touch her face only for her to flinch away.

She tilts her head up glaring at him all the while in the inside she's shaking like a leaf. She'd never admit it to anyone but after that night, Kol was the star of her nightmares. She could deal with people who were suppose to be bad, but Kol had been her friend and he was probably the scariest person she had ever encountered.

She could never escape that night, it followed her like a second skin.

"I'm done." She says her magic tingling within her fingers. "I don't want to hear you anymore!"

He crosses his arms in front of his chest. "Too bad, you don't have a choice." He says firmly.


"Lucy darling you're sloshed." He says holding onto her waist as they approach the compound.

They had gone out drinking and that had turned into dancing and soon Lucy and he was drinking everyone under the table. He, of course could handle it- but Lucy was starting to feel the effects.

"Yeah, but we won!" She says smiling up at him.

He can't help himself he leans in and kisses the top of her head. "You're amazing."

"So I've been told." She says sending him a wink that goes straight to his heart and then travels to his groin.

"Come on, you can crash here." He says holding her close to him.

She leans into him her head resting on his shoulder. "You take good care of me Kol." She says reaching out to touch his face. "Best friend, I'm so lucky to have you."

No longer able to keep it bottled up he cradles her face. He leans forward his lips almost touching hers when the door to the compound opens.

Lucy who was just looking at him almost dreamily turns her head and locks eyes with Elijah.

It was then in that moment he felt his world shift.

End of flashback

He waits for her to realize the truth and yet she is starring at him like he's a stranger. That was the same look she had given him the night everything crumbled.

"Once I knew my brothers were back in town I knew I needed to keep an extra eye on you." He continues. "Luckily for me, Klaus was busy with his own witch, who was willing to do all his heart desire." He says chuckling.

"You do realize that Bree has a name, she's not just a witch." Lucy reminds him. "We all aren't here to do what you and everyone else want us to do." She says matter of fact. "We have emotions, feelings, voices and it's not all about the male counterpart narrative."

He cracks a grin despite himself. "I thought they would move on soon. Elijah follows Klaus wherever he goes and I thought– Klaus would get bored." pause. "At first he was the one I was worried about, he has a type and you fit the bill– but the two of you were immune to each others charms and I was delighted." He continues.

Unsettled by his everything she makes a point to put space between the two of them.

"You talk about me, like I'm some toy you didn't want to share with your brothers." She says mentally waiting for her magic to recharge. The moment she felt she was strong enough, she'd teleport far away from the original.

He flexes his fingers. "You weren't a toy, you were my world and I didn't want to share you!" He says his voice growing louder. "Despite the way you and Elijah looked at each other, I thought- maybe it would be okay." He chuckles darkly. "Elijah spends at least two hundred years mourning his past lovers each." He says chuckling again. "But leave it to you-to break down stuffy Elijah."

She flinches at the mention of Elijah and it's then that he knows he's got her attention.

The night you and Elijah decided to flip my world, I had been waiting for you. I was going to tell you how I felt. How I was the one for you Lucy Bennett and no one else."

At his words a chill runs down her spine. She had never seen Kol that way, and to hear him talk about loving her, they way he had- it was wrong. "I've heard enough." She says turning to walk away where Kol only appears in front of her again.

"I had been bored waiting for you so I decided to tune into one of the cameras looking for dirt to hold over my siblings so they would get out of town." He says bitterly. "Always and forever was always resumed for Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah after all."

He then looks over at Lucy. "Imagine my surprise when I see you and Elijah grinning at each other."


"Ms. Bennett, I suppose you're here for Kol." Elijah says opening the door to allow the witch to come in.

She places her hands in her pockets. "Yeah, we had plans." She says fingering her braids. "And by the way, the name is Lucy."

Elijah only smiles. "Lucy, I like it."

She tilts her head to the side. "Glad, because I wasn't about to change for you...Mr. Mikaelson."

Elijah who had his long sleeve dressed shirt rolled up only quirks his lips in a half smile. "Tell me Ms. Bennett," at her narrowed eyes he tilts his head back and laughs. "My mistake, Lucy– tell me how does the man in your life feel about your gallivanting with my brother."

"Now it's her turn to grin. "Well, Mr. Mikaelson, I'm perfectly single." She says beaming up at him.

He takes a step closer grasping her hand. "Well then, allow me introduce myself, I'm Elijah." He says kissing her hand. "And if I'm not mistaken, I have a feeling you won't be single for very long Lucy.

End of flashback

His hands are clenched by the time he's finished with the story. "I lost you. Every minute, I lost you. I lost you to Elijah, I lost you to Klaus and when you got pregnant– I lost you to the future you planned out."

She jerks away from him. "Don't you dare try and turn this around on me!" Lucy grits out furiously. "I didn't love you the way you wanted so you took away what I loved most!" She says with glistening tears. "We were friends, you were my best friend!"

He shakes his head. "Lucy you are missing the point. If you would've given me a chance..."

"I remember everything." She screams, her anger overtaking the fear of Kol and his unpredictability. When she looks up the look on his face says its all. He looks like he's seen or possibly heard from a ghost.

"Was it worth it, getting back and me and Elijah for falling in love?" She asks quietly. "Was it worth it, you destroying all of us in the process?"

He stands before her speechless, because he cannot possibly answer her question.



Lucy Bennett had walked into her favorite bar in need of a good cold drink. After a rather unpleasant encounter with the Salvatore brothers and then battling Kol– she was pretty much over everything and everyone. The only person she liked right now was Bonnie and Klaus. She did have a soft spot for Marcel and Rebekah, hence the reason she had stayed away from the Mikaelson home. After witnessing how the old lovers were she couldn't help but hope that they could work it out. After everything, everyone had gone through– someone had to get a happy ending.

Thinking of Marcel and Rebekah, it made her long for someone who was no longer hers. It was easy when they separated by space and time and everything that was Elders Isle. But being back here in this funky town that held so many memories, and even more secrets, it made her long for a man that she should be over. Elijah Mikaelson was still a ghost she could never really get rid of. That of course was another reason she hadn't dared to go back to the compound, too many memories- too many promises lingered in the halls.

Venomously she wipes a stray tear that is trailing down her cheek. She didn't want to cry not again, she didn't want the walls she had built around her heart to crumble, but after everything that Kol and said and being back here...it's too much too soon. And despite her aversion to crying, she feels like it might happen again. She doesn't want to cry anymore, she had done enough of that after dealing with spiteful ass Damon. As for Kol every thought of him brought about anger.

"Lucy Bennett is that you?"

At the mere sound of someone calling her name she nearly freezes. The sheer volume alone is enough to turn heads. But Bree is nothing but dramatic.

"Bree Buchanan." She cracked a grin. "Good to see you!" She says the first genuine smile she's smiled all day. Oh the trouble she and Bree use to get into. Back then, they thought they were on top of the world and unstoppable. Back then, they were two gifted women in the inner circle of some of the most powerful men in the world.

Bree opens her arms. "You too!" She says embracing the other witch in her arms. "How long has it been?" Bree asks pulling away all the while signaling for a round of drinks.

Once the liquid is placed in front of her Lucy quickly tosses it back with ease. Wiping her mouth she speaks. "Shit with our lives it seems like a hundred years ago."

"We use to be the best tag team." Bree admits. "The trail of broken hearts we've left around these parts are still trying to mend."

Giggle. "Nobody knew what to do with us." Pause. "We were two beautiful, educated women with magic at our fingertips." Lucy says a smile on her painted red lips.

Bree only snorts. "When I heard about how it all went down, I was shocked." The bar owner says her eyes getting glossy.

"Me too." She says thinking of how it ended. She was off her game when it happened. It would never happen again.

Bree peers down at her. "But- you're here now which is good because I've been stuck with Sam and the Salvatore brothers."

At the mere mention of the Salvatore she picks up he glass and toast to Bree before tossing back the liquid like a pro. Getting trashed should not be on the list of things to do today but one of her so called best friends named dropped the fact that her baby didn't make it. And the man that caused it Kol Mikaelson had the gall to all but blame her for the situation because she fell in love with his brother. Both Kol and Damon could choke on their so called man pain because it was just an excuse to act callously.

Inwardly she snorted. Kol and Damon two sides of the same freaking coin.

Bree drums her fingers on the bar. "So what brings you back to this time warp?" She asked genuinely interested. She thought Lucy would head for the hills once she got back to the land of living, however she came right back to the place that broke so many hearts– hers included.

The Bennett witch shrugs. "Family business."

As if on cue her phone started ringing indicating that Bonnie was calling her to face time. Bree must've noticed too because soon she's whisked her to the back office. She give her friend a grateful look, while Bree starts to fish through papers that are stacked on her desk.

She counts to five before letting it all go, all the junk that happened in the last couple of hours. The last thing she wants is for Bonnie to worry- homegirl had enough to worry about without added baggage.


"B.B." She calls once Bonnie's face pops up on her screen.

"L.B. Looking good." Bonnie says a giant smile on her face.

Lucy grins panning the phone down so that Bonnie can get the full effect. "Glad you like it- I got it from your closet and altered the size."

Bonnie only grins. "I thought that looked familiar."

"So are you having fun in paradise with the Klaus?" She asks noticing how her cousin is practically glowing. Bonnie has that I just shagged for the last couple of hours glow going on and she's digging it.

The younger witch only shrugs. "It has it's perks." Is all Bonnie says but the look on her face says it all. She wants Bonnie to have nothing but sunshine and wonderful years ahead of her.

She smile widely. "Let me guess, you've been doing it on every surface, everywhere imaginable."

The young witch covers her face. "Seriously Luce, we can't keep our hands off each other."

She can only snort. "So did you face time me so I could be jealous of that after some good loving glow you've got going on?"

Now the young witch straightens up. "No, actually I need your opinion of my ootd. We are going out to breakfast- do you like." She says paning the phone down.

"You look great, so what's the problem?" She asks

"The problem is," Klaus calls strolling in. "Everyone will wonder what she looks like underneath." He says wrapping his arms around Bonnie.

The phone is soon tilted up so that she can get a view of the two of them and shit they look so good together she has to pause. She had seen the two of them, Bonnie and Klaus at Elders Isle and they looked like a unit. But this time around- you could tell that the trip really had the Witch Queen and Hybrid King in sync.

She rolls her eyes. "Simmer down big bad, you guys look amazing." She says never noticing Bree too is enthralled in the picture perfect sight of Bonnie and Klaus.

Soon Bonnie disappears giving Klaus the phone. "She looks happy huh?" He asks angling the phone.

She grins. "So do you big bad, so do you."

He chuckles. "I guess I owe you big huh?"

She indicates with her fingers just how much. "My choice of payment is in a fully furnished apartment and a pair of good heels."

He's smiling now. "Never the one to think small are you."

Now she shrugs. "It's part of my charm."


She watches as his face turns thoughtful, mournful even. "How are you really feeling Lucy?" He questions firmly.

She thinks about it for only a second to realize that she's so much better than she had been walking into this bar. "I'm better now that I know you've been banging like bunnies...or in your case wolf and witch." She says teasingly.

His face only reddens.

"Look at you blushing and all, your prowess is legendary flaunt it!" She says with a grin. "Go be free and tell B, I'll call her later."

Phone disconnected.

Once she puts the phone down, she realizes that seeing Bonnie so filled with light and Klaus who had permanent cloud over his head grinning like the sunshine after the rain...she realized she'd be okay.

"Wow." Bree calls causing her to look up. She had practically forgot that Bree was here. That was how luminous Bonnie and Klaus were together.

She fingers the necklace of bullets made of white oak. "I know right."

Bree who had witnessed the whole thing is still in a state of shock. "He's never.." Pause. "He never ever takes his witches on vacation." She says her mind trapped in the past. "It's always work to defeat the enemies he acquired and then maybe a small reprieve before its back to the drawing board." The bar owner says.

Lucy looks up at her friend. "Well of course not, Klaus is nothing but efficient in what he expects from everyone in his life. However, Bonnie isn't one of his witches he wants to do his bidding...she's his wife."

The words held so much finality that Bree nearly slumped over.

"I just- I can't believe what I saw." Bree says stumbling on her words. "I assumed they were playing the part but never thought it was, ya know real." She admit jilted by the sight.

Lucy merely shrugs. "Bonnie and Klaus are very much together- you saw it."

Bree bites her lip. "I know- I just– I saw her with Damon." Bree says her words leading. Despite Damon being Damon, nobody could deny the energy that flowed between the Salvatore and witch.

At the mention of the raven haired vampire she can only roll her eyes. "Oh god, please don't remind me. That fucker has legit just got off the tit of Katherine 2.0 and now he's trying to latch onto Bonnie." She squints. "He's disgusting."

Bree can only chuckle. "Not a Damon fan today."

"No. I'm not."Lucy says acidly.

At those words the Bennett witch gets up. "I should get back to the compound."

Bree can't help but gape for mere seconds. "You're staying back at the compound?"

"Yeah, at least for a while." She gives the woman a hug. "Call me later."

The bar owner soon ushers out the Bennett witch all the while thinking the Bennett and the Mikaelson families in bed together again. But what happens to everyone else?

Just as Lucy leaves her phone vibrates with a missed call for non other than Damon Salvatore.