Something I wrote last month at our school's writing club. I REGRET NOTHING!

Incarnadine (v): to make red with blood.


My dear rapscallion, pray incarnadine

Not the brick below your feet; instead please stay

'Till dawn tomorrow, 'till a new sun shines

And lights our world afresh and makes us ungray'd.

Ignore the green-eyed archvillain who claims

A power over you-he has no say

In our lives together, in our safe puzzl'games.

He is but a passing Shadow, gone with day.

This summit you are perched upon impedes

Our conversation; I beg you come down

So we may have council, and plan to defeat

The criminal who aims for the Crown-

By Jove, I should not have agreed to wait;

I have failed you, friend, for I am too late!