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Another voice rang through the house as another man began to state the job. Five pictures showed on the screen all of five woman.

The man on the screen gave neither sympathy nor a reason as to why the pictures were on the screen. Quinn could feel the evil smile that was radiating off of the man and knew what he was proposing. He wanted him to kill the woman, all of them.

"Ha, I see Quinn has gotten the picture. This is how we are going to play. Open the front door and pick up the package." Quinn did just as told. He placed the package on the coffee table and waited for instruction to open it. "Open it." Quinn opened the package and almost laughed at what he saw. It was an orange plastic sniper, like the ones you see in the arcade. No bullets, just an orange plastic gun, the gun that little kids were addicted to, and the gun that was harmless. Suddenly he the TV screen changed showing the area in front of their complex. The street was full of coffee shops and bakeries, corner stores and all. So yes the street was busy but Quinn had good eyes. Automatically his eyes searched for the five people he was chosen to assassin. Immediately Quinn caught the eye of one. She was wearing an orange dress with brown slacks along with a baby belly. He couldn't have been mistaken, the lady was pregnant and he paused as he pondered what he should do. Killing was a big difference between injuring and he knew there would be no exception. He had to kill them, one shot to the head. "Kill them" the voice said.

It was a game though. All he had to do was pull the trigger, the thought was relieving but he knew it was too easy. It just couldn't be that easy. So he put the gun in the direction of a man's arm and quickly pulled the trigger. Then he heard the quirk. He heard the small bang that signified that a gun had been fired. It was so real and he knew that was the real game. This was the reality of the game. He would shoot the 'marbles' out of the circle of the living and into death. He caught the sight of another woman and she too was pregnant.

"No" he thought. That would mean breaking the only rule he lived by. Spare a woman with sympathy. She was a woman. She had done no wrong and that meant he couldn't kill her. It was his golden rule. It was his rule because once upon a time his mother had been innocent, his mother had been kind and beautiful until his father cut her throat and that was that. He had been so young when the situation had begun but the situation itself had made him who he was; he was a coldhearted bitter man at least before Parker came into his life. Day by day Parker had somehow softened his heart. Somehow Parker had gotten to him. That's why decision was so hard to make but, the voice in his head told him spare them sympathy.

He raised his gun though, and in five quick moments he pulled the trigger five times. He heard the screams and the panic outside the window as people began to run for their lives and others running to the woman's aid. He hadn't killed them, he had only aimed at limbs, and soft spots, things that could be easily repaired or adjusted.

The screen once again switched to his dismay, to where Parker was at. Her body was still convulsing and her breath was still shortened and that made Quinn wonder: Had they done something else to her?

Sophie looked at Quinn so evilly she looked as though she was going to kill him. He would have done it himself because from the looks of it, Parker was in for more trouble.

Big red words appeared on the screen saying "MISSION FAILED" This brought more tears to the ladies' eyes.

"Sophie" the voice called the desperate woman out. He was picking on her, he was haunting her and Nate acknowledged that. He was using Sophie as leverage as the stick meant for breaking.

Her attention was turned towards the screen in which her daughter lied. Parker's breathe wasn't regulated. It was fearful and ragged. Sophie could see Parker was trying to control herself but, what more could a four year old do. Yes, the girl was a genius but she couldn't control what her body was doing. It was shaken, it was in shock and thus Sophie knew Parker was having an anxiety attack. Soon Parker wouldn't be able to breathe, soon Parker would lose herself.

A man appeared beside Parker and his hand was placed roughly upon Parker making her scream in fear. She couldn't move though.

"Stop" Sophie yelled and her voice had so much authority, so much venom that the devil himself would have stopped for her.

The man paused but only for a second before he began his treatment. He took out a knife and slowly put the knife at the center of Parker's pale naked body. He pressed down on the sharp knife causing a line of blood to roll down Parker's stomach. She screamed but the man laughed at it like it was of pure enjoyment.

"Don't scream, the more you scream, the longer this will last."

Sophie wanted to scream, she wanted punch the hell out of that man. She wanted so desperately for the man to die that her mind became a fiery haze of hatred as she thought.

The man brought the knife up to the girl's arms and made a fast hard zigzag down it. Parker tried not to cry but it was hopeless. Her little brain could not process the thought of don't scream. The man brought his other hand down slowly around her body. He touched her tenderly and in a way he shouldn't have been touching the little girl.

Memories washed over Parker and her heart sped up.

"No, No, No, Stop, please!" She screamed making the man laugh more. He had no intention of doing what any of them expected, he only wanted to see the fear in her eyes. He wanted the satisfaction of knowing the little girl would never actually stop screaming.

"Sophie, aren't you going to help your little girl? She is having such a terrible time." This time this voice was different. It was a woman's voice and as the voice rang out from the screen, Sophie had recognized it. She heard that voice before.

The voice knew this and used it to her advantage. The man continued his treatment which caused Sophie's concentration to stutter.

"Who am I" The voice asked.

"I… don't know" Sophie admitted. She couldn't think for God's sake she couldn't even breathe how did they expect her to know what was going on. How could she know?

"Really you don't remember me?" the woman seemed enraged. "After all the hell you put me through you don't remember?" The rage in the woman's voice must have signaled the man because he put down the knife and began throwing punches at the girl. "Do you remember now?!" She yelled. Sophie was a mess; no one seemed to be able to help her because no one else knew. Nate couldn't beg for the girl's life because there was no negotiating and there was nothing anybody else could do. "WHAT IS MY NAME?" The woman screamed agitatedly alongside Parker's painful cries. Sophie just didn't know. "Well, I guess you will have to leave your little girl just like you left me behind, just like you did…"


The woman laughed and let out a halfhearted clap. "Well, well, well, the Queen has awakened. Good girl."

Parker's screaming stop but her cries persisted.

Finally Nate spoke up. "Let me speak to my child." He said sternly.

"Sure" she said like it was nothing, she had gotten what she wanted, she was satisfied and she had broken the stick.

Nate's attention turned to his daughter in urgency. He had to get her breathing regulated and quickly.

"Parker will you breathe for me" he commanded. Her head lifted up at his voice but her breath remained irregular. "Let's count together." It was so silly the song but it had worked so well and he had to help his girl.

"1, 2 we love you

3, 4 you're my good girl

5, 6 take a deep breath

7, 8 it's ok to rest

9 go ahead and close your eyes

10, when you open your eyes you will be fine."

He repeated it over and over again until he saw Parker's breath regulate. He looked at her face intensely before the TV shut off. He looked at his broken wife and the team. He looked into all their sorrowful hearts before the question popped up.

Who is Madison?