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Chapter Thirty-Nine

We Board the Princess Andromeda

The demigods and wizards strolled through the long corridors, chattering over what they'd recently seen and read. On occasion, they stopped to consult a wall map to ensure that they weren't lost. Along the way, Luna was the only one to notice that the Stolls were not as talkative as their usual selves. Instead, they seemed a bit unhappy. They were at the back of the group, gazing around at the statues and portraits that decorated the icy white walls, not even paying any attention to each other.

"Are you alright?" she asked them quietly. She had bothered to break away from walking with Neville and Ginny to walk alongside them instead—well, it looked more like she was skipping.

Travis waved his hand airily. "Ah, we're fine," he reassured her. "It's just some interesting stuff Vanes—I mean, Vena, has around here."

"That man was your father," Luna stated as they walked. "You seem upset about that."

Travis opened his mouth to dismiss her claim, but once he stared into her eyes, he instinctively tell that lying to her would waste his own time. There was something in that silvery gaze that pierce right into him, like a child of Athena, but with less superiority and more friendly gentleness.

"He doesn't really visit us," he said, gesturing to himself and Connor. "Or any of us. It's just what gods do."

"Yeah, but did he have to go see Percy?" Connor asked. "Sure, it was to help, but… do you know we hadn't even seen him in years? We still didn't see him until a few years after that summer."

"For like, two minutes," Travis added. "Not even two. One. And it was still to talk to Percy. He sent us off."

Luna walked with the brothers for a moment of silence before saying, "Apollo mentioned that your father watches your heists. Even if he doesn't talk to you, he's watching over you. I think that counts for something."

The brothers stared at her in surprise. They hadn't considered that.

"So, what are we all eating?" George asked as they finally found the kitchen.

"Anything we want," Percy said. "It's an entire room full of food."

As soon as they entered the room, they saw Apollo sitting at the table, gently pulling at the strings of a violin. The little notes echoed around the room. His eyes were closed as he listened to the little notes and he smiled as soon as the readers entered the room.

"That's cheating!" Ron complained.

Apollo laughed. "Why don't you try apparating once in a while," he suggested. "It's not cheating. It's convenient."

"We can apparate here?" Ron asked in surprise.

"You didn't try?" George asked. "Percy and I found that out a long time ago."

Percy Jackson got confused for a brief moment until he realized that George was talking about Percy Weasley.

"I don't see you apparating."

"We had no need to."

Hermione stepped towards the refrigerators and opened the doors. "How about something simple?" she suggested. "Appetizing, but easy to make."

"Pizza," Travis said immediately. "Easiest to make."

"All in favor?" Annabeth asked. A good number of hands went up. "Alright then. Pizza, it is."

The Stolls immediately ran off to get ingredients and Luna went to help them. An hour later, most of the pizzas (large meat lovers, vegan, Hawaiian, and spicy tropical) were all in the oven, baking away. For the entire time, Apollo played with his violin, playing a lovely string of notes together or just plucking them off at random.

"Do you cook?" Nico asked his curiously.

Apollo glanced at him. "Of course I do," he said. "I taught a few mortals to cook back in the day."

Nico thought of another question. "Why don't you play the violin the normal way? You could snap one of the strings."

Apollo stopped pulling the strings and eyed Nico with glittering blue eyes. "You haven't changed much, have you?"

Nico fought a blush. "I've changed a lot, actually," he said coldly. Apollo smirked, and then he reached his hand out and tweaked Nico's nose. Immediately, Nico went beat red as he covered his nose and looked away from the Sun god.

"Not that much," Apollo said in a low voice, gentle and amused.

"Leave him alone, Apollo," Thalia said as she and Rachel laid out plates on the table, not even noticing the blush on Nico's face. "He was a hyper little kid back then."

Nico glared at her. "I was not!"

"Yes, you were."

Nico grumbled and left the table to go get something to drink. As he passed, Apollo sent him a message: 'You have to take the tonic again tonight. Vena's orders.'

'Yes, my lord,' Nico messaged back before walking off. Apollo noted the hint of sarcasm in his tone and wondered in Percy's attitude was rubbing off on him.


"My back's starting to hurt from sitting on that couch all day," Ron said as he and Hermione stood near the tall windows, gazing up at the ever changing sky above them.

"Perhaps you should exercise more," Hermione suggested, patting his stomach teasingly. "Your balance must be off from all the food you've been pillaging back home."

Ron's eyes narrowed at her before grabbing her around the waist and swinging in a circle, causing her to shriek, both out of alarm and from mirth. Anyone nearby only smiled at them. "Hey, I'm still making up for months of eating mushrooms," Ron whispered.

"You know I did the best with those," Hermione said, eyeing him to the best of her capabilities, especially since he was still holding her around the waist.

"Even you didn't want to eat them," Ron pointed out. Hermione rolled her eyes and nudged him with her elbow. She spotted Harry and Ginny standing at an awkward distance, talking to Neville, and an idea came to her.

"Harry, Ginny, why don't you collect glasses for us," she called to them. "Ron and I will get the drinks from the refrigerators."

Harry shrugged. "Uh, of course," he said, heading off to the cupboards where the glasses were kept. Ginny's eyes narrowed at Hermione as she followed him.

"What are you doing?" Ron asked her suspiciously.

"Helping," she said, kissing him on the nose. "Don't interfere."

Harry opened cupboard after cupboard, finding bowls and plates and other cutlery, but not glasses. 'Labels would be nice,' the thought to himself, before jumping back as the cupboard doors glowed and plaques appeared on them. 'Thank you?' he thought to himself before he began checking the titles.

"Need help?" Harry looked up as Ginny opened the cupboard labeled 'glasses'. She was standing on the opposite side of the room. She already had two trays in her arms to carry them.

Harry smiled to himself as he joined her in taking down glasses and placing them on the trays. They were silent for a while before Ginny took a deep breath and looked up at Harry. Why did she have to be so short? She pondered to herself.

"Do you miss home?" she asked. "I miss seeing Mum and Dad. Merlin, I think I might actually miss my Aunt Muriel."

"It's the end of the world," Harry joked, and Ginny grinned at him.

"Well?" She gazed up at him, finding it so entirely easy to be lost in those sad, beautiful green eyes. He may have been laughing and joking now, but behind the mirth, she could still see pain and sorrow hidden behind his glasses. She just wanted to reach up and touch his face, but he turned away from her.

"I sort of miss Teddy," Harry admitted as he arranged the glasses on the trays. "I was finally adjusting to holding him. Now I don't even know when I'll see him again."

Ginny smiled fondly at the memory of the little toddler. "You're good with him," she admitted. "There was that problem where he wouldn't stop squirming in your arms, yes… but you're a natural with him now. He even falls asleep in your arms."

"Yeah," Harry muttered, staring at his distorted reflection in the glasses. Finally, he said, "We should get these to the others."

"Right." Ginny hated feeling disappointed as she followed Harry back to the table. Hermione and Ron were already there with jugs, waiting for them.

"This is pumpkin juice, and this one is water," Ron said, indicating the difference between the two judges.

"And this is red soda, and this is orange juice," Hermione said, tapping each jug with her index finger.

"Out of the way!" Connor called. Everyone parted for Connor and Travis, who were each carrying a pizza pie, and Luna, who was levitating the final two. "There, bon appétit!"

They all sat down to eat.

"When did you two get into cooking again?" Annabeth asked as she took a bit out of a vegan slice.

"When we were kids," Travis said, helping himself to the meat lovers. "Mom was a terrible cook, so we always ate take-out. It got sickening after a while."

"If you want something done right, you do it yourself," Connor added through a mouthful of Hawaiian and meat lovers. Rachel kicked his shin. Connor swallowed his pizza. "Geez!"

Apollo watched them all as they ate, and his eyes lingered on Nico, Thalia, and Percy. They're powers were supposed to be heightened soon. Nico's was under control, and Vena was currently hunting down a way to keep Thalia's in check. He wondered what she would do for Percy.

It isn't Percy just yet, Vena had told him. Another of the Greeks is older than him.

He knew she was talking about Travis, and then Connor, who was merely a few months older than Percy, but he saw no real change in them, especially when Vena explained to him what their powers were. What could increase about those? He knew he didn't have to worry about them, but he still couldn't see it.

George Weasley munched absently at his pizza slice, one after the other without really looking at what he was eating. As he did so, he brushed his fingers through his hair. He wondered if it would get longer than Bill's if he let it grow out. He wasn't used to having his hair this long…

"You know what I've now noticed," Connor exclaimed, gaping at George, who only looked up when he spotted the son of Hermes staring at his rumbled hair. "You're missing an ear!"

"What?" the Greek exclaimed in surprise, staring at George as if they'd never seen him in their entire lives.

George's freckles disappeared in the blush that covered his cheeks. He had hoped they'd never noticed the missing appendage—after all, he grew his hair out to disguise it—but there was no hiding it now. Reluctantly, he brushed his hair back and there it was, the healed, gaping hole where his lost ear had been a former resident.

Percy's jaw had dropped. "He's like Vincent Van Gogh," he said absently.

Rachel rolled her eyes and swatted him over the head.

"It was a long time ago," George said as he stared down at his plate. "A curse blew it off." The Greeks winced, as did the wizards. George knew now that it had been an accident on Snape's part, but he still hadn't forgiven him yet.

"I can't believe we didn't notice," Thalia said. "Does it hurt?"

"Not really, but it feels odd whenever I touch it," George replied. "Have you guys ever lost limbs?"

"I know a son of Hephaestus who lost a hand, a long time ago," Annabeth admitted. "And a brother of mine lost toes in a fight…"

"At least none of them are Pelops," Apollo pointed out. "Eaten shoulder."

"Dude." Percy dropped his pizza on his plate. "Could you not—" But Apollo was already laughing.


After they had finished their lunched, the wizards cleaned up the mess with a few quick spells and they were back in the corridors, following the wall maps to find the Common Room. They were all quiet—with the exception of Ron groaning whenever he stretched his arms up into the air—and they all stared at the ever changing appearance of their surroundings.

"Hey, look at the ceiling!" Connor said, pointing skywards. "It's like the Milky Way up there."

The ceiling appeared to be a mile away, but it was a dark shade of midnight blue, glittering with thousands upon thousands of silvery stars.

"It's beautiful," Hermione said, smiling at the sight. "You can't even see stars like that in Astronomy."

"You can't see stars like that on Olympus," Apollo commented. "That is from a completely didn't galaxy. It's a beauty, eh?"

Grover bit his lip. "Lord Apollo, are gods allowed to leave our galaxy?" he asked timidly.

Apollo's eyes took on a bit of sadness. "Not without the permission of Chaos himself," he explained. "Or herself, whichever."

"Why's that?" Neville asked.

Apollo didn't answer immediately. It was only when they were in the corridor leading to the Common Room that he finally decided to speak:

"Chaos wasn't always a—let's say, a deity," he started. "She just started out as a force within a Void, but eventually, she became what all gods know her to be. She created the Primordial gods, who in turn created Titans, who in turn again—created the Olympian and minor gods. But that was only here, on Earth. We were born on earth, raised, and our power spheres belong here. We have no real influence apart from that. We can create stars light-years away, but everything else beyond our galaxy is relatively out of our control."

"Does that mean that other gods are out there?" Annabeth asked.

"Well, in a way," Apollo said, staring out of the window at the changing sky. "On Earth, Greeks aren't the only gods, but we keep to ourselves. It's best not to ask," he added, seeing Annabeth's questioning look. "Out there, there is life that Chaos has created, but there's so much. That's why Chaos is not always present on Earth, and why he left Vena in charge of looking after it." Apollo's eyes gleamed, and Annabeth thought she saw resentment in there somewhere.

"Make up your mind, is Chaos a 'he' or a 'she'?" Travis grumbled, not liking the alternating pronouns.

"Both," Apollo said before walking into the Common Room.

Travis glared at the spot that Apollo had only recently occupied. "Very helpful," he muttered before following the rest of the group into the room.

Ginny, who was still staring at the ceiling, frowned when she finally realized that she had to go with them, but as she took one step towards the Common Room when the sound of giggles reached her ears; light as the morning breeze, gentle as a mother's touch, and as chilling as a cold-hearted ghost.

Ginny whipped around, suddenly alerted. That was the sound of a child's voice, a little girl's laugh.

The laugh echoed out again, and Ginny felt something icy touch her arm. She gasped loudly and backed into the doorway in alarm.

"Ginny?" Luna walked up to her. "Are you alright?"

Ginny blinked and scanned the hallways. Was it invisible or was she imagining it? She took a deep breath and nodded her head. "I'm alright, thank you, Luna," she said, hurrying into the Common Room. Luna knew that something was wrong, but if Ginny didn't want to talk about it, she wasn't going to insist on knowing what it was.

She did not know about the little figure in the white dress, who was spinning in graceful little circles in childlike glee. She giggled quietly to herself as a thick, red liquid dripped down her hand to the floor…

In the Common Room:

"He doesn't like finishing conversations, does he?" Neville guessed as he gestured to Apollo. He and the other readers took their seats. He wasn't very surprised when Ginny took her old seat next to Harry, who was still unnerved by what happened in the hallway.

"It's your turn, isn't it?" Apollo asked Ron, tossing the book at him. Ron caught it before it made out with his face.

"Yeah," Ron said coldly as he opened the book. "It's says, 'We Board the Princess Andromeda'."

"Andromeda?" Harry repeated as he took his seat beside him, thinking of Andromeda Tonks, Teddy's grandmother. Did the Black family make it a habit of giving their children Greek names?

"Yeah, and that the video goes first," Ron added. "That's new."

"Well, I'm full and sleepy, let's just get this over with Connor decided.

As Luna let the video roll, Rachel said, "This is why you shouldn't have eaten so much pizza."


Percy remained seated on his blanket, staring out towards the sea where the lights of the cruise ship slowly slinked around the dark waters. He only turned away when the sound of footfalls came to his attention. He whipped his head around to see Annabeth and Tyson running up to him, both of them panting loudly.

"What's going on?" Annabeth asked urgently as Percy scrambled up to his feet. "I heard you calling for help!"

"Me, too!" Tyson added, sounding worried. "Head you yell, 'Bad things are attacking!'"


"Doesn't sound like something you'd say," Thalia teased. "The 'bad things' part."

Percy chuckled.


Percy shook his head. "I didn't call you guys," he said earnestly. "I'm fine."

Annabeth frowned at him, clearing not making any sense of what he was saying compared to what she knew. "But, then who…" Her voice trailed off as she stopped the three yellow duffel bags that Hermes had left behind, and the thermos and the bottle of vitamins gripped tightly in Percy's hands. "What-?"

Percy gave her a quick recap of his encounter with Hermes, but as he explained the situation to her, something else happened. The patrol harpies were encircling the cabins, reinforcing the measures that kept the demigods in their beds when one of them sniffed at the air. She sniffed again.

Then she grinned evilly.


"Do they ever brush their teeth?" Thalia asked.

"I doubt so, even if they do know how to use one," Annabeth said, sighing.


"So then—" Percy was cut off by the sounds of screeching in the distance.

"Patrol harpies," Annabeth whispered to herself in alarm. Then she turned back to Percy and said, "Percy, we have to do the quest."

"We'll get expelled, you know!" Percy reminded her. "Trust me, I'm an expert at getting expelled."

The screeching got louder and louder. Connor Stoll sat up in his bed and tumbled off, falling on a girl sleeping on the floor.


Travis chuckled at the sight of his brother.

"So that's what Bette was fussing about," he pondered to himself. Connor heard him and flicked his ear. Hermione hadn't taken much notice to Connor, as she was still thinking about what Percy had just say. She turned to him.

"We've noticed you get expelled often," Hermione said, tapping her fingers along the armchairs.

"And nothing's worse than getting expelled, right, Hermione?" Ron said with a passive expression. Harry's face was blank as well, but cracks were beginning to form as he remembered what happened in First Year.

Hermione stared at Ron, turning pink, and then red.

"The look on your face," Harry blurted out, and then he and Ron were laughing so hard, they were turning blue.

"I was eleven!" Hermione snapped at them [1], but that only made them laugh harder. "Oh, be quiet!" she added, playfully slapping every part of them she could reach, but it made no difference. "I can't believe you two actually remember that!"

"Oh, come now, Hermione, have a laugh," Ron said jauntily, pulling her close and kissing her forehead. He leaned close to her ear and whispered, "And sort out your priorities."

Hermione smiled and smacked him lightly on the chest.

Everyone else left them to their fun. They had no idea what they were talking about.


The girl pushed Connor off herself, and he ended up rolling onto another camper, who began complaining. "Get off me! What the Hades?" the girl snapped.

"The harpies," Connor muttered, and the two of them stared at each other as the realization hit them.


"They really were making a racket," Travis said. He wondered if Annabeth and Percy knew what had happened after they left.


At the shore:

Annabeth shook her head, uncaring of that fact. "So? If we fail, there won't be any camp to come back to," she told Percy.

"Yeah, but you promised Chiron—" Percy was even able to complete what he wanted to say.

"I promised I'd keep you from danger," she reminded him with a surprising amount of determination in her voice. "I can only do that by coming with you! Tyson can stay behind and tell them—"

"I want to go," Tyson said as he stepped forward.

Annabeth's face was blank, but there was pure panic in her eyes. "No!" she said, before realizing she sounded rude. "I mean…" She turned around. "Percy, come on. You know that's impossible."

Percy frowned and glanced between Annabeth and Tyson, before glanced out to the ship. He continued to stare, thinking to himself, but then the screeches of the patrol harpies grew louder. Percy glanced at Tyson, who was staring innocently and unwaveringly at him, and it was obvious that there was a war going on in Percy's eyes.


"I wasn't sure of whether to bring him or not," Percy admitted. He didn't go as far to admit that he had been embarrassed by Tyson, but the words weren't needed. It was a bit obvious.


Someone else sat up in his bed, a blond with gray eyes.

"What on earth is going on?" he mumbled, turning to the bed next to him. It was empty.

The boy frowned. "Annabeth?" He scanned the room. "Annabeth," he called, a little louder.

"Malcolm, what's going on?" another girl asked.

Malcolm had pushed himself out of his bed. "The harpies are on alert and Annabeth's not in her bunk," he said urgent.

The girl's eyes widened as she heard the screeching. "Oh no."


"Malcolm and Sabrina," Annabeth said, sighing. "They must have been worried."


At the shore:

Percy sighed. "We can't leave him," he told Annabeth. "Tantalus will punish him for us being gone."

Annabeth looked vexed with him. "Percy," she said, keeping a controlled voice, "We're going to Polyphemus's island! Polyphemus is an S – i – k… a C – y – k…" Annabeth stamped her foot against the sand, frustrated.


"I hate dyslexia," Annabeth grumbled.

"So do I, Wise Girl," Percy agreed.


"Tyson can go if he wants to," Percy said with a hint of finality.

Tyson clapped his hands. "Want to!" he exclaimed joyfully.

Annabeth glared at Percy as if wishing him pain, but she shook her head and turned away towards the sea. "Alright," she agreed reluctantly. "How do we get to that ship?"

Percy took a few steps towards the waves crashing onto the shore. "Hermes said my father would help."

"Well then, Seaweed Brain," Annabeth said, gracefully gesturing her arms for him to continue. "What are you waiting for?"

The screeching grew louder. They were getting closer.


"Hurry up!" half the room yelled, loud enough for Apollo to hear them clearly through his ear buds.

"Guys, it already happened!" Percy reminded them, annoyed, although in secret, he was telling himself to hurry up as well.


In every cabin, someone was waking up, and it became a domino effect.

"What is going on?" a pretty girl asked from her bed, looking disgruntled.

"Harpies," a boy answered.

Some went to the windows. Others had the nerve to go outside and see for themselves.


"Are they insane?!" Rachel gasped. "The harpies will be out for them too!"

Everyone groaned. One of those who had gone outside was Connor, so naturally, he was getting glares.

"I'm alive, aren't I?" he reminded them.


Percy took a deep breath and walked out to the water. The waves crashed against his legs and sprayed all over his clothes, but the droplets of water only rolled off his clothes.

"Um, Dad?" he called out uncertainly. There was no change to the sea. "How's it going?"


Thalia snorted. "How's it going? Honestly?"

Even Nico was suppressing a smirk. He couldn't say much. Sometimes he went to the graveyard and spoke to the dead. At least they talked back.

Percy glared. "It's not every day I go talking to the water," he replied.

"At least he's trying to be nice," Apollo said. "My Lexi sings every morning when she wakes up and that's dedicated to me."

"We're not all Lexi James," Connor mumbled. "She sings more than birds."


Annabeth rolled her eyes. "Percy! We're in a hurry!" she whisper-yelled at him.

Percy's jaw set. "We need your help," he called out, his voice louder now. "We need to get to that ship, like, before we get eaten and stuff, so…"


Apollo was fighting himself. "You're really not good at this, are you?" he asked, his lips trembling.

Percy groaned and hid his face in Annabeth's hair.


Nothing happened.

There was no change in the air and waves crashed against the shore as it always did. The screeching harpies were closer than they were before. Percy's eyes took on a bit of hurt at being rejected. Tyson stepped into the shore behind Percy and stared out at the sea, waiting with his brother. Annabeth turned around to see if the harpies were near.

Then, out of the darkness, three lines broke the surface of the water and make their way at an immense rate to the sons of Poseidon. They ripped through the waters and gleamed silver in the moonlight, despite still being underwater. Annabeth had turned back around and her jaw dropped when she saw them.

They were several meters from Percy before they finally burst to the surface, shaking their heads with magnificent grace. Percy gasped at the sight of them, taking in their horse-like appearances, which led to their long fishtails and glistening rainbow scales on their silvery bodies. The neighed and butted their heads, and stared at Percy expectantly as they got closer, even pulling themselves up onto the sand.


"Oh, those are more beautiful than unicorns," Ginny said in amazement.

"You're telling me," Neville said.

Even Luna was smiling at the sight of them.

"What are they?" Harry asked, jaw dropped.


Tyson's eyes light up like a child on Christmas morning. "Fish ponies!" he exclaimed in awe.

Even Annabeth's eyes gleamed at them. "Hippocampi," she exclaimed softly. "They're beautiful."


"Hippogriff. Hippocampi. Why is it always 'hippo'?" Ron asked.

"It comes from the Greek 'hippos' meaning 'horse'," Apollo said, without looking up.

"A Hippopotamus doesn't look like a horse," Ron pointed out.

"It means 'river horse'," Apollo said, still not looking up from his iPod. "Now's not the time to explain."


Percy turned to look at her as the nearest hippocampus came to nuzzle at her and his eyes widened in panic. The patrol harpies appeared several meters behind Annabeth, and their faces lit up victoriously.


"Oh gods, move your butts, will ya!" Travis snapped, agitated that the harpies had finally found them.

"Move their 'what' now?" Thalia asked skeptically, but there was not time to argue.


"We'll admire them later!" he said urgently. "Come on!"

Annabeth turned around and her jaw dropped.

One of the harpies pointed towards hem. "There! Bad children out of cabins! Snack time for lucky harpies!"


"We wish you're not lucky," Grover said. "Those harpies creep me out."


There were five of them, and they were fluttering over the top of the pale, sandy dunes—plump little hags with pinched faces and talons and feathery wings too small for their bodies. They weren't moving very fast, but it was fast enough as Percy and Annabeth raced for the duffel bags.

"Tyson!" Percy called out to his brother, who was too preoccupied with the hippocampi in front him. "Grab a duffel bag." He swung his own over his shoulder and once he realized that Tyson hadn't moved, he yelled with extreme force, "TYSON!"


"Now's not the time for that!" George said with a groan.


Tyson blinked his eye. "Uh?"

"Come on!" Percy and Annabeth grabbed up his duffel bag and plopped it into his arms before steering him to the largest hippocampus as quickly as they could manage. Tyson, finally realizing the danger, helped by actually moving quickly too. Soon they were all aboard the hippocampi and the harpies were only feet away.

"Giddyup!" Percy ordered, and in seconds, the hippocampi were off the shore and speeding towards the cruise ship at a lightning pace.

The harpies halted and hovered near the waves, wailing for their snacks to return.


"Not likely," Ginny said gratefully. Then her face turned red when she realized that she had been gripping onto Harry's elbow the entire time. "Sorry," she whispered as she let him go.

Harry's cheeks were pink. "I don't mind," he said to her.


They glared out into the night before one of them sniffed the air.

"More," she whispered.

Back in the cabin quarters:

Malcolm stood in the Athena doorway and stared outside. "What are you all doing?" he whisper-yelled at the children of Ares, Hermes, and Apollo, who were only a few feet away from their doors. They all had weapons with them. "Get back inside!"

"Or what?" one of Ares's sons asked bitterly.

The harpies screeched as they burst out of the trees in front of them. Several campers backed away in surprise and a few of the younger campers who were still in the cabins cry out in alarm.


Everyone turned to Connor and Travis, the only ones who had been there.

"Um," Travis said, pulling at his ear. "It's not as bad as it looks?"


The harpies stared at the campers, wiggling their talons eagerly—and hungrily. "Bad children out of bed," one of them cackled. "Bad, bad children."

Silence was practically deafening.


The readers—even Apollo—held their own breathe, waiting, waiting...


"Everyone get inside right now!" Malcolm ordered.

Not even the Ares kids bothered to disobey. Everyone scrambled to get back inside their cabin as the harpies swooped down on them, trying to catch on. Connor tripped and his arm got raked by a harpy's claw. Travis, without thinking, ran out of the cabin and swiped his blade at the harpy so that it backed off long enough to get Connor back on his feet.


"Are you suicidal?" Hermione asked screeched at the brothers.

They didn't answer. Connor rubbed his arm. The scraps were long gone, but he still remembered.


"Get away from the windows!" Sabrina ordered her siblings, who were all wielding weapons defensively. "Away from the doors and windows!"

Travis slammed the door of the Hermes cabin as he and Travis got inside, and almost immediately, the harpies began banging violently against them, shrieking so loudly that the foundations actually shook. Travis held out his arms and pushed the younger campers towards the center of the room. The harpies were attacking the Hermes, Ares, Athena, and Apollo cabins primarily, but the other cabins were wide awake.

"Don't go near the door!" Charles Beckendorf warned his brother, who had gotten out of bed.

"It's okay, Lacy, it'll be okay," Silena Beauregard said, holding her younger sister in her arms, trying to stop her from sobbing. "The patrol harpies can't come in here. It's against the rules."

"What's going on with them?" Connor asked Travis as Bette took care of his arm. "What do you think happened?"

"Something bad, perhaps. A camper went out and escaped, maybe," Travis replied. "It's going to be a long night."

Malcolm stared outside. "Annabeth, what did you do?"

"Who wants to bet that it was the son of Poseidon's fault?" another brother asked. Malcolm and Sabrina exchanged worried looks.


"We only realized that in the morning," Travis said. "They had a tantrum for another hour before Mr. D finally came out and told them go get back to work. Only time he ever showed his face after hours. He cared more about his own beauty sleep than us."

"And why do your siblings always blame me?" Percy grumbled.

"Well, technically, it was your fault," Grover pointed out. Percy groaned.

"Besides me, no one was hurt," Connor said, still rubbing his arm. "The little kids were terrified, though."

"I can imagine," Ginny said, remembering the image of the little girl in Silena's arms.


Percy glanced back towards the shore, which was long out of sight as the hippocampi made their way towards the cruise ship. He stared until he couldn't see it anymore, and then he turned his attention back to what was in front of him, looking saddened.


"I was wondering if I'd ever see it again," Percy said.

"We did," Annabeth said, taking his hand into her own.


The cruise ship expanded as they approached it. Percy's eyes were wide as they took in the size of the ship, which was massive to the point there it could have been double the size of the Titanic. There were dozens of levels of decks with brightly lit balconies and portholes. The ship's name was painted just above the bow line in black letters, lit with a spotlight: PRINCESS ANDROMEDA.

Attached to the bow was a huge masthead—a three-story-tall woman wearing a white Greek chiton, sculpted to look as if she were chained to the front of the ship. She was young and beautiful, with flowing black hair, but her expression was one of absolute terror.


"Andromeda was the wife of the first Perseus," Apollo said. "She was a real beauty. Her mother,Cassiopeia, got on Poseidon's bad side, from what I remember."

"What did she do?" Ginny asked. Luna paused the video.

"Well, Cassiopeia was a vain woman, and she boasted that Andromeda was more beautiful the Nereids of Poseidon's court," Annabeth explained. "Poseidon got angry at this and as a punishment, decided to send a sea monster called Cetus to desolate the coast of Aethiopia. King Cepheus, Andromeda's father, was desperate to find a way to stop it and sought council with Apollo's Oracle of that time to find a way to appease Poseidon."

"My Oracle told him that the only way to appease the god was to sacrifice Andromeda to Cetus instead, so they chained Andromeda to rocks and the coast," Apollo added. "But the original Perseus rescued her using the head of Medusa to defeat Cetus and married Andromeda afterwards. She was supposed to marry her uncle, Phineas, but whatever."

The wizards stared.

"I shouldn't be surprised, but I am," Neville said, shaking his head.

"Another twisted tale. At this point, I don't know why we bother asking," Ginny said, pinching the bridge of her nose.

"Hey, you barely scraped the surface," Apollo joked. The wizards stared at him disbelievingly. "Why don't we stick with the more recent pass?"

"Yes, let's," they all agreed.

"Well, I think it's one of the reasons Mom named me Perseus," Percy said, and everyone turned to him. "Perseus was one of the only heroes in the Greek myths who got a happy ending. The others died—betrayed, mauled, mutilated, poisoned, or cursed by the gods. Mom sort of hoped that I would inherit Perseus's luck. I wasn't real optimistic then. I'm still not."

Luna let the video play as everyone else sighed.


"How do we get aboard?" Annabeth shouted over the sound of the waves. The hippocampus that Percy was riding neighed and darted forward toward the side of the ship, skimming along the starboard side of the ship until they got halted next to a service ladder riveted to the side of the hull.

"That's how," Percy muttered. He turned to Annabeth. "You first."

Annabeth nodded and swung her duffel bag over her shoulder. Her hippocampus came closer to the ladder so that she could balance herself and get a good reach at the lowest rung. Once she got a hold, she started climbing with lithe grace. Her hippocampus whinnied a farewell before disappearing below the water. Percy's hippocampus came closer as well so that Percy could mimic Annabeth's actions. Once Percy was on the ladder, his hippocampus bade him farewell and disappeared with its companion below the water.

The only problem was Tyson and his hippocampus. Tyson let out gleeful peals of laughter as the silvery creature treated him to 360 degree aerials and backward ollies.


"That's so sweet," Hermione said, smiling at the sight. "But dangerous," she added when she realized how loud Tyson's voice was.


Percy tensed up and whisper-yelled, "Tyson, shhh! Come on, big guy!"

The hippocampus stopped and Tyson stared at Percy, his eager smile dropping. "Can't we take Rainbow?" he pleaded.

All Percy could do was stare at him. Even Annabeth stopped climbing and stared down at the Cyclops, bewilderment painted all over her face.


"Ah, you don't name animals! You get attached to them!" Percy Weasley said disapproving. "Get attached and it's rather difficult to let go."

"Or they just get attached to the name," Ron grumbled, thinking of how his little owl was called 'Pigwidgeon.'

Ginny caught side of his expression and smirked.


"Rainbow?" Percy asked, as if it was part of a foreign language.

The hippocampus whinnied happily.

Guilt filtered across Percy's face. It was obvious that Tyson had gotten attached and put them in a situation that wouldn't work. "Um, we have to go," he said as gently as he could to Tyson. "Rainbow…well, he can't climb ladders."


"Besides pointing out the obvious, what a way to break it to him," Rachel said, shaking her head.

"What else was I supposed to do?" Percy asked. "He loves Rainbow! It's like parting a little kid who playing with puppies!"


Tyson sniffled and buried his face in the hippocampus's mane. "I will miss you, Rainbow!"


Connor eyed Travis suspiciously. He was turned away from the flat screen.

"Are you crying, Travis?"

"What? No!"

Thalia grinned into her hands.


Percy's chest deflated. "Maybe we'll see him again sometime," he suggested. Annabeth sighed and continued climbing the ladder.

"Oh, please!" Tyson said, perking up immediately. "Tomorrow!"

Annabeth smacked her forehead against the back of her hand, but secretly she was fighting a smile.


"He was growing on you, huh," Percy said, grinning at her.

"Shut up," Annabeth said, trying not to let his grin infect her.


"Ah." Percy didn't say anything else, but his expression said it all: he didn't want to be in that situation one bit. With a few more coaxing words, Tyson finally bade Rainbow his farewells got on the ladder. With a final sad whinny, Rainbow the hippocampus did a back-flip and dove into the sea.


The scene ended.

"Travis. You are crying."

"No, I'm not!"

Thalia couldn't help it. She laughed.

"Okay, first of all, Travis dry your eyes and what were you all thinking about going outside where there are hungry harpies?" Hermione asked.

Travis sunk into his seat, embarrassed. "I'm not crying," he muttered.

Ron picked up the book and turned to the right page. After noting how small the book looked in his hands, he began to read from where his chapter started.

The ladder led to a maintenance deck stacked with yellow lifeboats. There was a set of locked double doors, which Annabeth managed to pry open with her knife and a fair amount of cursing in Ancient Greek.

I figured we'd have to sneak around, being stowaways and all, but after checking a few corridors and peering over a balcony into a huge central promenade lined with closed shops, I began to realize there was nobody to hide from. I mean, sure it was the middle of the night, but we walked half the length of the boat and met no one. We passed forty or fifty cabin doors and heard no sound behind any of them.

"What are you lot on, a ghost ship?" George asked.

"Nope, something worse," Annabeth replied.

"It's a ghost ship," I murmured.

George and Percy stared at one another in surprise. [2]

"No," Tyson said, fiddling with the strap of his duffel bag. "Bad smell."

Annabeth frowned. "I don't smell anything."

"Cyclopes are like satyrs," I said. "They can smell monsters. Isn't that right, Tyson?"

He nodded nervously. Now that we were away from Camp Half-Blood, the Mist had distorted his face again. Unless I concentrated very hard, it seemed that he had two eyes instead of one.

"It's weirder that way," Percy said, smiling. It was easier to see his brother with one eye, rather than two.

"Okay," Annabeth said. "So what exactly do you smell?"

"Something bad," Tyson answered.

"Great," Annabeth grumbled. "That clears it up."

"I doubt if he said it smelled sweet would have made a different," Luna stated seriously. "Unless you could specific identification from it, it would be the same."

The Stolls chuckled.

"Something more specific would have been helpful," Annabeth pointed out.

We came outside on the swimming pool level. There were rows of empty deck chairs and a bar closed off with a chain curtain. The water in the pool glowed eerily, sloshing back and forth from the motion of the ship.

Above us fore and aft were more levels—a climbing wall, a putt-putt golf course, a revolving restaurant, but no sign of life.

And yet... I sensed something familiar. Something dangerous. I had the feeling that if I weren't so tired and burned out on adrenaline from our long night, I might be able to put a name to what was wrong.

"That's not good," Apollo chided. "I thought Chiron was teaching you lot to sharpen your senses?"

"He is, but we were really tired," Annabeth said, folding her arms. "We're better at it now."

Apollo hated to admit it, but the Roman were better with their sense at that age—well, most of them.

"We need a hiding place," I said. "Somewhere safe to sleep."

"Sleep," Annabeth agreed wearily.

We explored a few more corridors until we found an empty suite on the ninth level. The door was open, which struck me as weird.

"You're on a ship called 'Princess Andromeda', and the only way you could get to it was by hippogriff, and that's what's weird?" Ron asked. "Do they even lock those?"

Half the room laughed.

There was a basket of chocolate goodies on the table, an iced-down bottle of sparkling cider on the nightstand, and a mint on the pillow with a hand written note that said: Enjoy your cruise!

"I have a feeling that's not going to be easy," Harry said.


We opened our duffel bags for the first time and found that Hermes really had thought of everything—extra clothes, toiletries, camp rations, a Ziploc bag full of cash, a leather pouch full of golden drachmas. He'd even managed to pack Tyson's oilcloth with his tools and metal bits, and Annabeth's cap of invisibility, which made them both feel a lot better.

"Of course we did." Annabeth's face reflected the same amount of relief she had back in that day. "We had no time to turn around and retrieve them anyway. I was even starting to worry about it."

"I'll be next door," Annabeth said. "You guys don't drink or eat anything."

"You think this place is enchanted?"

She frowned. "I don't know. Something isn't right. Just... be careful."

We locked our doors.

Tyson crashed on the couch. He tinkered for a few minutes on his metalworking project—which he still wouldn't show me—but soon enough he was yawning. He wrapped up his oilcloth and passed out.

I lay on the bed and stared out the porthole. I thought I heard voices out in the hallway, like whispering. I knew that couldn't be. We'd walked all over the ship and had seen nobody. But the voices kept me awake. They reminded me of my trip to the Underworld—the way the spirits of the dead sounded as they drifted past.

'That's depressing,' Nico thought to himself. 'I would know.'

Finally my weariness got the best of me. I fell asleep... and had my worst dream yet.

I was standing in a cavern at the edge of an enormous pit. I knew the place too well. The entrance to Tartarus. And I recognized the cold laugh that echoed from the darkness below.

If it isn't the young hero. The voice was like a knife blade scraping across stone. On his way to another great victory.

"Tell me that's not who I think it is," Hermione said into her hands. Why couldn't that—well, not exactly a man…titan lord—just leave Percy alone?

"I can't," Ron said slowly.

I wanted to shout at Kronos to leave me alone. I wanted to draw Riptide and strike him down. But I couldn't move. And even if I could, how could I kill something that had already been destroyed—chopped to pieces and cast into eternal darkness?

Don't let me stop you, the titan said. Perhaps this time, when you fail, you'll wonder if it's worthwhile slaving for the gods. How exactly has your father shown his appreciation lately?

'That was below the belt,' Apollo grumbled to himself.

"Relax, Apollo,' Vena said to him. 'That titan can't do anything of the sort anymore. He's gone, forever.'

'Father will be glad for that reassurance,' Apollo responded.

His laughter filled the cavern, and suddenly the scene changed.

It was a different cave—Grover's bedroom prison in the Cyclops's lair.

Grover was sitting at the loom in his soiled wedding dress, madly unraveling the threads of the unfinished bridal train.

"Honeypie!" the monster shouted from behind the boulder.

Ron's lips quavered as he spoke. That wasn't supposed to be funny, but somehow, it was.

Grover yelped and began weaving the threads back together.

"Ron, laughing isn't helping," Grover said, embarrassed.

"I'm not laughing!"

"You want to! I can sense it!"

The room shook as the boulder was pushed aside. Looming in the doorway was a Cyclops so huge he made Tyson look vertically challenged.

"Dude…" the Stolls whispered together, impressed and a bit unnerved at that revelation.

He had jagged yellow teeth and gnarled hands as big as my whole body. He wore a faded purple T-shirt that said WORLD SHEEP EXPO 2001. He must've been at least fifteen feet tall, but the most startling thing was his enormous milky eye, scarred and webbed with cataracts. If he wasn't completely blind, he had to be pretty darn close.

"He makes Hagrid look small," Harry said with a raised eyebrow. "Is that a Cyclops or a giant?"

"Well, he has one eyes, so I'm assuming Cyclops," Ron said innocently. "Hell, this thing can compete with Grawp."

"What are you doing?" the monster demanded.

"Nothing!" Grover said in his falsetto voice. "Just weaving my bridal train, as you can see."

The Cyclops stuck one hand into the room and groped around until he found the loom. He pawed at the cloth. "It hasn't gotten any longer!"

"Oh, um, yes it has, dearest. See? I've added at least an inch."

"After you subtracted, perhaps, five feet," George pointed out.

"Too many delays!" the monster bellowed. Then he sniffed the air. "You smell good! Like goats!"

"Oh." Grover forced a weak giggle. "Do you like it? It's Eau de Chevre. I wore it just for you."

"Mmmm!" The Cyclops bared his pointed teeth. "Good enough to eat!"

"Oh, you're such a flirt!"

Ron placed the book on his knee. Everyone in the room, besides the beet red satyr, was struggling to prevent any sound of amusement to escape their lips.

"I can't…" Ron shook his head as his ears turned pink. "That's too…" He snorted.

Harry nudged him with his elbow as he fought his own smirk. "Now, Ron, we've all had to read embarrassing dialogues," he pointed out. "You have to do so as well."

Ron rubbed his eyes with both his hands. "Must I?"

Everyone responded with, "Yes!"

With a bit of reluctance, Ron picked up the book again, and fighting off his own uncomfortable blush, he continued to read the chapter, somewhat hesitantly, and not with a lot of life.

"No more delays!"

"But dear, I'm not done!"


"No, no. Ten more days."


"Oh, well, seven then. If you insist."

"Seven! That is less than five, right?"

"Certainly. Oh yes."

The monster grumbled, still not happy with his deal, but he left Grover to his weaving and rolled the boulder back into place.

"I've never been more grateful for someone to be so stupid," Ginny said, both her hands planted on either side of her face. "Even Crabbe and Goyle weren't so bad at mathematics."

Grover closed his eyes and took a shaky breath, trying to calm his nerves.

"Hurry, Percy," he muttered. "Please, please, please!"

I woke to a ship's whistle and a voice on the intercom—some guy with an Australian accent who sounded way too happy.

"Good morning, passengers! We'll be at sea all day today. Excellent weather for the poolside mambo party! Don't forget million-dollar bingo in the Kraken Lounge at one o'clock, and for our special guests, disemboweling practice on the Promenade!"

Ron stared at the word 'disemboweling' before continuing with the chapter.

I sat up in bed. "What did he say?"

Tyson groaned, still half asleep. He was lying facedown on the couch, his feet so far over the edge they were in the bathroom. "The happy man said ... bowling practice?"

"That's not what I heard you say," Percy Weasley said softly, his eyes surprising sharp behind his glasses.

I hoped he was right, but then there was an urgent knock on the suite's interior door. Annabeth stuck her head in—her blond hair in a rat's nest.

"Disemboweling practice?"

Apollo popped the ear buds back in his ears when everyone started groaning dismally.

"Stop that!" he snapped. "You all sound like you're dying!"

Once we were all dressed, we ventured out into the ship and were surprised to see other people. A dozen senior citizens were heading to breakfast. A dad was taking his kids to the pool for a morning swim. Crew members in crisp white uniforms strolled the deck, tipping their hats to the passengers.

Nobody asked who we were. Nobody paid us much attention. But there was something wrong.

As the family of swimmers passed us, the dad told his kids: "We are on a cruise. We are having fun."

"Yes," his three kids said in unison, their expressions blank. "We are having a blast. We will swim in the pool."

They wandered off.

"What—" Ron began.

"It's creepy. We know. Keep reading," Apollo said, not wanting to hear their fussing again.

"Good morning," a crew member told us, his eyes glazed. "We are all enjoying ourselves aboard the Princess Andromeda. Have a nice day." He drifted away.

"Percy, this is weird," Annabeth whispered. "They're all in some kind of trance."

Then we passed a cafeteria and saw our first monster. It was a hellhound—a black mastiff with its front paws up on the buffet line and its muzzle buried in the scrambled eggs. It must've been young, because it was small compared to most—no bigger than a grizzly bear. Still, my blood turned cold. I'd almost gotten killed by one of those before.

The weird thing was: a middle-aged couple was standing in the buffet line right behind the devil dog, patiently waiting their turn for the eggs. They didn't seem to notice anything out of the ordinary.

"I wouldn't eat those if you paid me," Connor said as his skin turned a strange shade of green. "Eggs and hellhound slobber? No, thank you…"

"Dude, I think you're going to choke back up your pizza," Travis muttered with worry.

"Not hungry anymore," Tyson murmured.

Before Annabeth or I could reply, a reptilian voice came from down the corridor, "Ssssix more joined yesssterday."

Annabeth gestured frantically toward the nearest hiding place—the women's room—and all three of us ducked inside. I was so freaked out it didn't even occur to me to be embarrassed.

Something—or more like two somethings—slithered past the bathroom door, making sounds like sandpaper against the carpet.

"Yesss," a second reptilian voice said. "He drawssss them. Ssssoon we will be sssstrong."

The things slithered into the cafeteria with a cold hissing that might have been snake laughter.

Annabeth looked at me. "We have to get out of here."

"You think I want to be in the girls' restroom?"

Everyone choked with laughter at what Ron had read. Ron and Harry, on the other hand, turned pink and avoided Hermione's gaze. They didn't want to be reminded of their second year at this point.

"Priorities, Percy," Hermione said, entertained with the expressions on Ron's and Harry's faces.

If anything, Ron's face turned redder so that his freckles disappeared.

"I mean the ship, Percy! We have to get off the ship."

"Smells bad," Tyson agreed. "And dogs eat all the eggs. Annabeth is right. We must leave the restroom and ship."

I shuddered. If Annabeth and Tyson were actually agreeing about something, I figured I'd better listen.

Then I heard another voice outside—one that chilled me worse than any monster's.

"—only a matter of time. Don't push me, Agrius!"

It was Luke, beyond a doubt. I could never forget his voice.

"Luke's on that ship?" George asked. "No, wait, of course he's on that ship. Where else would he be? Hermes sent you there."

Percy chuckled humorlessly.

"I'm not pushing you!" another guy growled. His voice was deeper and even angrier than Luke's. "I'm just saying, if this gamble doesn't pay off—"

"It'll pay off," Luke snapped. "They'll take the bait. Now, come, we've got to get to the admiralty suite and check on the casket."

Their voices receded down the corridor.

Tyson whimpered. "Leave now?"

Annabeth and I exchanged looks and came to a silent agreement.

"We can't," I told Tyson.

"We have to find out what Luke is up to," Annabeth agreed. "And if possible, we're going to beat him up, bind him in chains, and drag him to Mount Olympus."

"You really believe you can accomplish that if monsters are on that ship?" Harry asked as Ron handed the book to Hermione.

"There's no need to tell us that we'll fail," Percy grumbled.

Ginny ran her fingers through her hair absentmindedly. "Let me guess… you do."

"Let's just read and find out," Hermione said, opening the book to her chapter.


In the Library:

Vena brushed her fingers over the spines of each book she crossed paths with, thick and thin, enjoying the familiar feel of their leather and paper under her fingers. She'd read so many books out of these shelves, but after so many years, the words got jumbled and pressed against her head, and she had to resort to her old Spheres to drain the pain away. In turn, the information grew distant in her memory and needed refreshing.

The problem was, she wasn't sure which book she was looking for. They were sorted differently than human books.

She hummed to herself as she felt out the name titles on each book. She'd spent an hour moving across two shelves that were so tall that you couldn't even see the top of it. She heard the reader's voices milling around her skull, chorused by the faint hum of mortal voices on the Earth beyond. She continued to hum her song; it soothed her nerves and gave her something to hold onto, like an anchor.

Suddenly, Vena's hand clenched onto an unsuspecting book as she heard Ginny's thoughts.

"What is she doing there?" Vena sighed with frustration and abandoned her search on the shelves before turning into mist and reforming at the massive double doors. Steeling herself, she opened the door and stepped out into the corridor.

"What do you want?" Vena asked, and her voice echoed throughout the corridors. "Leave the humans alone!"

The echoes carried on until they finally faded with time. Vena remained next to the door with her hand gripped tightly to the doorknob.

A child giggled. "He does not belong."

Vena closed her eyes. "Just leave them alone."

The icy cold touch of a tiny finger traced a circle on her arm, and Vena almost shivered.

"I should… kill… him... Kill, kill, kill…" she sang.

A surge of anger built up inside Vena as she whipped around on her heels, but there was no one there with her. The corridor was empty of any being, yet the light had dimmed away, so slowly that human eyes wouldn't have noticed it.

"Leave him alone as well," Vena ordered. "Go back to where you came from."

The giggling erupted behind her. "No control! No control!" the little girl sang. "No control… over me! No control… over you!"

Vena turned on her heel and forced herself back into the library and locked the door behind her. Swallowing a deep breathe, she lifted her arm to eye level and stared at the red circle on her hand. Why was it always red?

There was a time when it was ichor.

[1] – Hermione was mostly twelve in the first book, for anyone who thought she was eleven for most of it. She was eleven when she first got there, but she turned twelve on September 19th, and she's a year older than Harry and only a few months older than Ron. The encounter with Fluffy occurred on September 12th, according to the Harry Potter Wiki. It also happens to be the day of my birthday, though I hadn't been born yet. Oh well.

[2] – I didn't realize that that was something Percy said in the chapter. I was staring at it in surprise, so I just left it. I wonder, do wizards have tales of Ghost Stories?

I've finally spoken about George's ear. I remember a few chapters back that people were asking about that. And I gave them all a break. It felt nice to talk about something other than a book. Until this point, I forgot about poor Teddy. That's rude of me. This was a small chapter in the book so I was struggling to think of a way to lengthen it up a bit. I always seem to have that problem. It's usually my way of making up for late chapters by give long chapters. It doesn't always work.

Not to mention that I've been neglecting Romione. That's unforgivable. A hint of Hinny and this chapter goes on… Who do you think that little girl is?


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