Pema was so angry.

She slowly walked back into their bedroom, hands cradling her stomach in an attempt to calm the baby inside her. Her child was wriggling and kicking, agitated by the sudden rush of events that Pema had been through in the past hour.

She'd been woken by the noise of Tenzin, Korra, and her friends returning. She quickly discovered that the three teenagers were there to stay and needed a place to stay, and she instantly got up to prepare rooms. It was rather a stressful thing to be woken up to, and even more stressful to go through their home as quietly as possible to get the three new residents settled in as comfortably as possible for their first night. They'd been through a lot, or so she'd been told. But she'd done it without complaint. What else could she do?

Tenzin had managed to get into bed sometime during the commotion, after the two boys had gotten their room and Asami had cried against Pema's shoulder. Pema watched her husband lay there, tense and nervous. He glanced up at his wife and saw that her features were set in a scowl.

"I'm sorry, Pema. I know it's a lot for us to handle, but I had to let them stay." She sent a pout his way, but got into bed under the blankets. She curled up into him, safe and warm. He rested a hand on her belly, and her head was tucked underneath his chin. "Please don't be mad at me for this."

"I'm not," she said into his chest.

"Then what's the matter?" He held her close, and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I was scared for you."

Tenzin had never been a fighter. She'd never had the occasion to worry about him. And she knew he was strong and dedicated. But after the attack on the arena, and after Pema heard that he had been attacked and knocked unconscious so easily by those Equalists, she'd been literally sick with worry whenever he wasn't right there with her. Whenever he left to investigate or interview or fix things, she'd be paralyzed with fear, dreading the news that Tenzin had had his bending taken, or worse, had died.

She had vomited three times that night. It was not due to her pregnancy.

"I'm sorry," he said.

She kissed him.

What else could she do?