At first I thought I was seeing things. This boy with the black hair and blue eyes. He's in all of my classes. But Sammy swears on his life the kid is in his class. Maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me. This gorgeous boy was everywhere.

Until about two weeks into school.

I was waiting for Sammy to get out of his theater class when I saw them.

Three boys with black hair and blue eyes.

Three gorgeous boys.


My heart, literally stopped.


I nudged my brothers. The new kid, Dean, was waiting by his car. According to Cas, he would be waiting for Sam. According to Jimmy, he'd be waiting for cheerleaders. And according to me, well. He was waiting for us.

"Should we jump him?" I asked them, "I mean, he's practically begging for it."

"We can't do that, come on Mish," Jimmy said, "Gotta give the guy a fighting chance at least."

"I agree with Jimmy," Cas said, "Perhaps it would be best if we approach him one at a time? Introduce ourselves?"

"Naw," I shook my head, "Look at him. He's got that slack-jaw look on his face."

"I still believe now is an inopportune time," Castiel butted in, "He is waiting for his little brother. If we all get to him now then—"

"There wouldn't be enough time," I finished, "Right right right. Well, next time then."


I was rehearsing lines with Sam when it happened. It was all kind of a blur. Sam got a call from his girlfriend so he went to her. Dean was around and, before I really knew what we were doing, we were wrapped up around each other, falling onto Dean's bed, mouths sealed together.

"Which one are you?" Dean asked.

Under any other circumstances I'd have been livid. I hated being confused for my brothers. But this time, oh no, this time was different.

"Cas," I breathed, arching into his touch, "I'm Castiel."

"Well then Cas, you're the luckiest of the three."

"Try telling that to them," I laughed.


Misha and I agreed that Castiel was insufferable. After he got lucky with Dean, he was holding it over our heads.

"You know what we gotta do?" Misha said conspiratorially as we watched Cas sit with Dean and Sam.

"Kidnap Dean and have our wicked way with him?" I guessed sarcastically.

"You bet your gorgeous ass that's what we gotta do," Misha gave a wicked smirk, "Cas said that Dean can't tell us apart. Do you have any idea what possibilities we've got with this?"

"An incestuous foursome?" my mouth dropped open, "Oh Mish, you've had some damn crazy ideas, but this, oh this one takes the cake."

"Come on, like you aren't thinking it!" Misha shoved me playfully, "We tried it once, but that chick didn't go for it. Dean will. Come on. It'll be fun."

"It's all just a game to you, isn't it?" I said, "Just wanna have some fun with the new kid, right?"

"What are you talking about?"

"I don't know about you, but I care about Dean a lot more than just cuz he's hot as hell," I explained, "He's in my English Lit class. He's not the brightest kid in the world, but he's got a gentlemen's charm."

"Alright, alright," Misha lifted his hands, "We won't toy with him."

"Thank you."


Cas invited me over to his house. Properly introduce me or something. What I got was three gorgeous boys waiting for me.

Now that I could see them all lined up, I noticed the slight differences between them. Castiel held himself with a serious note- very professional for a kid. Jimmy was relaxed- a good, smart one. I could always count on him for a good time. And then there was Misha. I've never met someone so flamboyant and reserved. He strutted like he owned the world, and the world just let him. But he kept his secrets close to his heart.

"What's this?" I asked.

"Well we did some thinking," Misha drawled.

"Technically Cas didn't, because he was busy," Jimmy put in.

"Regardless," Misha waved it off, "Some serious thought was had between the three of us, and I do believe we've come to an agreement."

"An agreement?" I repeated.

"Oh yes," Misha grinned.

"They were jealous of me," Castiel said, "As was expected seeing as Misha believed he would, um, get in your pants first."

"But then we had a brilliant idea," Jimmy said. Misha glared. Jimmy shrugged, "Misha had an idea."

"What if the three of us all had you at once?" Misha wiggled his eyebrow.

"We did try once," Castiel explained, "But I believe we scared the girl off."

"Hold up," I lifted my hands, blood pounding through my body, "You mean… all of you and me? Like… together?"

"Of course," the three replied in unison.

"Fuck, yes."


Dean sat at the same table with the triplets. The four of them were having a good time, laughing and joking. I narrowed my eyes. Something about it felt… off. Maybe if I stared long enough it would jump out at me.

I gasped.

Misha's hand casually on Dean's leg. Jimmy giving him those long, sultry looks. Castiel feeding Dean from his fork.

My brother was banging all three of them.


Blushing furiously red, I bundled my books and lunch together and hurried from the cafeteria. If I was lucky I could make it to my English class before Dean noticed that I noticed.

The rest of school went by fairly smoothly. Jess and I had a study date for the weekend (my heart jumped out of my chest whenever I remembered), I didn't have hours of homework, all in all a good Thursday.

Until I came home.

Four very distinct voices were coming from Dean's bedroom. I heard "-you three are gonna ruin me-" followed by a LONG moan from my brother and I was out the door and three houses away.

Just because you were banging those triplets didn't mean I needed to hear it.