Okay I know I disappeared for a while that because I was trying to make a couple chapters for my other story but they got lost due to computer crashes. You can ask why I made Gil the doctor.

Matthew is sitting in the common room with his two friends in this place he is also holding on to kumajiro tightly. The Icelandic boy sitting across from him asks, "What's wrong Matthew you seem on edge?" Matthew looked at the silvered haired boy who also has violet eyes like him and whisper out "Emil, Al came yesterday and took the iPod to put music more music on it." Emil is holding mister puffin, Mr. Puffin and Kumajiro are stuffed toy but the two boys treat them as if they are alive. A Chinese boy with brown hair, bushy eye browns and brown eyes is also hold a stuff toy it's a bear like Matthew though Matthew bear is a polar bear and the Chinese boy from Hong Kong is a panda bear. The boy from Hong Kong says with an emotionless face "So it's getting to quiet and your hearing the voices again," the boy has his arm around Emil. Matthew nods to the boy while Emil blushes and says, "Li Xiao Wang you better not try anything later when our families are visiting after lunch." Xiao face is indifferent to his boyfriend comment. Matthew giggles and says, "You just don't want your brother to know you got a boyfriend in pretty much an Insane Asylum." Emil sighs in defeat and hugs Mr. Puffin.

There was a new doctor in this floor of the hospital. Matthew old doctor decide to quite since he had it dealing with the mentally insane. This new doctor had snow-white hair, pale skin, and crimson red eyes. The doctor nametag said Gilbert Beilschmidt. Gilbert watched Matthew interact with the other two patients, wondering if the kid related to one of his best friends Francis Bonnefoy. Gilbert scanned the common room looking at the 3 other patients in the room he remembered all 6 of the teenager names, Lovino Vargas, Ivan Braginski, his half-sister Natalya Arlovskaya (they share the same Russian mother but different fathers) Matthew Williams, Emil Bondevik and, Li Xiao Wang. He wonders why such Matthew was in here the boy seems so quiet and shy even if he read record. The patient file said Mattie hears voices when it is too quiet which lead him to bring a gun to school he paralyses his best friend. Matthew also suffers from depression and suicidal tendencies due to the fact it seem no one notices the boy as if he was not there and when they did he was bullied for being gay. Even Matthew owns brother would only notice him when he wanted something.

Sometime after lunch

Xiao was sitting on the coach with Mr. puffin on his shoulder, Emil was laying down on the coach with his head in Xiao lap and Xiao panda (name is Nu) on his stomach, and Mattie was in the recliner watching TV with the other two with kumajiro on his lap. Emil thinking aloud "Do you think your big brother Yao is with Ivan because whenever Yao visit, Ivan light up like when he see his sunflowers?" Xiao think and says, "I think your right I know Ivan and Yao knew each other before Ivan was put in here."

Eleven people come walking on the floor as one group it just so happen they all know each other and are visiting people on this floor. Ivan almost shoots out of his seat to get to Yao he says, "Jao-Jao came to visit." Ivan hugs Yao lifting him off the ground with the hug. Yao gasps out "To tight Ivan, cant breath." Ivan set down Yao and apologize quickly Alfred shouts out "Yao you know the commie!" Gilbert walks over to the group and says "I am asking you to quiet down some patients are resting." Francis begins to laugh loud at gilbert "Dear god Gil this is what happens to you, your skin and hair match the coat."
Gilbert stop and stares at Francis before twitching "French fry what are you doing here ... Beside I am still the awesomeness I was I just not a narcissi any more after I started taking psych classes." Francis stop laughing, "Okay, well I am here to see my little cousin," he slings his arm around Gilbert neck. Yao and the Norwegian boy name Lukas head over toward Emil and Xiao but both stop. Yao speaks first "You're letting some eon else hold Nu you won't even let me touch him!" Lukas goes off his emotionless face is shocked "Your letting someone touch Mr. Puffin," he looks down at Mathias and says "I am not seeing things am I." Mathias who in a wheelchair staring at Emil and says "I see it to well at lest he finally being himself and hopefully forgives me."

Matthew is the first to stand up he put kumajiro on the chair before heading over to hug Alfred then Francis. Arthur groans, "Hey you give the frog and the idiot a hug but not me." He and Matthew had been friends a long time and Arthur was dating Alfred now. Matthew hugs Arthur as well, Gilbert speaks up "I though he looked like you Francis, oh and I learned you, Francis are a nymphomaniac and Alfred over there has a hero complex that was driven by a need to protect someone from a dangerous environment." Francis looks at Gilbert, "I hate you and your new found smarts of being a doctor." Matthew looks up at Francis, "You know the new doctor Francis?" Francis nods, "Yes this Prussian albino over here is my best friend from child hood." Gilbert smiles at Matthew "I do look forward to learn about you since our session start tomorrow you can go join Emil and Xiao and well defend them from their older brothers if you want." Mattie smiles and runs back over to his two friends. Matthew picks up kumajiro holding him close.

Alfred walks over to meet Matthew two friends, Matthew speaks up "Emil, Xiao this is my older twin brother Alfred." Emil and Xiao stare at Alfred blankly. Emil speaks up first "You look NONTHING like Matthew how could any one mistake him for you." Xiao follows bluntly, "Yeah his hair way longer, he does not have a stupid cowlick and his eyes are purple like Emil's not blue!" Alfred stares at the two boys who totally just dised him. Im Yong Soo is checking his pockets for something "Oh crap!" Suddenly fire cracks are going off in Alfred pants "AHH OH MY GOD," he tries to get them out before he gets badly hurt. Gilbert walks over to the group and says "Xiao what did the other doctor say about setting fire crackers off on this floor." Xiao growls out "Not to do it." Gilbert begins to laugh out "Yeah don't do it but that fucking hilariousness!" Mei hits Im Yong So for bringing the firecracker in the first place. Berwald is chuckling, Emil shouts "OH MY GOD YOU MADE BREWARLD LAUGH, you're amazing," Emil kiss Xiao. Mathias snickers at the couple white Yao and Lukas mouth hang open. Matthew takes his IPod from Alfred putting the headphones in quickly it got to quite again for him. About a minute later Yao and Lukas were giving Emil and Xiao a lecture about sex, dating a person in the Psych ward, something else. Matthew pipes up "But Yao are you not dating Ivan so you have no right to lecture Xiao on that matter."