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Caroline's POV

"So…did you and Bevan or you and Anya ever…" I trailed off, peering at him unexpectedly nervous, as we walked through the door to the Long Hall, his arm firmly around my waist.

He turned to me and blinked, blue eyes uncharacteristically fazed, as if he didn't expect me to be jealous either, "Are you actually being possessive of me, love?" His lips curled up at the corner and did stupid, embarrassing things to my stomach.

I shook my head, not willing to admit so often, even to myself, how I felt about him, "No…I'm just curious…" I cleared my throat, "You know-getting to know you."

He smiled at me and there was something in his eyes that I couldn't understand, something that almost didn't belong on his face, but for once he was gracious, "Of course, sweetheart."

"Are ye two too ensconced in your own lil' bubble or would ya leek to join us?"

I looked up, flushing red in a beat, as I suddenly found myself staring into emeralds; the first thing I noticed about Aedan was his green eyes. I preferred blues eyes, but I could tell that with any other girl, he could get them to do anything he wanted with those eyes. Without compulsion. His face was a strange mix of jovial and mischievous; I don't think I'd ever seen a vampire look so boyish, not even Nik with his dimples. Aedan was smiling, and I could tell already that he was the type of person who always was. His smile was blinding, wide across his face, and his hair fell over his right eye, raven black.

"Aedan," I grinned, not knowing why I suddenly felt lighter. I think…maybe it was just him. I could see why Klaus could actually stand him as a human. And seeing as Klaus hates most humans, that's saying a lot.

Aedan blinked, his head jerking back in pleasant surprise as he put down his drink; something dark with foam on top. Guinness?

"Oh, did Klaus tell you all about me?"

I shook my head and laughed, his smooth lilt in my ears, as I felt Klaus' arm tighten around me possessively, "No. But who else would say something like that to Nik without getting their arm ripped off?"

I didn't have to look over to my side to know Klaus' was rolling his eyes, irritated, but not actually angry, like he is with Elijah sometimes, "I suppose introductions are redundant at this point, but Aedan, this is my Caroline."

"'My'?" Aedan's dark eyebrows shot up incredulously, and I noticed there were glints of gold in his eyes as they widened in genuine shock, "I'd never heard him claim anyone. Well, he never stayed with anyone long 'nuff ta-"

"I gave you immortal life, Aedan, I can take it away."

I rolled my eyes and turned towards him with a raised eyebrow, putting my hand on his chest, "Nik, you really need to learn how to scold people without issuing death threats," my annoyed scolding was out of my mouth before I even had time to think about it.

That's when I heard musical giggles from beside Aedan, one fierce and one like wind chimes-Bevan and Anya.

My eyes automatically flicked to them to see the girls Niklaus had deemed 'not too irritating to spend time with'. They were beautiful. Figures. I mean, I'd never met an ugly vampire, but…the one on the left looked like a goddess of fire and the other like a nymph that lived in the Irish hills. That's when it hit me that we were all supernatural creatures stepping into the mortal world every day, going unnoticed. The goddess had a strong face, high cheekbones and contrastingly delicate eyes-grey irises that reminded me of hard steel or silver ribbons depending on which way the light glinted in them. Her hair bounced around her shoulders in dark fiery curls, the red somehow noticeable mixed with brown, a kind of auburn. The nymph was contrastingly fair-haired, the pin-straight locks almost white blond, reminding me of shifting light. Her eyes were violet, like tulips on the hills we'd driven by. Not violet, very light purple, almost not enough blue in them to look natural. I wondered if that eye color was something she was born with or something that changed somehow when she became a vampire. Her face was delicate and heart-shaped. I don't have girl-crushes on them or anything, but I already felt sort of impressed.

"Hello, Caroline," I looked over to Klaus for a split second as we sat at the bar with these three, then turned back to the blond woman speaking to me, "I am Anya. Pleasure to meet you."

The first thing I noticed when she spoke was that she was not Irish; her accent was a strange mix between vaguely European, almost Romanian, and Irish starting to rub off in her voice. I wonder how she ended up here…

All the same her voice was like lyrical music. I blinked and smiled at her, "Hi, Anya. Klaus told me a little about you guys, actually. I'm Caroline."

The woman beside her, Bevan, laughed and it was a tumbling sound, "I wish Nik had the same courtesy towards us; he didn't even mention he was bringing anyone," she extended her hand towards me and I took it without a second thought, something about her making me admire her. Her lilting accent somehow sounding strong instead of musical.

"Hey, Bevan."

She raised her eyebrows, "So, Nikkie told you about me too?"

I paused for a second, debating whether to give the answer that came to my mind that would definitely irritate Klaus, before I proceeded-however unwisely- anyway, "Please," I scoffed, sitting down on the barstool beside her, "Nikkie didn't even really want to tell me your names."

Bevan's brow furrowed together at the same time that a smirk started growing on her face as she looked at me. She tilted her head and looked over to Klaus beside me, who I didn't have to look at to know was restraining himself immensely from either yelling at me or slamming me against a wall. But Bevan was grinning now, "Oh, Niklaus, I like her; I've never seen anyone besides Aedan call you out on your shit."

Klaus growled, "She keeps doing that."

"And you keep acting like what I say is somehow offensive or not true…." Shit, did I just say that out loud?

Aedan and Bevan's eyebrows rose simultaneously as their eyes widened in disbelief. I, however, was only interested in his reaction.

His brow was furrowed as he looked at me and I couldn't decipher the expression on his face. He stared at me a moment longer as the silence grew, then he shook his head as he turned to face the bar, "Scotch please. "