"I wanted to talk to you," Sasuke murmurs, "is that so bad?"

Sakura chews her bottom lip. "No."

"So talk to me."

Still selfish. Still demanding. His voice could be smoother than her cotton sundress, but she still wanted to slap him.

"You... you took Naruto away from me. I have no business with you." She ground out, thin fingers gripping her clipboard.

"You shouldn't have kept him waiting," Sasuke says, and walks away. "And you never had him."

She really should've seen this coming, ever since Naruto wrote his number on Sasuke's locker in green Sharpie.


"Sasuke called again." Ino remarks.

"Why is he calling?" Sakura slams her palm down on the counter.

"He left a message."

'Sakura, call me. Please.'


"Did you follow me here?" Sakura says shrilly.

"No. A friend and I were here, that's all." Sasuke says softly, and she can see Suigetsu chatting with Karin down the street. "Can I buy you ice cream?"

"Yeah. Only cause you'll be wasting your money." Sakura huffs, and takes his arm.


What was happening? Her mind, her stomach, everything was spinning.

"I feel like I'm pregnant or something." Sakura gasps to Ino.

"You're a virgin." Ino points out.

"Shuttup," Sakura runs to the bathroom and throws up.

Sasuke and Naruto arrive twenty minutes later, and seeing Naruto's face, she wishes she could throw up on his shoes.

"Sakura- chan, how have you been?" He says, sitting her down on the couch.

"Frickin' fantastic. You?" She crosses her arms and tries to look away, but she can't stop staring at his lips that Sasuke must've kissed so many times.

"I wanted to say sorry." Naruto almost whispers out, and stays silent as she slaps him.

"Get out. Get. OUT."


She finds Sasuke in the park, without Naruto. She tries to walk past him, hoping he won't notice her.

"Please talk to him," Sasuke rasps out, because who can ignore a woman with bubblegum pink hair? "Please, Sakura, it's killing him."

"Break up with him." Sakura means it and she doesn't.

"I'll do anything to make him happy." Sasuke says, and Sakura feels her stomach clench.

"Break up with him."

"You don't need him like I do." Sasuke hisses.

"Does he need you?" Sakura challenges.

For once, Uchiha Sasuke falters, ands she walks away.