Dean was supposed to be studying. He says "supposed to" because studying never ended with any books open. Mostly him with his pants down and the triplets plastered all over him. Castiel threatened that if Dean didn't get his grades up then he wasn't going to come around anymore. Granted, he'd still have Misha and Jimmy, but there was something special about having all three of them.

That was a brilliant idea, but now Dean had to study while being constantly distracted. Currently Jimmy was massaging his back, Castiel was whispering in his ear, and Misha was on his knees.

"Just graph it," Castiel whispered, "It's a parabola. You can do it. I know you can."

Jimmy pushed a hard knot into submission and Dean moaned.

"You can do it," Castiel urged, "Just a curved line."

"Easier said than done," Dean muttered darkly.

Misha was nosing at his crotch and breathing and just being generally annoying in the sexist way possible.

"Curved line," Castiel repeated, "Find your vertex."

Dean's thinking up a snappy retort but Misha pulled down his pants and his brain kind of flew away.

"Vertex," Castiel breathed.

Jimmy dragged his fingernails up Dean's back.

"Misha probably —" Dean started but then a hot mouth was on his cock and all he could manage was, "Fucking fuck! Please, guys!"

Castiel dragged his tongue up Dean's ear, "Fine. But you'll finish your homework right afterwards, understand?"

"Anything," Dean sighed as Castiel slammed the book shut.