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MAIN FEATURED HP CHARACTERS: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, George Weasley, & Percy Weasley…

MAIN FEATURED PJ CHARACTERS: Apollo, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Grover Underwood, Thalia Grace, Nico di Angelo, Rachel Dare, Connor Stoll, & Travis Stoll…

SYNOPSIS: In the wake of their heart-wrenching wars, two groups consisting of surviving wizards and Greek heroes are transported to a secret haven beyond the stars to rediscover the truth about a none too distant past, yet, there is something more to the secrets surrounding them, a truth they are yet to uncover...

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is under revision for chapter reconstruction.

~o~ ONE ~o~


Chapter One

Wish Upon a Star

England, 1998…

The Battle of Hogwarts ended the dreadful era of a power-crazed megalomaniac's reign of terror, but his remaining fanatics were not so easily swayed to surrender to the new regime of the Ministry of Magic. In the weeks following the war's end, the Wizarding community celebrated their victory in varied states of joy. The count of the fallen had begun, with their funerals held and their names scribed into history forever, with the capture of Death Eaters, with the trials held before the Wizengamot, and the appointment of Kingsley Shacklebolt as the new Minister.

Now, towards the end of June, Harry Potter was grateful for a break. He had had his time to rest and heal and to grieve for those he had cared for and lost. Whereas his dreams were often taken by terrors, he found new use in his days, working with the aurors to capture the fugitive factions intent of evading the law. The Weasleys had once again welcomed him into their home, which was usually quiet and grim. In those passing weeks, Ron and Hermione had not been there with him. Instead, after the Funeral, they had gone off to Australia in search of Hermione's parents, which had not been as challenging as Harry had expected; muggle documentation was easier to cross-reference than that of wizardkind. Whatever drama ensued occurred in the distant country, but Ron and the Grangers had all returned, safe and sound.

With a bottle of butterbeer in hand, Harry wandered from the empty kitchen to front steps of their worn-down house, sat down on the crisp grass, and stared up at the stars, thinking inaudibly to himself. It was a clear night, and the bright stars sparkled across a dark canvas that was the night sky around the crescent of the new moon. He had found surprising solace in staring at the night sky. Something akin to peace and quiet.

It pained him to hear the quiet sobs of Mrs. Weasley or the comforting words of her children and Hermione's attempts to sooth her. Fred's death lingered in every corner of their home. To make matters worse, George had not spoken since the Funeral. Something had died with Fred that night, and it had been adrenaline and anger that had spurred his will to fight in the final battle. A somewhat grouchy persona had taken form and lasted for days. It drove him to eat and sleep, but it slowly dimmed away. Depression, Hermione had called it. She had not needed to explain. George's unmoving figure or lightless eyes reminded Harry of the days that followed Voldemort's return; he, too, had spent many days staring vacantly at nothing as time passed until his own anger and bitterness brought him to move.

Thoughts of George led to thoughts of Ginny and Percy. The third brother had grudgingly returned home to help care for George. Anyone could see the guilt and pain in his eyes for being there at his younger brother's death, unable to stop it. It was the first time that Harry had ever seen the two inseparable. Even visits from Lee Jordan could not part them. Then there was Ginny. The number of times Harry almost swept her up in his arms was uncountable. It was more than just a promise to Ron out of anger that kept him away. He actually feared to go so near her. Call it his paranoia, but Harry was not willing to risk her life when he had taken on working with aurors.

At least, that was what he told himself.

Harry heard the light click of the door opening behind him, and a taste of warm air hit his back before it shut again.

"I thought you might be out here." Harry glanced up at Hermione, who had a glass of pumpkin juice in hand. Her bushy brown hair was tied up behind her head and in the moonlight, her face almost looked like it was glowing. She smiled when she saw Harry sitting on the grass and elected to join him. "Ron was looking for you."

Harry smiled dryly as he took a sip of butterbeer. "I thought I'd give you two time to yourselves," he replied simply.

He heard her sigh. "You're doing it again. Harry, you shouldn't be alone."

Harry did not reply. As his eyes wandered to the sky, passed the moon and the stars to a burning light searing across the dark sky. It was not a creature or flying object, or any magic that Harry knew, yet it looked familiar. Hermione noticeably straightened up beside him, having seen the light as well.

"A shooting star!" she exclaimed, a bright smile gracing her lips. "I've never seen one before outside the photographs in Astronomy!"

"Ah." Harry almost smacked his forehead; he had never paid close enough attention in that class. It had gone wasted on him.

"Yeah, my father once told me that if you wish upon a shooting star, your wish will come true," Hermione said. "But I'm not so sure."

Harry smiled. "What would you wish for?"

Hermione fell silent as she thought about the question. "I don't think I can choose only one wish. Perhaps a chance at fun?" she asked jokingly. "We've had little of that in our schedule since… well… over a year."

"You didn't have fun in Australia?" Harry joked, taking another sip of his butterbeer.

Hermione's eyes widened. "Goodness, no. Well, yes. Well—" She let out an exasperated sigh that left Harry chuckling. "Oh, hush, you! What would you wish for?"

Harry shrugged his shoulders, his smile fading. "I don't put much store in wishes," he said.

"Hopefully, that will change. It may seem childish, but we can use some childishness now," she said lightly. "Though, I thought you might wish for something more… elaborate."

He raised an eyebrow. "Such as…?"

"Well, I've noticed that you and Ginny are avoiding each other lately," Hermione said innocently, "and I couldn't help but wonder if—"

"I'm not talking about it," Harry said blankly.

Hermione huffed impatiently. "Oh, for goodness sake!" she exclaimed. "The two of you are taking this to a ridiculous length! You're more unhappy than usual these days, and that's saying a lot!"


With a soft sigh, Hermione shook her head, but let the subject pass… for now. While she was not eager to drop her point, any attempts to force the conversation out of him when he was in no mood to entertain it was simply a waste of time. She knew that, deep down, Harry needed Ginny's comfort, just like she needed Ron's, or how George needed everyone's. Hermione would be there for him, but she had a feeling that Ginny would do a better job. Harry knew how to wear a brave face, but she could see it in his eyes, that shattered gaze that flickered when she came into his sights.

Relief at their victory did not mask the inner scars he now wore.

"We should return inside," she said. "Molly won't like us staying outside on the ground."

Harry watched her leave before turning back up to the sky. The shooting star was still visible, leaving a light streak in its wake. Perhaps Hermione was right. He had earned the right to be a bit childish, hadn't he?

Happiness, he thought. Not just for me, but for all of us. If I wish for anything, it'll be that.

Gulping down the rest of his butterbeer, Harry rose to his feet and sighed. He was tempted to stay longer, to be swept into the gentle, chilly night, but grudgingly dusted the earth off his pants and opened the door, where the heat of the kitchen blasted out, warming his skin. He could hear Percy talking from the next room, reading aloud to George. The Weasley Clock sat at the table, where Arthur Weasley had set it after another short breakdown from his wife.

All were set to home. Except for Fred's. His hand hung aimlessly to the side, away from all the locations on the clock. There was no location for where he was; not now. With a sigh, Harry shut the door and hastened for the stairs.

Unknowingly to him, something in the night had changed.

Across the night sky, the shooting star glowed purple and dissipated in the light, as if accepting Harry's wish. It would remember his words, from his heart rather than his lips. For it was no ordinary shoot star that the two friends had seen together, but an omen for their future's change.


Long Island, New York, 2009

It was an unwritten rule at Camp Half-Blood that, in times of woe, entertainment was the best source of raising their spirits. Everyone had had enough fighting (other than the Ares) to dismiss further games of Capture the Flag until all their campers had fully healed from their injuries. After dinner had been served, the campers crowded into the amphitheater for their annual campfire sing-along with Apollo's cabin. The crackling flames rose high into the air with their songs, which had roughly put almost everyone in a jollier mood.

"And that's the way grandma's armor used to fit!"

The Apollo cabin finished up their performance in the amphitheater to a round of applause from the other campers of. The Apollo campers bowed to them and melted back into the crowd as Chiron, their activities director, made his way to the front of the amphitheater in his wheelchair, having not fully recovered from his injuries. He raised his spear (which had a melted marshmallow on it) and saluted the Apollo cabin for their excellent performance. He greeted three new campers. Juliet, daughter of Nemesis, Patrick, son of Athena, and Penny, daughter of Demeter, all who blushed as Chiron announced them to the other campers who let out another round of applause.

"Now, it is quite late, and I want all of you to get to bed," Chiron said, smiling as the campers groaned in disappointment. Bette Gilbert and Connor and Travis Stoll, children of Hermes, mockingly groaned that they many important pranks delayed because of this, earning a smack on the head from a somewhat grouchy Nico di Angelo, son of Hades. He had sat awkwardly in the background, unwilling to sing along to the songs, and even now, the shadows reached out for him as he quietly retired to his cabin early.

The other campers followed suit. They rose to their feet and found their ways to their respective cabins for their warm beds and what (hopefully) would be good dreams.

But one stood out amongst them.

A tall teenager with unruly waves of black hair on his head stared into the dying flames at the amphitheater's center. The lights flickered in his dark sea green eyes, and the shadows cast across his face were sharp and cool, illuminating a brooding face that, to Chiron, made him the splitting image of his father, Poseidon.

"Percy, my boy, are you feeling well?" Chiron asked, wheeling up to his side.

"Uh, yeah, I guess," Percy replied, his eyes wandering towards his teacher. "I was just thinking about that prophecy Rachel made. Is that a usual thing? One great prophecy after another?"

Chiron smiled dryly. "There will always be prophecies, Percy," he said. "Whether as urgent as the first Great Prophecy or simply out of necessity, such as the quests you've undertaken in the past, prophecies will never end. I've seen great periods of silence from Apollo's Oracle, but she's never been silent for long."

"Yeah. Not even if she's dead." Percy shrugged his shoulders. "I hope that doesn't happen to Rachel, what happened to the last one."

But Chiron sensed a flicker of uncertainty in Percy's voice that, should be put it to a guess, was not only related to the topic of prophecies alone.

"I assume that's not the only thought troubling you?" he asked knowingly.

Percy rubbed the back of his neck. "It's just… another Great Prophecy so soon… You don't think it's actually going to be too soon, do you? I mean, I know Apollo said it could happen a century from now, but it can also happen in a few months or years, too. I don't want to go through this again. I've lost enough friends."

Chiron nodded sadly. "Over the years, I've met many demigods with those exact problems and fears. Some survive and make themselves a life worth of happiness, while others regrettably die in the effort."

"Yeah," Percy said slowly, pretending to frown at him. "The doesn't help my mood."

He smiled as his teacher chuckled dryly. "You did well, Percy. It does not do well to focus on the past. It hinders our chances to welcome a brighter future. However, we can study our mistakes and learn to avoid them and, in the hopes of a good life, make better, wiser choices."

Percy, though understanding what Chiron was telling him, was a little bemused by what he said anyhow. He glanced towards the beach and decided on something.

"Chiron, do you think I could go on the beach for a while," Percy asked. He didn't want to give the harpies a chance to devour him; he already had a rough few weeks. "Being close to the sea helps me think better."

The old centaur studied him for a few moments, then nodded his head. "But be there only a few minutes, Percy. The harpies come out in twenty minutes."

Percy nodded and ran off towards the beach. He passed a few sons of Athena along the way as he hurried to get to the familiar waters that calmed him as much as soda. He wouldn't take too long here. He just needed a breather. He stopped running as grass turned to gravel, the gravel merging into the sand. He inhaled the salty air and closed his eyes, focusing on relaxing his racing heartbeat. Opening his eyes, he made his way towards the water and kicked off his flip flops before wetting his feet in the cool water.

Percy enjoyed the feel of the waves splashing up on his legs as they journeyed from open sea to the shore. The feel of the sand being swept away around his toes was soothing his spirits as much as his mother's blue cookies. His jumbled thoughts slowly melted away, not completely gone, but a lot less painful to think about. It almost felt like his father was there with him. He hadn't seen him since he left Olympus, but couldn't help feeling pride in the tiny waves as they tumbled into him.

"Need some company, Seaweed Brain?"

Percy turned around to see Annabeth standing a few feet away from him, her arms around her as she gazed calmly at him. Her gray eyes reflected the moonlight of the night as she came closer to him.

"Hey," Percy said, holding out his hand towards her. "What're you doing out here? Shouldn't you get to bed?"

"Shouldn't you?" Annabeth kicked off her shoes and went up to stand by him, her feet splashing in the water. "Chiron told me you came out here. I didn't want you to be alone."

Percy smiled and planted a kiss on her forehead. "Thanks for that, Wise Girl."

She smiled and kissed his chin. "You're welcome, Seaweed Brain."

Annabeth rested her head on Percy's shoulder as he gazed up at the sky. With the pollution all around, it was hard to see the stars, but not impossible. He could make out Orion, Hercules, Sagittarius, and Zoë the Huntress. He sighed, not wanting to think about her death which would lead him back to what he wanted to avoid thinking about in the first place. He'd thought about death enough for the day.

As he tried to force his thoughts back to relaxing, he noticed something streaking across the night sky; a shooting star. He nudged Annabeth in the ribs.

"Look at that," he said, pointing at the star. Annabeth raised her head and stared up at the night sky. She smiled as she saw what he was pointing at.

"A shooting star," she murmured as the streak of white light made its way passed Zoë. "Do you know it's not actually a star but a meteoroid that burns up as it passes through the Earth's atmosphere? Like what you see in a meteor shower."

Percy pretended to pout. "Really, Annabeth? You just had to spoil it, didn't you?"

Annabeth smiled knowingly at him. "Sorry."

"So, besides you ruining the 'shooting star'," Percy joked, ignoring her playful glare. "My mother used to say that if you made a wish on a shooting star, it will come true... Of course, that would be nonsense, right?" He shot her an amused look. Annabeth poked him in the ribs.

"Very funny," Annabeth said. "Since I spoiled one aspect of this, I'll leave the rest alone."

Percy laughed and squeezed her hand affectionately. "Well, thank you."

The two of them broke into laughter. Percy, still enjoying the comfort of the sea and Annabeth's presence, gazed up at the star. Make a wish, his mother would have said.

Make a wish. Percy closed his eyes, feeling the cool air against his skin. His thoughts, no matter how he tried to push them away, found their way back to the surface of his mind. All the friends he'd lost, all the terror he'd seen. Chiron's words echoed in his memory: We can study our mistakes and learn to avoid them and, in the hopes of a good life, make better, wiser choices.

I wish, Percy thought to himself, ignoring the little voice in his head that was telling him it was just a game. I wish I could move on again. To ease the pressure and guilt. To be happy.

Percy felt Annabeth's tug on his hand; their time was up. Percy sighed and said goodnight to the sea, knowing his father was listening. He and Annabeth put on their shoes and ran back to their cabins right as the harpies started their patrol. Percy tucked into bed and fell asleep immediately the moment his eyes closed.

The shooting star, or as Annabeth put it, the burning meteoroid, made its journey across the sky, suddenly glowing purple as it did so. It heard Percy's wish and was reminded of another that was yet to be fulfilled. The moment had come, for the both of them.

England, 1998...

One week had passed since Harry and Hermione had witnessed the passing of that 'shooting star', long forgotten when the next day rose in the sky. The Burrow was almost empty of its inhabitants, with only Mrs. Weasley, Ginny, and George held within its walls. Bill had returned to Gringotts with Fleur, and though the working environment was still rather untrusting towards wizards after the Dragon Incident, neither had lost their jobs. For the sake of his mother, Charlie had temporarily moved into a dragon reserve in northern Wales but was soon expected to return to Romania.

Percy and Ron usually took turns managing WWW for George, though business was slow enough that Ron was often given the opportunity to work alongside Harry in searching for fugitive snatchers and fanatics, as he found working in the shop to be rather tiring (and usually let Percy take care of all the financial details). While Hermione often assisted Luna, Neville, and their crew in rebuilding Hogwarts (it had been slightly unbearable in the first few weeks whenever they came across a body or body part), she had taken up arms in the diplomatic discussions to raise peace between the magical creatures that Voldemort had recruited in the hopes of little bloodshed.

Ginny bore their absence with cool grace. She had gone months without their company; for many weeks, Crookshanks had almost become her only friend in the house. Even now, the ginger cat curled up on George's lap. He had fallen asleep before the dark fireplace, which had been a better alternative than that blankness that had overtaken his eyes.

After Fred's death, George's jokes had lacked their usual punch. It had become something of a grump in the later days. Sometimes she saw her brother in the lost man in front of her when Ron spoke at dinner and cracked a joke. She could have sworn she had seen him smile. Sometimes he would just wander off to the paddock (giving their mother kittens for the thought of having lost him), and when she found him, it was with their Beater's Bats in hand, staring up at the sky. At night, he would wander from his bed into Fred's and claim he did not know how. She only ever heard him speak normally to Percy and herself, sounding more bored than sad. Other times was when he called to their brother in his sleep from nightmares he refused to explain. She found herself holding her brother in his states, or telling his stories and singing songs to him, just to calm him down when a Calming Draught was not available.

Those were the times she saw him cry.

Ginny smiled to herself at the sight of her brother sleeping. He looked so peaceful. With a slight nudge, Crookshanks unwillingly crawled off her brother's lap with a disgruntled purr and trudged off haughtily towards the kitchen, his tail swinging in the air. Ginny rolled her eyes as she draped a warm blanket over her brother and brushed a stray lock of his red hair away from his forehead. At this rate, he would join Bill in the race to outgrow her own long length.

For a moment, the Burrow was completely silent.

Ginny knew her mother was upstairs, carefully reading through the newspaper which was, as far as Ginny was concerned, in complete disarray on their reports, but still maintained a fair amount of accuracy provided by the surviving members of the Order. As Ginny turned toward the kitchen, she felt the air in the room thicken with heat, as though she had suddenly been caught in a sauna without the steam. George shook himself out of his lethargic stupor, a thin line of drool creeping down his chin.


In a flash of light, a bright burning feather, like that of a phoenix, burst to life before their eyes, floating in the air. George scrambled to his feet, a shred of alarm jolting him back to life as Ginny leaped backward, both reaching for their wands.

"You have to come now!" called a voice from within the feather's golden glow. "It's important!"

Ginny and George froze on the spot. Ginny stared at the feather, which, to her ears, had called out to her in Harry's voice, whereas George had heard one faintly lower than his own; Fred's voice, loud and clear. Before either of them could question what was happening, or even grasp their wands from their pockets, the glowing feather pulsed with a fiery blast towards the siblings, their visions going black.

Ginny and George vanished into thin air, unknowing that, in the joke shop in Diagon Alley, an enclosed office at the Ministry, and the corridors of Hogwarts castle, six of their friends vanished before identical, burning feathers without so much as a shout, having heard the sound of their own loved ones calling out to them.

Camp Half-Blood, 2009...

The next morning had commenced as usual. After breakfast was the cabin inspection, this time conducted by the newly appointed counselor from Aphrodite, a pretty Asian girl with curly dark hair named Drew. Not long after she had completed her assignment, with quite a biased opinion of neatness that annoyed the Ares and Hermes cabin the most.

Especially the Hermes cabin.

No one noticed when six campers wandered away from their assigned activities towards the beach. Waves crashed rhythmically on the shoreline, and the small group crowded together when they realized they were moving in the same direction.

Percy smiled as Annabeth entwined her hand in his as she joked around with their satyr friend, Grover, and the newly appointed Oracle, Rachel. Behind them, the Stoll brothers, Connor and Travis, were kicking their feet at the water as it retreated, looking bored and curious.

"Hey, does anyone know what's going on?" Connor spoke up. "This is cutting into my busy schedule of sleeping."

Just as Annabeth turned to let out a snappy retort, she heard someone call from down the beach.

Not too far from their group, perched on a dried out log, was a teenage girl in silvery camo pants, and black leather jacket of a Green Day t-shirt, her silver lieutenant's circlet braided into her spiky dark hair. She waved nonchalantly as rose to greet her friends properly, walking as though a gigantic statue of Hera had not recently crushed her legs.

"Thalia!" Annabeth exclaimed in surprise. "What're you doing here? I thought you'd left with the Hunt."

"I got the memo," she replied, holding up a small piece of paper. "Rachel said it was urgent. What's up? And don't say my dad."

Everyone turned to the frizzy-haired redhead, who was currently peering around the beach until someone caught her attention near the bushes. With a grim smile, she marched off towards the bushes and returned with a plain brown box, taped up and new. Then, from her pocket, she pulled out a folded sheet of paper.

"Message from Apollo," she announced. "He told me to gather you all here for a very important mission."

"Dude, I'm not up for a mission!" Travis protested.

"If it's to buy him super glossy hair gel from Hecate, I'll pass," Thalia said, looking unamused. "Again."

Rachel chuckled but shook her head. "That's not it."

"Then what is?" Everyone turned to see a very disgruntled Nico di Angelo saddle up to the group, looking as though he had just fallen out of bed, fully clothed. The stopped a short distance from Grover and raised an eyebrow at the Oracle. "I don't have long. Dad wants me back in the Underworld for an assignment."

"And good morning to you, too, Captain Sunshine," Connor teased. "Missed you at breakfast."

Nico ignored him, still looking sleepy. He stared at Rachel expectantly.

"Well, as part of Apollo's request," Rachel said, looking faintly exasperated, "we'll have to hold hands."

The Stoll brothers snickered, but it faded when they realized that she was serious. "You're kidding, right?"

"Nope," Rachel replied, and as soon as the word had left her lips, golden cords suddenly sprang to life from thin air and lashed out towards all the members of the group like snakes. They slithered around their wrists and joined their hands together in a full circle. Rachel dropped the brown box in surprise.

"What the Hades?" Travis exclaimed in alarm.

Nico scowled. "Watch it, you—!" But he never got a chance to finish what he had to say because, in a sudden flash of light, all of them blacked out as they vanished from the beach.

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