Chapter: 13 Interlude 2 (Dumbledore the Manipulator)

As expected, Ron and the twins were summoned to the headmaster's office the next evening under the pretense that Molly was coming to see them. The entire day the Glytherins were very nervous. Their pendants which they received from the Goblins at Gringotts were going to be tested. All of them desperately wished that it would work or most of their plans would be exposed. It was true that most of their secrets pertaining to their inheritance would be guarded due to the oath that they had taken, but some of the other secrets would not be guarded as they were only starting to learn Occlumency. They were presented with a pendent each by the goblins which would protect their minds as well as minor and some moderate spells and other potions. It would also identify if there were any poison that was mixed with their food.

After their classes were over, Ron and the twins made their way to the headmaster's office while the other three boys made their way to Minerva's office. The three Weasley boys gave the password and entered the headmaster's office when they were called in. Molly hugged Ron and the twins as soon as they entered which they bore with a smile.

"What did you do at Gringotts yesterday, boys?" Molly demanded.

"We are sorry Mum, but we cannot tell as we have taken an Unbreakable vow." George said.

"George and I only came here to say that we don't want to see you hereafter. After all, you had dosed dad with love potions." Fred said seriously.

"So goodbye!" the twins said and left the office leaving a very angry Molly and Headmaster while Ron was smirking on the inside.

"Oh! I don't know where I went wrong in raising them. I am really sorry headmaster." Molly said.

"It is alright Molly. Never mind about that now. First, Mr. Weasley, can you tell me why you have allowed Mr. Potter to befriend Mr. Longbottom?" Dumbledore asked turning to Ron.

"Neville was already there with Harry on the train, Headmaster. I could not send Neville out without making Harry angry at me as they had already befriended each other." Ron said thinking the scenario matching his story. He felt a slight brush in his mind and after a moment the headmaster nodded his head believing him. He let out a mental sigh of relief. The pendants from the goblins worked as they should. They could rest in peace now till they learnt to occlude their mind.

"Why have you not befriended the sweet girl, Hermione Granger?" Molly demanded showing some disapproval in her voice.

"Hermione Granger? A sweet girl? Are you mad? She drives us crazy." Ron said acting like he thought the idea of them being friends with the girl was ludicrous which it was.

"You will be nice to her young man. Just like you, she has agreed to work for the headmaster for the greater good." Molly said now starting to get angry at her son.

"Even if I start acting nice towards her, Harry would never ever accept her as a friend. She told him about how she read all the books about him and she knew what was good for him better than himself. That was during the first meeting. Well, Harry got angry and told her to shut up and get out. If I had known she was also doing the same thing as me, I would have tried to soften things with Harry. Why did you not tell me about her?" Ron asked.

"Never mind why we did not tell you in the beginning. A betrothal contract is signed for you and her. You will be nice to her." Molly said getting upset that her son dared to question her.

"Oh! I forgot to tell you mother, only dad was allowed to set up any type of contract, not that dad would do that, let alone without consulting me and not even knowing the character of the girl before signing the contract. So when we were at Gringotts receiving our inheritance, the contract was terminated on the basis that you had no right to sign the contract as you were not officially bonded to a Weasley. You were only one by marriage and that too, a marriage which was due to a love potion. I only stayed back to tell you that I am disgusted by you all and myself for being gullible enough to believe you. Goodbye Mother." Ron said and stood up to leave.

"Obliviate" Dumbledore said drawing his wand and pointing at Ron in a split second. "You won't remember any conversation where I was present except for the conversation where the twins were also present. You only stayed back to tell your mother that you love her despite her actions, though you will not speak to her."

Ron was even more thankful for the pendant given by the goblins. It just absorbed the spell as it was one of the mind arts and just made Ron appear as if he had been obliviated and Ron just nodded along with what Dumbledore just told.

Ron left the office leaving a very angry Dumbledore and a distressed Molly. He went straight to Minerva's office where the others were waiting for him and informed them of what had happened. In the beginning they were wondering what to do about Ron being summoned to the headmaster's office regularly and that he might be caught off guard one of the times. After taking their inheritance tests, a stronger bond had been formed between them that they could know if anybody who approached them had any ideas of betraying them. Though this was a trait that was most prominent only when all of them were together. When they were alone, it was only a mild nagging feeling in the back of their minds