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Chapter One

Wish Upon a Shooting Star

In 1998, England...

It was only two months after the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry Potter was at the Burrow, sitting outside while watching the stars in the sky above. They were beautiful indeed, all sparkling like glitter that had been sprinkled on a dark canvas that was the night sky. With a bottle of Butterbeer in his hands, his eyes are attracted to something that is flying around the night sky. It isn't a person, or creature, or object, but something far in the distance; a shooting star made its way towards the moon.

"Harry, are you out here?"

Harry turned his head around to see one of his best friends/"sister", Hermione Granger, standing in the doorway of the Burrow, a glass of pumpkin juice in her hands. Her bushy brown hair was tied up behind her head and in the moonlight, her face almost looked like it was glowing. She smiled when she saw Harry sitting on the grass and went to join him.

"We were wondering where you went off to," she said, taking a sip of her drink. "Ginny would have come instead of me, but she's with Percy trying to calm down George."

Harry nodded sadly. George was still majorly depressed since Fred died; everyone was, of course. It took a lot to get the poor bloke to just talk anymore, and he would only speak to Percy nowadays more than anyone else, including Lee Jordan, his other best friend.

"Where's Ron?" Harry asked.

"In the loo," Hermione replied, taking another sip of her pumpkin juice. "Why are you out here? I'd thought you'd have got to bed by now."

Harry shook his head. "I needed some fresh air. Need to clear my head, even. It's been a rough few years."

Hermione nodded. "I can understand that completely, Harry. I still have nightmares."

"So do I," Harry muttered, drinking some of his butterbeer. The two of them remained silent, Harry staring at the ground while Hermione looked up at the sky above. For a moment, there was only silence. Then she laughed.

"A shooting star," she said, smiling. "I've never seen one before!"

"Really?" Harry asked, looking back up at the sky to see that the shooting star was still there.

"Yeah, my father once told me that if you wish upon a shooting star, your wish will come true," Hermione said. "But I'm not so sure."

Harry smiled. "What would you wish for?"

Hermione shrugged. "I'm not in the mood for thinking about wishes. I highly doubt they'd come true. But what would you wish for?"

Harry sighed and frowned. "I don't know. After everything that's happened, I just want peace. If I had a wish, it would probably be a wish to have some fun for once that wouldn't endanger our lives. We haven't had any in ages."

"With everything that's happened, fun never had a chance to be squeezed into our schedule," Hermione joked. "Hopefully, that will change. Though, I thought you might wish for something more...elaborate."

"Like what?"

"Well, I've noticed that you and Ginny are avoiding each other lately," Hermione said innocently, "And I couldn't help but wonder if—"

"Please, let's not start with that again!" Harry pleaded. "Right now I don't want to add anymore stress to anyone."

"Harry, stop being modest about this," Hermione said. "You two are more unhappy than usual, and that's saying a lot."


Hermione rolled her eyes, exasperated, but decided to drop the subject...for now. She wasn't going to argue about it with him again, but she knew that Harry needed Ginny, just like how she needed Ron, or how George needed everyone; Hermione would be there for him, but she had a feeling that Ginny would do a better job. Harry refused to think about it completely because he promised Ron that he would never touch Ginny again. It pained him more than he would show, but by now he was used to masking his pain. Besides, Ginny could do better than him. He broke her heart after all, shattering his own in the process, but he was going to put a brave face on about it.

Staring at the star, he closed his eyes. I just want to be happy, he thought, Not depressed. I wish I could be happy again.

A voice called them, Mrs. Weasley no doubt, into the house again. The two friends sighed, not wanting to leave the peacefulness of the gentle night, but grudgingly, they both got to their feet, dusted the earth off their pants, and walked into the house where, in the distance, they could once again hear the heartbroken sobs of George Weasley. Harry added something else to his wish: I want George to find happiness again too. He deserves that. We all do.

Then he shut the door behind himself and Hermione

Little did Harry know that his wishes would be granted in an unforeseen, completely unexpected way. As he and Hermione made their way towards George, the shooting star in the sky started to glow purple across the inky canvas of night. It would remember Harry's wish.


In 2009, Long Island, New York...

"And that's the way grandma's armor used to fit!"

The Apollo cabin finished up their performance in the amphitheater to a round of applause from the other campers of Camp Half-Blood. The Apollo campers bowed to them and melted back into the crowd as Chiron, their activities director, made his way to the front of the amphitheater. He raised his spear (which had a melted marshmallow on it) and saluted the Apollo cabin for their excellent performance. He greeted three new campers. Julia, daughter of Nemesis, Patrick, son of Athena, and Penny, daughter of Demeter, all who blushed as Chiron announced them to the other campers who let out another round of applause.

"Now, it is quite late, and I want all of you to get to bed," Chiron said, smiling as the campers groaned in disappointment. Bette Gilbert and Conner and Travis Stoll, children of Hermes, mockingly groaned that they many important pranks delayed because of this, earning a smack in the head from Nico di Angelo, son of Hades.

However, they did do as they asked. All the campers got to their feet and started they way to the cabins' area where they would meet a warm bed and (hopefully) good dreams. One demigod stood out from the rest of them; a tall teenage guy with waves of black hair on his head and dark green eyes stared at the dying fire in the middle of the emptying amphitheater. Chiron frowned and trotted up to him, ignoring the slight twinge of pain his in hooves as he did so; he still had not fully recovered from their recent battle in Manhattan.

"Percy, my boy, are you feeling well?" Chiron asked, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"I think so, Chiron," Percy replied softly, peeling his eyes away from the small flames. "I know I should feel relieved that this is all over, but...I can't. Rachel's prophecy has me on edge, and I keep thinking about those who died." He looked up at Chiron. "I don't want my life to go under again."

Chiron nodded sadly. "Over the years, I've met many demigods with those exact problems and fears. Some survive and make themselves a life worth of happiness, while others regrettably die in the effort."

"Yeah," Percy said slowly, pretending to frown at him. "The latter doesn't help my mood."

He smiled as his teacher chuckled dryly. "You did well, Percy. It does not do well to focus on the past. It hinders our chances to welcome a brighter future. However, we can study our mistakes and learn to avoid them and, in the hopes of a good life, make better, wiser choices."

Percy, though understanding what Chiron was telling him, was a little bemused by what he said anyhow. He glanced towards the beach and decided on something.

"Chiron, do you think I could go on the beach for a while," Percy asked. He didn't want to give the harpies a chance to devour him; he already had a rough few weeks. "Being close to Dad's realm helps me think better."

The old centaur studied him for a few moments, then nodded his head. "But be there only a few minutes, Percy. The harpies come out in twenty minutes."

Percy nodded and ran off towards the beach. He passed a few Athena boys along the way as he hurried to get to the familiar waters that calmed him as much as soda. He wouldn't take too long here. He just needed a breather. He stopped running as grass turned to gravel, the gravel into sand. He inhaled the salty air and closed his eyes, focusing on relaxing his racing heartbeat. Opening his eyes, he made his way towards the water and kicked off his flip flops before wetting his feet in the cool water.

Percy enjoyed the feel of the waves splashing up on his legs as they journeyed from open sea to the shore. The feel of the sand being swept away around his toes was soothing his spirits as much as his mother's blue cookies. His jumbled thoughts slowly melted away, not completely gone, but a lot less painful to think about. It almost felt like his father was there with him. He hadn't seen him since he left Olympus, but couldn't help feeling pride in the tiny waves as they tumbled into him.

"Need some company, Seaweed Brain?"

Percy turned around to see Annabeth standing a few feet away from him, her arms around each other as she gazed calmly at him. Her gray eyes reflected the moonlight of the night as she came closer to him.

"Hey," Percy said, holding out his hand towards her. "Annabeth, what are you doing out here? Shouldn't you get to bed?"

"Shouldn't you?" Annabeth kicked off her shoes and went up to stand by him, her feet slashing in the water. "Chiron told me you came out here. I didn't want you to be alone."

Percy smiled and planted a kiss on her forehead. "Thank you for that, Wise Girl."

She smiled and kissed his chin. "You're welcome, Seaweed Brain."

Annabeth rested her head on Percy's shoulder as he gazed up at the sky. With the pollution all around, it was hard to see the stars, but not impossible. He could make out Orion, Hercules, Sagittarius, and Zoë the Huntress. He sighed, not wanting to think about her death which would lead him back to what he wanted to avoid thinking about in the first place. He'd thought about death enough for the day.

As he tried to force his thoughts back to relaxing, he noticed something streaking across the night sky; a shooting star. He nudged Annabeth in the ribs.

"Look at that," he said, pointing at the star. Annabeth raised her head and stared up at the night sky. She smiled as she saw what he was pointing at.

"A shooting star," she murmured as the streak of white light made its way passed Zoë. "Do you know it's not actually a star but a meteoroid that burns up as it passes through the Earth's atmosphere? Like what you see in a meteor shower."

Percy pretended to pout. "Really, Annabeth? You just had to spoil that, didn't you?"

Annabeth smiled sheepishly at him. "Sorry."

"So, besides you just ruining the 'shooting star'," Percy joked, ignoring her glare. "My mother used to say that if you made a wish on a shooting star, it will come true... Of course that would be nonsense, right?" He shot her an amused look. Annabeth poked him in the ribs.

"Very funny," Annabeth said. "Since I spoiled one aspect of this, I'll leave the rest alone."

Percy laughed and squeezed her hand affectionately. "Well, thank you."

The two of them broke into laughter. Percy, still enjoying the comfort of the sea and Annabeth's presence, gazed up at the star. Make a wish, his mother would have said.

Make a wish. Percy closed his eyes, feeling the cool air against his skin. His thoughts, no matter how he tried to push them away, found their way back to the surface of his mind. All the friends he'd lost, all the terror he'd seen. Chiron's words echoed in his memory: We can study our mistakes and learn to avoid them and, in the hopes of a good life, make better, wiser choices.

I wish, Percy thought to himself, ignoring the little voice in his head that was telling him it was just a game. I wish I could move on again. To ease the pressure and guilt. To be happy.

Percy felt Annabeth's tug on his hand; their time was up. Percy sighed and said goodnight to the sea, knowing his father was listening. He and Annabeth put on their shoes and ran back to their cabins right as the harpies started their patrol. Percy tucked into bed and fell asleep immediately.

The shooting star, or as Annabeth put it, the burning meteoroid, made its journey across the sky, suddenly glowing purple as it did so. It heard Percy's wish and was reminded of another that was yet to be fulfilled. The moment had come, for the both of them.

Back in 1998...

It had been at least a week since Harry and Hermione saw the shooting star. Harry and Hermione were in the Ministry helping organize recruits to the various departments to start rebuilding a better Wizarding World.

Luna and Neville were helping out too, mostly at Hogwarts though. They kept track of all the rebuilding in the corridors along with the teachers and staff. The was slightly unbearable when they came across a body — or a body part — but they were persistent.

Ron was working with Percy at Weasley's Wizard Wheezes since George was unable to go himself. Ron found the job a little tiring, but he wouldn't let his brother's business fail, especially when he was in no emotional state to handle it. Percy was in agreement with him, and did his best to help out. From working in the shop, he was able to see the personality of his younger brother a whole lot better, and it was starting to rub off on him.

Ginny stayed with George, trying to comfort him the best she could, though she was inching to go out and help the others. She found herself holding her brother in his teary states, or telling his stories and singing him songs, just to calm him down when a Calming Draught wasn't available.

No one was expecting anything major to happen that day.

Suddenly, a burning feather, like that of a Phoenix, dropped out out of nowhere in front of each of them. All eight friends stumbled backwards in shock. The feather floated mid-air for a few moments, and then suddenly a voice came out of it. To all of them, the voices were different. Ginny heard Harry, Harry heard Ginny; Ron heard Hermione, Hermione heard Ron; Luna heard her father; Neville heard his grandmother; Percy heard George; George heard Fred. And in unison, all the voices said, "Come now! It's important!" And before any of them could question what was going on, the feathers shot forward and tapped each other them on the head. Their visions went black.

Back in 2009...

Six campers walked up to the beach together, all looking confused. Another was waiting there for them with a girl with spiky black hair and punk-Goth clothes.

"Thalia!" Annabeth exclaimed, running over to hug her friend. "What are you doing here? I thought you were with your hunters!"

"I was," Thalia said, hugging her back. "But then Rachel here," she gestured to a girl with frizzy red hair and green eyes, "Iris-messaged me and said to come over to camp. She said it was urgent."

"So, what is it?" Percy asked. He and the other campers had gotten similar messages from Rachel and had come over to see what the problem was.

"Apollo sent me a few messages and this box," Rachel said, holding up a few letters in her hands. On the sand next to here was a plain brown box, taped up and new. "In the first letter, he said that we needed these campers: Perseus Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Grover Underwood, Conner Stoll, Travis Stoll, Nico di Angelo, Thalia Grace, and myself Rachel Elizabeth Dare." As she read off these names she ignored the winces of Percy and Thalia for addressing them by their full names.

"Why?" Nico asked.

"What's what we're here to find out," Rachel said. "The next letter says that we all need to hold hands."

"What?" snickered the Stolls. "You're kidding, right?"

"Nope." Rachel said, and as she said it, golden cords sprung out into life around their hands, joining them in a circle.

"What the Hades?" Travis exclaimed.

Nico scowled. "Watch it, you—!" But he never got a chance to finish what he had to say because suddenly, all of them blacked out.

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